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Eureka Springs Parks and Trails

Eureka Springs Parks and Trails

In addition to its many festivals and other attractions, Eureka Springs is a mecca for hiking and mountain biking, connected by its trail system and celebrated in its large city parks.

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The Eureka Springs Trails System provides a comprehensive, well-planned, and supported public network of trails, interconnected by lesser used streets and sidewalks where necessary, offering a safe, peaceful, and less costly alternative to travel from one point in the city to another. These trails intentionally connect a system of parks and spring reservoirs to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Eureka Springs encourages visitors to GET OUT(side ) and invites you to enjoy:

  • The Springs of Eureka Springs
    The Eureka Springs Parks Commission is charged with the upkeep of over 63 Spring Reservations, many kept in a similar state to when thousands of health seekers were drawn to Eureka Springs for healing.

  • Harmon Park
    Just down from the 1886 Crescent Hotel, Harmon Park is the kids central with the community Skatepark, playground equipment, stage, picnic areas and trailhead for bikers headed on the in-city trails or out to Lake Leatherwood Park. Harmon Park is also PET FRIENDLY as our community bark park lets our four legged friends run out some energy.

  • Lake Leatherwood
    Over 21 miles of multi-use trails at Lake Leatherwood City Park are designed as low-impact, single track nature trails for foot and bike traffic. Many rocky ledges, steep slopes, extended grades, creek crossings and varied terrain make most trails challenging for both foot and bike traffic. The trails have been marked with two colors to help with orientation. Motorized vehicles and pack stock are not allowed on any trail, and dogs must be kept on leashes at all times.

  • Black Bass Lake
    Enjoy the trails encircling the lake to access a non-motorized boat launch, a picnic area, several fishing spots, two wooden bridges and about one and a half miles of hiking and bike riding. Standing Rock, a vertical sandstone remnant, protrudes from the depths of the lake along Standing Rock Trail - while Sycamore Spring flows into the lake crossing Sycamore Spring. The Bluff Trail hugs the St. Joe geological formation, and amazing limestone outcropping, and features overviews of the lake and runs just above Sycamore Spring Trail.

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