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Planning extended weekend stay before thanksgiving this year. Is everything open? We usually visit in spring or summer, so not familiar with fall season in Eureka. Please advise.
Yes we are open. Fall is a very busy time for us. Make your lodging reservations early.

Visting in December
Hello! I will be staying in a cabin there from December 26-29 with my boyfriend. Are a majority of the restaurants typically open during that time? Do you recommend anything else to do besides relax and enjoy the scenery? Thanks!! Tanya
Everything will be open during New Year's weekend. And lots to do. Just pick up a copy of the Fun Guide once you get to town.

Are most of the shops closed on Sunday and/or Monday? We are coming next month and are trying to schedule our activities. Thank you!
No, they are not.

Is there other transportation besides the trolley? It doesn't seem to run that late for late night drinking.
there is Eureka Taxi. Depending on the lodging property you choose, there may be a shuttle available.

Public facilities
Are there public restrooms available downtown for visitors/shoppers? I did not see them in any of the maps but could have missed them.
Yes there are. Next door to the City Auditorium and down the steps between Quicksilver Gallery and Chelsea's.

Is there a laundromat in Eureka Springs? I can't find one online.
There is one next door to our grocery store. Harts is on Van Buren Street (aka Highway 62.)

HI, me and my family are looking to move near Eureka. Me and my husband went there twice in the past and loved it. We want to find a place, with a good view of mountains, we want to owner finance if possible. I really feel weird about realtors because I know they jack the price up. I do not know if you can help me, but any information would be great
You should subscribe to the local newspapers. Eureka Springs Independent Lovely County Citizen

Mount Victoria B&B
Is it still open? The website is down, and I was just wondering if it was still open. Thanks!
We do not have any information about this property.

Marriage facilitators
Hi Karen, My fiance and I are traveling to Eureka Springs the week of Halloween to get married. It is just the two of us and I have research how to obtain a wedding license. When I was speaking with the court clerk she told me they no longer offer justice of the peace. Since it is just the 2 of us, we want to get married in costume and we want a very simple ceremony. Do you have any recommendations of where would be inexpensive as we want to spend money on our trip and seeing the sights and a nice dinner during our 4 day stay in paradise? Thanks for your assistance. Best Regards, Michelle
Practically every lodging property in town has a wedding services provider on staff. Wherever you are staying, just ask the reservation agent.

atv utv
Is there any riding parks close and if so prices.. Thanks
Wheeling World...479 253 5509 Hidden Valley Guest Ranch...479 253 9777 (They have a new website with no mention of off road 4-wheeling. This option may no longer be available.)

Need someone with a brush hog
Need to hire someone ASAP with a brush hog to mow our property.

I will be visiting end of May beginning of June! I was wondering who I could talk to when I get there about the influence of local entertainment and how tourism effects the community? Thanks so much! Stephanie
Since tourism is our ONLY industry talk to your innkeeper, restaurant server, bar tender, attractions worker and/or retail shopkeeper.

My friends and I will be arriving in Eureka Springs on May 8th. We have been watching and listening to the flooding. We have rented a cabin nearby and are now worried about not only getting to the cabin but enjoying your town. Is your town prone to easy flooding or will we be able to enjoy it if we can even get to the cabin?
We are NOT flooded!!! Come on over.

Angler's Grill Permanently Closed?!
Say it ain't so! Google has it listed as permanently closed! Please tell me it just hasn't opened for the season yet!
It this moment, Angler's Grill is closed with no information when or if it will reopen.

Are you guys having the auction again this year last years went to community board I think
I'm sorry but I do not know what you are referring to.

Are all the shops open the week of April 10-17?

History Inquiry
Hello, I was wondering how old are the buildings of Eureka Springs? Thanks! A building has to be at least 50 years old to be considered for the National Register. We have more than 100 structures with historical significance.

River/Eureka Springs Visit
Hello, My family is considering a weekend getaway to Eureka Springs, AR. We would like to do a river float trip, prefer a raft trip and visit the town. Any recommendations/contact would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Heather Foster
Float trips are readily available on the Kings River and the White River (locally.) The Buffalo National River is about an hour and a half from Eureka Springs.

Gift Certificate
Is there any kind of "Eureka Springs" gift card available that could be used at multiple local businesses? Some towns have chamber bucks that can be used at any chamber member business. I would like to give a trip to someone but don't want to determine where they will stay or eat by only getting the a gift certificate to a certain hotel or restaurant.
Sorry. We do not have anything like that.

Street Musician
We visited Eureka Springs on Tuesday and had a wonderful time. We enjoyed listening to a man play his guitar on the street. He said he was a regular there and didn't have a home. Do you happen to know his name? He was very talented. Thanks, Jenn
There are several "buskers" who play at different locations in the downtown area. I'm sorry but, I do not know which one you are referring to.

Long-term parking rental
Hi, I'm looking to move to downtown Eureka Springs and I'm wondering if there are any long-term parking rental lots/spaces since the residential parking around downtown is hard to come by. Do you know of any? Thanks!
No. Sorry. We don't have that kind of information. Your best bet would be to inquire with your landlord. If they are renting long-term, they have to have parking.

Home phone service
Could you please tell me who the home phone service/internet service provider(s) is/are? Thank you.
At&T, Verizon, Cox.

Hotel pools
What months are pools open at hotels in Eureka Springs?
For the most part, Memorial Day Weekend. Eureka Springs Holiday Hotel has an indoor pool.

Mmy daughter was married at the gazebo but we didn't get any pic of the actual gazebo.
I'm sorry...what is your question?

Antique shop
There is a small antique business owned by an elderly lady. I can't remember the name of business, but it wasn't in the downtown area. It may have been on the historic loop. I am wanting to get the name and phone number I the shop. I saw a few things a couple years ago in it and hoping she still has them. I have a friend going up there next week and will send them over to buy for me Thanh you in advance.
Unless you are referring to Crystal Garden Antiques on Spring Street, a couple of doors down from our Library, I'm going to need more info to help locate the business. That phone number is 479 253 9586.

Shop Hours on Mondays
Are the shops downtown usually closed on Mondays?
Some are, some aren't. The majority typically choose Tuesday or Wednesday for a day off.

Photography spot for sunset
We are staying in ES this weekend. Can you recommend a location that we can get some good sunset pictures? Looks like the weather will be good on Sat evening for photos. Secondly, best mexican restaurant?
Well... You submitted this on the 24th. Does "this" weekend mean the one that just past? If so, sorry I didn't receive this in time to suggest Beaver Lake for great sunset photos. ...and, The Oasis for good food. We also have Amigos and La Familia for Tex-Mex. I don't think Aquarius is open yet. If your visit is for the first weekend of March, please see above...

Sunday Hours
We plan to visit on March 12th and wondered what time most stores opened on a Sunday
By 10AM.

Shops open early March?
Hi, we are visiting for the first time March 12-15, 2017. Since this is Sun-Wed and early-mid March, is this off-season? Are many shops and Restaurants closed? Thanks!
Shops and restaurants are open.

Mardi Gras question
I am taking my nephews to Eureka Springs Arkansas for Mardi Gras do women take their tops off at Mardi Gras or is it family oriented? Please let me know thank you
This is a family-friendly event.

Thorncrown Chapel
My husband and I will be traveling in Arkansas next week. He is an architect and one request was to see Thorncrown chapel. I see that they are closed during the months of January and February. Is it a place that we can still stop, park, and walk around outside even it if is closed? Thank you in advance for your help.
No. I'm sorry. You would not be able to do that. However, since you will be "traveling Arkansas," you might consider going to Bella Visit, which is about an hour and a half from us. They have another chapel designed by E.Fay Jones which is similar to Thorncrown.

I can't find any websites with festivals lists for august and September. Surely calendars are finalized that far yet? Want to bring a group there for a long weekend. We want to come by jet skis on table rock lake from kimberling city, find a place as close as possible to dock them for 2 nights while we stay in erurka springs for a weekend and enjoy a festival then head back sunday. Can you Help?
Events are added to the calendar as they are received. Keep watching as updates are made (almost) daily. The closest property to Starky Marina (on Beaver Lake) is Pointe West.

Mobility Scooter Rental
Can you suggest places that rent mobility scooters in Eureka Springs? We have booked a bed and breakfast for next year, and I require a scooter to get around.I'd prefer a company that delivers and picks up at the place where one is staying.
St. John's Medical Equipment Rental (479) 363-9244

Does Eureka Springs have ANY downtown PARADES ... 4th of July, Founders Day, Veterans Day, or ....?
How 'bout Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, MayFest, Veteran's Day, Christmas, every car show that comes here, Jesus Parade...we have all those.

bath house/hot springs
Doing a girls trip, we really want to do a bath house that allows you to sit in the hot baths that are typically in cave like settings, not in individual bath tubs. I found this is Colorado and wasn't sure if that was available in Eureka.
No. That is not available here. Altho we have several "spas" to choose from, the Palace Hotel and Bath House is your only option for bathing.

longer term rentals
Do any resorts/cabins offer month long rentals in the winter off season?
I'm sure that might be considered. Unfortunately, that sort of information is not available to us. I would suggest selecting a few of the resorts which interest you and calling them directly.

Dining in eureka
I read many of the question and answers on here before I deciding to come to eureka springs. We were so dissapointed to find out many of the restaurants were closed! All of the messages I read said everything was open 7 days a week. Not true! My question is, why are so many restaurants closed early in the week? A wasted trip for foodies.
Well... I don't know which restaurants you are referring to but let's see... Mud Street Cafe employees are off on Tuesday and Wednesday. Devito's employees are off on Wednesday. Bavarian Inn closed for the season last weekend. As did Cottage Inn. Le Stick The Local Crystal Dining Room and Crescent Sky Chelsea's Myrtie Mae' Grand Pepe La Arkansas Red's, Nibbles, Oasis,Rogue's Manor Balcony Bar, New Delhi, (all downtown) And these are just a few. If you wish to share the places you found closed, I'll be glad to research their hours for you so you won't have another "wasted trip."

Thanksgiving Day/evening 2016
What businesses and restaurants will be open thanksgiving day and which hotels allow a small dog?
Many restaurants are open on Thanksgiving. Myrtie Mae's, Forest Hill, Grand Taverne, Rowdy Beaver, Crystal Dining Room, Rogue's Manor, just to name a few. We do not have a list of shops. Some will be open, some won't. Pet friendly lodging is found by using the search feature on the lodging page.

Shopping Thanksgiving weekend
We might be in the Eureka Springs area Thanksgiving weekend and wonder what, if any, of the shops will be open. If I remember correctly, many shops close for the season. Just wondering if any might be open that weekend. Thanks, Pam
Shops are not closed. We are very busy the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Week after Christmas
Christmas falls on Sunday this year which means school vacation, and our family's opportunity to travel, falls after Christmas. What is ES like during this time? Can you recommend we travel to ES with an 11 and 14 year old?
There will be attractions, shops and restaurants open during that time. Trolleys run on a limited schedule. Generally, it is a nice, quiet time for us.

Thanksgiving 2016
Will some of the Eureka Springs restaurants serveThanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving day?
Yes. Crystal Dining Room in the Crescent Hotel, Rogue's Manor, Forest Hill, Myrtie Mae's...just to name a few. There are also several "community gatherings to consider. Chelsea's and St. James Church have meals where all you do is bring a dish to share.

Carriage Rides...
Could you provide information on Carriage Rides in Eureka Springs...Thank you!
I believe the Crescent Hotel offers private carriage rides for their guests only. Otherwise, that service is not available.

Bachelorette Party Itinerary help
Looking to book the ultimate girls weekend/bachelor party in Eureka the weekend of March 18th 2017. Is there someone who could help me figure out what a good itenerary would be? We are looking at staying at Beaver Lake as that's the closest rental with space for 10+ people. Thank you for any help you can provide!
What is it you are wanting to include in this itinerary?

We are hoping to visit Eureka Springs next May. We will be travelling in the US by bus or train, no car, and are wondering about public transport in your area. Can we get to Eureka Springs by bus? I looked at the Greyhound website but can't find a service.pkease can you send be details or public transport in and around your city? Thanks
The closest bus station is in Fayetteville which is about an hour from us. You should consider renting a car while there. We do offer our trolley service as public transportation.

Needed in ES
I wanted to ask a Eureka Springs local your opinion on what type of business you feel is needed or missing? I am looking to invest in a business and am considering your charming town. A different type of restaurant, bar, shop, gym, theatre, service, etc that locals & tourists would enjoy/appreciate? Thank you- Your opinion is greatly appreciated!
Affordable day care (for children and pets.) Dry Cleaners. Affordable housing.

bluegrass and avoiding it
My husband and I are planning our first trip to eureka springs, august 21st and 22nd. We are hoping to miss the fun and festivities and simply enjoy the town. We were wondering, what type of lingering crowd to expect? Does the fest usually bring in a lot of out-of-towners or is it a local crowd? Should we book our room a week in advance, or should sunday/monday be pretty quiet? Thanks for any advice.
Bluegrass is a great festival that many people look forward to, locals and visitors alike. It will be over when you're here.

Walking Canes
I need a cane for medical reasons and would love to find a snazzy one. Any shops in Eureka sell canes?
There are several. Actually "naming" them is virtually impossible. Galleries and novelty shops along Spring, Center and Main Streets downtown all carry walking sticks.

Hello! 3 of my friends and I will be visiting Eureka the first weekend of November. Will all the shops, trails and restaurants will be open?
Yes, they will.

dog walking
Hello! I am looking for a place to take my dog walking ...around the lake or water..perhaps somewhere we can swim as well..around ideas?
As long as the dog is on a leash, Lake Leatherwood, Beaver Lake, Kings River. We also have a dog park at Harmon Park.

July 4th
Will the shots and restaurants be open on Mon 4th July? And will there be any special celebrations?
Yes. The shops will be open and activities will be happening in the park and we'll have a parade.

I see lodging for both historic district and for attraction area - what are the attractions/ Where are the shops? Thanks!
Both are all over. "Historic District" refers to downtown and residential area. "Attractions District" refers to Highway 62 (aka Van Buren St.)

Antique Auto Parade
I noticed that the Antique Car Parade and Festival are not on the calendar for Sept 9-10. Is it still on?
I'm sorry, I can't answer "why" it isn't listed on the calendar but I can say "yes," the event is scheduled for the 9th and 10th of September. It will be the 45th year we have had these classic autos in Eureka Springs.

Blues Fest
Good Morning Karen! We attend the Blues Fest this weekend as we have for years and was very disappointed on the change of moving it to Turpentine Creek. We in no way want to take away from the help that might have given them but the downtown area was not the same at all. No music all day in the park and was actually pretty dead. I'm sure this had to hurt the vendors downtown also. I did not know who to voice my opinion to but thought some input might be helpful for whoever might be deciding on that for next year. We love Blues Fest and would like it to continue as it has in the past. Thank you so much for your time!
While I will gladly pass your comments along, Blues Festival is a private event with its own promoter. We are hearing that businesses downtown who had live entertainment did very well as did our restaurants. As mentioned, I will certainly pass along your concerns. But this is not a city-sponsored event.

Where is the closet lake to swim near Thorncrown chapel where we are gin to a wedding.
Beaver Lake and/or Lake Leatherwood.

Slag Glass
Is there a factory or vendor in Eureka Springs that sells slag glass by the pound?
Razorback Gift Shop sells glass. They are on hwy 62 west (aka Van Buren Street) on the way to Thorncrown Chapel.

Church of the Nazarene 1948
Hello, I have some of my Grandparents things and found something in writing that showed my Grandfathers first church was a Nazarene Church in Eureka Springs from 1948 to 1949. Do you have any history of this, his name is Rev. Eldon Coble.
I would suggest calling our Historic Museum. 479 253 9417

Live music
Are there any venues that are having live music through the weekdays/week nights? Thank you!
Some do, yes. Pick up a copy of the FUN GUIDE. All schedules are listed within.

Hi, are most businesses downtown open on Mondays? If not, what about Sundays?
7 days a week.

Sisters Cafe
I am looking for friends back in 1970. I heard they a restaurant at one time called Sisters Cafe. They are Jeanette and Joette from Memphis. Just wondering if you can give them my number or help me locate them I would truly like it. My number is 479-409-8957. It would be so exciting to see them. I do not know their married last names. Thanks for your help Dianne Parrish
The restaurant has closed and (I heard) the Sisters moved back to Memphis. This "hearsay" is about a year old.

Edgewood Manor
Has Edgewood Manor closed? We were hoping to return for our 25th Wedding Anniversary!
I believe they are still nightly rental.

When to Go
Hi, I was wondering what day of the week it's best to visit Eureka. Preferably a day with low car and people traffic when most or all shops will be open. Thanks!
Maybe Wednesday?

Vow renewals
Hello Karen, My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary and I was thinking about a quick, nothing fancy (no flowers or music), inexpensive place for a minister to recite some vows for us on April 13th. Any suggestions? Everything I see is for full blown weddings ($400.00 and up). Thanks!
Check with your lodging property. Most have officiants on site and will be happy to perform an abbreviated ceremony for you.

Street vending
I was wondering if i could sell my jewelry on the streets in eureka springs ar

I will be coming to visit your beautiful town on the 17th and 18th of March. Just wondering what the forecast is going to be for those days. Thank you! (Eureka Springs, 72632)

art gallery
My son was recently visiting Eureka Springs and went to an art gallery in downtown that was located below street level. He saw a painting that he really liked but he is unable to recall the name of the gallery. I wanted to contact the gallery and surprise him with the painting but have no idea how to locate the name. I was hoping someone knows of a gallery located at basement level in downtown. Thanks very much.
I'm sorry. Many (most, actually) buildings downtown have 2 even 3 levels. I would need more information to locate this particular gallery.

Squid & Whale
Does anyone know if there is a new business in the old Squid & Whale location, or if S&W plans to re-open?
S&W have left. The building sold. The new restaurant, The Grotto is a fabulous, upscale restaurant that is very popular.

Hi Karen, My husband and I have been looking at commercial property in ES to buy for about 1 1/2 years now. What is your prediction on tourism, property values, etc.? What do you see is the norm that people are looking at to stay in hotel/motel, B/B, cabins, etc.? Any insider advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
These really aren't questions to ask a smart-mouthed, sarcastic forum administrator. It is my suggestion that you take these concerns directly to one of our experienced, professional real estate agents. They will be able to give you way more useful information than I can. However, my "prediction" for tourism? Tourism is our ONLY industry. We better know what we're doing.

I'm currently and have been caring for my grandma for past 41/2 yrs now. Her time is coming soon. Just need natural surrounding, peaceful happy feelings, inexpensive place to stay and replenish my soul.
Try Tall Pine Lodge.

My partner wanted to get married at judge Roy beans and have an old time photo made, they said they don't perform same sex weddings.. I'm curious as to why. We don't want anything fancy , just the two of us. I was always under the impression eureka springs was diverse. I'm wondering is this the norm for the whole town
I cannot speak for individual businesses. Eureka Springs IS a friendly, welcoming town. There are many wedding service providers who will conduct same sex ceremonies. If you are getting your license in Eureka, the Clerk should have a list of those for you.

cottage for 2 nights..
good morning. I have been to E.S. many times. This trip we would like to stay in a cottage. I've been looking on line & see the avg. price is $150 per night. So you know of any a bit less expensive... thanks mike
You might try Tall Pines Lodge or Pine Top Lodge. But, that rate is pretty standard.

vacation to eureka springs
We are 2couples looking to make a trip in march to see passion play and Inrigue theater looks great as well... we would like to know if these are close in area and what B and B you would recommend as well as what else we should see in the area .. we will only be able to spend a few days... THANKS.. we are looking for short, as much as we can do in few day trip......
The Passion Play does not open until May. And, we have not yet received Intrigue's 2016 calendar. From the lodging page, select "B&B" to get a list of those businesses. Select a few that interest you and write us back if you still have questions.

Cabin or cottage we stayed in
We stayed in a little pink cottage a few years ago. There were about 6 or so in a row and i cant remember the name. The road was heading out of town but not far. It had the main part where you go in to pay in between the cabins. A nice lady was there and she ran it with her husband i guess. Can you tell me the name? I have a picture of the cabin but no name.
It sounds like you are describing the Cottage Inn Restaurant and Cabins.

How hard is it to find downtown parking in July and do they charge you? Thank you
The public lots are $5.00 for several hours. There is also metered parking. Cornerstone Bank lets non-profits park cars in their lots for $5.00 all day.

Bridal Hair and Makeup
Hello, I was wondering where I can get my hair and makeup done for a more affordable price than what the Spas can offer me? I'm looking for something a little more low key plz :)
Try East Gate Salon 479 253 6084 or Salon Seven 479 253 7733

I will be bringing my daughter to eureka in the next few weeks. Are the downtown shops open during winter?
Yes they are.

I would like to know how often it has snowed in Eureka Springs in the last 20 years.
It snows at least once every year.

Christmas Eve Services
Thank you for answering my last question. May I ask just one more before we arrive next week? Will any of the churches have a Christmas Eve Candlelight service? Thank you in advance for your time.
St James Episcopal Church Christmas Eve service begins at 6:30 with carols. Service begins at 7:00. This is the only church info we have been given.

Fairy Gallery
We were there a few years back and loved visiting a new gallery with handmade fairies and beautiful stones. Outside there was an ornate wrought iron cutsom fence. Would you know the name of the gallery and if it still exists? Thank you
I think you're talking about Fantasy and Stone which is now located on Springs Street, downtown.

cookie tour
Is the B&B Association having the cookie tour again this year?
No. Sorry, they are not.

Yoga over holidays
I am planning to visit Eureka Springs the last week of Dec 2015. Can you advise where I can join some on-going yoga classes or find a teacher for this time?
You might check Melonlight Dance Studio.

tried to find out information about the castle treehouse and the lady said she could not tell me where they were unless I make reservations.
There are several treehouse-type properties in and around Eureka Springs. Some of them are listed on the lodging pages.

Victorian Inn chandelier
I purchased the large chandelier from the lobby of the Victorian Inn hotel at their auction last week. Today, a lady told me that it came out of the Crescent Hotel. Who might be able to verify or discredit this information?
Maybe someone at the Crescent Hotel. 479 253 9766.

Hours of operation...stuff to do
Are many shops and restaurants open on Sundays this time of year?
Pretty much all of them.

Booking ahead
I used to live in Fayetteville and would drive up to Eureka last minute and find hotels for $29 per nite...or very cheap. I want to return, and am finding online booking very expensive. Can I not find a hotel last minute? Or have things changed and do I need to book ahead? I am coming from Tulsa first weekend of December. Thank you
You'll probably find "something" if you aren't interested in planning ahead. I'm certainly not guaranteeing that. As you will see on the calendar, the first weekend of December has several events scheduled. There are smaller motels on Van Buren Street (Hwy 62.) Forget booking online and call them directly.

Nativity puzzles from idaho
I was in a shop last weekend and they had some beautiful nativity puzzles made from wood that that stained different colors. I got their card but haven't been able to find it and would like to order one of the puzzles. These are not jig saw children pieces they are nativity scenes. If you could give me any information I would be very grateful. Thank you, Toni faulkner
I think you're talking about Quicksilver Gallery. 479 253 7679 is their phone number.

events in late December
My husband and I are planning to visit Eureka Springs Dec 27-29, 2015 for our anniversary. What activities are available? We're staying at the Grand Central-- any good (authentic) Thai or Chinese food in the area? Best recommendations for what to do and see? I've already written down Thorncrown Chapel & Turpentine Creek. Thank you!
The Thai House is VERY good. Sorry, but there are no special events on the calendar for those dates.

Pet friendly suggestions
My husband and I have been to Eureka many times and love the area. Friendly people, easygoing life, it's wonderful! We've noticed it seems to be very pet friendly. We are going to be there in a couple of weeks and are thinking of bringing our two dogs. How accommodating are restaurants, particularly for outdoor seating, if we bring them along? They are well behaved, about 35#, medium size dogs. We will be there during the week, so less likely to be disrupting. I'm thinking outdoor patio lunch that kind of thing. We are considering the Basin Park hotel, but if you have any other recommendations for accommodations in the historic district that would be great too. I'm looking forward to the furkids going to the bark park and strolling the town. They love being out and about like their human parents! Thanks for any suggestions or ideas.
Sure, bring 'em! I would suggest however, that you call any selected restaurants beforehand, just to give a head's up. While there may indeed be outdoor seating, they may not be as accommodating if you have to walk thru a "main part" to get to the patio.

visiting soon
We have not been to Eureka in a while, but never missed a year back before we got old and sickly. Are the two theaters still open and active? (hoedown and jamboree)
No they are not. There are occasional shows at both. You will need to call them directly to inquire if there is a show while you are here.

Sports bar
What's a good sports bar or a bar /restaurant with lots of tv's for Saturday football
Rowdy Beaver has several televisions.

Thanksgiving dinner
My 18 year old daughter and I are visiting over Thanksgiving. We decided to Thelma and Louise this holiday and run away. Can you tell me who has the best Thanksgiving Dinner in town? Or several places serving?
Myrtie Maes, Forest Hill, Crescent Hotel, Rogues Manor and Grand Taverne have informed us they will be open on Thanksgiving.

Wedding aite
I am performing a wedding on nov 7 at east mountain overlook. The couple really don't know much about the area. We know the site is free. Do we just show up at the site and if someone is there we wait or can u deserve it somehow. Also what about the other free places to hold the wedding. Thank hou just show up.

Thanksgiving pre-cooked meals
I noticed someone recently asked about restaurants on Thanksgiving. A list of options would be great but I'm really interested in ordering a pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 2 that I could pick up Wed to eat in our rental cabin. Any ideas?
I'm sure all of the locations will do take out but, it's best to call and make sure. Forest Hill Myrtie Mae's Rogue's Manor Crescent Hotel There may be others but these are all who have contacted us.

road kill beef jerky
a few years back we were able to buy road kill cafe beef jerky then they closed shop and we have been trying to find out where to buy it now. do you know where we can find out info. thanks for your help
Sorry, the owner of that establishment no longer lives here.

Halloween Weekend
Do adults dress up for Halloween in ES ? The other half - says I am crazy as a mad hatter at 49 to want to dress up for Halloween. I told him it is only crazy if you knock on doors and expect treats - lol. Can you tell me what activites that dressing in costume are available ?
Tell the "other half..." He'll be the only one in town who ISN'T dressed up! Make a point during Trick or Treat night to walk around the Historic Loop. You'll love seeing all the other creative costumes and get a taste of just how important Halloween is to Eureka Springs.

Foliage question
We so want to come on the week when the foliage is at its peak. We've visited y'all many many times through the years but NEVER hit it on the best color. What's your best guess for this fall? ty
Any time during the last 2 weeks of October and the first week of November.

Wedding Coordinator
My daughter will be getting married Oct'16 with reception at Sky Ridge Pavilion. We'd like to hire a wedding coordinator to assist with pulling everything together. We've got the church, reception and caterer but need someone to help with other details. Any recommendations?
Sky Ridge should have a coordinator on staff.

Could you tell me if most shops are open every day or if some are closed on certain days and the hours of most??? Wanting to spend a day at shops so wondering when the best time to go is? Will be through the week - not weekend. Thank you.
Shops are usually open by 10 each morning until 6-7 each night, 7 days a week.

Meeting Room
We are needing a meeting room for about 30 people for a reception on Sunday Sept. 27th at 5:30 pm. I know the bikers are in town that weekend, but was hoping for something, even if it was an enclosed shelter house at a park or lake. Can you possibly help me? Since it is late in the evening on Sunday, I was thinking maybe the Bikers would be leaving. Thank you for your time.
You could call the Corp of Engineers on Beaver Lake if you want a pavilion. Where are you lodging? Several of our lodging properties have meeting rooms on site.

Weekly Stays
My Wife has a CNA School and will be teaching a class for Autumn Hill & Brighton at Autumn Hill. We will be staying in the area from Sep. 20th thru Oct 10th. We want to also enjoy the area and be able to afford to stay. What ideals do you have, Thanks
Several of the smaller properties offer weekly rates.

we have reservations for a vacation this November close to eureka springs and we was wondering if there were any beautiful trails where we could ride our big red atv? Thank you so much for any help you can give us! Starla*
Contact Wheelin' World. 479 253 5509

Something Simple 107 East Van Buren 479 253 2068.

Mountain Sushi
Ate at Mountain Sushi multiple times last year, food was wonderful. Came back this year in August noticed it was gone. What happened to Mountain Sushi and are there any other places to get good sushi?
The Thai House and Mei Le's Chinese both have good sushi. Mei Le is the Mom of the owner of Mountain Sushi. He (Andy) got married and moved away.

I love the webcams #4 is off line
Sorry 'bout that. The webcams are in place through individuals and are privately owned. We have no control over them.

Hours of operations and days
Can you please tell me if there are days that the shops are closed.
Shops are open 7 days a week.

Visiting this fall
I'm in the process of making a reservation from 10/10 - 10/17, considering Brechenridge Lodge. I have emailed owner Scott a couple times for info. This seems to be a nice place to stay and was recommended by another local. I'm hoping to do some walking, hiking in the area and to Dogwood Canyon Nature Park where I've gone once before. Can you share info about other trails, places to eat and recommend things to see/do, other locals that may like to hike/walk and is there a map of the historic district walk?
Lake Leatherwood has wonderful hiking trails. In fact there is a trail system that covers just about all of Eureka Springs. There is a map which you should be able to get from the Chamber of Commerce once you arrive in town.

Do the shops stay open in October. Daughter and I want to do a girls weekend . What are your suggestions for activities ect during that month.
Shops are open in October. That is our busiest month of the year. The calendar of events will list any special events happening during the month or you can pick up a free FUN GUIDE when you arrive.

Folk Festival Question
Hello Karen, We are coming for the Folk Festival in October. I hear that there is free music in Basin Spring Park. Is it permissible to bring camp chairs for this? How crowded is the park, is it easy to hear the music from a block or so away? Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
It is certainly ok (and suggested, actually) to bring camp chairs. There are benches in the Park but, they fill up quickly.

restaurant inquiry
I was told by a friend that there is a restaurant about 20 min drive from ES that specializes in bean dishes and the word Eagle is in the name of the restaurant -- perhaps Eagle Hollow or Blue Eagle? Do you know the restaurant? I plan a weekend trip to ES this Friday-Sunday and would like to go there.
War Eagle Mill...The Bean Palace Restaurant.

My daughter is getting married at the retreat a at sky ridge. We are looking at options on someone to perform the wedding. Do you know how I can find a list of officiants?
Look in the Wedding Services pages of the website.

Hello! I'm looking for a place to tent camp along a creek for some fishing. Maybe some nestled in some trees, pretty setting, etc... Thanks!!
Kings River and White River have camp sites available.

Month of October
I booked a room for the weekend of October 16-17th and the Inn told me that there is a flea market that weekend. Can tell me where I can find some information on that ?
I wouldn't call it a "flea market" but the War Eagle Arts and Crafts Fair is that weekend. (Click on the "events" tab at the top of the page.)

Oct 8th-13th
Hello Karen, My husband and I are taking a trip to Eureka Springs during the month of October to catch some of the Ozark Folk Festival and to celebrate our anniversary. I have never been to Eureka Springs before, and was wondering if you could tell me how crowded the town will be at that time. Foliage season, the festival, etc. I have a feeling it will be pretty busy! We have our lodging booked, I was wondering if you had any advice on how far in advance to book spa appointments or restaurant reservations, that kind of thing. We don't know quite what we want to do in what order yet, but we also don't want to get there and not be able to do any of the things we'd like to do because everything is all booked up! Thank you very much for your help!
I think you can wait until you get here to book any spa treatments...just do it right away. If your lodging property offers this service, you should have no problem. Most of our restaurants only take reservations of large parties (6+.)

My fiancé and I are planning on coming to Euerka Springs for our honeymoon. We are staying at the Crescent Hotel for one night them at of the of the Tree house Cottages. Would love some suggestions of what attriaction to do or go see. The Cave tours, which would be better the Onyx cave or the Cosmic Cavern. Also, how is the zip lining. Would love some feedback and any other suggestions you might have?
All cave/cavern tours are interesting. Cosmic Cavern is much larger than Onyx Cave. What you will see in one, you will not see in the other. Onyx is self-led, Cosmic is a guided tour. The zipline is fantastic. What more can I say? Since you didn't tell me when you would be here, I can't really suggest things to do. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge must be on your list tho.

Thanksgiving Week
We are coming up to spend the Thanksgiving week (24 - 28) in Eureka Springs. What can we expect as far as events? Will the shops all be open? Is it Christmas shopping going on during our stay?
A few places do close on Thanksgiving Day only. There will be several restaurants serving tho. The Friday (and weekend) after Thanksgiving will be very busy

Hospitals nearby
Hello, We are traveling to Holiday Island in a week and I will be 33 weeks pregnant.. I would like to know where the nearest hospital is that could deliver a child and if there is a NICU within driving distance in case something were to happen. That early, I am sure a NICU would be needed. Thank you, Meredith Powers
Mercy Hospital is in Berryville. About 15 miles from Holiday Island.

Hi! My family is relocating to Eureka and we have a 3 year old and a 2 year old. We were wondering about some local daycares and preschools. I've googled like crazy and can't find any numbers that work. Any information would be super appreciated!!
There are no daycare facilities in Eureka Springs. You might try calling the schools to see about preschools. 479 253 8704.

Marina Boat Rental
We will be passing through Holiday Island this weekend, and wanted to know of a Marina near Holiday Island that rents boats. Do you have any recommendations?
There is a marina at the bridge as you cross over to the actual island.

same sex wedding
We want to get married there the weekend of 31-1st. Where would you recommend?
Where are you staying? Most lodging properties have a wedding services provider on site...or at least, a phone call away. Our court house is open on Saturday from 9 until 1. Your license will cost $58.00. There is no waiting period, blood test or, witnesses required. (The $58.00 needs to be cash and is not included in any wedding provider fees.) Congratulations and Thank You for considering Eureka Springs!

Noise Poster
I would like to buy a copy of a poster I saw in a bookstore window this weekend. It was for Citizens Organized for a Peaceful Eureka and it depicted the Christ of the Ozarks statue holding his ears. Can you direct me to who made that?
I have contacted the designer, Mark Hughes. I have sent him your email address. Yes. There are posters still available.

Staying July 23,24,25
Cindy and I are planning on staying in ES on the above dates. We love unique adventures. You can beat a great dive bar with a band or an awesome place for lunch or dinner. Name your top 10 or so....Thanks
Try Chelsea's Bar and Pizzeria on Mountain Street...slightly off Center. The Oasis for lunch. Look for their sign going down Spring Street just past the New Orleans hotel. Other than Pizza Hut, Subway and McDonalds, all of our restaurants are chef owned and operated. Whatever you're hungry for...just pick one!

We would like to get married on July12, 2015. Nothing elaborate other than a few pictures. This is a same sex marriage (2females). Can you give me an idea of who would be available on a Sunday?
Any of our wedding service providers are available on any day of the week. Where are you staying? There's probably one on property.

Tuesday Sidewalk Artists
I had a friend tell me that Eureka Springs hosts artists booths on Tuesdays, and that anyone can come and show their work as long as they are making creating something on site for visitors to see. Would like to visit this and even join. We are from Newton County, AR. I can only find the Gallery walk, but this doesn't sound the same. Any elaboration or contact info? Thanks for your time and help.
I don't know about "Tuesdays," other than our Farmer's Market which is also on Thursday. To show work in Basin Spring Park downtown, you will need to contact the City Clerk. 479 253 9706.

wheelchair rentals
Is there a place in eureka springs to rent a motorized wheelchair
Contact Eureka Springs Hospital... 479 253 7992.

where to stay
Hi Planning a trip around July 20. Three adults,2 are senior citizens. Looking for 2 bedrooms and living-kitchen area. Near quaint shops-coffee houses-restaurants. Driving short distance to scenic lake or river area. Staying about three nights. Would like under $200 a night if possible. What would you suggest?
Sorry, I do not make suggestions. However, if you use the search feature on the lodging pages and select Historic District in the location field, you will get those properties that fit your requirements.

Canoe rentals
Is there anywhere around here to rent canoes or kayaks?
Yep. Kings River Outfitters.

Pet Friendly Places
Good afternoon, I plan to visit soon and my husband and I want to bring our little dog along. Would we be able to bring him inside the shops? I know he won't be allowed inside retsuarants but what about the stores?
As long as you can carry him. Any he will be welcome at any restaurant that offers al fresco dining.

Eureka Springs Pottery
I purchased a pottery pitcher from a second hand store that is signed Jan Craft, Eureka Springs, Ark. I have searched on line but come up with nothing. It is a very interesting bas relief of two couples, palm trees and ferns and has a pink glazed interior. Thank you for any help you can give me.
Sorry. I have been unable to find any information for you.

Activities in Eureka Springs
Hi, myself and my partner will be in Eureka Springs this July and was wondering what activities there are for active your adults? We love to mountain bike, hike, play any kinds of sports really. Also , are there any swimming pools to relax by?
Most all hotels/motels have pools. The activities you have listed are all available here.

ways to donate and establish an honoriam to town
my mother recently passed away and I would like to honor her by arranging for an honoriam. She grew up in ES and her brother is lifelong resident and their family home is on historic registers. Where can I find opportunities/ ways to do so? Something like memorial bench, etc.?
I would start with the Preservation Society. Call Glenna Booth at the Court House...479 253 9703.

Glass by the pound
I heard there was a glass store where one could buy large glass "rocks" by the pound . . . . the name and location or phone would be great, if you know it.
Razorback Gift Shop 479 253 8294

1st time ES's visitors, coming this wknd
Hi Karen, My husband and I are driving up this weekend to stay in Eureka Springs for our 10 year wedding anniversary (newbies to your town; we are from East TX). Thank you in advance for being so kind and available to answer our questions! 1) We love hole-in-the-wall places to eat. American, Italian, BBQ, pizza, and Tex-Mex are our faves. Any ideas of places the locals like to eat? 2) We want to take maybe a 1/2 day canoe ride. We are amateurs and would love a place that gives guided tours. 3) Are there any natural swimming spots in the area? 4) Favorite scenic spots to visit in ES's or within an hour's driving distance? 5) Are there any casual boating tours in the area you would recommend? Thanks again!! We really appreciate your help!
Food: The Oasis- It's downtown, just ask your innkeeper, they will show you the way. Bubba's BBQ-Again, just ask we can all get you there. Chelsea's Pizza and Grandma's Beans and Cornbread should also be considered. Kings River Outfitters for your 1/2 day float. This river is great for swimming also. Or, Lake Leatherwood City Park. Hwy 62 East and West, hwy 23 north and south. The only way in and out of Eureka Springs. Both are designated scenic highways. Belle of the Ozarks Beaver Lake Cruises. Try to get the last one of the day. The sunset will be spectacular. WELCOME TO EUREKA SPRINGS!!

"Stardust" musical instrument
The "Stardust" musical metal ball made by Reinhold Marxhausen was once sold in Eureka Springs. Do you know if any one still has any? Thanks. Marcia Donovan
I'm sorry, I am not familiar with that at all.

Hi. Is there a transportation option for elderly in Holiday Island? One could call for a ride to anywhere, anytime for a fee??
You might contact the transit office for this information. 479 253 9572.

Any yoga classes in eureka?

Looking for a cabin in early July. Would like lake views, one bedroom, 2 people. Clean and reasonable. Fireplace and jacuzzi. Would consider lodge with view but want to do our own grilling part of the time. Will be arriving on a weekday and staying two nights. Thank you!
Great! Use the search feature on the lodging page. Select "cabin," "on the lake," "jacuzzi" for a list of options. Please note, most properties will not allow fireplace use in July.

Dining and entertainment
Are there any country music shows now since the others closed and has someone opened Autumn Breeze under a different name? We will be up on the fourth of July as we have done for over 20 years. Thanks
Autumn Breeze will not reopen. The George Brothers will perform at Pine Mountain Village and Lovin' Every Minute with Steve Kinworthy will be performing in the City Auditorium.

Vacationing in Eureka Springs
Hello, I am considering coming to E.S. in July or August this year. It would be my family of 4 adults (my kids are 19 and 22). I have a number of questions/recommendations to ask of you. 1. Is there horseback riding nearby? 2. Is there wine tasting nearby? 3. Is there zip lines nearby? 4. Are there any nearby Blues/Jazz/Bluegrass music/concerts in the area? 5. Are there reasonably-priced cottages that you would recommend? 6. What golf course in the area would you recommend for a dad (who has not golfed in 30 years) and a 19-year old son who wants to start? 7. Would you recommend a cave tour? sorry for all the questions but my family is wondering why I would want to go to Arkansas but I like some of the attractions of it. Thank you. Sincerely, David
There are several horseback riding stables in our area. Keels Creek Winery on Van Buren Street offers tours and tastings. Ozark Mountain Ziplines is a 2-hour course in Eureka Springs. Live entertainment just about every night in our local clubs. Sorry, I do not make lodging recommendations. There are lots of choices on the lodging pages. Select a few that interest you and write me back if you have specific questions. Holiday Island Golf Course is 5 miles north, Carroll County Country Club is about 7 miles east of Eureka Springs. Both are open to the public. Cave tours are great. Your family will be amazed at the things (and beauty) Arkansas has to offer.

short term housing
Good Morning, My son will be working in Green Forest for an internship this summer for June and July. He is in need of a safe place to live for about 10 weeks. Can you please recommend somewhere? I am not familiar with the area and truly need some help finding him a place. Thank you so much!
Most internships offer housing. Eureka Springs is about 15-20 miles from Green Forest. There are rentals listed in the local paper. Eureka Springs Independent. Some of the local realtors offer rental properties as well.

Memorial Day Parade Time/Date
Hi Karen Do you know what time (and day) the Memorial Day parade will be this year? Thanks!
Monday May 25 @ 2:00.

My husband and I stayed in a cabin several years ago, I remember that the signs for the resort were pink,but I cant seem to Remember the name of the resort.. Can u tell me?? Seems it maybe a womans name..
I need more info than this to find a specific cabin. Sorry. There are several properties listed on the lodging page.

Questions for our group
I am bringing a group of teenagers to ES on May 21 22 and 23. What could we do on the afternoon of the 21? is there somewhere to go swimming in ES? is the Pig trail put put golf a good place to go? Is there a variety show on Thursday night like the Branson shows?
Depending on where you are staying, the lodging property probably has a pool, although most don't open until Memorial Day. There's always Dam Site Park on Beaver Lake for swimming but, the lake will still be pretty cold. If it isn't raining, Pig Trail Golf and Cart will be open. Steve Kinworthy's Lovin' Every Minute will be performing in the Auditorium that evening and the George Brother's will be performing at Pine Mountain Village. We certainly hope you have Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge included in your plans.

My wife and I are photographers. Are there jobs available in your area?
The majority of employment opportunities in Eureka Springs are seasonal, tourism/hospitality related. We have a lot of photographers here...artists and wedding services providers.

float trip/tie-dying
Hi! We are coming for a visit the end of May. Where would you recommend for a float trip? Also, does anyone offer any tie-dying classes? Thank you!
Assuming water levels are good, the Kings River offers great floating opportunities. I am not aware of any tye-dying classes.

Hot springs?
Hi Karen, I'm wondering if there are any natural hot springs in Eureka Springs? If so I desperately want to visit them. I'm coming this weekend. Please let me know! Thanks!
No. Our springs are not hot.

Charlotte Clayton. 3rd child of Powell Clayton.
Hello, my name is Charlotte Johns and I am a volunteer for the Clayton House in Fort Smith AR. I was reading up on some information about the Clayton brothers and I ran across the family of Powell Clayton. I particularly noticed the one named Charlotte. I am interested in any information if there is any, on her. I know she was born July 23, 1876 in Spring Lake New Jersey. No speed on this, this is strictly my own interest.
You might contact our Historic Museum 479 253 9417. Also, the 1881 Crescent Cottage Inn aka the Powell Clayton Home.

sunday store hours
we will be in Eureka Springs on Sunday, May 3, 2015. Will the shops be open, and if so, do they open in the morning?
Everything is open by 10:00.

wheelchair/scooter rental
Are there any places in town that rent out scooters or wheel chairs for the handicapped?
The closest place would be Mercy Medical in Berryville, about 15 minutes from us. 870 423 7348.

June Vacation
Hello, my husband and I are planning a trip to Eureka Springs for our first anniversary. We would like to rent a cabin. Seclusion and affordability is most important to us. We are not looking to spend more than 140/night. We also would like to fish, canoe, and hike. Do you have any suggestions?
There are several cabin properties which offer those amenities. Just use the search feature on the lodging page for "cabins" and "on the water." Pick the one you like the best.

Autumn Breeze
We just found out that Richard Bloch passed away (on their homepage). When did he pass? How old was he? We are truly sorry- we will miss him and his great restaurant. Robbie and David- Kansas City, MO
Richard Bloch April 10, 1959 - March 6, 2015 Richard Bloch, of Eureka Springs, Ark., was born April 10, 1959 in Klatovy, Czech Republic. A son of Anthony and Edita Kollanyova’ Blochova’ Bloch, he departed this life too suddenly, Friday, March 6, 2015 in Eureka Springs, at age 55. Richard was a passionate member of the Eureka Springs Soccer Club where he served as a soccer coach for 12 years. He was best known in the Eureka Springs community as chef and owner of Autumn Breeze Restaurant for more than 22 years. He was married on January 1, 2015 to Sheila Fuller of Branson, Mo., who survives him. He is also survived by son, Cassidy Bloch; grandson, Nico Bloch of Eureka Springs; father, Tony Bloch and stepmother Jarka Bloch of Eureka Springs; mother, Edita Bloch of the Czech Republic; sisters, Vicki Reddick and husband, Darrel Reddick, of Eureka Springs; sister, Michelle Edmondson of Eureka Springs; nephew Dillon Reddick; nieces Nicole Komarek and Gabi and Sara Bloch of Eureka Springs; beloved cousin Karl “Charlie” Bloch of Eureka Springs; mother-in-law, Dorothy Fuller of North Troy, Vt.; sisters-in-law, Connie Fuller, Carol Lighthall, Melody Gamache and Tina Fuller Cisco; mother to his grandson, Glory Leggett; and extended family J.R. and Jana Jones. Services are scheduled for 10 a.m. on Friday, March 13 at the Faith Christian Family Church, 157 Huntsville Road, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, (479) 253-7414. The service will be officiated by Pastor Marvin Peterson. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Eureka Springs Soccer Club, c/o Community First Bank, 107 West Van Buren, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, (479) 253-0500. Please be sure to reference in memory of Richard Bloch, FBO Eureka Springs Soccer Club. Online condolences may be sent to the family at © Nelson Funeral Service, Inc. 2014

Easter Weekend
We are planning a day trip to Eureka Springs on Good Friday. Are most of the shops and restaurants open that day? Where can we park, since we will not be staying at a hotel? Also, what is Spring Diversity weekend?
Everything is open. There are several public parking lots downtown or, park and the Park and Ride and utilize the trolley service.

How's it looking
We were planning a trip there today. How has the weather affected the area? Is there any flooding that occurred from last night storms?
All is well. Come on over.

Romantic getaways
I am wanting to plan a small romantic getaway (babymoon) and I'm having no luck. Is there a romantic bed and breakfast or somewhere to stay that isn't super expensive. Thank you
It depends on what amenities you are expecting. There are small motels on hwy 62 (Van Buren Street) that are less than $100.00 per night.

street music
I am interested in coming and just playing some music on the street as I have seen others doing when I've visited. Is there anyone I need to get permission from, or a certain location and time set-up. I know that some local musicians may make a living doing this and have times and places they usually play. As an out of towner, i want to be respectful and not cause any burden to the local musicians or cause a conflict.
You probably need to talk to the city clerk.

Pine Mountain Jamboree
Karen, is the PMJ no longer in operation? I noticed their website has last year`s show schedule.
Pine Mountain Theater is closed. We do have a new show performing nightly, beginning in May at the City Auditorium. Steve Kinworthy, Lovin' Every Minute will perform 5 nights a week. The website is not ready yet but will be here...

Group in June
Hi! We are planning a joint 30th birthday party for my husband and his best friend for June 5 - 7, 2015 in Eureka Springs . Our group would be approx. 12 people, all adults, no pets. We are hoping to all stay in the same home or cabin but we are flexible if needed to be separated. Any help with recommendations on local resorts would be great! Thanks so much! Sara
I don't know of one property that can accommodate that number of people under one roof. There are many "resort" properties with cabins and/or cottages where you would all be in the same place. Use the lodging search for groups to select any specific amenities you desire.

southern cuisine
Hey there, Karen! It`s "Bigjack" from Memphis! (from the Front Porch days) My girl and I are coming May 18 wanted to know which places you would recommend that serve good southern country cooking. I remember 2 places as you are heading west, one I thought was called Pine Hill that served all-you-can eat catfish, and that other place that served those large biscuits, across from Razorback Store at the edge of town. Are they still in business? Any info would sure help! Thanks!
Sorry. Both of those places are gone. Pine Hill is now a micro-brewery and the big biscuit place is just empty. You might try Myrtie Mae's (in Best Western Inn of the Ozarks,) Main Street Cafe (downtown, across from the Auditorium) and Road House Cafe on hiway 62 towards Berryville.

Does any place in town do last minute deals for rooms? We just want a clean place for a small group of girls to bunk up. Probably 4-6 of us.
You'll need to contact the lodging property of your choice to ask if they are offering any specials.

corvette weekend
I noticed in the calendar of events the corvette weekend is not listed. We come every year will there be one in 2015.
The Corvette Weekend is scheduled for their regular dates...the first weekend of October, beginning on Thursday.

central locations
I'm contemplating a move to E.S. and need to know if grocery and drug stores and health clubs (with swimming pool, etc.) are within walking/biking distance in the center of town. And is there a local taxi service?
We do not have a community pool. Everything else is available.

movie theater in downtown area
Hi. I go to Eureka Springs at least once a year. The last time I was there I noticed an old movie cinema theater in the historic district that is used as a retail store now. Is the theater for sale and is it somewhat functional?
This question needs to be asked of one of our real estate agents.

Areas To Stay
We are planning to rent a house. We just do not know the area and didn't know if there was a good central area that we could use as our central hub.
Anything located within the historic district is pretty central. But, Eureka Springs is barely 5 miles wide so everyplace is convenient.

Vegan options?
Hello, My husband and I will be going to Eureka Springs for a long weekend in May. We are both vegans. Could you recommend places to eat that would have vegan options?
KJ's Caribe, The Oasis, Mud Street Cafe, the Thai House and Local Flavor, to name a few. Be sure and let your server know of your preference.

do you know off-hand anyone that takes AMEX for lodging? thanks
I do not know the answer to this question.

Hi - We are planning a family vacation and interested in Eureka Springs. There will be 6 adults and 4 children. I am trying to decide where to set up base camp. Would you be able to recommend area(s)?
I'm sorry, I do not understand what you are asking. "Base camp" as in campgrounds? "Areas" around...Eureka Springs?

Stores opening
Planning on being there last week of Feb. will most stores be open, or better to wait till March
Stores are open unless there is extreme winter weather.

Beer sales on Sunday?
Is it possible to buy a six pack of beer to go on Sunday in Eureka Springs?

Hi, I've been looking at info about Eureka Springs because I'm interested in a small vintage log cabin very near there. It sounds like a wonderful community! But are there good bookstores? I don't think I can live without a Barnes and Noble!
There are no "chains," big box stores or large discount stores in Eureka Springs. And, there never will be. The closest Barnes and Noble or anything similar would be in the Fayetteville/Roger/Bentonville area, about an hour away.

eureka weather for wedding in may
Hello, Im getting married 5/1/15 in Eureka and was wondering what I could possibly expect weather wise?
It snowed on May 1st last year. Typically? It's warm and sunny but, I'd prepare for anything.

Yard sale
Is there going to be Yards & Yards of Yard Sales this year? Thank you in advance for information!
We haven't heard that there isn't.

anything opened
My husband and I were thinking about coming down the end of March and I was wanting to know it there is anything opened to do. Like the shops, train or anything like that. Thank you for your help.
The train or Great Passion Play do not reopen until the first of May. Pretty much everything else will be.

Cheap apt.
Good afternoon I am wanting to relocate to Eueka Springs. Is there apartments? I keep trying to search and it brings up Hotels Thanks Kelly Fisher
Search local newspapers. Eureka Springs Independent and/or Lovely County Citizen.

valentines weekend
My fiancee and I have been together a year now and I got us a jacuzzi room and we are going to the chocolate festival, but looking for some romantic ideas for us and not sure what to do. Can you suggest anything for us?
Dinner? Massage? Hiking around Lake Leatherwood? It all depends on what you LIKE to do.

Pine Mountain Jamboree
Is it true that Mike and Dale won't be back in 2015? We have been coming for many years and love their show. Can you help me with how to contact Mike and Dale? I have a Christmas gift for them. Thanks so much!!!
Yes...I am sorry to say it is true. You can contact Dale at Lady Eureka Boutique. 304 village Circle, Eureka Springs, AR 72632 (479) 253-4000

I want to come down for a spa weekend, but I don't see too much for the hot springs/spa in the "what to do". If all I want is to steam/sauna/massage/relax (preferably staying in a hotel that offers these amenities) where should I stay? I want the "whole deal" - robes, cucumber on the eyes, etc.
The Palace Hotel, the Basin Park Hotel, the Crescent Hotel, just to name a few.

Horizon Restaurant
Have you found out anything new regarding the status of the Horizon? I sent you the first message a few weeks ago about them closing.
Yes, they closed. There has been no other information regarding reopening.

Will the downtown shops be open on Thanksgiving day? Thank you
Some will, I'm sure. We have a lot of guests who spend Thanksgiving here.

downtown shops
are the downtown shops open after Christmas - between then and New Year's

Looking for truffles
My boyfriend and I took a drive there awhile back. If I remember correctly we went to this little place across the street from the Basin Spring park next to Turpentine Creek Wildlife and bought some truffles. Can you tell me what that place is called?
Maybe...Rocky Mountain Fudge Factory?

Horizon Restaurant- Update
I found out yesterday afternoon that the current operator shut the restaurant down for good- walked out, took their equipment. The phone has been disconnected. The building is owned by the brother of the Bubba's Barbeque owner. No one knows at this time what happened.
Thank you. This information has not come to our offices. We will research.

Nov 15, 2014
My husband and I would like to come down this weekend and go Christmas shopping, but my husband heard that the majority of the shops close for the winter. Is this true and if so whwn do they close foe the winter? Thank you, Michelle
NO! NO! NO! Our shops are NOT "closed for the season!!!" Thank you for asking us directly.

Antique store
Trying to find the name of an antique store on 62, with a long wooden boat in the front of the parking area? It has a covered section out front with an old sigh that says "groceries" on it? Thanks!!!
Gingerbread Antiques, next door to the Tea Room?

Horizon Lakeview Restaurant
I heard the Horizon Restaurant has closed for good. Any plans for new ownership?
The Horizon is open Wednesday thru Saturday from 5 til' 9. Thank you for asking us directly.

Hi, My husband & I are considering going to Eureka Springs with our 2 daughters for Christmas-December 24-26. Is there lodging available at that time and are there any restaurants open during that time? Thanks, Kasey
Yes and yes.

Weather in Eureka Springs
Hello! How is the weather in Eureka Springs during Christmas? I am considering renting a cabin near Beaver Lake.
Average highs in the 30-40s. We do get snow in December from time to time.

pine mountain theatre
Is there shows in December there
No sorry.

Eureka Springs High School
I am researching the history of Scottish immigrants in the Eureka Springs area. My maiden name is Ferguson and I grew up here in Northwest Arkansas. Can you tell me why the mascot for the Eureka Springs High School is the Highlanders. My mother went to Eureka Springs High and I remember her singing the school song to be when I was small. I was just curious as to why "Highlander" was selected as the mascot. Any information at your disposal would be appreciated.
No one seems to know. Maybe someone at the school can tell you. 479 253 8875.

Fall foilage
My husband and I are heading to Eureka this weekend (November 7-9) and was wondering how the weather and fall foliage is at this time of year. Also, is the limo service still available? Thank you!
You will still see some color. It's been an odd year. It's pretty windy today. Some of the maples have already lost their leaves. As far as I know, limo service is still available.

Planning a 4 days trip to Eureka from Dallas on frIday Nov 6 to Monday 10, 2014. Are we still able to see the fall peak by then? Thanks
You'll see some.

ADA shopping
Are any of the shops in the historical district accessible?
as much as they can be. The limestone sidewalks may be difficult. Shop owners do what they can with the limited amount of space many of them have.

Leaves changing
I am driving from Louisiana to Eureka Springs the 1st or 2nd week of Nov. When would be the best time? We are going through Mena and coming back on Hwy 7.
Considering your route, either dates are fine. Obviously, the south "changes" later than we do. This coming weekend will probably be the peak for our particular area.

Cabins for 3?
My husband and I and our adult son would like to spend time in Eureka Springs over the Thanksgiving weekend. I'm having trouble finding cabin or cottage accomodations for 3 adults. Are there any websites that would show availability? Thanks.
There are many cabins/cottages that offer sleeping arrangements for more than 2 people. Historic Cottages at Lake Lucerne Lake Shore Cabins Turpentine Creek Lodging All Seasons Lodging Can-U-Canoe Cabins ...just to name a few.

Downtown hours
What time do the downtown shops close?
5, 6, 7, some stay open 'til 8. It all depends on the traffic.

foliage colors
what stage are the leaves now? We may come Friday. Are we too early?
It's just beginning.

Tattoo artist
Does Leslie "Wild Child" Miller still sling ink in Eureka?
Don't know. Here's are the choices... Abyss Tattoo 479 253 5520 Body Language 479 253 0700 JuJuz Tattooz 479 253 6858 Tattoos Eureka Style 479 253 0690

Is the restaurant "Fat Tuesdays" still around? I haven't been in a long time.
No, you have not been here in a long time!!! I'd guess...about 20 years?? Lots and lots of chef-owned and operator restaurants, about...75? But no, Fat Tuesdays has been gone for a while.

Larry Mansker
I am trying to find out if Larry Mansker still resides or has a studio in or around Eureka Springs. Any information you can provide would be helpful. Thanks, Grady
Yes he does.

Thanksgiving 2014
Do you know if there are any Eureka Springs restaurants that will be serving a special Thanksgiving dinner? Thanks!
Yes. The "usual" places include Myrtie Mae's, the Crescent Hotel, The Grand Taverne, Rogues Manor and Forest Hill Restaurant. Any more who announce they will be open will be put on the calendar.

Yes indeed...

fax number
Do you have a fax number for Land O Nod motel?
No. You can call them directly at 479 253 6262.

fall foliage
What is the dates to see the fall foliage?
Usually around the last two weeks of October, the first week of November.

changing of fall leaves
We read in Time Magazine that the best place to see changing leaves was in Eureka Springs Ark.Do you have any idea when will the best time to witness this beautiful time of fall.We are thinking about coming that way October 11th or so from Kansas.Thank you so much and if you have any ideas for us we are between 57 and 75 years in age
Usually around the last two weeks of October, first week of November.

Hi, my name is Wendell Thornton, and I live in Ardmore, OK. My wife and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary in Eureka Springs in Dec. of 1995. We stayed at a place I believe was called The Pine Street Cottage. This year we are celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary and I would love to surprise her with staying in this same place. I have done several internet searches with no luck in finding this place. I came across this " Ask a Local" page and thought I would give it a shot. I know 19 years later things have changed, and this place may not be there. I am in hopes that maybe the name has changed and you will know of the place. Thank you very much in advance for your help. I eagerly await to here from you, as I really want to give my wife a special Anniversary this year. After 20 years she deserves it. Wendell
There is no "Pine Street Cottage." There is however... Tall Pines Inn (individual cabins) Pine Lodge (individual cabins)

pet sitters
We are visiting in 2 weeks. We need a reliable and safe place to leave our dog during the day. Do you have any suggestions?
Beaver Town Boarding 479 253 9426

Christmas Events
We are looking for info on Christmas events in the city. Can you help us?
Our Christmas "kick off" is the first weekend of December. All events should be listed on the calendar page.

Fall Colors
When will be the best time for viewing the colors of Autumn?
Last two weeks of October, first week of November.

history of eureka springs hospital
is there any way to find out the history of the hospital
The Historical Museum may be able to help 479 253 9417 or call the hospital directly...479 253 7400.

pet friendly restaurants
Can you tell me if there are any pet friendly restaurants?
You may be able to have your pet only on the patio of Eureka Grill but, I'm not sure about that. You will need to ask. To my knowledge, pets are not allowed where food is served. That is a health department issue.

Eureka Springs History
Hello there! My name is Caitlin Beasley and I am an undergraduate student here at the University of Arkansas. I am currently working on a thesis project about the history of the bath houses in Eureka Springs. Do you know of anyone/any places I could contact about accessing archives or seeing old bathhouse locations? I am especially interested in the medical purposes and aspeacts of the houses. I have been browsing online and might be interested in talking to Susan Shaefer, who has written a majority of the articles on the town's history on, but there is no email address or phone number provided for her. I have sent an email to the Palace Bathhouse and am looking forward to hopefully hearing back soon. Thank you so much for your help and time! I really appreciate it. - Caitlin Beasley
Contact the Eureka Springs Historical Museum.

Alright I have been looking for some sunflower fields near now arkansas and I read something about one being in eureka, is that true? If so where can I find it?
I am not familiar with any sunflower "field."

Karen, we're looking for something that has a secluded or private jacuzzi for 3 or more. There's plenty for 2. Do you know of any around?
Most lodging properties have in-room, 2-person jacuzzis. Some properties have a hot tub that is available to all their guests. You would have to check with the innkeeper or web page to see who has what.

September 28 and 29 Visit
Since I'll be there on a Sunday and Monday, what hours would most restaurants and shops be open? Thanks.
Shops and restaurants are open on Sunday and Monday, just as they are during the rest of the week. Shops are open by 10, restaurants are open in time for lunch...except those which offer breakfast and they open earlier.

New Hospital in Eureka Springs
Hi, could you give me any info on the new hospital that is supposed to be built in Eureka Springs? I was told back in May that property had been purchased and needed water and sewer lines run to the area before construction could start but the hospital and the management company say they have no knowledge of a hospital being built.
There is no "information" to be given. The subject of a new hospital is only in the talking stage.

lease a restaurant
interested in leasing a diner type restaurant where owners are retiring and willing to help new owners with training and such. Experienced chef and hardworking partner. Liked the looks of Pancakes.
This was posted on a local bulletin board... All equiptment,appliances, turn-key! Room for expansion! Built new in 2002! Hwy 62! Owner financing!!! Call for more info 479-981-2389

open artist studios
Hello Karen, I am a visual artist and am considering a move to Eureka Springs. I would like to buy a historic home and have my studio in my house. Is it allowed for an artist in Eureka Springs to open their private studio to the public?
Yes. But if your wish is to sell your work, you will need a business license and (I believe) your location would need to be commercially zoned. Call the Clerk's office at the court house to get exact answers. 479 253 9703.

Hey Karen, I'm a busking magician traveling through the Eureka Springs area en route to a Busker festival in Lawrence, Kansas. I was wondering what the rules and regulations are and what areas might be most conducive to set up our small sidewalk shows. Any help would be much appreciated, we're staying with and visiting friends in Bella Vista nearby. thanks, Dartagnan:)
Please call the courthouse...479 253 9703. Someone there will be able to answer your questions.

we were there last year and loved the shopping but I dont remember which days we were there. I do know many of the shops were closed since they were open all weekend it was kind of like their "day off" Is there a day that is NOT good for shopping?
This time of year, shops are open 7 days a week. Wednesday may be an off day for some but, those are few and far between.

Moving to Eureka Springs
Need some help/info in trying to find an apt. Thanks, Joe 214-443-8181
Local newspaper. Eureka Springs Independent.

can you give me details on a tattoist there her name is laura, I have 2 from her and am coming there in oct. and would like to get another one
Sorry, I'm not familiar with "Laura." There are 2-3 tattoo studios in town.

Where to stay
I am looking into coming to Eureka for a weekend with my husband. We have 2 small children and have never been on a vacation just the two of us and need some guidance. We like to eat well, we are adventurous and we really want a spa day. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.
Use the search feature on the lodging page to select specific amenities you may need. Spas are listing on the "healing" pages.

All Seasons treehouse village
Have seen the Treehouse Village units on north main. Do you know who the builder was for those beautiful cabins ?
I suspect it was Travis Holloway, Holloway Construction. He does a lot of Pat's work. But, if you call and ask Pat directly, I'm sure she'll be happy to confirm (or deny) this.

Shutdown times
I know that there is a time when a lot of the shops and restaurants close before the busy holiday season. Friends and I are planning a trip the 10th of Nov. for a week and I want to be sure everything is open because my friends have never been and I want them to have the full Eureka experience. Could you check and let me know if we would need to change our plans and come earlier? Thank you
IF shops and restaurants close for any length of time, it is mid-late January. Other than perhaps "a day off," you will not find these businesses closed during the week of your planned visit.

Store hours
How late are most of the downtown shops open on a weekday?
5,6,7,8...depends on any events taking place downtown and the amount of traffic.

wanted to know about a non expensive hotel or cabin that i could check out in sept.
Have you looked around the lodging pages?

Aug 1-4
Hi, My husband and I were married last year in June in Eureka. We were not able to come back for our one year anniversary till Aug 1-4. We are looking for something that is a short hop skip and a jump to spring street. Are there any rentals on the side street that is with in a block of spring street or how do i find the names of rentals that are above the nice shops on spring street.
Use the lodging search feature and select properties located in the Historic District.

Hi, I am coming to Eureka Springs Thursday with my fiance for a vacation to site see and to relax. We can stay through next Thursday. We love to do almost anything and he is very outdoorsy and needs some relaxation time!! So could you recommend places to stay, and some "don't miss this" kind of activities. Also, we love to ask the locals where and what to eat. Thank you very much in advance!!
Use the lodging search feature to select any specific amenities you may need. There are many lodging choices to pick from. -Hike around town and Lake Leatherwood. -Zip lines -Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge -Stand-Up Paddle Board on Beaver Lake. -Canoeing on the Kings River. Food: The Oasis (downtown) Local Flavor (downtown) DeVito's (downtown) KJ's Caribe (Van Buren Street) Sweet and Savory (Van Buren Street) Chelsea's Pizza (downtown) Gaskin's Cabin (Hwy 23 North)

I am planning a last minute vacation with my soon to be a college freshman daughter. I have a friend in the area and she raves about Eureka Springs. We are thinking about heading out the week of July 27 and only stay for like 3 days. My daughter has expressed an interest in horseback riding (not just walking in a path), white water rafting, and other outdoor activities. Of course a night of entertainment would be awesome however she is not a fan of Country Music so perhaps a comedian rec. would be helpful. Fancy lodging isn't a requirement , there are several caves so we would want your rec. on some of the better ones. ...a log cabin for 2 would be just fine. I look forward to hearing what we could possibly do.
We have several wonderful stables which offer TRAIL rides. These are all guided. Sorry, there are no "do it yourself." Kings River is excellent for canoeing or kayaking. There are several bars in town which over live entertainment. Cosmic Cave is the largest in our area.

Floating in August
We are wanting to bring a three families to Eureka springs in early August. Are the rivers still in good shape to float? White or Kings? Names of outfitters?
The folks at Kings River Outfitters can keep you up to date on water levels. The amount of rain we get will be the factor. 479 253 8954.

Historic homes
Hi, Are there any historic homes in Eureka Springs that are open for tours? Ones that have not been converted to bed and breakfast, but are fairly well as they were? Thanks
No. Sorry. We do not have any tour homes at this time.

camp ground
20 years ago I used to camp some where around the hogscald area. Four years ago I went back and found the campground. It used to be a free area where the locals gathered but in the last 10 years it has been taken over and maintained. Just wondering if you might know the name of it now so I can reserve a campsite? Thank you!
The majority of the property in Hogscald is private. There are no campgrounds around that portion of Beaver Lake.

saloon style hotel
Hello, My mom is looking for a hotel she stayed at in the downtown area The low street that heads out toward the train station. She says it looks like an Old Western hotel. Can you help us please?
I believe you are referring to the Grand Central Hotel.

Is Keller's Dorm Closed?
That seems to be the $10,000.00 question these days. It is my understanding the "current" owners are no longer...current and the Keller's are back in the drivers seat. I have been unable to reach them to find out what is going on. I am working with a group now who want to stay there but are having issues contacting anyone as well.

store hours on Sunday in july
What are the shop hours on Sundays, all day or just a few hours on Sundays
All day, 5 or 6 in the evening.

Store hours
Are the galleries and shops open on Sundays?

Julius Lapsap
Hi Karen - I'm trying to find our more about Julius Lapsap who built the Manor and Lookout Cottages near the Crescent Hotel. I'm checking the historical soc and library - any other leads you know about? Thanks! Keith
If you haven't already, I'd check at the Historical Museum. Maybe contact June Westfall...she knows everything!!!

small intimate wedding
I plan on getting married in Eureka Springs in Oct. I am planning on 3 guests, Mom, sister and brother in law. I just want the ceremony and was told that East Mountain Overlook would be pretty in Mid October. Can you suggest anything else. Thanks for your help, I have never been there and am looking forward to it.
There are so many beautiful places in Eureka Springs to get married. Once you have selected your service provider, he/she can lead you to other options. The Overlook is very popular tho.

store hours
Hi Do more downtown stores close on Monday or Tuesday? I'll be coming the first full week of July. Thanks loads, Sharon
No, they do not.

walking canes
just visited your fair town and purchased a walking/hiking cane- they were outside of a store in a tall basket- meant to ask about the composition or wood the cane was crafted from etc- but didn't- could you direct me to this business so I could ask them about my purchas? Thanks
Thank you for choosing Eureka Springs as your vacation destination! I'm sorry but, I will need more info than this to try to help find the merchant.

25th wedding anniversary
We are planning a vow renewal just us and are really interested in hidden springs. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.
What type of information are you needing?

information please
I just finished an article on Eureka springs in the current issue of Advocate, and Eureka sounds like a really nice place. I am seeking information on the cost of living in Eureka Springs, and the surrounding area. I am currently living in Michigan, and am looking for a change, but I live on a very modest income. I would also like contact with a local realtor. Thank you John Keeber 586-215-0519
Our preferred realtors are listed here

We are seniors can you direct us on cheapest place to stay did not find a holiday in where we could use our points for a free stay thks
Please research our lodging pages. You will need to speak with them directly regarding rates. No, we do not have a Holiday Inn.

Planning my vacation there. Where are the out of the way eating places with character and down home food where the locals like to eat. Not chain places
Other than McDonald's, Pizza Hut and Subway, we have no chains. Our restaurants are chef owned and operated. We have everything from Asian to Vegetarian. Just pick your pleasure.

opening a yoga studio
Hi Karen, I am considering moving to Eureka Springs. I currently own a yoga studio and would hope to eventually open one there instead. Do you think it would do well in the area?
We have a couple of yoga instructors now. But, it's popular so you may do very well if your class times are consistent and your fees are affordable.

White River Cabins
we have stayed at the white river cabins for years and we went to their site and it shows nothing after 2013. We also tried calling the number and no answer. has something happened to Fred and Lucy? I know they were elderly but we're disappointed and wondering what happened to them or the white river cabins which are out 6 miles west on hwy 62w
Sorry. We have no information about this property.

golf course
My wife and I are coming there may 16th for our 10 yesr anniversary are there anny golf courses aroung that area
The Carroll County Country Club in Berryville and the Holiday Island Golf Course are both public.

Jack's Place and the Rowdy Beaver usually have karaoke. You will need to check once you arrive in town. Some times, they have live entertainment.

Local hotels
I am planning a trip for September 26 and 27 and will be going to The Two Wheels that is located at 2250 highway 235 I am looking for the closest hotels to this location
Please note...the correct address of 2-Wheels is 2250 Hwy 23. It is located about 5 miles south of Eureka Springs. The closest lodging properties are Turpentine Creek Safari cottages to the south and Colonial Mansion Inn, Travelers Inn, Comfort Inn, Land-O-Nod and Brydan's Suites to the north. These last 5 properties are at the junction of Hwys 23 and 62.

Hi Karen! We are coming up June 16-19 and want to attend the Great Passion Play, Pine Mountain Theater, and The Illusionist and the Medium. Do you recommend making reservations or purchasing tickets now or can we wait until we get there?
Tickets are usually available at the door for all three of these. However, do what is convenient for you.

Yoga in Eureka Springs?
We are staying in Eureka Springs for a few days in two weeks. I have been looking for a yoga studio or anywhere that offers yoga classes, but every link I find is a dead end. Can you tell me if there are yoga classes Eureka Springs?
Call Dr. Fain's Herbacy on Main St. They will probably have a list. 479 253 5687.

Handicap room
What are my choices for a handicap hotel room?. I need to get my rolling walker in to the bathroom
Use the search feature on the lodging page and select "handicapped accessible."

Is the Ozark Mountain Hoedown ( not sure about correct title) still in Eureka Springs?
Yes it is. Also, Pine Mountain Theater.

We are considering relocating to Eureka Springs. Is there any dance classes, music classes, martial arts classes, or non school related sports... something along that nature, for our children?
Dance studios in Berryville. Martial arts in Eureka Springs. Eureka Springs Youth Sports Association.

Could you tell me if someone opened a new bar where Firehouse pub was located.Also wondering what happened to the Squid and Whale?
No new bar at Firehouse. Squid and Whale closed. Why? I don't know.

Eureka springs
Good evening, I am visiting Eureka Springs this weekend and wanted to find out some local "must sees" before we left. I am interested in visiting some springs but have no idea where to look. I was wondering if you knew any secret springs that are beautiful for me to visit?
All springs in the city limits are beautifully landscaped by our city gardener. You can't miss them. There is also a Springs Walking Map you can pick up at the Chamber of Commerce.

Long weekend get away
My husband and I are planning a get away weekend. We will arrive this Friday. Are there special events happening this weekend? I've read about caves/caverns in the area, and am interested in those. Are there any sites where visitors can dig for stones, quartz, etc.? We've been to diamond mines and quartz mines in other areas of Arkansas and really enjoyed it. Thanks,
Look around the site. You will find the answers to your questions there. Events, attractions, etc. are all available. We have several caves and caverns in our area that are open to the public but, we do not have digging for gems.

I am a casual crossdresser, not a drag queen, just a guy who likes to express his feminine side in the way I dress. Would it be too out of the ordinary if I shop and visit in Eureka dressed as such?
Not out of the ordinary at all.

wheelchair accessible lodging
It seems that every place I have called does not have wheelchair accessible rooms. Is there anywhere I can go to find out about accessible lodging? Thank you
Use the search feature on the lodging page. "Handicapped Accessible" is one of the amenity choices. All name brand motels/hotels offer this.

Treehouse Resort
My husband and I are planning a trip there in July. We are interested in staying at one of the several treehouse resorts but are unsure of which one to choose. We are looking for something a bit private (not on top of each other) and located somewhere wooded with a great view. Can you suggest which one to choose? Thank you.
Any one of the properties offer these features.

New restaurant
Do you know anything about the new restaurant across from Pine Mountain Jamboree?
Sweet and Savory will be open for breakfast and lunch only. That's all I know.

Big Group
My wife and I and about 4 other couples are coming down in April. Do u know of any cabins or places that would keep us all close together?
Several of the "cabin" properties have 5 or more units. You would need to contact them directly regarding reserving the entire property.

I'm looking how to sign up for booths in May for the Arts and Craft fair :) If you could please give me information. Thank you so much. -Ashley Campbell
As discussed in a conversation below, here is the information again... The Fourth Annual Spring Craft Show will be held on May 10th in The Village at Pine Mountain. Registration for the craft show is now in progress. Crafts or art must be hand crafted. If interested in being a vendor, please call Gayle at 479-253-7047 or 479-244-6907 for an application.

Girl Weekend
Hello. My mother, cousin, and Aunt are coming to town for a girls weekend. We are looking for a place close to main street reasonably priced to stay. Any places come to mind?
There are many. Use the search feature on the lodging page and select Historic District in the location field. Listed properties will have rates included in their descriptions.

web cams
I have noticed that the web cams are all frozen on previous days. Are they going to be back in operation anytime soon?
The webcams are not provided by this company. Sorry, I have no information regarding the issues.

where is the pastry chef
There was a pastry chef that was working at FRESH until just recently. Can you tell me if she went to another business or sells her items personally? Im trying to get in touvh with her for my husband's birthday.
Sorry, I don't know. But, here is their info. I'll bet someone there can help you...

May Craft Events
I will be visiting in May and would like more information on who to contact to find out about participating in the Craft Fairs. I have my own business, Yummi Tummi Gourmet, please check it out and let me know if i would be a good fit for them. Thank you!
Here is the info... The Fourth Annual Spring Craft Show will be held on May 10th in The Village at Pine Mountain. Registration for the craft show is now in progress. Crafts or art must be hand crafted. If interested in being a vendor, please call Gayle at 479-253-7047 or 479-244-6907 for an application.

What is the name of the store downtown that sells socks? Do you know whether it is open today?
For Bare Feet. Yes, it's open.

Isolation Tank question
Which spas have Isolation Tanks (Sensory Deprivation Tanks) available?
I believe the Serenity Spa in the Basin Park Hotel used to have one. Call to see if they still do.

Bed & Breakfasts
Which of the Bed and Breakfast in town have accomodations for kids, like a separate bed in the room or accomodations for a girls weekend where there is more than one bed in the room to sleep more.
Many of the B&Bs have age restrictions for children. Use the search feature on the lodging page. Of the suggested properties that offer the amenities you require, you will need to call them directly to inquire about specifics. Please note that there may be restrictions regarding number of people per room, etc...

Best places to eat
My husband and I are visiting January 13-15 and LOVE great local restaurants. Any recommendations?
Except for McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Subway, all of our restaurants chef owned and operated.

New Years Day
Will the trolleys run on New Year's Day? Are any shops or restaurants open on NYD?
Trolleys run Wednesday-Saturday, 10-5 in January. Abundant Taxi is available for after-trolley-hours. Shops and restaurants will be open on New Year's Day.

Needing to know what entertainment there is for a couple looking for a one night get away.
when are you coming? What are your interests?

stores in january
We are wanting to visit Eureka on the 2nd week of January. I've been to Eureka hundreds of times but this will be my partners first time. Will any of the shops be open? I would hate to get there after talking so much about how wonderful the shopping is and nothing be open. Thanks!
Yes. Shops will be open.

Ermilios holiday hours
Just wondering if Ermilios is open New Years Eve and New Year's Day .
I'm sure they are but, here's their website with phone number.

Hi, I'm bringing my family to a Eureka Springs cabin for Thanksgiving. Are there any stores or restaurants selling prepared Thanksgiving dinners to take out?
These restaurants are open on Thanksgiving and will surely provide take out... Myrtie Mae's Forest Hill Crescent Hotel Rowdy Beaver (There may be others but, these have informed us they are open.)

best place to eat close to auditorium for BBKing concert
What cafe is the best one to choose that is close to BBKing concert on Monday. Only been downtown 1 time. I live in Fayetteville.
Sorry. I just got this. I'm sure you found a great place downtown to eat.

We are planning on coming to Eureka for Thanksgiving.. what restuarants are open on Thanksgiving Day?
There are several actually. Most are serving traditional Thanksgiving fare. Most will be buffet style and reservations are strongly suggested... Forest Hill Restaurant Rowdy Beaver Crescent Hotel Myrtie Mae's Rogue's Manor and the Grand Taverne are usually serving, however, we have not heard from them directly.

Little Shop on Main Street
Hello Karen! Over the summer, my husband and I visited Eureka Springs with my in-laws. It was one of the most wonderful trips! My mother-in-law fell in love with some pottery she found in a little shop on Main Street, north of the Garden Bistro. Due to time constraints she couldn't purchase it. I would love to gift her some for Christmas and I have searched on different sites and Google Maps for this store's name so I can contact the owner with no luck. I was wondering if you knew the name of the store or how I could contact the owner. It's on Main Street, north of the Garden Bistro and between Jackson and Mill Hollow Road, on the pixellated Google Maps image you can see wooden stairs and blue paintings hanging outside. The inside is full of glass sculptures, jewelry and pottery as it is a gallery, if I remember correctly. I am sorry if this is a strange request, but I love my mother-in-law very dearly and I think that this would make her very happy. However I understand if this is not the type of questions you answer. I hope you have a wonderful day!
Is it Out on Main? Luis, the potter, is also the city gardener who takes care of all our springs and green spaces.

Al Capone's House
I have another question. I heard that Al Capone used to live in Eureka Springs and that tourists could visit his old house. Is this true? If so, could you tell me where it is located or direct me to a website with more info?
I think you have us mixed up with HOT the central part of the state.

My fiance and I will be having our 3 day honeymoon there in May. There are so many romantic places to stay, it's quite a bit to go through. Can you recommend somewhere relatively cheap but still romantic?
No sorry. I don't make recommendations. But, if you tell me exactly what you are looking for (more info than "cheap and romantic.") I'll help you narrow the choices down.

Diversity weekend(this past weekend)
trying to find out who was saling the Diversity 2013 T-shirt, they were set up at that litte am theather, it sets uo off the road, i think it was close to the Basin Hotel, can u give me any information.
No but, I'll find out for you. It might take a couple of days but, I'll be back.

re-locating to area
Want to move to Eureka Springs, best time to come to find an apt or house for 6 months at least april - september?
I'm not sure I understand your question... Any available rentals are usually found in our local newspapers. The Eureka Springs Independent and the Lovely County Citizen.

Hotel/Motel that allow dogs
Hey! We are anticipating the possible passing away of my grandmother over the winter, due to her recent extremely rapid health decline... We are in Georgia, so are having difficulty finding out necessary lodging info, as her funeral proceedings would take place in Green Forest. We assume, from having lived in the area in years gone by, that Eureka Springs would be the place we would need to look for lodging. We are trying to find what hotels/motels allow dogs, as we have 2 small chihuahuas that we would be required to take with us, as there are no places in our area to lodge pets. There are 2 adult people, my mother and I, plus the 2 small chihuahuas. Any help? Thx!
Use the search feature on the lodging page. Select "pets accepted" for a list of several properties that all pets.

Who serves the best trout in town? and is there a place I can purchase fresh trout? Thank you, Tom
DeVito's has several trout dishes on the menu. I am not aware of any place where you can buy it. There's a trout hatchery in Harrison, about an hour from us. It's called Bear Creek Springs.

Fall Color
How is the fall color in and around Eureka Springs looking today ?

Romantic weekend getaway
Can you please suggest the most romantic places to visit while in Eureka Springs in December. We are staying in the tree houses but I would like fine dining and spas and anything that speaks romance.
You can find lots of suggestions thru-out the website.

Shopping days
Are the shops in Eureka Springs open the day after Thanksgiving?
Of course!

custom t-shirts
I know there are many shops in Eureka that sell t-shirts. Are there any that make custom t-shirts for groups?
Call Geographics. 479 253 9995. Talk to "Kate" or, "Calvin."

Would like to stay in a cabin with indoor hot tub/jacuzzi and fireplace for one night? Doesn't have to be a cabin, but would really like the hot tub and fireplace. Looked at a few places and ran into not enough minimum nights. Do you have any ideas?
One night only is always possible depending on availability. Using the search feature on the lodging page, select the amenities you are interested in and call the innkeeper to inquire if they can accept a shorter stay.

Eureka Springs Overview
I am considering buying a cabin rental property and relocating to Eureka Springs. I would like your opinion on the state of Eureka Springs. I see many large businesses for sale in Eureka Springs, and this worries me. Thanks Charles 832-454-5410
All tax records from the City Advertising and Promotion Commission fall under the Freedom of Information Act. If you live in the state of Arkansas, you can request those records. The same with city tax collections available thru the clerk's office.

shopping hours
We are planning a visit soon. Are all shops and restaurants open on Sundays this time of year? Thanks!
Yes, they are.

where are the pet friendly motels
Use the search feature on the lodging page and select "Pets Accepted."

Fall foliage
What is fall foliage outlook for this week around Eureka Springs? We are planning a trip and driving from Rogers to Eureka Springs. Would Hwys 12, then 23 coming from the south be better for seeing the foliage or Hwy 62 coming from the north?
Both 12 and 62 have excellent views.

Were coming for the weekend of November 15-18. Is there anything going on during that weekend?
Check the calendar...

where do the locals eat ?
Where do the locals eat ?
Actually, I can't think of a single restaurant where we DON'T eat. Just pick one. Other than Pizza Hut, Subway and McDonalds, our restaurants are chef owned and operated.

Float Tanks
This website ( mentions that there are sensory deprivation tanks in Eureka Springs. I've search all of the websites for Eureka Springs Spas and can't find one that lists this service. Is there a place that has float tanks in Eureka?
I believe the spa in the Basin Park Hotel...or maybe the Crescent had one. Don't know if they still do or not.

Fall colors
Karen, Can you give me any info on the fall colors this year? We come every year around the last week of Oct and wonder if that may be the maximum color time this year. I was just wondering what you may have heard about how good the color may be this year and when the best viewing might occur. I know we need to get reservations asap. Anything you can pass on would be appreciated. Thanks for you time, Lori Whitton
Last two weeks of October, first week of November is usually the best time.

cd/transgender friendly events and services
Was wondering if any transgender events are planned for next spring? Any places tg friendly for makeovers.
Diversity events are listed here...

Thanksgiving Dinner
Are there any restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner?
The following restaurants are always open on Thanksgiving. Reservations will be required... Myrtie Mae's Forest Hill Crescent Hotel Rogue's Manor Rowdy Beaver

cabin w/hot tub
Are there any small anniversary type cabins available with a hot tub? The majority of what I'm finding is Jacuzzi tubs and that's not exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!
Use the search feature. "Hot Tub" is one of your amenity choices.

fall foliage
What is the fall foliage outlook for this year? When do the leaves usually change colors and peak in Eureka Springs?
Usually, the last couple of weeks in October thru the first week of November. As of right now, very little "change" has occurred. This is JUST a GUESS, but, with all the rain we've had this year, I would suspect it will happen later.

Veteran's day
We are planning a visit over the veteran's day week end. Can you tell us if and when the parade will be held.
There will be a parade but the time hasn't been announced. "They" should be able to tell you when you check in.

Internet Access
I see you use SBC Global - is that AT&T? Would you say the service is reliable? I (will) live on CR108 and AT&T cannot seem to find my address to see if they provide service. :( Any suggestions on reliable Internet Service - I work from home and will be moving in about 6 months. Thanks for your time.
CR 108 is in the Hogscald area...correct? I have a few friends who live out there. They have to use either hotmail or aol.

Massage at cabin
Is there any business that will come to a cabin for couples massages?
Yes, there are several. This link lists suggestions.

Zombie Crawl, Dance of the Dead
Please describe these events / activities.

Artists and Art Displays
I read that there are approximately 200 artists that make their home in Eureka Springs. Where is their art displayed for sale ???????
All over town.

Sports Bar
Hi Karen, looking for a place to watch the Chiefs (w/Chief fans)game this Sunday. We are staying in Eureka Springs at New Orleans
Pretty much all the bars have televisions. Rowdy Beaver has several big screens. If your game isn't on one of them, just ask.

Do you know if any bars, pubs etc broadcast the football games on Saturdays? Possibly an Oklahoma game?
Pretty much all of them. Please remember you'll be in Razorback Country so you may need to specifically request one of the TVs are set to your game.

My wife and I are planning a couple of days in Eureka Springs for (1) hiking, (2)spa, and (3) art museums. Could you give specific recommendations for best selection on each of these? What is the best time to see fall color?
Foliage is changing between the last two weeks of October and the first week of November. Lake Leatherwood City Park and the downtown area both have great hiking trails. The entire downtown district is full of galleries. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is located in Bentonville which, is about an hour from us. We have many spas. The Crescent and Basin Park HOtels offer the most services and are the largest.

Eureka matterhorn towers
There are a ton of great reviews for this hotel. Plus the rate is Awesome. i am just wondering if it's too good to be true. Any in put would be appreciated
We have never received any complaints about Matterhorn Towers.

name of a store
I complimented a lady about the cute denim jacket w/shiney designs on it and she said "i got it at Eureka Springs. Could You direct me to a Shop there where I am likely to find denim with shiney designs on it. Names and phone numbers would be so appreciated Thank You in advance
Just about any clothing store here could be the one. Without more information I cannot narrow it down to one. The downtown district alone has close to 30 clothing stores.

Work out gym
The resort we will be staying at does not provide a fitness facility. Is there a local gym available that you would suggest.'s what I have discovered after an entire day of researching this question... There is a gym in Eureka Springs on highway 62 east (aka Van Buren Street. It's just past Passion Play Road on the left. It advertises Open 24 hours. But, all day, I could not find anyone there to get the information you've requested. If you really need to work out during your vacation, take a hike around Lake Leatherwood, walk the trails thru the Historic District or go to the Community Center in Berryville which is about 10 miles east. You can also rent a bicycle from Ozark Mountain Adventures. Sorry but, this is the best I can do.

arts/crafts class
For our annual girls trips, we like to do some kind of "make and take" class (painting, glass-blowing, pottery, etc). Is there anything like this available in Eureka Springs? Thanks!
Crescent Moon Beads on Spring Street offers this sort of service.

Renewing vows
Dear Karen, Do you have any recommendations for renewing our vows for our 25th wedding anniversary? Lots of places to choose through and kinda overwhelming. This will be May of next year. Just trying to get an early start. We're real familiar with Eureka but not the wedding side of it. Thanks, Randy
Will is be just the two of you? Chances are, any lodging property you select will have an on-site, licensed minister that can perform the renewal for you. There are also several others who will come to you or, meet you someplace.

Monday fun
I was planning on taking a day trip down to Eureka Springs on a Monday but was warned that most of the cute shops in downtown are closed on Mondays, is this true or is there still a lot of shopping to be done on a Monday? Thanks!
No, that is not true.

weekend of 9/27
My husband, myself, and our 11 year old son would like to come down on Friday and Saturday of this weekend. We would like to stay two nights, but price is an issue. I know there are several hotels up on 63 that are reasonable but, could you give a couple recommendations for the cheaper but, clean ones?
Yes, there are several smaller properties along Highway 62 (aka Van Buren Street.) Alpine Lodge Edelweiss Inn Motel 62 Wagoner Inn Lookout Lodge The Lodge

My wife and I will be spending a couple of days in Eureka Springs in mid Oct. We are looking for a moderate to advanced hike 5-10 miles long with good scenery. Am will to drive to a destination. Any suggestions?
The trails around Lake Leatherwood City Park are very nice.

We will be visiting in October for several days and the place we are staying does not have a washer/dryer. Are there any dry cleaners or coin operated laundry services in town? Thanks.
There is a coin operated laundry next door to Harts Grocery Store.

shopping on Sunday
Are shops and galleries open on Sunday? I am planning on heading to Eureka Springs for the labor day weekend.

New Years
Was wondering what are a few good places to go for the most fun on New Year's Eve
All the bars in town will have parties.

Prepared dinner
Looking for a cabin or treehouse that has a chef come in a prepare you a meal for additional costs.
Sorry. I am not aware of anyone who does that.

Fire Om Earth Studio
Is this business still open, and still offering classes in tai chi, yoga, belly dancing, etc?

sunday art galleries
Are all art galleries open sundays as well? And the coffee shops? Thanks.

is anything going on in the park 8-23,24 or 8-29,30. We are coming down one of those days
There is something in the Park EVERY weekend.

Visiting in late October
Just checking on when the shops "close" for the off season or winter months. We visited in Feb. last year and hardly any of the shops were open. Do not want to make that mistake again if we come in October. Thanks in advance for your help!!!
October is our busiest month of the year.

Horizon Restaurant
Is the Horizon going to re-open this year??
Yes but, we have no details as to "when."

Family Accomodations
We are planning to bring up a large group for Thanksgiving. We have been before and know that there are/were two hotels that offer an indoor pool. Could you let me know what hotels offer an indoor pool?
The only property with an indoor pool is the former Quality Inn and Suites. That hotel is now call Eureka Holiday Hotel.

kids fun?
We will be stopping for a day in the Arkansas area and my husband suggest here. Is there anything for a 6 year old to be able to enjoy?
We have mini-golf and go karts at The Fun Spot. We have 100+ lions and tigers at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. We have horseback riding, hiking and all kinds of water activities. And, all kids LOVE the trolley!

we will be down there thurs night and staying til mon. getting married sat just checking on the weather I see that there is some serious flooding in roaring river. At this time are ther any road closures or anything that we should be thinking about. thank you for your time
No road closures. Think about bringing an umbrella.

Quite Spot on river
Hi, I am coming to Eureka springs in a few weeks and I was looking for a place I could go for the day and relax in the river that is away from the crowds. Thanks! Nick
The Kings River has lots of nice spots.

Lodging location
We are planning a 4 day stop in Eureka Springs as a jumping off point for exploring the area's great motorcycling roads. After a long day of touring, we prefer to stay in an area where we can walk to restaurants. Should we look for a place to stay in the "historic district" or the "attraction district". We prefer not to get back on the bikes to go to dinner. Thank you
I would suggest "historic district." While there are some fantastic restaurants in the attractions district, being close to downtown will allow you walking options. Should you wish to try other eateries, there's always the limo service.

Do you get snow around New Year's?
Hi, there! We leave in sunny San Antonio & decided that this winter we'd like to visit someplace with snow. We love Eureka Springs & look for any excuse to visit. Do you usually have snow on the ground around New Year's Eve? Thanks!
Yes...No... I've lived here for almost 20 years. I've seen it snow in May and I've seen it snow in October. "Usually?" Hummmmm, no way to tell. Sorry, there is no definitive answer to this question.

Hi There! My son wants to fish, not fly fish, on the river in a couple of weeks. where is the best place right now to go? Thanks! I think it's the White River?
White River, Kings River, Beaver Lake, Lake Leatherwood. If he doesn't have one already, he can get an Arkansas fishing license at Wal Mart in Berryville.

2014 Vacation
Hi Karen! My husband and I would like to plan a trip back to Eureka Springs next year. We know that it is a popular spot for motorcyclists, but would like to visit during a time when there are no rallies scheduled. Could you tell me when the busiest times of the year for motorcycles are? Thank you so much!
While Eureka Springs is very popular for motorcycle riders, especially during the summer, we do not have any city sponsored motorcycle events. Fayetteville Ar, which is about an hour from us has Bikes, Blues and BBQ every September. We have a lot of traffic as a result of that festival.

Architects & builders
Trying to find a reputable architect & builder for Holiday Island. Know anything about Rockwood Homes or any other. Thanks.
You might want to contact Robert "Butch" Berry. He's an architect. If he can't help you himself, he can recommend a reputable person/company. I am not familiar with Rockwood.

We will be coming down weekend of 16th of August. Looking sor someplace to get married. like a park or front of spring. we have our own minister so just looking for scenic location that doesnt cost alot.
All of the Springs are "public." There is also East Mountain Overlook.

Was wondering if there was campground in town i have a small pop up thanks
Kettle Campground is in town. There are more out by the lake.

Lodging in August
What hotel recommendations do you have for four people arriving Friday, August 2nd for 2 nights. Looking for the $100 to $150 a night price range.
We have several hotels in the downtown area. Grand Central, New Orleans, Basin Park, Crescent and The Palace. All of these fall within your price range. All but the Crescent are located in the downtown district. The Crescent however, offers a guest shuttle. There are also many cottages, B&Bs ands "suites" to choose from. Use the search feature on the lodging page to select the specific amenities you desire. You will get a list of suggestions that meet your specific needs.

Im wondering ifthe courthouse will be open the sat of labor day weekend? Also can a person get ordained thru the internet to perform wedding in Eureka springs?
The phone number for the Clerk's office is 479 253 8646. Please call them directly regarding holiday hours for that weekend. Regarding being ordained as a wedding services provider, search for Universal Life Church. You can do just about anything online.

I'm trying to find out the name of the B&B that burned down several years ago. I believe they rebuilt but not sure.
All Seasons Inn. Yes, they have rebuilt.

4th of July
Hi Karen, We would like to come to Eureka Springs for the 4th of July but want to avoid folks shooting off random firecrackers, M80's etc. (A city display is fine). What's you're opinion? And are they legal in the city and surrounding park land?
They aren't "legal" any place but, that doesn't stop people from setting them off. Fireworks of any kind are not legal within the city limits.

where are the grocery stores in Eureka Springs? We're renting a cottage and will be doing some of our cooking in. Thanks you!
Hart's grocery store is on Van Buren St, across from McDonalds. Eureka Market is the health food store in The Quarter which is next door to Harts. They have produce and meat as well. Our farmer's market is in the Village at Pine Mountain on Tuesday and Thursday and the Saturday farmer's market is in Ermilio's Italian Restaurant's parking lot on White Street.

history of silver cloud ranch ownership
my great-grandfather, w.h. rhodes owned the property before it was hillspeak/anglican digest-my grandmother and aunt sold them the property after his death. we're planning to re-visit the property( june 26,27.or 28th) who in particular do we need to contact? does the local museum have info on the rhodes family? w.h. rhodes was a rancher not a dairy farmer on grindstone mt. thank you...
You may want to visit our Historic Museum for info about the family. Contact Fr. John Burton at Hillspeak to make arrangements to tour the property. 479.253.9701.

Hi Karen! My boyfriend and I are coming to visit Eureka Springs in August. I have looked at many websites of the tree houses, but I was just wondering which one you would consider the best. I am looking for something romantic and not too homey. We want it to feel like an escape. What are your suggestions? Also, what are some camp sites around that we can put up our tent and camp out for a couple of nights. We would rather it be a secluded area, we don't want to be 20 feet from someone else camping. We are excited to come spend our week in Eureka Springs. If you can think of any other romantic, or adventurous things that we could do, let me know! We are stuck in our routine of work, cleaning and sleeping, we need some fun!!! Thank you! Tiffany Griffin
All the "tree houses" are great. All are situated in wooded areas, well maintained and beautifully appointed. There are several camping locations in our area. Beaver Lake, Kings River and, Lake Leatherwood are all in close proximity of Eureka Springs.

Where do people go for medical care? Is there a hospital in town or nearby? Thank you, HF
We have the Family Medical Clinic (Washington Regional) which has about 5 doctors. Our hospital has about 15 beds. St. John's hospital is in Berryville.

Arkansas Razorback Gear
Hi- Do you know of any shops that have University of Arkansas Gear-shirts, sweatshirts in Eureka Springs? Thanks
It's called the Razorback Gift Shop. On Highway 62 West. Yes, it's "more than a Razorback store" but, they do have a section of Hog gear.

Flea Markets
Are there any Flea Markets nearby?
There are several flea market/booth-type antique shops in our area.

Eureka Experience Dining - Slightly lower Prices
My Finance' and I are looking for relaxing local places to eat with our family and wedding party. Nothing too stuffy or expensive. Just somewhere we can go after the wedding and relax. We heard the Rowdy Beaver but wondered if you could suggest some other places for other nights? We want to have the Local Eureka Experience but don't want our guest to have extreme prices of where we go. We will be in town 3 to 4 nights. Thank you so much.
Consider Sparky's Roadhouse Cafe, Bubba's BBQ, Local Flavor and the Balcony Bar at the Basin Park Hotel. If your guests number 6 or more, please let the restaurant know you're coming! -Thanks!

planning visit soon
We have four children ages 12-16 and are hoping to visit over memorial day weekend. We want reasonable lodging but fun ammenities. What suggestions do you have?
Something on the lake? Pointe West, Roadrunner Inn. Motel 62 is right next door to the Go Cart/Mini Golf park. Best Western Inn of the Ozarks has mini golf, video arcade and movies at the pool in the evening.

travel with dogs
Looking for parks w/picnic areas where we can take our dogs. 2 well behaved, medium sized canines.
Lake Leatherwood City Park and various "parks" around Beaver Lake allow dogs on leashes. I think you will discover, Eureka Springs is very pet friendly towards leashed, well behaved dogs. Of course, you can't take them into restaurants but as a whole they will be welcomed most places.

horse back riding
is that a location in the area for horeseback riding? and do they provide the horses?
Yes. The following businesses offer guided horseback riding... Bear Mountain Stables Steve's Stables on Pond Mountain Hidden Valley Guest Ranch Dinner Bell Ranch

Other than McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Subway, all of our restaurants are chef owed and operated. There are about 75 great places to eat.

Moving to town
I am 21 and will be moving into town in the Fall. I was wondering where the younger crowd hangs out during the weekend?
Sorry but, most of the "younger crowd" I know work on the weekend.

cabins for 6
I have been to Turpentine Creek/Eureka Springs and just love your area....would like to bring several art students from our HS,,do you know of any cabins that would fit this...
If you look around the lodging section, you will find that the majority of the properties note how many they can accommodate.

would there be any bus or shuttle to Eureka Springs from xna
Abundant Taxi Service. (479) 553-8294 No regular shuttle tho.

Horseback riding
My sister and I are coming to Eureka Springs for a few days next week and would love to go horseback riding. Suggestions for the best horses/stables? Thank you!
There are several stables around the area... Steve's Stables at Pond Mountain Bear Mountain Stables Dinner Bell Ranch Stables Hidden Valley Stables.

i was wondering if you have any info on a couple named cha cha & chedda maybe from 1800 or early 1900's.
Probably need to send this question to the Historical Museum...479 253 9417.

Why is the Statue Road Inn closed? We've always stayed there when we come to see the Passion Play & Holy Land tour. Is there another motel close to those activities?
I do not know why they're closed. Regency Inn is also on PP Road.

Are there any true natural springs the public can visit and utilize in Eureka? Natural springs like the ones in Hot Springs, Ark?
There are walking tours where you can view the landscaped springs but no, ours are not like Hot Springs.

4th of July
We are planning a trip this July. Do you know a good place to go for a 4th of July display. Do they have anything on Beaver Lake. Thank you
There isn't one on Beaver Lake. There may be one over Tablerock Lake at Holiday Island. There is a good one at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Remember tho, all fireworks were suspended last year because of the extreme dry weather conditions. While there are "plans," they could change.

off season
what is usually considered Off season by hoteliers?
Not to sound sarcastic but, it usually depends on the innkeeper. Generally November 1-March 1 is considered "off season." Restrictions would include long weekends, special events, major holidays. We do not have mandatory dates that every property must to adhere to.

Shops in Downtown
I was just curious the hours of the shops on Saturdays and Sundays? We are trying to figure out when we need to leave to get into town. Thank you!
As mentioned in several other posts, shops are open by 10. They remain open until at least 6:00 depending on traffic and any special events going on. Shops are open 7 days a week.

Store Hours
I am trying to coordinate a trip to both Branson and Eureka Springs. Right now it looks as if we will be in Eureka Springs on a Sunday, Can you tell me if the shops in Eureka Springs will be open on Sunday, May 26th or will everything be closed.
Shops are open by 10, 7 days a week. Closing times begin around 6, depending on traffic or if there are any special events going on. Since May Festival of the Arts will be in full swing, I suspect you will find plenty to do.

Downtown Lodging
Good evening, My wife and I have been coming to Eureka Springs several times each year and love it. Sometimes we stay on Holiday Island, sometimes at the Lookout Lodge. We remember seeing some new cabins or cottages in 2011 or 2012 that were close to the railroad station, close to where the horse drawn carriages park. These cabins or cottages have a parking place under each of them. I can't recall the name of them. Can you help? Thank you!
You are referring to All Seasons Treehouses. (, those are patios below, not parking.

lodgings for 3-4 adults (not romantic!!)
Hi -- Am looking for cottage/cabin in town that isn't so geared towards romance/ couples. We are going to be a party of 3 or 4 (married couple with adult children) So many of the cottages/cabins are only for 2 adults. Thanks for any advice.
There are many properties that offer family-type accommodations. Use the lodging search feature on the lodging page and select any specific amenities you may desire.

Looking for a house in historic section
Looking for a cottage/house in Historic District w 3 bedrooms, 3 baths that we could rent out completely for four days i June. Not many options to find online. Any suggestions? Thank you
Try the Border House, the Bodie House, the Pearl Tatman House.

Brackenridge Lodge
Is Brackenridge Lodge a good place to stay?
While I do not recommend on property over another, Brackenridge is a nice, well maintained property.

April 5
Hi! I am a high school art teacher in Oklahoma, bringing a group of my students to Crystal Bridges, we have tickets for the special exhibit at 2pm. Was wondering if there will be much left to browse after 5pm on Friday - or will most of the stores and galleries be closed by then?
A lot of businesses are open until 6 and later, depending on traffic.

Spring St rooms
Can you tell me some of the rooms I can stay in in Downtown Spring St? The ones above businesses. I know one is Spring Street Overlook and another has a pool table but i don't remember the name of it or others? I really want to stay downtown. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks! ~VanD
Spring Street Overlook Flatiron Flats Knightly Rental (83 Spring Street) New Orleans Hotel Basin Park Hotel

I was wondering if eureka springs recognized same sex unions. And if the county allowed same sex couples to acquire the marriage license there?
Eureka Springs offers a Domestic Partner Registry. You may print this form from There are many wedding service providers that will do the ceremony for you. BRING COMPLETED APPLICATION FORM WITH THE $35 REGISTRATION FEE IN CASH TO: OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK ‚Äö√Ń√¨ CITY HALL, 44 S. MAIN, EUREKA SPRINGS, AR OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday 9:30 A.M. TO 12 P.M. 1:30 TO 4:30 P.M. Certificates of Domestic Partnership Registration cannot be mailed to applicants. You must appear in person to be registered. DECLARATION OF DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP City of Eureka Springs, Arkansas Applicant One ________________________________________________________ City ___________________________ State ________________________________ Applicant Two ________________________________________________________ City ___________________________ State _________________________________ Yes ____ We are in a relationship of mutual support, caring and commitment. Yes ____ We are each other‚Äö sole domestic partner and intend this relationship to continue indefinitely. Yes ____ We are both at least 18 years of age. Yes ____ We agree to notify the City Clerk of the City of Eureka Springs of any change in the status of our domestic partnership WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, CONSIDER OURSELVES TO BE DOMESTIC PARTNERS AS DESCRIBED ABOVE, AND WISH TO REGISTER OUR DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP WITH THE CITY OF EUREKA SPRINGS, ARKANSAS, OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK, PURSUANT TO ORDINANCE 2052, AND REQUEST THAT THE CITY CLERK ISSUE TO US A CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION OF DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP. We understand that the Registration of Domestic Partnership is not a marriage certificate. We understand that the Registration of Domestic Partnership does not afford our relationship any new or different legal status. We understand that neither this application nor the registration is intended to create any new or different legal rights or responsibilities. We understand that neither this application nor the registration is intended to either establish or evidence any contractual relationship or contractual obligations between us. We understand that this Application for Domestic Partnership and a Registration of Domestic Partnership issued by the Office City Clerk in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, are public records (pursuant to Arkansas Code ¬¨√ü 25-19-105). APPLICANT ONE ____________________________ APPLICANT TWO ____________________________ Payment Received _________ Date Certificate Issued ________ Recorded in Book _____ Page _______

spring blooming
Can you give me an approximate date when the azaleas and dogwoods are at their peak? I have been coming to Eureka Springs about 20 years, and have never been during that time. Thanks!
There are not a lot of azaleas up here. It's too cold. The dogwood and redbud trees usually bloom at the same time, tho. "Around the first two-three weeks of April" is the best guess I can give. "They" are calling for snow this weekend so those dates could change.

Interested in coming to Eureka Springs
Hello, I'm planning on coming in the month of April for a couples getaway. I'm really liking the Tree house cabins. We're also wanting to zip line or do some sort of float trip to fish on. I'm just not seeing anywhere to do that on the web. If you could give me some suggestions it would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
The ziplines are here: The Kings and White Rivers both offer outfitters that provide float/canoe services. This of course, depends on the water levels. There are several treehouse properties in town. The Grand Treehouses, Eureka Springs Treehouses, and All Seasons Treehouses.

Hello, Can you please tell me where the locals go to have a drink, dance and chat? Looking for a kewl, laid back but fun place to go. Thanks!
Chelsea's, Pied Piper, Rowdy Beaver, just to name a few.

St. Patrick's Day Events
I am traveling to Eureka Springs the weekend of March 15th - 17th. We are a group of girls who are looking for somewhere to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. We saw that there is a parade and that there has been a pub crawl in the past. We haven't been able to find any information about a pub crawl for 2013. Will there be one? If so, when and where would it be? THANKS!!!
I have no info about the pub crawl but,that doesn't mean there isn't one. It may be after the parade on Saturday.

looking for and old time photo shop
Hello, I am looking for a shop that takes old time photos??? My boyfriend and I are visiting sat,sun,monday if you have any answers I would love to hear :) THANKS Cassie
There are a couple in the downtown area. Judge Roy Bean's and Eureka Ole Time Photo.

Utility Providers
I am looking at land in eureka springs and I need to verify the availability of utilities, specifically internet access. I am not sure who the local ISP's are, or even if high speed internet is available at all. I work from home so this information is essential before I can purchase land. Do you know which companies serve Eureka? Is there DSL, Cable Modems or wireless high-speed available? Any help you could provide would be appreciated.
I'm outside the city limits and I have sbc global. Since I do not know where your possible land "is," I cannot give more of an answer than that.

taxi company
Hello we are going to be eureka springs the first weekend of june for our 2nd annual girls weekend and we were thinking about going to eureka live underground and saturday when we get there. Are there any taxi companies so we can get a ride back to the hotel cause I know the trolley service shuts down in the evening? Also is this place a fun place? thanks
Yes, it's a fun place. Yes, there is a taxi service. Your innkeeper will be able to provide the phone number. If you are staying at the Basin Park or Crescent Hotels, they offer a shuttle service.

My wife and I are coming to town the weekend of March 8 with about eight others. Are there any places that offer karaoke on the weekends? Thanks much
Rowdy Beaver has karaoke.

Flea Markets in Eureka
Visiting in mid-March on a weekday. Remembering a flea market behind the Palace Bath House...does it still exist? If so, is it open on weekdays? Do you know of any others?
If you are referring to the Perkins Lumber building, there is not a market there now. I have heard one is going in but have no info to confirm.

I used to be in Eureka every weekend and would see ads in the paper for a practioner and clinic for foot care. It was not a spa offering foot massage,. I haven't been there for some months now and wonder if the clinic is still there and if so, the name, location and contact information. Thanks a bunch!
There was a clinic in The Quarter on Van Buren Street but, they are no longer there.

I'm considering Eureka Springs for a late spring "girls weekend". We'd like to all be together (probably 6-8 -all adult except 14 year old) and in walking distance of shops/trolley. We can't afford luxury-just want to be together. Fridge and microwave preferred. Not interested in entertainment-just want to visit shops etc. Everything I'm seeing cannot hold this size group. Any suggestions?
I believe the Pearl Tateman House or the Bodie House can accommodate that number of people. If not, you will need to check with hotels that offer adjoining rooms.

searching for a specific psychic lady
Hello there! My friend an i will be visiting eureka next month an are looking for particular psychic woman by the name of "lynn." I believe the "Over The Rainbow" right across from Jack's Place. I know the name of the store has changed but we don't know the name?!? And also if anyone knows of the lady i am talking about please let me know! Please and Thank You from Tulsa Oklahoma!
I have sent Lynne Sterling your request. Watch for an email from her.

elderly assistance
Do you know if we can rent a cart or scooter for my elderly mother while we are there for her to get around town? Or is there another option for her to get around door to door? She is unable to walk very far. We will be staying on Holiday Island. I am not familiar, as this is my first trip.
St John's Medical Supply 1008 W Trimble Ave, Berryville, AR 72616 » (870) 423-7348 Berryville is about 10 miles from Eureka Springs.

Is Eureka Springs a safe place for a crossdresser? Don't want too much trouble if I wear a skirt.
Totally. Eureka Springs is the most accepting, welcoming, tolerant, "live and let live" town I know.

I was thinking about planning a trip with some friends in early March. Since it will still be too chilly for the lake, I was wondering what other attractions might be fun for a couple of 20 something girls?
Our new zipline opens March 1. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is open. Ghost Tours are happening at the Crescent Hotel. Spa treatments are certainly a must! They are all open. Shops and restaurants are open. There are several walking tour maps available at the Chamber, maybe even your selected lodging property has some on hand. Keels Creek Winery is offering tastings and tours. While the Play has not yet started, the grounds of the Great Passion Play are open.

We were in Eureka Springs last summer and visited a shop downtown that had some beautiful mantel clocks. I can't remember the name but would love to contact them to ask about purchasing one for my niece's upcoming wedding. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Granny's Place has mantel clocks. 479 253 5032. Start there.

name of cottage
What is the name of the cottage next to Basin Park (or a bit above)?
Oh've stumped me! I assume you are referring to the one that sits above the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge shop? The one with Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall? It's actually a private residence and I don't know if it's available for nightly lodging or not. I'll need to do some research and get back to you. (UPDATE...) The name of the cottage is the Queen Deer Cottage, named after the original owner, whose name was...Queen Deer. I do have the current owner's name but, for the sake of privacy, will send it to you in a private email. I don't know have any contact information at this time.

Monday February 18 business and shopping question.
Hi. I am surprising my fiancee and bringing her to eureka springs for a surprise get away day there on February 18,which is Monday. Are your stores and business and restaurants open on Mondays? I am worried things will be closed. I know I really want to show her the crescent hotel and make sure she enjoys the shopping. I love your town so much and hope she will too! Thanks for any help.
Yes, many shops will be open. Don't forget Pine Mountain Village and Razorback Gift Shop. Also, most (if not all) restaurants open for the season on Valentine's Day, so you're covered there too. Be sure a go out to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

Up coming trip
My husband and I are coming back to Eureka on the afternoon Friday, March 8 and staying till Sunday. Anything going on that week-end?
There are several things listed on the calendar of events.

Sorry I'm sure this a dumb question but are the shops down town open every day or do they close on the weekends? Someone told me that they did, but that doesn't make since most people aren't available to go except for the weekends.
There are no stupid questions. Sometimes however, there are stupid the one where someone told you "the shops are closed on the weekends." No. They are not. This time of year is indeed a down time for us but ESPECIALLY on the weekends, the shops ARE open. The exception would be if there is winter weather about. Wednesday is a usual "day off" for our merchants. But even then, not every shop in town is closed. And while you shop 'till you drop, don't forget even more unique opportunities at Pine Mountain Village, Razorback Gift Shop, Vintage Cargo, several antique shops and more along the "upper" highway of 62 (aka Van Buren Street.)

Hours/Days open on downtown shops
We will down in Branson 2/16 thru 2/19 and wanted to take a daytrip to Eureka. It will prob be Sunday or Monday we visit. Which day is better for shops/dining to be open?
While shops are usually open 7 days a week (depending on weather) Sunday would be the best. Many restaurants are open on Sunday as well. Everything is open during the weekends during our "slow" time. Since it's a three-day weekend and Valentine's Day weekend, I suspect you will find everything open either day.

Mardi Gras Open Container policy
Hi, I will be in town for the Eureka Mardi Gras Krazo parade. just wondering what the alcohol policy is for this event? Can visitors BYOB, what's the open container policy. How relaxed is it during the parades?
There are open container laws in Eureka Springs. As open containers.

St Patricks Day
Hi! My fiance and I will be in Eureka march 16-18. I know there is a parade on the 16th. But is there anything else? A pub crawl? Or anything on the 17th? And where can I find the information for it if so? Thanks!
Yes, there is a pub crawl in the downtown historic district. Events are posted on the calendar as they become available.

I would love to know the "must see's" while there for only a couple of days. I am also wondering if there is a place to do a spring bath? Thanks!
Take a Tram Tour. You'll have a guide and a driver take you around the Historic District. Visit Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and Thorncrown Chapel, Keels Creek Winery and the art galleries in the downtown area. The Razorback Gift Shop is a fun place too. The Palace Hotel and Bath House uses purified spring water in their baths.

My girlfriend and I are looking to come up March 15th for two nights stay. We are Not made of gold but would like the best vacation weekend possible. We like to drink beer/wine and she is into art/culture. I havent been to Eureka Springs since I was a kid back in the 80's. What/where do you suggest? Thanks!
It's St. Patrick's Day weekend. There will be pub crawls and a parade on Saturday. Information is on the events page. There are many galleries in the downtown area and well as walking tours in and around the Historic District and springs. Except for the pub crawl, all of these are free.

The loop
1. What is significant about "the loop"? 2. What is the average temp in the months of April and June?
The loop is just a local phrase referring to the Historic Loop of Eureka Springs. Primarily residential, it circles into our downtown area and consists of the more than 100 structures that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Warm days/cool nights in April. Warm days/warm nights in June.

Mardi Gra Parade
We are in Tulsa and saw an advertisement about the Mardi Gra Parade in Eureka. When I looked on your Calendar of Evenets. There is a night parade on Feb. 2 and another parade the following Sat.? Can you tell me about the 2 parades and what time the are and where would be the best place to stay to see them? thanks.
All the info is here:

store name/phone number
I am trying to remember Alvin&Charlies gift store name. Across from motel. Historic downtown they rent above their shop. Any idea?
A Byrd's Eye View. 479 253 0200.

Same sex marriage license
Me and my fiancé are trying to get married, we are both females and we are wondering how to we go about getting a marriage license and where exactly can we go to get married !
Go to the court house and apply for a Domestic Partner Registration. I think it cost $35.00. There are several service providers listed on the weddings page that do civil unions.

We are visiting this weekend - Jan 19th and 20th. WIll most of the stores in Eureka Springs be open or closed. Thanks!

Memorial cave in the residential area.
I drove past this on the historical drive and was wondering what it is. If you send me an email, I can forward the picture of it. It's an entrance on the side of a hill with 2 cement flower pots a the top of the stairs leading down into the entrance with ivy surrounding the small entrance. There's maybe 2-3 stairs.
Sounds to me like you are describing Grotto Spring. Just one of more than 60 natural springs in our town. It isn't a "cave," it's a ... spring.

Float trip & transportation
We will be taking a motorcycle trip to eureka spring, staying at cabins in bever lake, in June 2013. We want 2 take a float trip one day & one night go into town to the local night club scene. Any suggestions for float trip or transportation for when we go into town if we drink?
There are several "outfitters" on both the Kings and White Rivers. Depending on water levels of course, the Kings is always a good float. The White, because it's a trout habitat, is always cold, COLD water, averaging about 56-58 degrees. Both offer beautiful scenery and plenty of put in/out locations as well as different time-wise floats. We have a taxi service and a limo service. There are also a few properties that offer courtesy transportation for their guests. You didn't ask but, we also have some folks that offer motorcycle tours.

My husband and I will be in town on 1/5/13. Do you know which restaurants will be open? Thanks!
This is the CLOSED list... Pancakes Family Restaurant Simply Scrumptious Tea Room Gaskins Cabin Steakhouse Mud Street Cafe ESNA Railway Dining Car Devito's Ermilio's Angler's Grill and Pub Bubba's BBQ Cafe Luigi Bavarian Restaurant Casa Colina Village Ice Cream Shop War Eagle Mill

Stringed Instrument Peddler
What has happened to my friend Brent at the music shop on Main? His website has been down for a while. I know he has had health problem.
I've heard nothing bad. As far as I know, the shop is still there.

Are shops open on Sunday?
My friend and I plan on driving down to Eureka Springs next Sunday but I know it is an old fashioned town so I am not sure if the shops stay open on Sundays.
Shops will be open.

If I were planning to make a trip to Eureka Springs tomorrow, would the stores be open?
Yes, they will.

New years eve
I will be spending new years eve in eureka springs with myhusband and mom and her boyfriend. What is there to do on new years eve? Are there any live bands playing anywhere?
TO EACH OF YOU WHO HAVE ASK ME ABOUT NEW YEAR'S EVE... When I get back to the office in the morning, I will round up all the info you have asked about...drivers, parties, restaurants...all of it. Sorry you've had to wait for your answers but, remember one of the things you love about Eureka Springs, "we do it one day at a time!!" Enjoy your day. Merry Christmas!

antique cars and wedding
Hi, I'm getting married the weekend of the car show 9/7/13, would love to include an antique car in our photo shoot is there anyone local that I could inquire with?
Try calling the Chamber of Commerce first (479 253 8737) Since the Chamber sponsors the show, they would probably be able to put you in contact with someone.

pink limo
hello Karen, my mom was in Eureka Springs for the Mad Hadders Ball with my Aunt (mom was the green witch and Aunt Linda was the pirate) while they were there a Trolly Driver told them about the famous Pink Limo that would take them to see trail of lights for around $5.... how can i find them or can you send some bread crumbs on the direction to look?
I'll tell you tomorrow! Merry Christmas!!

where to?
Well hey there! Im hoping you can help me out! Me and my girlfriend are going to stay at the beaver lakefront cabins January 6-9. Im looking for a waterfall close by!? Could you help!? Thanks!
Well, that depends on the amount of rain we have or have not received. Most waterfalls are on private property. If you are driving up highway 65, there are several along the road around Marshall, Arkansas. I'm sorry, but there are not any "public, year-round" waterfalls. Again, depending on rainfall, there may be one around Beaver Lakefront Cabins.

New Years 2012/2013
Hi My wife and I are coming to Eureka Springs for New Years Eve. We have been there before and had a great time. We plan on doing a little drinking at the Rockin Pig and staying at the Best Western on E. Van Buren. We DO NOT drink and drive, Is there transportation available on new years eve for us responsible folks ? Please email response to our email: Please provide names and phone numbers of where we can get sober transportation to and from our hotel. Thank you very much, Ken
Thank you for being a responsible guest! I'll have the phone numbers tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

I am coming with my daughter for our first ever vacation together and we would both be more comfortable sleeping in our own beds, are most of the B & B's always queen or king beds? I know I could choose a hotel but I'd like this to be a special stay, I've searched and searched these websites and could call every location you know of any B & B's that have 2 double bed rooms??
I know for sure Bridgeford House offers this amenity. You might also check Heartstone Inn, 5OJO and Singleton House.

Passion Play
I read on facebook that the passion play closed permanently due to low attendance. Is this true?

Best place to stay for close walking distance?
We are visiting (business and pleasure) in January. We want to be withing walking distance to shops/restaurants. What bed and breakfast/hotel would you recommend? Also, we like to hike, what trails do you recommend? Thank you.
B&B:s listed in the "Historic District" are walking distance. There are great downtown self-led walking tours as well as trails around Lake Leatherwood.

Im looking to get married in Eureka in April. Looking for a nice place to do so. There will only be the two of us. And a nice place to stay thats reasonably priced. Thank you for your input !
The "romance" section of our website is FULL of suggestions. Select a couple that interest you and write back if you still have questions. Each listing details all the packages available at the particular property.

Beulah Union church
Can you tell me the name of the movie filed around Eureka a few years ago, if i rememeber correctly i think they changed the name on the church temporarily thanks Dan
There have been several movies filmed here: War Eagle, Crystal, Elizabethtown, The Blue and the Gray, Pass the Ammo Ghosthunters (not a movie but, a segment of the show was filmed at the Crescent Hotel.)

Sunflower Cottage
No, it was none of those you sent the link for. We actually stayed at the Downtown Cottage last time, and this one was right next door. It was such a great location, and the Downtown Cottage would have been perfect for the two of us, but we took friends this time, and it was a little small. The one next door looked larger, so we thought we would check it out for future reference. If you can't find anything on it, I will call the Chamber of Commerce and see if they might be able to find it. Thanks!
"Dreamy Night" is the one next door to "Cottage Downtown." It's yellow (used to be pink) with a white front porch. They are managed by the same person. These are the only two behind Grand Central that aren't private homes.

Sunflower (?) Cottage
We were in Eureka Springs awhile back, and saw a cute cottage behind the Grand Central Hotel. My husband tried to get the ph # that was on a sign in front of the house, but now he can't locate it. I have tried looking online, but am coming up with nothing. Are you familiar with this property, and would you possibly have a ph # or web address for them. Thanks for any information you might have!
Is this it?

New Year's Eve 2012
I know restaurants usually require reservations for New Year's Eve, and sometimes do special menus. Have any announced their plans yet? Or do you know of some that usually do this and can be contacted directly?
Here is what I know now... Gaskins Cabin, Autumn Breeze and Grand Taverne are accepting reservations now. Autumn Breeze and Grand Taverne could possibly have special menus planned (but not yet announced.) Chances are, DeVito's and Rogue's Manor will be open, and of course, the Crescent Hotel and Basin Park will have their own events.

Hi! We were thinking of coming to Eureka Springs December 22 and 23rd. Is this a bad time? Are any places open still?
It's never a bad time to visit. Yes, shops will be open.

Cabin for a group
Hello I would like to know if there is a cabin/vacation rental that can sleep 25-30 people. We are planning a family reunion right before Christmas. Feel free to call me at 214-621-4217. Thank you, Sherali.
I don't believe there is a "single" dwelling that will accommodate this number of people. There are several cabin/cottage properties around but, you would need to find one where you can rent the entire property. There are also condos at Holiday Island.

Cinnamon Valley
5 years ago we stayed at the Elk Lodge at Cinnamon Valley Resort. We are planning a return to the area vacation and can't find any info on the resort. Is it going by another name now? Thanks
Cinnamon Valley has new owners. We do not have any information for them.

Do you have a list of the places that will be serving Thanksgiving lunch?
Forest Hill Restaurant, Rowdy Beaver, Grand Taverne, Rogue's Manor, Myrtie Maes, Crystal Dining Room are the usual businesses that offer this meal.

Thanksgiving week
We will be visiting in the Eureka Springs area Thanksgiving week and wondered if the shops are open most days that week? We would most likely be there either Tuesday the 20th or Saturday the 24th. Any thoughts on "goings on" those days?
Shops are open. Santa will be in the Park on Friday. There are a couple of events listed on the calendar.

Fragrance-free Lodging
Do you know of any fragrance free/non-toxic places to stay in Eureka Springs area. Just stayed in a cabin at Sugar Ridge. Wonderful except for the overpowering smoke smell in cabin.
If you are referring to fireplace smoke, there's really nothing to do about that. If you are talking about tobacco smoke, just ask for a non-smoking room.

When does the town put up xmas lights? Thank you!
It will all be done by the 1st weekend of December.

Does ES have a lighting display for the season? Thanks again.
Our entire town is "lit up" for Christmas.

Music calendar info
Is there any info available to who will be playing music at the outdoor park downtown? And when? Its always a big part of our trips to ES. Thank you.
No, sorry. The entire town entertainment schedule is published in the local newspapers the week of...whatever week it is.

Is there anywhere on this web site to see what the currenct temperature is in Eureka Springs? It would be helpful to know what kind of clothes to bring when we come this week-end. Eureka Springs zip code is 72632. Right this very second, it's cloudy and 54 degrees.

Is it past peak season for the fall leaves? We are visiting this weekend. Thanks!
Yes, it is. If you are coming up from the south there should still be plenty to look at on the way.

Lodging in Flatiron building?
Hello I was wondering if you can tell me if that is a hotel above the quilt shop on the corner of spring and center street?
Suites, actually. Flat Iron Flats is nightly lodging.

Job opportunities?
Hi, my name is Deidra Thompson and I am moving to your area the first of December. I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 25 years and have been a food and beverage manager and general manager for the last 20. I am looking to work in the hospitality industry at some capacity, whether it be a server, bartender, supervisor, customer service, management, etc.. I am loyal, organzied, dependable and a people person. I consider myself a team player who is enthusiastic about helping people in any way that I can. In the past I have proven to be a valued employee and leader. If you happen to know of any opportunities in your area, I would very much appreciate the information. I am beyond excited about moving into Eureka Springs. I fell in love with your area after a couple of day trips. I can't wait to be part of your beautiful community. Thanks so much, Deidra Thompson. If you would please send me your email address, I would be happy to forward a copy of my resume.
Most employment opportunities can be seen in our local papers. The Eureka Springs Independent and the Lovely County Citizen. Both have websites. It would be best to send your resumes directly to those offering openings.

Lodging & Fishing in one place?
I am working in the Fayetteville/Springdale area next week & would like to find a cabin below the damn that offers trout fishing and accomidations for my wife and I. Do you have any suggestions. My budget is $150 a night
River View Resort and Spider Creek Resort come to mind immediately.

Two-night stay during Thanksgiving
We are flying into Tulsa on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, visiting the University of Arkansas campus and then driving to Eureka Springs on Wed. Looking for a scenic fun place to accommodate a family of four - daughters are 17 and 20. We only have two nights and want to be close to everything, but also want to enjoy the gorgeous scenery. Too many choices!
Historic Cabins on Lake Lucerne may suit your needs.

Week-end of November 10th
Anything special going on that weekend? We are arriving on Friday evening, the 9th and leaving on Monday. Staying at Elmwood House. Are you expecting a crowd that weekend? Any special groups coming to town?
That is our Food and Wine Weekend. It's a culinary event that is explained in detail in our calendar of events. There are no car clubs or anything like that scheduled that weekend that I know of, if that is what you are referring to.

Pets accepted?
Is there a hotel that is pet & smoker friendly, doesnt have to be fancy. We are respectful and ex military. We need a pet sitter while we are there too.... someone to come to the hotel and watch two little dogs.
Just use the lodging search feature and select "pets accepted." You'll get a list of those properties that allow pets. You will need to talk to the innkeeper regarding pet sitting, tho.

Dinner & dancing?
I'll be in town next weekend with my fiance and we're getting married. (yay!) We'd like to go out for a top-notch dinner and possibly dancing after. From what I've read you prefer not to give specific restaurant recommendations, however can you direct me to some that are more quiet & romantic? Do you know of any restaurants or other venues that play jazz or big band type music (think Sinatra, Matt Dusk)? Any help or ideas are much appreciated. Enjoyed reading your other Q&A messages and I haven't found one that quite answered my question so far. Thanks!
Next weekend will be very busy because it's the Ozark Folk Festival and Diversity Weekend. You'll find music just about everywhere. Some romantic restaurants include DeVito's, Rogues Manor, Gaskins Cabin.

Our Halloween vacation to Boston, MA was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. Part of which we were to attend a Halloween Ball and have costumes we don't want to go unused. We will be staying in Everton, AR next week and would like to know if there are any parties, Balls or other Halloween Events we can attend? Thank you, Jeanine Gilbert "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."
Next weekend in the Zombie Crawl. You'll fit right in.

Name of sock shop?
What is the name and/or website for the sock shop in downtown Eureka Springs. Thanks.
For Bare Feet.

Winter Fun
Hi! We (me, my boyfriend, and another couple) are planning a trip from Nov. 30-Dec. 2. We have heard a lot of great things about Eureka Springs, but we're wondering if you recommend a visit this winter, or wait until warmer weather? Thanks so much!
Well, you'll be glad to hear, you're coming during a fantastic weekend. Our Christmas Parade is Friday night the 30th. Our Candlelight Tour of Homes is Saturday. And, that's about a week before the judging of our community lighting contest. The entire town will be lit up like a ...well...a Christmas Tree! Everything is open. With no leaves on the trees, winter is a perfect time to discover some of the otherwise hidden treasures of this town. Bundle up and prepare to have a great weekend.

New Year's Eve 2012
Hi! I am curious as to where is the place to be and stay on this night. Festivities! Thank you!
"The place to be" is Eureka Springs...period. But get your lodging secured. This will be a very busy weekend for us.

We are coming up next week on motorcycles and wondered if the trees are changing and still have leaves?
If you are coming from the south, I'm sure you will have plenty to look at.

Hair Salons
I will be in Downtown Eureka Springs the weekend of Oct 26 2012 (staying at the Grand Central). Would you be able to recomend a good hair stylist to cut a short hair cut for a female? Thanks!
New Moon Spa and Vintage Cargo have weekend stylists available. You would need to make an appointment.

Looking for a shop that I bought soap at
The shop was across the street from Basin Park Hotel, west of the Quilt shop. I bought some Frankincense & Sage (I think) soap for my husband and he loved it & I loved the scent. I want to order some. I think the name of the show started with Eureka Springs.....
Eureka Thyme?

Eureka Springs for teenagers?
Hi there! My name is Tori and my boyfriend and I are coming up to Eureka Springs from Alpena this weekend and we were wondering what are the best things that are in a teenager's price range to do while there! Me and a few of my friends were up there this past February for my 16th birthday but we got there late in the day so everything was closing up. But me and my boyfriend are getting there early early so we dont miss a thing! Please reply and tell us what all there is to do in that wonderful, beautiful town! Thanks! Sincerely, Tori Horton
Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Hike around Lake Leatherwood. Ghost Tour at the Crescent Hotel. Voices from Eureka's Silent City Cemetery Tour.

October 27th- 28th
Hello - a group of friends and I are coming to town next weekend and want to dress in Halloween costumes (mostly Saturday night) Do you know if we will be out of place? Are bars having any type of Halloween parties that weekend? Thanks
Since Halloween is on Wednesday, I suspect there will be plenty of Zombies out during the preceding weekend.

Peak fall colors
When is peak color?
Right now ! The time of peak color varies from year to year and depends on rain fall in the months preceding. Also keep in mind that visitors tell us that they enjoy the colors even up to 6 weeks after peak color.

Shops Open on Mondays?
I am hoping to come to War Eagle this weekend and would like to shop in Eureka Springs on Monday. Are the shops open then? I know some of our boutiques close on Monday since they are open on the weekends.
Shops are open on Monday.

Looking for a specific massage therapist
Thought I would try here before calling all over sounding like a crazy person. I am l looking for a massage therapist named Charlotte Bane (last name may not be spelled right). I went to her last year and for the life of me can't recall where she was/is located. If you can help great if not I appreciate you reading this anyway.
The name is not familiar nor is it listed in the phone directory under "Bain" or "Bane." Was she independent or did she work with a therapy studio?

Bed & Breakfasts in Eureka Springs
How many total bed and breakfasts are in Eureka Springs and how many are for sale?
Maybe 30 or so. For the right amount of money, I suspect they are all for sale.

My family has a tradition of traveling for Thanksgiving, and connecting with a local church or community organization to volunteer to serve Thanksgiving lunch/supper. Any suggestions in your area?
You might try the Flint Street Fellowship. That's our local food bank. 479 253 9491.

Fall Leaves turning yet?
Are the leaves beginning to turn yet?

Staying on Holiday Island
I want to visit Eureka Springs and have found nice affordable lodging on Holiday Island. Would it be economical to stay on the island and visit Eureka Springs daily?
The question it economical for you? Holiday Island is about 10-15 minutes from downtown Eureka Springs.

China Shop
Does it still exist? If so, what is the name of the shop
Are you referring to East By West, on Spring Street?

Having a key made
We are in need of having a key made here in Eureka Springs. Is there any place I may be able to get a key made? Thanks for ur help. Roxann whited
On Sunday, your only option is Wal Mart in Berryville.

Dog friendly events and places to go.
Hi Karen, I plan on visiting this weekend with my 4 yr old goldendoodle. He is very well behaved. Do you have any suggestions on where we will be welcomed or not. Thanks! Marcia
No restaurants. As far as retail establishments, you will just need to ask before going in. Leashes are required at all times. I'm assuming by "Golden," he is a large dog. While I am a dog lover and have two of my own, because of his size, please expect some resistance. Eureka is basically a pet-friendly town.

Moving to Eureka - who do I ask?
Hey Karen I am looking to travel to Eureka Springs the end of Oct begging of Nov. My purpose of my trip is to scope out the area as I am planning to move there from Florida next spring. I do not know anyone out there. Please contact me so I may ask a few questions thanks so much...catherine:-) :-) :-)
You can (and should) talk to any and everyone that actually lives here. Servers, bartenders, front desk people...when you encounter a "local." THAT'S who you should talk to.

Shop Hours
Could you please tell me what hours the shops will generally be open on October 3 and 4? Thank you.
All shops are open by 10 AM. Some close at 5, some at 6, some when the traffic dies down.

Madison County W.m.a. mountain bike trail
Do you have anymore information about the Madison County W.m.a. mountain bike trail? I am curious about the length of the trail, as well anymore information would be greatly appreciated. I have received your directions already. Thank you
I am not finding any additional information about the trails.

Eureka Springs Biking Trails
I have seen some information about the Madison County W.m.a. Mountain Bike Trail in Eureka Springs. I was wondering if you had any information on this trail and it location. Here are the directions i found on the internet, but I was hoping to get something a little more concrete. Directions 1) Follow Rockhouse Road from Hwy 62-East in Eureka Springs south. When you come to a "Y" stay to the right. Continue on theough the stop sign. Road will turn to dirt. Entrance to Game Reserve is on the Right. 2) Follow Hwy 23-south from Eureka Springs for approximately 13 miles to entrance of the game reserve
The following directions are way easier... Hwy 23 south from Eureka Springs. Approximately four miles south of the junction of Arkansas Highways 12 and 23, watch for the large brown Madison County Wildlife Management Area sign at the junction of Arkansas Highway 23 and Madison County Road 1250. Turn left onto Madison County Road 1250. Madison County Road 1250 soon intersects Madison County Road 1235. Continue left on Madison County Road 1250. Did you find this website...

Corvette Weekend
We're thinking about coming to ES's 10/6/12 for Corvette Weekend. Hard to find lodging, but found a place called Express Inn. I think the Corvette show is at Pine Mountain Square. Do you know how far this is? Also, do you know anything about the Express inn? Thank you!
Express recently changed from Howard Johnson's Express. It is located on highway 62 (Van Buren Street) at Passion Play Road. The Village is...maybe...a mile or so away. I have never received any complaints regarding this property. However, "no smoking" means "no smoking!"

Local bar
Do you know of a bar called Rock or Stonehouse or something like that? And if so..the location and is it open on Sunday night? any bars have live entertainment on Sunday? We will be there on the 30th. Thanks so much
The Stonehouse is located on Main Street, across the street from The Pied Piper. As far as I know, it is open on Sunday. Yes, some bars have live music on Sunday nights.

Hello! I am planning to come to Eureka Springs next Sunday with a group of girls. We're wanting to go to a morning service at Thorncrown Chapel, but from there, we are unsure of how to spend our afternoon in the town! Will most of the shops and restaurants be open? And what/where do you recommend we go (especially if it ends up being a cool, rainy day)?
Yes, shops and restaurants are open. Be sure and stop at the Razorback Gift Shop on your way into town after Thorncrown. Spend the day in a spa if the weather is less than perfect.

Fall colors
Hi Karen, Just checking in to see how your fall colors are doing with very little rain this season. Do you think that the end of October will be a normal year for viewing the beautiful colors there? Thanks!
Only time will tell. But the last of October is usually the best.

Where to stay and what to do?
There is a group of 12-15 "mature" ladies headed off on yet another Granny's gone wild trip. We have a short bus and the group would like to come visit Eureka Springs. We will be leaving Kansas on Dec 9th and want to spend a couple day there before going to Branson for some Christmas shopping. Can you give us suggestions on cabin like places that we all can stay together at? And some things we just must do. We are actually young grandma's and want to have fun so I am sure we will stop by the Rowdy Beaver if that gives you some idea.
While I am not in the habit of recommending specific properties, your's is a unique situation. Without reserving the entire property, it will be difficult to find a cabin resort or "everyone under one roof" establishment that can house all of you. You will need to speak directly with the innkeepers regarding the sharing of beds, baths, etc. Also if your bus can get in and out easily... -Bavarian Inn is a wonderful property. Not a cabin but I think you would like it. -Oak Crest is nice too. But, you will not be under the same roof. -The Carriage House along with the Main House might be able to accommodate all of you. The bus however, may be an issue. -All Seasons Inn is a B&B with separate suites. It is in an area of town where buses are not permitted. Depending on the size of your transportation, this may be an option for you. Even tho there are no special events planned for the dates of your visit, you will find plenty to do. Shopping in our town is very unique as we have no chain stores or big box outlets or discount stores. Great food all around too. Please consider taking advantage of our trolley system.

Cinnamon Valley Resort
Do you know the status on Cinnamon Valley Resort? Has it been purchased? If so, do you have contact information? Thanks so much!
Sorry. No info.

Arkansa diamond
I purchased a beautiful ring in a gift shop located in the historic/old town Eureka Springs. The ring was less than $30, and the store clerk told me it was an Arkansas diamond. I can't remember the store's name, but they had a large selection of rings and other costume jewelry and small specialty clocks. I would love to find out the name of the shop and the phone #.
"Where," downtown is the shop located?

store phone number
I made a purchase at the spring street leather store and need their number to see if they have more instock. Thanks for your help.
479 253 8255.

Our dogs
We will be stopping in Eureka Springs while on our trip, and we have two dogs. Will they be welcome to browse the stores with us on their leashes? Thanks!
It depends on their size. Most shop owners prefer you carry them.

Cafe Solei
Has another restaurant gone into this building or has it re-opened? We are there on closing day in October of 2010 great place
Cafe Soleil is gone. Mei Lei's Chinese is in there now. It's pretty good. Great sushi.

Which, in your opinion, is the most elegant, most romantic B&B in Eureka for an anniversary? Thank You
Sorry, I do not recommend one business over another.

Night Life
WE will be in Eureka Springs This coming Sunday night, 9/15/12 for our anniversary. Are there any clubs open on Sunday night and if so, which would you suggest the best. Thankyou
Bars are open until midnight on Sunday.

Pumpkin Patch / Farms
Do you have the name of a few pumpkin patches you can take kids to in october near eureka springs. thanks.
Sorry. I have been unable to find any of these activities.

Do you have any times and dates about Halloween events in Eureka.
Most of the October events are listed on the calendar. There are a couple more that will be added next week.

What tours available for city and surrounding?
Historic Tram Tours depart from the transit office twice daily. One, one half hour thru the Historic District with guide. Eureka Van Tours depart from the Chamber of Commerce. Appointment only. 2 hours with guide. 479 253 8737.

School House Lodging
Many years ago I stayed at a place that was right off the Historic Route and was a old School House on a hill. I had heard it had burned - was it ever rebuilt. Would you be able to tell me what Street it was on. I just remember big hills and walking to the shops from there. Thanks!
All Seasons Inn. All Seasons Luxury Properties dot com.

Hello Karen we are Beaver Lake divers and we have heard talk of a Halloween parade, if not is there any Halloween to dos around there in October??
Halloween is a big deal here. There will be costume parties all over town. Not sure about a parade tho. There has been talk of a "Zombie Walk" but I do not have confirmed info about about.

Is this motel open again
Pine Top Lodge Motel that burned did they re-open it? Mr & Mrs Mock did own it and we stayed with them some years ago, many times a year, then illenss caught us and couldnot come back, now we can would like there if? Also the Razorback that was across highway from ozark mountain hoe down it is in business now di dnot see listing Thanks
Pine Top did not rebuild. Mr. and Mrs. Mock still owned it and decided to retire. The Razorback is still there...3109 East Van Buren (479) 253-8952. Razorback Lodge dot com.

I asked the question about Christmas in Eureka...... what about Thanksgiving? I don't see much going on at that time either. Can you let me know what, if any, festivities are going on then? Thanks so so much for your help!
there are no "special events" planned during the holidays. Several restaurants offer traditional Thanksgiving meals on Thursday. Santa Claus arrives in Eureka Springs the Friday after Thanksgiving and everything is open that weekend. The first weekend of December is the "kick off" to the Christmas season with our parade on Friday night, the Candlelight Tour of Homes on Saturday along with several other things.

Are there any wiccan shops around town or nearby?
You'll probably find articles/trinkets/merchandise at several shops downtown. But a shop strickly designated to this

Things to do Oct 4 5 6
We are not lake people, but like things laid back. My husband and I are celebrating our 27th Wedding anniversary. He wants to break it up with some activities we can do that are not something we could do just anywhere. Thanks
Since there is no specific question here, I suggest you continue looking around the websites. They are full of things to do.

My mother would like to visit in your town. Is there a way to get there from the airport? And if so, how. Thank you
There are car rental agencies at the airport...I'm assuming you mean the Northwest Arkansas Regional airport.

Christmas in Eureka
I am wanting to surprise my fiance with a trip to Eureka this Christmas. I am wanting to arrive on Friday the 21st and leave on Monday the 24th. I have looked at the calendar of events and it seems like the whole town shuts down right when we would get there! Is there anything happening those days? Should I try to plan the trip at a different time? I was hoping for cool things to do while we're there....
The week of Christmas is indeed a slow time for us. But, shops, restaurants, etc. will be open the weekend before.

Fall Foilage
Because of the drought we are curious about the time that the trees will change colors this year. We plan on coming the last weekend in October and are wondering if we should bump it up a little. Can you keep everyone posted on here about when you SEE the color changes reach their peak? Thanks
The last week of October has always been the time to see the best. But, as you mentioned, the drought could change everything.

Pillow top mattress
Could you tell us what motel or hotel that has the pillow top mattress? I have a bad back and need a comfortable bed. Thank you for the information.
This is a question you would need to ask the innkeeper.

Fall folliage
When would be the best time to visit to view the fall colors? Thanks for your help!
It usually happens between the last two weeks of October thru the first week of November.

get lost
I've never been to Eureka Springs before. While I'm interested in seeing the town I'm kinda more interested in going out into the wilderness and getting lost with my dog for 3 days. I'm from Missouri and don't exactly know any laws or the land there. Is there somewhere where I can go out and get lost in the wilderness and be ok to camp for two nights with a fire? I don't mean camping in an area that is set up with a grill and place to park and running water, I mean all out mountain man survival. Can I do this down there without getting into trouble? Mind you I wouldn't be doing any hunting or fishing as I'd have my own food.
There are many places to camp along the Kings River (no water due to drought.) We are still under the burn ban (no campfires.) Frankly, I would not even consider this until we get some rain. Sorry.

Labor Day Weekend
Hi! We're hoping to come down Labor Day weekend...are most Eureka Springs shops open that weekend, even on Sunday? Thanks! :)
Of course they are.

Hello, I was in Eureka Springs about a month ago, and have lost the phone number to a store there, in the downtown area. I can't remember the name of the store either. I'm not sure if you can help me, but I'm looking for a store that sells these wooden music boxes. They also sell a lot of candles, pictures, and African type stuff. I know that doesn't narrow it down much, but I really need to order one of those music boxes. I'm not sure what it's called exactly, but you hit it with a mallet to make it play. Any info would be great! Thank you for your time. Malarie Thomas 501-766-7316
Was it Romancing the Stone? Between Mud Street Cafe and the City Auditorium?

Low cost accomadations
My sister and I would like to visit ES this fall. We are both in our late 60s and on limited incomes. I know you cannot reccommend specific business but can you give me an idea of some low-cost but clean and safe lodgings? We would be coming during the week. Thank you so much for any help you can give.
The "Mom and Pop" motels along Van Buren Street (Highway 62) are great.

Cabins on or near water
I am looking to stay in a cabin near Eureka Springs That is reasonable price. Can you recommend accommodations that is a cabin on the lake? Thank you
Use the lodging search feature and select "on the water."

Fall Foliage
When does the Fall Foliage start?
The last two weeks of October...usually. Our forests are suffering greatly due to the drought, just like every place else.

Reservations for attractions
My family and I will be there 10/3 and leave on 10//6. We want to see the Passion Play. Do you think it will be necessary to make reservations in advance, or will getting them after we get there be ok. Thank you.
Tickets are available when you arrive. You can get them in the gift shop.

9 Ladies
We have a group of 9 ladies coming to Eureka Springs. We would like to all stay together either on the lake or in a rental house of some kind. I am having trouble finding a place that will hold 9 people. Any suggestions?
Have you looked in the "vacation home" category of the lodging page? Click on "lodging search." Pearl Tatman House, Holiday Island Vacation rentals, there are several there.

Cinnamon Valley Resort
Hi Karen, I see that Cinnamon Valley Resort recently sold. Do you have any information on when it will be open again and if it will have the same name? Thank you!
We have not received any information regarding this property.

Relocation (wkly rentals & employment)
I would like information on wkly rentals & employment opportunitues in Eureka Springs & Holiday Island. Just visited there and loved the laid back atmosphere and that is what my husband and I are looking for.
Our local newspapers are the best sources for this information. Eureka Springs Independent The Citizen Carroll County News.

Rock Painter
Hi! My Grandmother use to visit Eureka Springs regularly and would bring us back painted rocks of kittens or bunnies. Do you know where to find where these or sold or the artist? I will be driving through Eureka Springs in a few weeks and want to make sure I can find where these rocks are sold.
I haven't seen these around in ages.

I am looking for a super special limo to simply take my son and his bride from the Thorncrown Chapel to the Crescent Hotel. I want a Rolls or Bently, preferably vintage. Regards, Dennis E. Pierce 979 583 6685
We do not have that service here. You will probably need to hire someone from the Fayetteville area. Sorry.

Spas in Eureka
Hi, I'm wondering where the best place is for a massage in Eureka? I'm looking for a good value. ($60-80 an hour). I'd like to be able to do a couples massage. Thanks!
The majority of our therapist offer couples' massage. And your price range is the norm. All are trained, licensed and professional. Just pick one.

Add to my inquiry please
Sorry to ask another question but I saw that Beaver Lake offers scuba diving tours. Is there anything to see if you are a diver? Thanks again
Since Beaver Lake was "built" over a former township I would say...yes.

Floating on a River
Hello, I very much like to go floating on the Guadalupe river in Texas. Do you have any party rivers there or even any family friendly rivers to float on with tubes? Ideally would be something that flows so I don't have to paddle much? Feel free to share this on your FAQ but please keep my information private. Thanks much!
The Kings and White Rivers are great floating waterways. However, like a lot of the country we are in the middle of the worst drought in history. Your hotel's pool might be a better option.

Horizon Restaurant
What is the status of the Horizon Restaurant on Beaver Lake? We knew it closed last year.
Still closed.

Tea Party
My soon to be 4 year old daughter wants a princess tea party for her birthday and I was told by a friend that there is a place in Eureka called The Tea Room that does tea with an etiquette class. I couldn't find any place called The Tea Room and since she told me it was in The Swiss Village Inn I called Simply Scrumptious but they said they don't do tea parties. Wwould you happen to know of a place that offers something like what I'm looking for?
No I'm sorry. We do not have any place like that. Simply Scrumptious is our only "tea room."

Group fitness classes
Hello there, I am looking for group fitness classes in Eureka Springs, Berryville, or surrounding areas. Do you know of any? Thank you, Megan
There is one at Holiday Island and the Berryville Community Center.

what to do
Hello - we will be in ES Aug 11 for the Passion Play and plan on spending Sunday there before we head to Branson. It will be my husband and I (50 yrs old), our 2 sons (14 and 21) and my aunt and uncle (65). How would you suggest we spend our Sunday to soak up as much as we can in one day? Thanks, Laura
Go to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Explore our walking trails. Visit our downtown historic district. Go to Thorncrown Chapel.

yard & yards of sales
any numbers on how many have signed up for the yard sales yet?
As it is a Chamber of Commerce event, they would have that information. 479 253 8737.

What is the name of the cottage next to Basin Park? It is behind a downtown business...
Sorry, I need more info than this.

Disk Golf?
Is there a disk golf course in Eureka Springs? Or a city park?
No disk course but we do have Lake Leatherwood City Park. There's plenty of room to play there.

How libral is Eurika Springs?
I would like to know how libral the laws against marijuanna truly are in Eurika Springs? EXAMPLE: If I were to be caught smoking a marijuanna ciggerette, what would happen? Would I be handed a ticket, or would I be prosecuted?
Marijuanna is simply a "low priority" offense. HOWEVER, it is still against the law. City law does NOT dictate federal law. Please don't walk down the street smoking a joint. Unless you just want your vacation to suck.

Hello. We're looking to stay in a cottage/s that used to be known as Harpers Motel. (That was the name in the 60's) Does it still exist? Has the actual name changed? Thx.
Bavarian Inn? But the cottages are gone. It's a really nice motel now.

should i or not.
hi my name is stanley. i was thinking to about coming to your town for a holliday. i am from england. how are the people thair? i am going to come on my own. would i be able to mingle with the locales. thank you stanley.
We're a friendly, harmless bunch. "Mingling with locals" is required.

when and where?
couple in late 20's... like live music, patios, food and cold beer! My ? is that I would like to stay in the downtown area and I'm wondering where would be good and if there's a good time to come or if there's a place that has all that wrapped up in one? Problem is... I would love to come down ASAP! :)
Come any time. There's always something going on! Downtown properties include the New Orleans Hotel, the Basin Park Hotel, the Palace Hotel and Bath House and the Grand Central Hotel. There are also many B&Bs and cottages within walking distance of downtown.

What is the weather like in September.
Hopefully a lot cooler than it is now.

In a few words tell me why I should choose Eureka Springs for a retirement home
Higher property values, lower taxes, no crime, diverse community.

Ozark Diamonds
Why can't I find the ozark diamonds in Eureka Springs anymore?
I've never heard of the Ozark Diamonds. Crater of Diamonds State Park is about 6 hours from us in Murfreesboro, AR.

R/V Camping
When would I need to make reservations for camping at Lake Leatherwood city park for September 2012
As soon as possible.

Hi Karen. My family will be vacationing there next week and my son was hoping that there would be a pool where we area staying and that didn't happen, so I was wondering if you have a local public pool? Thanks, Angela
There is a public pool in Berryville. Eureka Springs has Lake Leatherwood, Beaver Lake, Table Rock Lake and the Kings River for swimming

Upcoming trip to Eureka Springs
Hi Karen, I understand that you are unable to make specific recommendations, but wondered if you could help me by suggesting one or more locations that would meet my needs. I have never been to Eureka Springs but have always wanted to go. I will soon be 62 and think it's time to visit! My girlfriend (who is 66) and I will be there from Saturday, Sept. 1 until Monday the 3rd (staying 2 nights). We would like to stay someplace that has 2 beds (twin beds are fine) and a convenient location for smoking (such as a balcony or porch). My friend tells me the Crescent Hotel is already full. I have checked the availability of the Basin Park Hotel. They do have rooms with 2 beds, but I do not want to get a smoking room because my friend does not smoke. Therefore, my concern would be the inconvenience of going outside every time I wished to smoke, unless we were on the first floor. Do you know of any B & B, Inns, and/or cottages that would have 2 beds along with a nearby place to smoke? Thank you for any help you can offer! Cindy
Try the Historic Cottages at Lake Lucerne.

putt putt golf
Hi! Are there any miniature golf courses near the Eureka Springs area? Thanks
Yes. Pig Trail Go Karts and Mini Golf.

Place to hold a Bridal Party!
I have been looking for a simple place to hold a wedding party. I know there is a place called The Space, but would like to have a place that offered chairs and tables, and a bathroom would be nice. I heard the space is ONLY a space. I do not want to have to go to one of the Hotels. There will be at least 30 people there.
Call Sky Ridge Resort. They have a great meeting facility.

In 1981 we had our protrait done by a local artist Beverly Earl. Just wondering if she still happens to live in Eureka.
Sorry. I am not familiar with her.

Canoe Rentals
My family is coming down there in a few weeks. I have been trying to find a canoe rental place that does the 8 mile down White River and am not able to online. Any suggestions on any there?
Spider Creek Resort and River View Resort have canoes for the White.

Japanese food
I know there aren't Japanese resturaunts in the area, but do you know if any of the grocery stores carry the ingredients to make it myself? No specific dish is in mind, just the genre of food in general. If I were to live here, you see, I would want to know I could eat that.
The closest place would be in Fayetteville. It's about an hour away. Our local market carries ethnic seasonings and condiments. Some prepared items. We do have a great farmer's market and health food store where you can by organic meats and produce.

Japanese food
I know there aren't Japanese resturaunts in the area, but do you know if any of the grocery stores carry the ingredients to make it myself? No specific dish is in mind, just the genre of food in general. If I were to live here, you see, I would want to know I could eat that.
Fayetteville would be the closest place to shop. It's about an hour away. Our local market carries ethnic seasonings and condiments as well as pre-packaged foods. We also have a great farmer's market and health food market where you can buy organic meats and produce.

Marriage License
There seems to be some confusion about the requirements. I know we need photo I.D. and some have said we need an social security card. We are in our 50's and i don't have my social security card and can't get it replaced for 10-14 days and we will be there in 10 days. Any help is appreciated .Thanks Steve
No social required. A valid, photo ID will do it.

We are considering our next family reunion location, for 2014. Eureka Springs sounds perfect. Could you suggest a few places to check out for lodging? We will have approximately 50 people, and need a common, or meeting room. Our major concern is not to exclude anyone because of the price of the room. Generally we try to stay between $70.00 to 110.00 per night. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Beth
Many of our lodging properties fall into that price range and have meeting rooms. Use the search feature on the lodging page to narrow down the choices.

I like old you have a place that shows them and/or sells old dvds cheap??? Thanks...dfree trapped into visiting your city but love AK and....movies...please and thank you
VideoLand sells movies. Sorry to hear you feel "trapped" into visiting our city. We are not AK (Alaska) we are AR (Arkansas.) Our city and our state are beautiful, scenic and provide an abundance of activities and adventures. I believe you will discover sitting in front of a TV would be a huge waste of time.

June 2012
Planing a family meeting from IL, SC and NM in June 2012 including 8 children ages 15 to 3. Any ideas on cabins and things to do. Would like waterfront if possile.
There are several properties on waterways in our area. Use the search feature on the lodging page to find the specific amenities you may need.

Movies in the park?
Does Eureka still have movies in the park or downtown? Thanks
On Sunday night in Basin Spring Park.

dog friendly activities
my fiance and i already have reservations on spring street and are bring our dog with us this weekend. I am wondering what are the best dog friendly attractions and activities for us to do?
Use the search feature on the website for "pet friendly" locations.

Id like to receive information on local utility services to include electric, gas/propane, cable/internet/satellite, local alarm services, etc. for Eureka Springs. Thanks
Our Chamber of Commerce provides that information.

hand holding
Will it be ok if my male partner and I hold hands in public in Eureka Springs?
As long as you're fully clothed, you can do just about anything you want to do!!

we are vacationing with y'all and one rule we have is we cant eat at a place we have at home (chain resturants) have any ideas we like most any and all foods.
Other than Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Subway, all of our restaurants are chef owned and operated. The entire zip code of Eureka Springs is on the National Register of Historic Places. Other than those mentioned, which are not in the Historic District, we have no "chains."

city market
what time does the city market close and is it still on Thursdays? Will it be there on July 5?
Tuesday and Thursday 7am-noon. Pine Mountain Village.

El Paso Museum of Art Group Coming
Hello Karen I am the Director of Development for the El Paso Msueum of Art. I am bringing a group of 21 to Eureka Springs on Thursday, October 3. We are hoping to see art galleries, artist studios if available, Christ of Osarks statue, etc. I could use some help in planning our visit including good restaurant for lunch. I would be most grateful for any help! Thank you. (915) 532-1707 x 13
-Will call you later today, Jeff.

relaxing w/toddlers on a river
I would like to stay around Eureka Springs & enjoy what it has to offer. But I also have kids that want to relax in clear water. They like Noel, Mo, but they don't canoe. Any suggestions?
Kings River or Beaver Lake.

Flatiron Flats
Is smoking allowed on the balconies in the Flatiron Flats Hotel?
That would be a question for the innkeeper.

Cabin ID
I am looking for the name of some cabins my wife and I stayed at a couple of times several years ago. They are located about a half of a mile west of Domestic Tranquility Cabins (21031 Hwy 62 West • Eureka Springs, AR 72632 ) on the left. Thank you in advance for any information you can give. They are a very special place to us.
If its Sunset Ridge Resort, they are closed.

Cinnamon Valley Resort
We stayed at Cinnamon Valley 12 years ago and it was wonderful, but I am seeing reviews that paint a different picture now. Why is CVR not on site? Should we look for another resort? Any recommendations? Thanks.
I have received no negative reviews regarding this property. Eureka Springs dot com is a privately owned website. Businesses choose to advertise here...or not.

getting from Holiday island to eureka springs
We are coming down for the bluesfest and have considered taking our boat down table rock lake from Kimberling City. once we get to holiday island (where we heard there is a marina), is there a cab that could take us to Eureka springs?
Blues Weekend has already happened. However, Eureka Taxi is available for transportation. 479 253 6699

If I am only going to be in Eureka Springs for a couple of days, which reasonably priced restaurants do you recommend? Also, are there any good wineries nearby?
Keels Creek Winery. Ermilio's Italian, Sparky's, The Oasis, Pied Piper, Myrtie Mae's.

Need name of booth owner
Hi Karen. I was just visiting your beautiful town last weekend (Memorial Day) for the Mustang Car show. While I was there, I stopped at the "flea market" in the parking lot next door to Something Simple, and shopped a booth with a white canopy, that had wind chimes and jewelry made from old silverware. The sign was Dragonfly something. Can you tell me the business name and if the owner has a web address? She makes beautiful pieces, and I can't stop thinking about them. Thank you.
Those spaces are rented out by the owner of the property. Altho NOT the property owner, "Mr. Haney" may know who his "flea market neighbor" was... 479 981 9580

I am not aware of new owners. I drove out there yesterday and there are still For Sale signs along the property. The website ( is no longer a working site, nor are they listed on any Eureka Springs web sites. That is all I know. Sorry.

1. We have been to Chelsea's and it was great but where else has great Pizza? 2. What happened to the Victorian Sampler and where is it located? Thanks Karen
Forest Hill Restaurant and Geraldi's both have pizza on their menus. Victorian Sampler has been closed for several years. It did not closed. If you are looking for a tea-room type place, try Simply Scrumptious. It's on Van Buren Street across from Comfort Inn.

cabin rental
in aug 2007, wife and I stayed in a honeymoon cabin about 10 miles out of town. i thought it was called sunset ridge. the office was right on highway but had to drive through a gate and go down back of mountain to access cabins. what is it called and are they still in business
Yes, Sunset Ridge is correct. They are no longer in business.

River Reservations
We want to go to one of the rivers and lakes in Eureka Springs and hold a BBQ. Do we have to put in a reservation and pay a fee?
At Beaver Lake and Lake Leatherwood, yes.

July Events
Hi - I am planning on visiting your city in July, but I know there is one week in July when you have hundreds of motorcyclists there and wanted to know what week that would be. I want to avoid that week. Thank you
We have motorcycle riders in our town all the time, especially during nice weather. I do not know of a "specific" event you may be referring to.

Free Internet
Is there a place around there where I can log onto the Internet. We will be in eureka springs Saturday & I have a webinar class from 12:00 noon to 2:30 - 3:00. Is there a resstaurant where I can log in for free. I don't think scandia inn has wireless. That is where we are going to be staying.
McDonalds has free wi-fi. But, there are many places around town that do. Just ask your innkeeper.

Lost and Found
I lost my glasses and case walking through the main shopping district on Sunday afternoon. Is there a lost and found where I might ask if they were turned in? They would have been on the street. I was walking a dog and didn't enter any businesses. Thanks.
Call the court house, 479-253-9703 or the police department 479-253-8666.

Where to Stay
Hello, I need a place to stay for one night. It is my daughter's 30th birthday. She likes upscale places, and she's an only child, so I need to spoil her. She weighs about 250, so we'll need a sturdy, comfortable bed. We'd like to stay within walking distance of all the shops. We need a room for 2, either king size or 2 double beds. Thank you for your help. Sheila Chase
There are several places downtown. The Basin Park Hotel, the New Orleans Hotel, the Grand Central Hotel. The Palace Hotel also but I do not believe they offer double rooms.

Non-steep drive
Can you kindly recommend some 5 bedroom house rentals with a great view but that do not have a steep or long drive up to them? We will be vacationing new to the area & some are not fond of heights but want a nice scenery. Thank you!!
Island Motel and Vacation Rentals on Holiday Island. Please remember, Eureka Springs is located in the middle of the Ozark Mountains. Hills and "steep drives" are just a fact of life here.

bonneybrook farm on Misty mountain
Do you know anything about these cabins?
They are fantastic.

What time do the shops open on Sunday. I am planning on coming up to Eureka on the 27th of May
Everything is open by 10:00.

Staff Retreat for a Group
Karen (great name by the way). We are in the begining stages of planning our Faculty Retreat. I have emailed a couple of the Best Westerns in Eureka that have conference facilities by have yet to hear back from them. Are there any other facilities that have a small (electronically equiped, holds 20 - 25 people) conference room and basic, nice hotel rooms. We would even consider a cabin type/lodge/nice hostel type environment. We try to all get together at least once a year for our Faculty meeting and our "feel good" retreat. Any suggestions or help moving the Best Western Hotels along would be greatly appreciated.
Karen, I am contacting you privately about this.

store name
Hi. There is a jewelry store downtown that sells tea sets and i can't remember the name, can you please help!?
There are several galleries that sell "fine" jewelry...Quicksilver, Zarks, for example. Magee's is a fine jewelry store. Just Between Friends has fine jewelry in her inventory. Tea Sets? I have no idea.

Forgot the name
I was trying to locate the name of some cabins that are relatively new down town. The are just before the train station and each one is brightly colored up on stilts I would describe them. Can you help?
They are part of All Seasons Luxury Properties. I believe the website is

We were in Eureka Springs 12 years ago, & this is our first time back. I went to a spa on the main street that runs through town. It was the oldest spa there, & had the old tubs & steam barrels. Can you tell me the name of it? I would like to book services before I come this weekend. Thanks!
The Palace Hotel and Bath House.

Newest hotels
I'm looking for a super clean hotel. What is your recommendation? What is the name of the newest hotel
There has been no new construction in about 20 years. I do not give recommendations. Select a few that interest you, write me back and I will try to help you with some suggestions.

I had heard that Eureka welcomes buskers. Is that true?
Yes but you'll need a permit from City Hall.

just got home from the fine arts this weekend. checked calander to see if a halloween parade was listed didnt see one. is there one and when? thanks again
We do not have a Halloween Parade.

Must see must do In eureka springs area
Classic car group will be in eureka spring sept 14-15-16 Most are seniors Pls list in order of prioriity
Everything in Eureka Springs is a must see. I depends on your personal interests which are more important than others. You can see and do everything in about 4 days-3 nights.

August Attractions
We will be there Aug 16-23 & are looking for kid-friendly activities in or near Eureka Springs. Also, what special attractions are going on during that time? Any festivals? Any must-sees? Thanks so much!
The calendar page should have all special events listed. Kid-stuff includes Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, water sports on our rivers and lakes. Hiking around Lake Leatherwood. Horseback riding. Ghost tours at the Crescent Hotel.

Are there opportunities for an outreach activity in Eureka Springs, like maybe a session with Senior Citizens at a home?
Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge offers volunteer opportunities. Nursing homes in our area are Brighton Ridge, Peachtree, Green Acres and Holly Hills.

Hello, My fiance and I will be taking our honeymoon to Eureka Springs at the end of this may. We will be there for 5 days and want to make the most of our time. We love the outdoors so we would enjoy regular hikes and horseback riding, but are also adventurous so we would enjoy some form of white water rafting or climbing or something. We want to be able to experience the beauty of the area but also have a little adventure. we would prefer some things a little more secluded and will probably want to spend at least one night eating somewhere a little fancy. other than that, we are on a bit of a budget. Do you have any ideas for us? Thanks!! Jonathan
Dinner at DeVito's, Rogue's Manor or Grand Taverne. Horseback riding at Bear Mountain Stables or Steve's Stables. Hiking at Lake Leatherwood PArk. Canoeing thru River View Resort (White River) or Riverside Resort )Kings River)

fall foliage
We are wanting to visit when the trees are turning.The only time we have availiable is the fist week of September and the second week of October. Which would be the best time to see autumns glory?
It will be "beginning" during the 2nd week of October. The peak isn't until the last of October/first of November.

There is a motel on the passion play road. As you turn off the main road it is on the corner and a little ways on there is a small mall. Christian gift store in it. I am looking for phone # and name of motel - plez... Thank you.
The Regency Inn 479 253 5959 (Formerly Super 8)

what is the place across the street from the courthouse on the corner that does marriages
Judge Roy Bean's.

hotel name
I am trying to remember the name of the hotel that sits above the shops on the Y of spring and center street, across the street from the basin. Also, if you know the phone number. Thanks!
Flatiron Flats.

Hi there! Like many others, I'm planning our wedding in ES. I'm running into a transportation issue seems like the only limo service in town Eureka Springs Limousine has an outdated fleet. Do you have any suggestions for another limo service or alternate transportation to Thornton for my wedding party? I appreciate your time.
"Outdated fleet?" Sorry, I do not know what that means. We have two limo services in town that are both running every day. We also have a taxi service.

bent willow loveseat
I have been looking for a Bent Willow Loveseat and cannot find one. Possibly would you know where I might find one to buy? Thank-You
You might check with Vintage Cargo.

Motorcycle Camping
Hello I am a member of CMA (Christian Motorcyclist Association) and I am organizing a weekend trip to Eureka Springs to watch the Passion Play. I am trying to involve chapters from Arkansas as well as Missouri. Not sure how many will be attending yet. I wanted to know if there are any good camp grounds close to the area that are Biker Friendly and also I am very confused when I look at your calendar of events to be able to tell what other events might be going on during this season. I am trying to find a good weekend that doesn't already have all the hotels booked if there are some of our group that would like to stay in a hotel. Thank you and God Bless You!
We have several campgrounds. Kettle, Koa, Beaver Lake, Lake Leatherwood. All weekends are busy this time of year. Which one are you considering?

Hi, I heard a rumor that mostly everything on Monday in Eureka Springs is shut down? Is this true?
No that is not true.

Snake World
My husband visited a place several years ago called Snake World. Do you know if it is still in business there?
Yes it is. Coming into Eureka Springs from Berryville, on highway 62, it's on the right just past the Kings River bridge.

relocating soon, considering Eureka as an option
I would like to know several things about the area... First, will the economy in the area support the need for a a proessional handyman/landscaper? Second, how liberal/progressive is the town, really? And last, can you recommend any cost-efficient rentals such as an efficiency apartment in the area? All of the ads I have replied to on Craig'sList continue to go unanswered and do not have phone numbers.... Thanks you for your time!!
Question #1...probably not. We have many of both. Question #2...very. Question #3...the newspaper is a better option. The Lovely County Citizen.

Corvette Weekend
Is Corvette weekend scheduled this year (2012) and what are the dates. Thank you DS
The corvettes are always here the first full weekend of October. The exact dates for 2012 are 5 thru 7. It is strongly suggested you make lodging arrangements as quickly as possible.

The Bodie House
Have not heard any reviews for this lodging - good or bad. Are you familiar with this House and would you recommend it? Thanks!
Yes, I am familiar with the Bodie House. We have never received any complaints about the property.

What hotel is the best place to stay for a family of 5? What is the funnest thing to do in Eureka Springs?
Sorry. I do not recommend specific businesses. What may the "the best" for me may not be the best for you. Use the search feature on the lodging page and select the specific amenities that are important to you.

is there a place to rent for 3 months during the winter that is not expensive?
I'm sure there is. Contact one of our real estate agents for any rental properties they may offer.

vintage cars
I was wondering if there were any vintage car rentals for weddings?

book sale
is there ging to be a book sale next month
Yes, there is, but, it's going to be a little different... The Carnegie Public Library is in "book overload." Every book...50 cents! Friday April 20 3-8PM Saturday April 21 10AM-4PM

Hello! I have an appointment in Eureka on Friday. I would like to know if you know of local businesses that sell the long stick incense? I don't have a lot of time on this visit to your lovely town. And I would just as soon buy it in Eureka as to drive to Dickson Street in Fayetteville. Thank you!
Granny's Place downtown sells stick incense.

Need to find a traveling hairdresser for a wedding party. Wedding held at the Crescent trying to find someone who will do hair in the hotel rooms instead of a salon. Thanks!
I do not know of anyone that does this. Probably need to hire a Crescent hairdresser that isn't on the schedule that day.

flea markets
are there any flea markets in Eureka Springs?
Not in Eureka "proper," no. But there are some around us.

Hi Karen, Is there a way to get to Eureka Springs from Branson MO via bus or van? (Without renting a car). I really don't want to rent a car as I don't like to drive in places I am unfamiliar with. I am coming down by myself, to see if it is a place I would like to retire to with my partner. What would be your take on this? (Driving vs taxi/van) Would the shuttle be enough to get me around? I will hook up with a Realtor to check out housing too. I am somewhat familiar with NW Arkansas as I visited my parents who lived in Mountain Home until their deaths in 2005 and 2008. Just never made it to your neck of the woods. Thank you for your time, Mark
There is no "shuttle" from Eureka to Branson. We have a taxi service (479 253 6699) but I have no idea what the fare from there to here would be. Renting a car would be my recommendation. It really isn't that hard to get around.

Craft Show
Hi Are there any local craft shows in the city of Eureka Springs? Not interested in the WarEagle one. Thank you!
The Chamber of Commerce would have this information. 479 253 8737.

Eureka Springs
Are there really "springs" around Eureka Springs and where are they? Are they worth visiting?
Well yeah, that's how we got our name!! We have more than 62 manacured and landscaped springs within our downtown area. Many shops, lodging properties and our Chamber of Commerce have walking maps that showcase just the springs. And yes, they are worth visiting.

Passion Play
We were planning a church trip for july 2012--Is the Passion Play preforming as usual or was it damaged by the storms? Also what is available in the area to entertain teenagers?
No storms have damaged the Passion Play. It will open in May as usual. You should go to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

April 2012 Diversity Weekend
Do you know if there is a designated camping spot for the GLBT people coming to the April 2012 Diversity Weekend, and if so where? We will be traveling in our motorhome and would like to camp with other GLBT people. Thank you for your reply.
There is no "host spot." Kettle Campground and Wanderlust are your only choices for RV parks.

Ironite Ironer museum
...can't find contact information for the Ironite museum in Eueka Springs. Can you help me with that? I have a working Ironite that needs to be in this museum.
I'm sorry sir...I do not know what ironite is or of a "museum" we may have here.

Hair Salons
Will be in Eureka Springs for a wedding on March 31 and am looking for a hair salon to do 2-3 people's hair that won't charge outrageous prices. Suggestions?
While I do not know what you consider "outrageous prices," we have several places in Eureka Springs where you can make an appointment to have hair done. I believe East Gate Salon will accept Saturday appointments.

Hi, I'm a guy who likes to dress on the girly side. Is it safe to crossdress in Eureka?
Sure, why not?

Can you please tell me which airport is close to Eureka Springs? I would like to visit from New York City. How many miles away is the airport from the town?
Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) is about an hour and a half away. We have a smaller airport in Berryville if you have your own plane.

Bachelor Party-1 night stay
I need to find a cabin or place that will allow 1 night only. I see that someone already asked but it was regarding the historic district, and i'm inquiring about all of Eureka. The event is in July, can you help?
You'll just need to select any properties that interest you and ask the innkeeper if they'll take a one night.

Wedding reception
We'll be getting married on the 5th of May and are looking for a place that will hold approximatley 30-40 guests. Preferably some place economical with music if at all possible. I'm also in need of a bakery to order a grooms cake. can you help me with any of these or point me in the right direction? Thank you, Linda
You want music included with the rental space? There are several bars in town that can accommodate 30-40 people, as long as they have advanced notice that you are coming. SunFest Market makes great cakes.

if It rains on St Patrick's day will the parade still go on?

Tea Parties
Is there a place in Eureka that puts on tea parties for little girls? Like with dress up dresses and a hostess?
No sorry, there isn't. You can however go to Celebrations and Traditions, rent dress up clothes and coordinate your own party.

Opening a shop when I retire there
Is there currently a Feng Shui shop in Eureka Springs?
Not "specifically," Several shops do have crystals, fountains, etc. in their inventory.

Looking For a Cabin
Hello we are looking for a Cabin to sleep no more than 8. and looking to stay around 2-3 nights. Are arrival date being October 6th 2012. We are looking for it to also overlook beaverlake and have easy access to the water, we dont mind a small hike. If it could have a hot tub for 4-6 that would also be a plus. We would appreciate any information you can give us. Thanks in advance.
Lake Shore Cabins.

Beauty shops in Eureka
My boyfriend and I are getting married in Eureka in March. Can you reccomend a local beauty shop that I can use before the wedding? We are not young anymore, so I just want a local beauty shop, nothing fancy, Thanks for your help...
There are several. Try East Gate Salon.

Great Passion Play
I know that the Play itself does not start until May but I was wondering if the other things on the property were open in early April? Thanks for your time!

Gay friendly area?
Hello, We are with and would like to know if Eureka Springs would be considered a gay friendly destination. If so, we would like to place your link on our site. Please let us know..thanks!
Yes, we are.

We are only wanting to stay in the historic district. We are only able to stay one night - Saturday night. I am having trouble finding a place that will just take a one night reservation. Are you aware of any places to stay for one night? Thanks.
Depending on the date, you might consider the Basin Park Hotel.

St. Patrick's pub crawl
Hello - I am trying to find any and all information about the 2012 St. Patrick's Day pub crawl and any other fun drinking activities for that weekend. Thanks!
The pub crawl will be downtown beginning at 6:00 on Saturday March 17.

Location of Clover Ridge
Can you tell me where the area know as Clover Ridge is located? Thank you
I am not familiar with Clover Ridge. What else can you tell me about it?

Place to stay
My wife and I are planning on visiting Eureka Springs for the first time in late May. Can you suggest a place or places to stay for 3-4 nights? Thanks in advance
Depends on what you are looking for... Lodging properties are listed here

Hotel Name
Hi, trying to find the name of the hotel across the street from the Basin with private room balcony. Can's seem to find it online.
Flatiron Flats.

Weekend before Valentine's Day Feb 10-12
Is anything going on the weekend before Valentine's Day that would be romance worthy?
"Romance worthy" is up to you, not me! Calendar of events is here

My wife andI and our dog are looking for a rental for about 2 weeks to a month in the area. Small houskeeping cabin or house
Use the lodging search to find properties that are pet friendly.

2003 Car Show
I saw a picture of a truck from a 2003 Vintage Car Show taken in Eureka Springs - 1952 Dodge Truck with a Whizzer Bicycle in the back - Any suggestions on where to start looking for info about the truck!
No idea. Sorry.

Did Sheridans restraurant ever reopen? That was a favorite of mine.
No, sorry.

Mardi Gras Parade
Is the Mardi Gras Parade kid friendly and appropriate for children to attend?

Family reunion site
Hi Karen. We're looking for a place to have our family reunion. We need something that has a large kitchen, and on site lodging or lodging nearby. We are hoping for something that will give us a group rate/discount as most of the family come from out of state and already have that expense. We generally gather toward the end of July, and this year, our dates will be the 26th, 27th and 28th. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!
You didn' tell me the number of people. Rodeway Inn will allow you to use their kitchen and large gathering room. And, it's right off the pool. Again, the number of people will determine the options. We have many cabins/cottages/vacation homes.

Deversity weekend
what weekend date is Deversity weekend in April?? I need the date, Please?
It's usually the first weekend. But, since that is Easter this year I do not know if it will be moved or not.

Are there any hotels/motels/inns with indoor pools in Eureka Springs? My sis is wanting to get married there but we would like to stay somewhere we could take the kids swimming in March.
The Quality Inn and Suites has an indoor pool.

clothing optional
Does Eureka have any lodging that is clothing optional or is there a certain weekend that is dedicated to clothes free events?
There is a men-only resort call Magnetic Valley Resort.

We would like to stay in a hotel/motel with an indoor pool in March. Any suggestions?
Quality Inn and Suites.

Hello, we're traveling to Eureka Springs in early May. Is there a festival occurring then? Does that make it difficult to get around with someone who uses a walker? How much handicapped parking is available around the town? We're interested in taking a tram tour, seeing the Queen Anne Mansion, possibly visiting the museum and riding on the Belle of the Ozarks. How long would it take to do these things at a leisurely pace? Thank you.
May Festival of the Arts takes place during the entire month. You can tour Queen Anne in the morning and take the Belle cruise in the afternoon. The Queen Anne has lots of stairs. Take the Tram Tour the next day. 2 nights/3 days will allow you plenty of time.

Little chapel near convenience store
You received a query about a little chapel, in the historic district, near a convenience store. The chapel in question is called Little Chapel, and it is at the corner of Flint and First Streets, behind the New Orleans Hotel. The convenience store referred to is the Inn Convenience Store. Happy New Year!
That is where our local food bank is located. I do not believe they are in the "wedding business."

Wedding reception
I am looking to rent a space to hold my wedding reception in. I want to be able to take my own food and have enough room for a dance. Any suggestions?
Call "The Space." It's located across the street from the post office. It's a 479-253-1649

new years
Myself and three people will be in your wonderful little town friday night til sunday i am looking for the best place to enjoy new years not in our cabin any suggestions.and is there a must do you recommend?
All the bars and most of the restaurants will be having parties. Inn of the Ozarks Convention Center has a big party. Pick up a copy of The Citizen (our newspaper) when you get to town. Everything will be listed there. Should you choose a restaurant, be sure to call first as most will require a reservations.

Just wondering if everything is open downtown between 12/26 & 12/30? Thanks!

Hi, Karen! What became of the great bakery on the highway? Did it move? Is there another, if not? I'd hate to learn that Eureka is now bakeryless...
Lovin' Oven closed Dec. 1. I'm sorry to say, Eureka is bakeryless.

Christmas dinner
can you suggests restaurants that will be open on Christmas ( Lunch) , the crescent was full thanks Dan
Forest Hill may still be taking reservations. They have a great buffet-style spread too. The Garden Bistro, Gaskin's Cabin and Rogue's Manor are also open on Christmas Day.

Shops open the week after Christmas?
My husband and I are planning to visit Eureka Springs and wonder if most shops will be open the week after Christmas. Which days are they open, if they are? Thank you!
Yes they will. Shops are open 7 days a week.

the right place to stay?
I'm looking for a place for my parents as a weekend getaway in late March/early April - a second honeymoon! I would like something in town yet private. The ideal place would have a separate entrance with one king sized bed, not too crowded with furnishings, and updated bathroom facilities. They like their privacy, but I really want them to have something special, not just a hotel. I would like to have a place that offers parking for their convenience. Can you give me some advice on a cottage or other rental in town? Thank you!
Elk Street Cottage Grand Treehouse Resort Grand Central Hotel Susie's Bungalow King size beds may not be an option. This is one of the details you will need to discuss with the innkeeper.

What will there be to do when we come the first week of Jan. 2012 Thanks.
Shop? Eat? Get a massage? Visit Turpentine Creek? Take a carrige ride? Relax? Go on a Ghost Tour? Take a drive around the lake? Sit in a jacuzzi and drink hot chocolate? Take a walking tour of our beautifully landscaped springs? Go to the King's Day party at the Rowdy Beaver?

Eureka Gras Best Hotel to Stay At
I would like to know the best hotel to stay at during the Eureka Gras in February.
Any lodging property would be fine. I don't understand what you mean by "best."

Moving into the area and I am looking for a house to laese. Any suggestions?
Local newspapers.

Christmas Eve hours
Hi Karen, my friend from Seattle is coming to Arkansas this year for Christmas. I'd love to show her more of Arkansas than just my hometown (Fort Smith). Do you know if any of the shops will be open on Christmas Eve in Eureka?
I'm sure they will.

Christmas parade 2012
Karen, Will the parade be November 30 or December 7 next year? I know that it is usually planned far in advance and I need to book a room at my favorite place this far ahead, if you can believe it! Thanks, Angela
The Christmas Parade is always the first Friday in December.

Trying to find a business called Trolley Ice. Can you tell me where it is?
It's on Main Street across from the court house.

dinner for ten Friday night
Karen, my family of three has spent the first weekend of December in Eureka Springs for many years. We consider it the start of our Christmas season! This year we'll have seven other family members with us for a total of ten! Could you recommend a place for us to all sit together for dinner after the parade on Friday? Maybe someplace that would take a reservation. Cost is an issue and we are not crazy about DeVito's. Thanks, Angela
It is requested that any party more than 6 make a reservation anyplace. If cost is an issue AND you want something downtown try Pied Piper Pub or the best pizza in town at Chelsea's.

Setting up a naturopathic practice.
Hi there, I was wondering how successful a cash-based natural medicine practice would be in Eureka Springs. Are there any naturopathic doctors in the area that graduated from a 4-year postgraduate natural medicine school? Would the community be interested in and receptive to a doctor skilled in acute and chronic care using modern assessments and nontoxic therapies? Thanks for your insight!
My apologies but, I have no insight. It is not up to "my opinion" to suggest someone move and start a business here. Those questions need to be directed to the Chamber of Commerce or, a real estate agent.

New Year's celebration
Karen, My friend and I are looking for something fun to do for New Year's Eve this year. Is there anything planned in Eureka? Thanks, C
There is an annual event at the Best Western Inn of the Ozarks convention center. Fun, music, dancing. Reservations are required. Many of the restaurants and bars will be having special menus and parties.

Christmas Day Dining
Hi...Was wondering what alternatives there will be for Christmas dinner 2011, I see the one at the Crescent will be serving. Any others? Alos, will the spas be open on Boxing day? Thnks for your help.
We have not yet received information regarding restaurants that will be serving on Christmas Day. Yes, spas will be open the day after.

Store name
What is the name of the big store located just above the Mud Street Cafe?
Romancing the Stone.

I am looking for the name of the jewelry store in which everything is $10.00. I was there this summer and would like to contact the store. Thanks
Is it WOW on Spring Street?

restaurants-thanksgiving day
I just moved to Bella Vista and my boyfriends mom lives in Berryville.. we were thinking about coming to Eureka Springs for the day and eat.. what restaurants will be open that day??? Please help!!! I dont cook and we dont want to have to go get her bring her to bella vista then back!!! would love to spend the day with yall!!! :)
Actually, the majority of restaurants will be open on Thanksgiving. Please note, those serving traditional Thanksgiving fare will require reservations... Myrtie Maes Restaurant - Best Western Inn of the Ozarks Crystal Dining Room- Crescent Hotel Rowdy Beaver Restaurant and Tavern Forest Hill Restaurant Rogue's Manor

mardi GRAS celebration
Hi, Karen. I represent a band that is interested in playing the Eureka Springs Mardi GRAS. I was told Dan Ellis heads it up, and thought you might have contact information for him? Thanks so much!
His phone # is 479 981-9551

What is "It's a Wonderful Life", "Calm Before Christmas Village", and "A Queen Anne Christmas"? What is there to do during the week before/after Christmas?
If you click on those calendar entries, you will get the discriptions. All events are listed on the calendar.

What is the name of the little chapel close to the convience store in the Historic area?
I don't know of a chapel "close to a convience store in the Historic district." However, the chapels located around there are... Gavioli Chapel Gardeners Chapel at Rock Cottage Gardens Angels Amoung Us at Main Street Inn

Winter visit
My family will converge on ES between 12-26 and 12-30-2011. I'm hoping that everything won't be closed down. We will be staying on Holiday Island. Will we have things to see and do that time of year?

Crystal Shop Name Needed
I bought an opal and silver bracelet at a shop on main street just up from the Mud Street Cafe, the shop was run by a man and his mom was clerking, they have bat skeletons and lots of crystals inside. Can you tell me the name of the shop? I lost my business card from there. Thank you.
Nature's Treasures?

In August I was there and purchased sunglasses from a shop where everything in it was $10 Can you give me the name of the store?
Maybe Sonya's? Was it across the street from the trolley depot?

Eureka !
Hi! My husband and I are coming this weekend to vacation! Is there any holiday/christmas light attractions going on yet??
No sorry, not yet.

snow in winter?
Im planning a trip the first week of January and wonder what the weather is normally like? Does it normally snow? Or just really cold?
It's cold in January and it usually snows.

Hi - My sister and I are planning a shopping trip to Branson and would also like to come over to Eureka for a day. What are Sundays like for Shopping in Eureka Springs? Are most stores open? Regular hours? We don't want to drive over if most stores are closed. We are coming the weekend of Dec 10-11. We are interested in the downtown gift-type shopping area. Thanks for your help! Jolie
Shops are open on Sunday.

Does Eureka Springs have an off-season? I'm going to be down there in early January and I was wondering if there will still be some things open.
Businesses are open in January.

winter vacation
I am looking for things to do in Eureka Springs in early December. Seem like alot of the attractions may not be suitable to colder weather. What do you recommend?
Depending on the exact dates, there are still many things to do in the wintertime. In fact, some of the best memories are made visiting Eureka Springs during our "Secret Season."

visit to NWA
I'm trying to plan a trip to NWA in 2012 for a group to see the new Crystal Bridges Museum, and Thorncrown Chapel. Are any Fay Jones' homes open or available for private tours?
No ma'am they are not.

Lodging for Single
Hello, I am interested in lodging for a single lady, within walking distance of downtown, during the week. Thank you!
Lots of choices downtown. Basin Park Hotel, New Orleans, Hotel, Palace Hotel, Grand Central Hotel, Cliff Cottages just to name a few. Use the search feature on the lodging page and search for "historic district.

We are thinking of having a wedding in Eureka Springs and I wondered if there is a local resturant that could cater to a large hotel room for a small group of people, around 15 or so. Thanks
If the hotel has a restaurant of its own, they will not allow outside food to be brought in. If you have a wedding planner, they will assist you with food.

is there anywhere to camp near eureka springs? We have a truck with a camper on it. Thanks
We have several camp sites. The Kettle Campground, Waunderlust RV Park and KOA Campground.

Diversity weekend
What months & weekend date is Diversity weekend in 2012, I just found out about it a few days ago. I would like to know when it is. I want to make plans for next year. Thank You,
They are scheduled for the same weekends every year. Which ever weekend is on the 2011 events calendar, will be the same weekend in 2012.

hot springs
Hi are there any hot springs where one could soak in the healing mineral waters? I tried logging in on the Spas, but all they provide are beauty treatments and massage. I heard so much about the radium water in the hot springs.
The "hot" springs are in "Hot" Springs, Arkansas. The Eureka springs are cold.

Diversity weekend
When is Diversity weekends?? next year in 2012
They are scheduled on the same weekends every year.

We were thinking of coming over the wed before thanksgiving and leaving fri or sat. Will shops and restaurants be open?

good place to eat lunch and breakfast
We are staying at the grand central hotel resort. We plan on shopping in the historic downtown district. Also looking for a good place for breakfast. Thanks in advance.
Sounds like you have a plan. Other than Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Subway, our restaurants are all chef owned/operated. Just pick one!

Hi, I am planning a trip next Friday, November 11th to AR to view fall foliage. I thought it would be fun to come to Eureka Springs, but was wondering if that's too late for the area - would the leaves have fallen by then? And are there any tours offered through the area?
There is still a little bit. The transit office has a historic district tram tour every day or contact Eureka Van Tours, those are every day also.

We will be staying in Branson for Thanksgiving week. We are eating in Eureka Springs on Thanksgiving day. Will any shops be open on that day?

I'm coming down Saturday the 29th with a group of friends for Halloween weekend. Was wondering what the nightlife is like on Halloween weekend. Any good places to go to??
Bring a costume. You'll be out of place without one.

ghost tours
What is the best ghost tour for Sat. Oct 29th. Also, can you recommend a great restaurant in town?
We have two ghost tours. The Crescent and the Basin Park. The Cemetary tour this weekend is historical in presentation. Except for McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Subway, our restaurants are chef owned and operated. Just pick one.

scenic water falls near eureka springs
hie.. can you please guide me with good scenic watefalls near eureka planning to come on oct 28th for weekend... or any other scenic places i can visit in two days..thanks for your help...
Eureka Springs is surround by "scenic." The only two highways in and out of town (23 north and south and 62 east and west) are both state scenic highways. Most waterfalls are on private property. And those that aren't will not be "showy" if there is no rain.

birthday celebration
We have a group coming to celebrate a milestone birthday. I'd like to order flower and maybe hire someone to play the piano in our rental house and sing a few numbers, including "happy birthday." Do you guys have any suggestions? It is the weekend of the 11th and 12th of November. Thanks!
I like (and use often) Eureka Flower's. 800-451-0233 Diana Brown works for the Eureka Springs School of the Arts. She's a great pianist and singer. Find her contact info here

corinithian windchimes - shop on main street
I am trying to remember the name of the shop on main street that sells the corinithian windchimes. I was just there last week and should have purchased this item.. Now I can't even remember name of shop so I can see if they have a website as I would really like to purchase this. If you have any idea of which one this is - please email me. Thank-you. I love Eureka Springs!
A Byrd's Eye View?

Thanksgiving Dinner
What resturants will be open serving Thanksgiving Dinner. Coming from out ot town and would like to make a reservation. Thank you.
Myrtie Mae's, Crescent Hotel, Grand Taverne, Forest Hill, Rowdy Beaver, just to name a few...

fall foliage
My wife and I want to visit Eureka Springs and wonder when the best time to see fall foliage in the area,currently, might be. Is the peak time still to come?
Usually during the last two weeks of October.

My husband and I will be staying in Eureka Springs next weekend and we'er wondering if there are taxi's easily available to take us home if we might enjoy ourselves at one of the fine bars downtown?
Eureka Limo is best. $5.00 per person/one way. 479-981-4992.

Just checking to see if the leaves are changing colors?
Usually during the last two weeks of October.

My partner & I are having a ceremony in Eureka during spring diversity weekend in April 2012.. I was wondering what is the weather like in April in Eureka? Would it be nice enough to have an outside cermony?
April is pretty "iffy." A wedding outdoors is certainly doable but, I would suggest having a plan B just in case.

First Time Visitor
We are visiting for the first time to Eureka Springs on Nov. 1. What should we see and where is the best place for lunch? Thanks so much for your help. Sandy
Well, you should see everything! There are many, many examples of our town on the website. Other than McDonalds, Subway and Pizza Hut, our restaurants are all chef owned. Take your pick!

milerage from fayetteville
We are meeting our grandaughter who lives in Fayetteville in Eureka Springs this week-end.. We are not familiar with the area. nor is she. Where is a good place to meet her before she gets into E.S? Some place visible and easy to find. Thanks
Meet at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge on 23 South or Acord's Home Center on 23 South

was wondering if you could please give me any information about stone pig ridge cabin? cant seem to find any reviews on it anywhere and was wondering if its a good place.. thanks
It's a very nice cabin.

Honeymoon in Eureka
My fiance and I are getting married on November 19 and plan to spend our honeymoon in Eureka from Nov 20-24. I was wondering if any recommendations for places to eat, the nightlife, any place that has like a hot spring, or what actually to do in Eureka since this will be our first time. Regards, Chris Swango
Look around our website for all the info. There are no "hot" springs here.

Any luxury cabins out Onyx Cave direction?
Hi - want to know where to stay - luxury or very nice cabin that is near Hammer Field - up by Onyx Cave. Anniversary occasion. For Oct 21-22nd. Help ! Thanks!
The closest cabin property to Hammer Field is Dogwood Cottages.

Thanksgiving dinner
What restaurants will be serving Tanksgiving dinner on 11/24/2011 ? Also will restaurants be open the next day otn the 25th ?
Restaurants will be open. Myrtie Mae's, Forest Hill, Crystal Dining Room, Rowdy Beaver are just a few that will offer buffets on Thanksgiving Day.

hi-can you tell me some of the events the weekend of the 28/29/30..i checked online, but all i really saw was the party at turpentine...we were there for halloween weekend a few years ago, it seemed as tho there was many happenings, but no information...are they all private events?
There are Haunted Hayrides at Bear Mountain. Parties in all the bars. Voices from Eureka's Silent City.

sonnys pizzeria
is Donnie pizzeria still in business here in eureka? Here today and wanted to do lunch or dinner there. He had the best fried zucchini and calamari. Thanks!
Sonny's Pizza? No. They have been gone for several years. Lovin Oven and Chelsea's have the best pizza in town.

Ghost Tours
Hi Karen. Was wondering if there are still cemetery tours during the Halloween Season? Thanks for any information.
Yes. October 14 and 15 and October 28 and 29.

access by boat
We are interested incoming to visit by boat (40'). where are options to park/dock and get a taxi/limo to Eureka for food, fun, shopping?
Beaver Lake or Table Rock?

Is Thanksgiving a good time to visit? What is the weather usually like? Is the scenery still beautiful?
The last two weeks of October are the best times for fall foliage. By Thanksgiving, it's pretty much all over.

Planning on coming up the 3rd week of October with the wife and father. Wanted to make sure we're there when the downtown shops are open. Do most close on certain days? Sunday? Monday? Thanks!
October is our busiest month of the year. Everything is open.

My hubby & I were thinking about getting away for Thanksgiving weekend. Are there many shops & dining establishments opened downtown then, and if so, can you recommend somewher to stay in the heart of downtown? We'd prefer to just walk to shopping & dining, if possible. Thanks!
Everything will be open. The Basin Park Hotel, The Grand Central Hotel, the Palace Hotel, Flatiron Flats and the New Orleans Hotel are all located downtown.

Hi Karen...What are the antiquing opportunities like in Eureka? I also heard nearby Springfield had lots of antique stores. What are your ideas? Thanks!
There are lots of antique stores all over Eureka Springs.

Cabins with jacuzzi tubs outside
I am looking for a cabin in the woods with a jacuzzi tub out on the deck or patio, reasonably priced. I am looking for log cabin. Its a surprise and its for the weekend of the 23-24 of september. Do you have any suggestions on which ones are the better of the selection?
You may find something with an outdoor HOT TUB, but not a jacuzzi. And, it will be for all guests. Use the lodging search feature to select the amenities you are needing.

Can someone give me the phone number to the Fossil store? There was a Fossil purse my wife wanted for her B-day! Please and Thanks
Fossil store? There is not a shop in town by that name.

School Project
Hi, my name is Katie and I am an architecture student at the University of Oklahoma. We were resently given a project to design a "monastary" in Eureka Springs. A piece of this project is to create some type of mission center for the area, and I was wondering what type of mission would truly be needed in the area. For example; food banks, homeless shelters, donation centers etc. If you have any thought I would love to have your imput! Thank You!
We do not have a homeless shelter.

where is a good place to stay that is romantic (hot tub or jucuzzi tub) but is motorcycle friendly
There are many properties like that. Use the search feature on the lodging page to select the amenities you require.

corvette car show
Could you tell me if they still have the corvette car show and when it is? Thank you.
It's always the first weekend of October.

Facility for 60 for catered dinner
I heard while in Eureka Springs this past week that Sweet Springs Antiques across from the post officce on Spring street had a room available to rent upstairs, however I was not able to go there during business hours - I've tried calling but the number I'm getting via google is for Sweet Spring Antique Mart on Pine Street - I've called twice and left a message with no response. I'm not sure I'm calling the correct place. If they don't have a place available, is there somewhere else I could rent a room (that would accommodate 60) for a catered dinner?
The owners of "The Space" are out of town at the moment. I'm not sure when they will return. There are several places that offer meeting space. The Queen Anne Mansion. Blue Spring Heritage Center. Inn of the Ozarks and the Crescent Hotel have space and will do the catering for you as well.

AA Meetings
I am coming to visit a friend in October and I wanted to know if Eureka Springs has AA Meetings.
Yes. Daily. At the Coffee Pot. It's just past the juction of highway 62 and 23 south. On the left, next door to Red Barn Antiques.

What's happening
We will be there in 3 weeks and 3 days. I understand that some of the old underground Eureka Springs has opened for tourism. If that is true; are there any links? Information? Is there anything else going on in the area from Sept. 28 to Oct. 2nd that might be of interest. Thanks Jim
Check the calendar of events.

antique auto show
Do you have details about the antique auto show scheduled for Aug. 10? What time? Where? How much? Thanks
It's September, not August. It's all weekend. Autos are on display at Pine Mountain Village. There is no charge. There is a parade on Saturday at 11. To bring a car and participate, call the Chamber of Commerce. 479 253 8737

Hi Karen, My mother, sister and I will be coming to Eureka Springs on September 16th to shop, eat, spend the night, eat, and possibly shop again. Can you tell me what time the stores close on Friday, and what time they open on Saturday? Also, we will be staying at Eureka Suites. I was hoping to just use the Trolley, but if it stops at 6:00 p.m., is there a good cab company that we can take back to the Suites, and can you give me an estimate as to how much it would cost? Thank you SO much! This is difficult for me to plan as I live in California, but I want to make it special for my mother and sister. Thanks again, Cathy
Shops are open by 10 every morning. They close at 6, 7, or 8 depending on the store. The limo service is $5.00 per person one way.

Arsenic & Old Lace/gay friendly?
We were wondering if Arsenic and Old Lace B&B is gay friendly?? Thank you
Yes they are.

Arsenic & Old Lace B&B
Do you know if Arsenic and Old Lace B&B is gay friendly? We have reservations there
Yes, it is.

shopping in Eureka Springs
going to Eureka Springs for the day. I want to know where would be a good place to walk thru different shops.
Downtown and Pine Mountain Village. There are shops everywhere in all four directions of Eureka Springs.

Bed & Breakfast
what's the name of the bed and breakfast that has a big house and two small cabins at the end of the road in front of the crescent? stayed there once along time ago and can't remember the name. thanks
Lookout Cottages?

When will signs of Fall be visible in Eureka Springs? Thanks
Between the last two weeks of October and the first week of November.

Looking for a reasonable, but clean place to stay. What would you recommend for your family.
There are many choices in the lodging section. Use the "refine your search" feature to select the amenities that are important to you.

looking for a store
I was in Eureka Springs last year. There was a store that sold only socks..... I would love the contact information!
For Bare Feet 479-253-8084.

Men's Museums
My husband and I are coming to ES with another couple and we were wondering while us ladies shop downtown, is there any place the guys can see knives or guitars being made. Please recommend something for the men if possible. Thanks Katie
We don't have anything like that. Fishing, golf, historical museum, galleries. Cave tours, winery, tram tours.

store closing
hello i was wondering what months does the downtown shops close or if they do? Do they allow dogs to go in the downtown shops? Thankyou so much for your time!!
Shops do not close...unless there is a foot of snow on the ground. Dogs can go in but, only if you carry them.

we would like to go camping in a tent the first week in September, and were wondering were the good locations are at. I can't find any web sites. Thank you
Kettle Campground and KOA Campground. Also Beaver Dam Camping.

Could you please recommend a cabin for us.We would like to come for a weekend we do have a one year old.We would like to have some privacy and be in the woods of course.It doesnt have to be fancy maybe just relaxing.Thank you for your time and help.
There are several cabin properties listed on the lodging page.

Anniversary Trip
My husband and I plan to spend a couple of days in Eureka Springs the end of next week (around August 19th) for our 30th wedding anniversary. Any suggestions on where we should stay and where we should dine? What should we absolutely not miss there during our 2 night stay?
Did you find businesses on the lodging and dining pages that interested you? It would be impossible for me to suggest one place.

Trails Inn
Looking at Trails Inn for a two night stay. Is this hotel as nice, secluded and comfy as it looks. Is it worth the extra money to get a pool side room "overlooking the pool and secluded wooded area?"
The woods are in the back. Trails Inn sits on Highway 62 (Van Buren Street.) It is a nice, clean, well maintained lodging property. On the trolley route. Very convenient location.

Sunday night movie in Eureka Springs
Wondering if your city still shows movies on Sunday night--outside in a parking lot in downtown Eureka Springs. Thanks!!! Phil and Patti
No, sorry we do not. Movies in Basin Spring Park are over for the summer.

Do you know of a place(s) between ES and Beaver Lake?
There are many lodging properties between here and Beaver Lake. Use the search feature on the lodging page and select "on the water" as your location choice.

Cookie Tour
We had planned to do the annual B&B Cookie Tour in Dec. 2010, but were unable to make it. I haven't been able to find anything on it for this year. PLEASE tell me the B&B Association is going to do this again this year!?!?!
We have not yet received information about this event. I have no reason to think it will not happen. Chances are good it will be held the same weekend as the last few years.

Halloween 2011
A group of about 10 of us were wanting to come and celebrate Halloween with you in ES! We needed to know about dates of pub crawl/parties/trick or treating, stuff like that, and also a good place that's not too far of a walk off the main areas for lodging. Anything you can tell me would be very helpful! Thank you!
Halloween will be held on...Halloween. Monday October 31. I'm sure there will be parties the weekend before as well. In the search feature on the lodging page, properties listed in the historic district are located within walking distance of downtown.

jewelry in Basin Park
How long does it take to get a permit to sell jewelry in Basin Park? Is it open for sales in October? thank you
You will need to call the court house with these questions...479-253-9703.

Hello, I am visiting my friend in Little Rock in October/November. I make jewelry and dye silk scarves. I would like to know if there is a shop, market, or hotel to whom I could write and ask about having an exhibit for my crafts. I have exhibited internationally and would provide quality merchandise. Thank you for any suggestions that you can give me regarding this matter. With kind regards, Pamela
Check the calendar of events for craft shows in October. Contact information will be available there.

main street??
We are planning a day trip to Eureka Springs in Sept. Is there a MAIN Street that has all the local shops and vendors? When entering ES through Branson, where do we go for parking to walk the best streets for shops? Tamralyn
The entire downtown area is shopping...and public parking.

Vegetarian Restaurants
Hi. What would be a great vegetarian restaurant in Eureka Springs?
Practically every restaurant in town offers vegetarian on their menu. It's impossible to pick the "best" one.

Christmas in Eureka Springs
Karen, we have visited Eureka Springs many times, but never during the Christmas season. This year we're determined to make the trip sometimes in November or December. In order to get the full effects of the lights, decorations and activities, when do you suggest we come.
Our holiday "kick off" is the first weekend of December. The Christmas parade on Friday, Candlelight Tour of Homes and Christmas Ball on Saturday. And I believe, Brunch with Santa is on Sunday.

Some girls are coming for a Thanksgiving get-a-way. We are looking for a restaurant that will be open Thanksgiving day to eat at. What other things would you recommend?
There are several restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day. Crystal Dining Room, Myrtie Mae's and Forest Hill just to name a few.

ghost tours
I will be in Eureka Springs in October. Which ghost tour is the best, Crescent Hotel or Basin Park? Thank You!
Both are very interesting. As is Intrique Theatre at the Queen Anne Mansion.

Mexican restaurant/things for pre-teen boys to do
Hello. My friend visited ES in March and suggested we dine at a Mexican restaurant but she can't remember the name. Her description of the restaurant is: "It is on the road leading into the downtown area. It will be on the left hand side up on a hill & it has a large outdoors deck/bar area. You can see if from the road---can't miss it. You must drive by it to get to the downtown. I can't say it was the best mexican I've had but the atmosphere was great sitting outside and the inside is quaint as it is a renovated old house." Can you help us with the name of this restaurant? Also, we are visiting next week with two preteen boys who love the outdoors. Can you tell us the top three things you would do to entertain them? THANK YOU!!
The restaurant in questions is called Casa Colina. Be sure and visit Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Take a hike or paddleboat around Lake Leatherwood. There are also several horseback riding trails and river/lake activities.

Places to eat
I am coming for a little get away with a load of teenagers. We are looking for interesting, different, but inexpensive place to eat while there for 3 days. Our funds are limited, but we don't want McDonald's. What do you suggest? Thanks :)
The Oasis. Sparky's. Grandma's Bean's and Cornbread. Hotdog Heaven. Geraldi's. Cafe Amore. La Familia. Lovin' Oven.

Walking Around with Alcohol
Can you walk around Eureka with alcohol? Not planning on getting drunk but I's like to drink a beer while I am walking around. Thanks!
No. No open containers.

atv trails
My husband and I are looking for a vacation spot that we can ride our atv and see breathtaking scenery. Are there ATV trails available in ES? Also could you give an ideal of the mid afternoon temperature. Thanks
Contact Hidden Valley Guest Ranch. If you're here today, the afternoon temp is going to be around 93 degrees.

Antique Dealer
Several years ago we visited a place just outside of town that was like a history museum. This gentleman collected antiques and had created a historical setting in building with some these antiques. He also had a building where he gave a presentation on history. It was an awesome show. Can you tell me if he is still there? I'm not finding anything on websites for him and cannot remember the name of the place.
Well, that was Abundant Memories. I do not think they are open to the public any longer.

October 28 & 29, 2011 Loding Advice
Hello there! We are two couples planning a weekened-trip out of southeast Kansas and have decided upon Eureka Springs! We are looking for accommodations that are within easy walking distance of shopping and music and that provides separate sleeping areas for each couple. I'm not familiar enough with the area to name streets, but do know that we would prefer to be in the 'heart of the action' of shopping, bars, and music. If you could possibly recommend lodging under $150 for each couple, I would most certainly appreciate it! We are quite open to a hotel, B & B, or guest house. Thank you so much for your help!!! Robin Zvolanek-Krenzel Chanute, KS 66720
You might consider 66 Center Street, The Peabody House, Sleepy Hollow, just to name a few. There are many others. Use the lodging search feature to select the specific amenities you may desire. Select "historic district" as your location of choice.

Selling Jewelry
I made a trip to Eureka springs and fell in love with the free spirit of the town. I noticed there were several folks set up in the Basin Park area selling jewelry and other handmade things. I was wondering if there was a permit required to do this? I make jewelry and would love to set up and help fund my vacation if possible.
Yes, a permit is required. You can get this from the courthouse. You will be allowed a certain amount of space and you must create your craft while showing/selling. There are other rules and regulations that must be followed. You will be informed of these when you apply for a permit.

2nd floor clothing shop on Spring or Center
Can't remember the name of this store we visited 6/30/11. Its door was street level, then stairs straight up to the shop. The clothing was all cotton, linen, flax, mostly tunics and casual pants.
That sounds like the Pink Flamingo.

places to stay
Karen, Two couples are looking for a place to stay, preferably with a pool. We are open to small motels, 2 bedroom suite types, or inns. We aren't interested in the very expensive cabins or resorts. Can you make a recommendation? Thank you!!
Most of the motels along Van Buren Street have pools. Bavarian Inn is very nice and the restaurant is fantastic!

Vacation large family
We have 10 peple looking for family vaca: 3 married couples one with two kids age 10 & 4, I have 17 yr daughter and she will bring a boyfriend. So we need to have enough space for us all. If we have to have two suites or cabins that is a possibility. Something with a pool. Close to down town Eureka. Can we get a price range under $250 a night? We want to come Thurs 7/28 and leave Sun 7/31. Thanks for your time
Cabins at Lake Lucerne. Dogwood Cottages. Oakcrest Cottages. Tall Pines. (the only one with a pool that meet the rest of your requirements.)

Outdoor Music Entertainment
We usually come in Sept and still enjoy live music at Basin Park and the New Delhi. Is the outdoor entertainment still available during Oct or are things slowing down outside???
Yes, it is.

moving to eureka springs
I recently visited your town and fell in love with it. I'd love to know anything you'd like to share about your beautiful town. I hope to move there within 18 months.
Living here is a whole lot different than visiting here. Just do your homework.

lodging for family
Hi - am looking for a place to take my 89 year old dad so that he can bring his boat and fish for crappie all day. would like a place with a dock on property or very close (without driving) we have 4 adults and 2 kids willing to stay in any kind of lodging would be nice for kids to have pool or dock for swimming in lake thank you
Use the lodging search feature on the lodging page to select any specific amenities you may need.

My husband and I will be in Eureka Springs the 4th of July weekend. What are the must do places to eat and visit? Is the dinner train still there? We honeymooned in Eureka 19 years ago on the same weekend. I want to make this a wonderful time for me and my husband. Any good advice and tips you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
The train is still operating. The calendar of events should list 4th of July activities.

My boyfriend and I will be coming to visit in late July. Do you have any restaurants or bars that offer karaoke?
The majority of them have live entertainment on the weekends. Pick up a copy of the Lovely County Citizen when you get here. It will have a schedule of what everyone is doing. Unless they have live music scheduled, Henri's, Eureka Live and the Lumberyard have karaoke sometimes.

We want to get married out there. Just us and our immediate family. We want to have a small little ceremony and then all go to a fun bar/restaurant and eat and drink and celebrate. We are a fun crowd. Do you have any suggestions? For the wedding and after?
There are many suggestions on our wedding pages. Everything depends on what YOU want, what your budget is and how many people there are.

Cottage Question
What is the name of the B&B that has the rock cottages. there are several of the cottages and it is in the historic district. Thanks.
Rock Cottage Gardens is the name.

taxie or travel by van
Eureka Taxi is 479-253-6699 Eureka Limo is 479-363-6055. Both music show parking lots are large enough to handle a motor coach. I don't see how it could not handle a motor home of any size.

Around $15.00 per person.

what shop?
A bunch of us were in E.S. not long ago. I bought an "antlers dish" at a shop just a few doors to the right of the Basin Park Hotel (as you face the bldg), but can't remember the name of the shop. I wanted to order another one for a friend. The shop carries lots of funny wall decor, candles in the back, and, of course, the antlers dish ($20). Do you know the name of this shop? Thanks, Cara
Gift Corner? 479-253-9433

the springs of Eureka Springs
After going to ES for many years, we're taking our daughter and family there for the first time, and she asked an interesting question -- are there really any springs in ES? I know of the tiny ones that you come upon while walking through town, but are there other, bigger springs to be found?
This one is about as big as it gets...

Coming to Eureka Springs for a weekend shopping getaway. Looking for lodging very near all of the shopping. Smack dab in the middle would be great or within two blocks. Could you make a suggestion of some place to stay? Thank you! Can't wait to visit your town!
Use the lodging search feature. Select "historic district" as your location choice.

pet friendly lodging
I need a mid-price range cabin or cottage that is pet friendly to stay 4 or 5 days, 2 adults, one 12-year old. My pets are all 4-7 pounds, there are several, but well behaved and crated in room. We would like outside access for potty breaks.
Use the "lodging search" feature on the lodging page. While I do not know what you mean by "several," please remember, properties may have limits on the number of pets allowed in a room.

where to stay
hello, my family and i will be coming to town for the passion play. we have four children, two infants and a six and four year old. i am looking for the best place to spend the night or maybe a couple. need a good and safe location. thanks
All of Eureka Springs is a good and safe location. You will need to talk directly to innkeepers regarding sleeping arrangements. Some offer cribs, some do not. There are lots of suggestions on the lodging page. Start with the lodging search feature to select any specific amenities you may require.

What restaurants are good for families with kids (ages 9-10)?
Sparky's, Myrtie Mae's, La Familia Tex-Mex, Forest Hill, Geraldi's, Grandma's Beans and Cornbread, Cafe Amore, Pancakes.

bachelorette party
Any ideas of a good spot in town for a bachelorette party? Something fun!
Are you asking for lodging suggestions or a venue?

fine dining and canoe trip
Can u recommend any fine dining restaurants for an anniversary dinner? Also, which is closest to crescent hotel for a canoe trip, white or kings river? Can't really tell which I should book. Thanks!
The Kings is west, the White is east. There is really no distance difference between the two. There are many wonderful restaurants in Eureka Springs. DeVitos for Italian, Gaskins Cabin for steaks, Grand Taverne, Cottage Inn just to name a few.

Copper wind sculpture
My husband and I came to Eureka Springs for our honeymoon back in Aug 2009. While shopping downtown, we found a store that had a copper wind sculpture hanging outside that we fell in love with. We just had to buy the biggest one they had. I am now wanting to try to see if we can order more for friends & family who have also loved it as much as we do but I can't remember the name of the store. I can send a picture of what I am looking for if that helps. Any help would be very appreciated! Thank you Jeni tominia
Where downtown?

Lodging and Events
We want to visit ES for first time, like a lot of activity, want to see the Passion Play and enjoy all the shops we've heard about. For events, what is the best time of the year to visit for above, and what places for lodging are fairly close (within walking distance--less than a mile) to the shops, etc. I'm cold natured so cooler weather is probably not a good choice for me for first visit. Any suggestions? Our anniversary is July 12, but can't come till right after that anyway. Aug, Sep and probably part of Oct would be good for us--I think. Thank you.
August thru the middle of September are the warmest. Any lodging property in the Historic District allows walking. There is a trolley stop at all lodging properties within the city limits.

garage sale
Hi Karen~ This may be a longshot but my hubby&I were visitng Eureka Springs(again!)&decided to go garage saleing. Found a great one in a wonderful addition on Holiday Island on Table Rock ?St. ?Rd on Sat April 30.An older retired couple who we visited w/for hrs(the husband loved our truck&the guys were both in the military so we had lots to talk about! And she&I are both members of Red Hat Society!LOL).Anyway, I would love to get ahold of them again. Thought maybe they had advertised in local paper.I give you my permission to give them my email addy &phone# 678-925-8031 Thx, Jackie
This will take some research, Jackie. I'll do what I can. Be back with you soon. -K

October 9 Wedding-need hair Stylist
Hi, We are getting married at the Oak Crest Cottages Chapel October 9th at 11:00 am. I need a hair stylist that morning. Can you please recommend one? Being a Sunday morning, I am hoping I won't have a problem getting someone to come to my cottage. Thank you.
I would call the New Moon Spa. They are open on Sunday. You will probably have to go there, but maybe you can work something out with one of their stylists. -K

Where would be the best place for 3 girlfriends to stay without one sleeping on the couch? Everything seems to be based on double occupancy.
You should check cabins and cottages. Or B&B's.

Movies at the park
Hey Karen We have a little over three weeks and will will be in in ES I CAN'T WAIT !!!!!. Anyway did you ever hear what is playing on Movies in the park. on June 5th thanks Melissa
June 5: Despicable Me June 12: Defending Your Life June 19: Meet in St. Louis June 26: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels July 3: Yankee Doodle Dandy July 10: Casablanca

Weather in Eureka in November
What is the average weather in Eureka towards the end of November around Thanksgiving time?
It's usually cold by then.

Movie Schedule
I saw someone else ask on the forum about the movie schedule. Were you able to find out if it's posted yet? Thanks!
June 5: Despicable Me June 12: Defending Your Life June 19: Meet in St. Louis June 26: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels July 3: Yankee Doodle Dandy July 10: Casablanca

hotels on Hwy 62
Coming to do a race in early June at Lake Leatherwood and I am looking for hotels near or on Hwy 62. Is Van Buren near there. Would prefer a Best Western or Choice Hotels network of hotels.
Hwy 62 and Van Buren St are the same.

Eureka candles
Is the Eureka Candles store still open? I am comming home for the first time ina few years and want to come to Eureka Springs if the store is still open. Thanks
No. Eureka Candles closed several years ago. There are other candle shops in town, tho.

mountain bike rental
I would like to rent mountain bikes at Beaver lake. Who should I call?

cabin for seven people
Karen there are 7 of us coming from den. co. for memorial day weekend. we would like to find a large cabin or house we could rent for the fri,sat,sun, nights. 303-913-8893. please help, yes it is short notice. we will be meeting other people at the Rockin Pig, so something close to that. Thanks for your help.®ion=0&type=7&t1=&t2= Select any that interest you and let me know if you have more questions.

a nice place to stay for 2 nites, 4 adults need 2 rooms.don't want expensive but nice and clean
The lodging page has lots of suggestions.

Dining on ES&NA Railroad
When does the dinner train start? The website just says May to October. Thank you
May 6.

My girlfriend and i were planning on coming down this weekend. Are some or most of the shops closed on saturday or sunday due to the easter holiday? Thanks
No they are not closed.

50's Music
I will be coming to Eureka Springs for the first time in June. Was wondering if there are any clubs or restaurants that that play 50's music. Thanks
Only be chance. There are none "dedicated" to that genre.

Years ago I started a painting of the Rosalie and brought it out to finish it but have lost the postcard I was using for reference. I've been able to find several pictures of the home but none from the angle I am painting. If you were standing right in front of the house looking at it and walked to your left 15 or 20 feet you would be about the same angle. Are you familiar with the image I'm looking for and do you know where I might purchase it? Thanks so much. Sally
You might try Eureka Thyme. She carries photos and postcards.

We are in our mid 60's. Wife retireing nurse I already there. Wife is also an artis and I'm eh. How is your area for yooung at mind and old in body? Thanks.
Eureka is a great place to live.

Community help
Do you know the best way for me to get the Eureka community to help a family get to and from GED school in berryville?/ They have been at this since November and the family is new to this society at all. They need our help..
Put a classified in the local newspaper.

Where to stay and eat?
We are getting married at Thorncrown Chapel. What is the best and closest B&B and a good restaurant for after the wedding?
The closest B&B is Eureka Sunset. There are many good restaurants, it depends on what you like.

retail/commercial rentals
hello! we are looking for a rental space/ house zoned both commercial/residential in the historic area or close to..... i'm seeing tons of real estate for sale, but coming up short on rental info. do you know of any companies that specialize in this for that area, or any contact names of where to go from here? thanks so much for any help you can give! blessings, deborah
Some real estate companies also deal in rentals. That and the local newspapers are the only resources.

I am looking for a lady who does readings over the phone. I was told she owned a store called Crystal Springs?? Would you happend to have her e-mail address. Thanks
Josie Yerby owns Crystal Waters.

Movies in the park
Hey Karen, Do you know the schuldule for Movies in the park yet. THank you
Hey Girl! No, not yet. I'll see if I can find out when I return to the office on Monday.

dinner train
it has been years sence my last they still have that train that serves a meal while it goes threw the woods?

church and lunch
How soon do we have to be at Thorncrown Chapel for Easter Sunday - 11:00 and be able to get in? Also good resturant to hold a bridal luncheon on the 22nd of April? This would be for 7 women. Thank you
Probably 10:30 or so at Thorncrown. Simply Scrumptious Tea Room is nice.

Shop Hours
We will be in Eureka Springs Saturday April 23-Wednesday April 27. What are the hours for the shops on these dates? Sunday, April 24, is Easter Sunday. Thanks
Shops are open by 10 every day.

Ive been trying DESPERATLY to find a 2-3bdrm home that was available in Carroll County, I was wondering if you knew of any rentals/apartments/agencies anything that could help me.
try some of the real estate agencies for rentals. other than that, only the newspaper.

Does Oak Crest Cottages and treehouses have a trolley stop and can you pay for a two day ticket with the trolley driver?
Yes and yes.

train rides
Curious if Eureka Springs as train rides.

calendar of events
I am a volunteer for Scooting the Ozarks Rally to be held in Eureka Springs Sept. 14-17. The rally is included in the calendar of events, but the link for information is incorrect. It should have a link to the rally's forum Who can I contact to correct the link?
I'll pass the info along.

cooking school in Eureka Springs
When I visited about 7 years ago the owner of the Crescent Hotel (on the hill) was starting a cooking school. I am a cooking teacher and would like to contact the owner or the school.
Sorry, that never happened.

it looks like the trolley doesn't run on Mondays in April. Is there parking available in this historic district shopping area?
Actually, the trolley does operate in April. Daily 9AM-6PM. But yes, there is parking downtown.

shopping hours
arriving on a Sunday and leaving on a Tuesday. what kind of hours should we expect for shopping. particularly on Mondays???
Open by 10.

Ozark MOuntain Hoedown
Hey Karen do you know if this is open during the weekend of March 18-20 2011?
As far as I know, yes. If I'm not mistaken, this is their opening weekend.

My friend "Turtle"
Hi Karen, I tried to reply to your email (along with a picture I have of Justine), however it bounced back to me as being undeliverable (no such address). Do you have another email I could send the photo too? Thank you so much.

Need help please
This comes to you from Montana with hope that someone can help me. My husband and I visited Eureka Springs in Sept.of last year 2010 (and fell in love with your town btw). I had met this tiny older gal who goes by the name "Turtle", but her real name is Justine Fox and is originally from Alaska. We exchanged phone numbers and she had called several times to which I was never home. Her calls stopped and I do think she assumed I was avoiding her. This was not the case as I had lost her number and couldn't return her calls. I feel so bad just thinking how rejected she must feel after I promised I'd keep in touch. If anyone reading this knows of her please let me know, or if you see a tiny gray haired gal with glasses and probably wearing blue jeans and sneakers.... please please tell her to call Dee in Montana. Your efforts would be appreciated so so much. Keeping my fingers crossed...... Dee
I'll do some checking around. Where were you when you met her?

For the past two years I signed up to receive a visitors guide. I have 2009 and 2010. Do you have them for 2011? I can't seem to locate it.
Call the Chamber of Commerce to receive the 2011 Visitor Guide. 479-253-8737.

coming to es soon. have seen at least 2 motels that claim to be the cleanest in the town.where can I find accurate info on this? what restaurant do the locals use for brkfst? thanks much!
Which properties are they? Breakfast is good at Myrtie Maes, Local Flavor, Mud Street.

Shepherd Inn Retreat Center
What can you tell me about The Shepherd Inn Retreat Center? I can't tell a lot about it from the website. I have sent an email asking for information and references but have received no response. I am trying to plan a trip for 40 to 50 people and trying to find affordable lodging.
I would try calling them.

? on boutique/lodging name
I can't remember the name of this little ladies boutique that sells jewelry holders and jewelry and shiny things it's on the main shopping area (i believe it's on spring street) and it has two rooms available for rent above the shop. One rooms looks out over the main shopping area and the other towards the back. This store owns the rentals above and offeres a 20% discount in store if you stay. I can't remember the name of this boutique but I think it's a one word name but not sure. Do you by chance know the store I am talking about? Thanks
Lisa Knapp is the owner of Spring Street Overlook. Her shop is All That Glitters.

Hi Karen. Love your site. I own a B&B in Canada and would love to relocate south. Would Eureka Springs be a good place for me?
I don't know anything about you so I can't answer that question.

May 2011 visit
We are planning a trip to ES in May and need to know what is going on in town that month and what dates if anything special. This will be my 6the trip back to ES....I love it there!
check the calendar of events!

Name of hotel
Wife & I had our honeymoon there 30 years ago this weekend. Wanted to stay at the same hotel, same room. Don't remeber the name of it, it was on the lake. Our veiw from the room overlooked the lake and could see the long bridge running across it. Our room # was 148 and they called it the" Islander". The name Barvaryand(sp.) but not sure. Can you help!! Thanks Brad
Was it Pointe West?

where can i find coupons online at for restraunts down there?
Click on the link that says "coupons." If there are any restaurants, they will be there.

Me and my fiance will be getting married april 16th. We were wondering if any places of buisness offered any discounts for newlywed couples. Thank You.
Not specifically but, lots of places are having sales right now.

i would like to know if u can tell me who to contact about a gay/lesbian wedding preacher..thank you for your time
Actually, there are several wedding service providers that conduct committment cerimonies...start with Jann Ortiz at All About Love. Don't forget, Eureka Springs is the only city in Arkansas with a Domestic Partner Registry. Do that at the courthouse. -K

Hello; We would like to come to Eureka Springs and get married. We are not looking for a package of any kind, just a simple ceremony. Can you advise, is there a place near the court house where we can be married? Do we need reservations? Thanks In Advance For Your Help. John
Call Jann... -K

old time photos
my brother had gotten married at a place that takes old time photos. i was wanting the name of the business and contact information. they were located almost directly across from the court house.
Maybe... Judge Roy Bean's? -K

Me and my fiance are coming to Eureka April 16 to get married. We were wondering if the down town district shops and restuarants will be open. We have noticed that some attractions does not open until the first of may. We will be there for the weekend and was hoping to do some shopping. Thank you in advance for your reply.
Yes, shops and restaurants will be open.

trolley schedule
I looked a lot of places on the web site and couldn't find a schedule for the trolley times each day as well as pick up points, I have a bad heart and back so I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful community without a lot of walking if I can help it. Any information you can share would be appreciated. Thank you.
Trolley info is here

I am trying to find cottages or cabins close to the Best Western On Van Buren for the VW show in August. Can you tell me some cabin or cottage locations close to that?
sherwood court.

bed and breakfast
Hi! what, in your opinion, is the cheapest/but nice bed and breakfast in Eureka Springs?
What is your price range and what amenities do you desire?

02/07/2011 family and I will be in Eureka Springs for a whole week the last week of April. What is the normal temps at that time of year..the HI's and LO's? We will be staying at Beaver Lake Cottages (yeah could not help myself)!!!
Warm during the day, a little chilly at night. I would bring a sweater or light jacket. -K

Historic House
What is the history of the house on the road up to the Crescent hotel? It has lots of curved corners, awnings, rock fence, etc.
Are you referring to the Veranda Inn? It was originally a private residence that was also offered as a boarding house. It has a bed and breakfast "grandfather" to operate as a business. -K

Winter hours for Shops, particularly the Secret Garden
Hello Karen, I will be passing thru Eureka Springs the late part of February enroute to Pryor Ok, to pick up a puppy and wanted to stop by some of the shops on Spring Street, especially the Secret Garden. Are most of them closed until March due to the weather? And one more question please, are the Cemetary tours still going to be offered this year? Thank you
Most shops are open depending on weather. Right now, we have about 10 inches of snow on the ground. "Guided" cemetary tours are not going on but you can always go in and look around yourself. -K

place to stay
Hi Karen, I am looking for a nice B&B or cabin to stay in with my girlfriend on the weekend of Feb 11. I know many of these places require at least a 2 or 3 night stay, but I was wondering if you knew of anyplace that might have us for only Saturday the 12th. I'm in the Air Force, stationed at LRAFB, and if you know if any of the owners that give military discounts that would be great also. We would like to stay some place in the countryside with nice views of the mountains/rivers etc, with a rustic but nice interior. Thanks so much for your help, and we look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Evan
There are no B&B's in "the country." Sorry but they are located in the historic district. Here are some B&Bs that offer military discounts. You would need to check with them directly regarding a one night stay... Heartstone Inn Arsenic and Old Lace 5 Ojo Inn -K

this weekend
Hello, Karen! Just came across this "ask a local" link. My husband and I are coming up Thursday evening and will be in Eureka til Sunday. We are celebrating hubby's 50th bday...what do you recommend for after dinner fun this weekend? Any good bands playing? We have done the Ermilio's, DeVito's and Rogue's Manor for dinner in past. Any other places you like for a romantic bday dinner? We are 44 and 50 but sill like to have a fun time! LOL Would love any suggestions you might have on weekend fun! Thanks...Love your town! Cindy
If you like steaks, go to Gaskins Cabin The Prime Rib is to die for. Once you get here, pick up a copy of the Lovely Citizen. It's our free weekly newspaper. All "live entertainment" will be listed in there. Have fun! -K

Looking for a great steakhouse to eat at and a great Mexican food place for this coming weekend, Feb 4 and 5
Gaskins has great steaks. Unfortunately, we only have two Mexican places and they are both closed right now. A good alternative for brunch or lunch only, as they close at 2, is the Oasis. It's located down the alley steps just past the New Orleans Hotel on Spring Street. It's a dive but, trust me, you won't be disappointed. -K

car show
Are there going to be any car shows, like the Mustang weekend?
Mustangs will be here the weekend of May 28. -K

planning my move to Eureka Springs
I know I'm moving there, hopefully this Spring. It's one of those things that I know I belong there for many reasons. I'm hoping to find a connection to ask questions about moving there without it being a realtor type. I have several questions. I'm grateful to find this site. Thank you, Margo
Please, please, please do not take this the wrong way... I'll be glad to answer anything I can...within reason. Believe it or not, I've actually had people who expect me to make decisions for them, go look at possible housing locations for them, explain "what it's like living here," follow up on employment leads for them. Things like that, I will not do. I don't mean to sound rude, it's just that there are limits to my abilities. Please do not ask me anything about rental property, land for sale or housing. I am not a licesened realtor. It is against the law for me to direct you in any aspect of housing. All I can suggest is the local newspapers...Lovely County Citizen and Carroll County News. If you have done your homework and have truely decided to move, I'll help you any way I can. Again, it is not my intention to be snotty. I have just learned the hard way that I must establish boundries. -K

Hi my husband I were in Eureka last December for our honeymoon and Devitos was closed. We are coming for Valentines weekend and I was wondering if they would be open? Thank you!
Yes they will.

my ancestors, Tom Foutch and Mary Jane Foutch, brother and sister helped to build ."The Bates House" in Eureka Springs,approx.1880'. Can you tell me anything about the house?
The Eureka Springs Historic Museum can probably help you with this. -K

Lodging tax
I have been told receipts from the 3% lodging tax are available to the public. I am considering purchase of a specific lodging property in town and am having difficulty getting data on it's operation. Where/how could I access monthly lodging tax receips data for this specific property??
You need to contact the CAPC office. 479-253-7333. Please be aware, you must live within the state of Arkansas to obtain the records. -K

2011 St. Pats
Any word yet on date of St. Pats Parade? Need to make plans. Thanks
The calendar still says the Saturday before the 17th...the 12th. -K

Business in general
I have visited Eurecka many times over the last 4 years. I have family members in the area. I was considering purchasing and/or opening a business in Eurecka, considering my family and I fell in love with the unique mystics, landscape and the people I meet had to of been the friendliness people I have ever came across. I have traveled across the USA. My main concern is the amount of businesses for sale and land. These signs are not encouraging and are delaying potential plans of moving. Please provide any thoughts that would encourage me to keep our dream alive. Thanks
I'm sorry, I can't tell you what to do. -K

Karen, I am looking for a cottage in town. Walking distance o downtown with off street parking. I am by myself but don't care if it is a two bedroom.
Use the search feature on the lodging page and select "historic district." -K

Restaurants Open New Years Day (Jan 1st)
Hi, since we have a 5 hr drive after work on the 31st, we wanted to go out on the 1st instead - any restaurants open New Year's Day? Also, any stores open in town? Thanks! Kathy
Pretty much everything will be open on the 1st. -K

2011 St. Pats
What day is 2011's St Pats Parade>
It's usually the Saturday closest to the 17th. We do not have info yet. -K

carrage rides
Could you please find the name and contact information for i belive its called the carrage depot that gives rides and tours of Eureka Springs. I cant find the info on line. I have heard of the place thrue a friend. Thanks for your help! I hope you have/had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
Olden Days Carrage Rides. -K

Eureka in December - January
Good afternoon, My husband and I are coming to celebrate our anniversary after Christmas...through New Year's Day. I know during this time of year, alot of attractions may be closed...but for the ones that are open, do you have any "top picks." We haven't had the opportunity to do a lot of getting the scoop from you would be most helpful. Thank you for taking the time to help.
Turpentine Creek and the Queen Anne Mansion will be open for sure. There will be plenty of shopping and dining available. Spas are also open. -K

Opal Fly?
We heard a rumor that Opal Fly might be playing in town over the New Year's weekend. Do you have any idea if this is true?
I have not heard this.

things to do in january
Hi. I was planning a trip to Eureka Springs the first week of January. Will there be any life in the city at that time? It occurred to me that relaxing may be the only thing to do!
As long as the weather cooporates, most places will be open for shopping and dining. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge will be open as will the Queen Anne Mansion Tour Home. Of course there's never a bad time to visit a day spa.

New Year's Eve
My wife and I are taking a child free getaway to Eureka Springs over New Year's Eve. What activities would you suggest for the evening?
Most restaurants will be open and many places will offer party favors, etc. There is always a NYE Party at the Convention Center and the Crescent Hotel. -K

Its says the population is around 2500. What would be the average for the 8 tourist months that all the shows and shops are open?
Who knows?? We see about 800,000 visitors per year...and that's just a guess.

Christmas Gift
We vacation there every year. This summer I went into a shop in the historial district and saw a beautiful black bowl with cherries in it. Off the wall I know, but would you have any idea what the name of the gift shop might be. Thank you either way.
With a little more information I could probably figure out which shop it was. There are 91 in the historic district. -K

Christmas parade
My daughter's high school band will be in this Friday's Christmas parade. Where does the parade start and end? I was wondering if you could offer some advice as to where park for the parade. I assume it will be harder to find a parking spot downtown along the parade route. We'll also have our 2 year old son with us so we're hoping we could find something relatively close to the parade. Thank you for any help you can offer.
Please contact the Chamber of Commerce. They organize the Christmas Parade. 479-253-8737. -K

Store in Eureka Springs
Hello, I visited Eureka Springs weekend before Thanksgiving and visited a store there and can not remember the name and would like to get in touch with them. I believe they were on spring street, they are a store that had 3 rooms, 1 on the left had clothing with moose and bears, the middle room had cowboy stuff, and the room to the right had woodsy cabin types of decorations. It was in between the area where there was the a sweets store and a t-shirt store. Anyway you can help me? Thanks! -Meghan
That's the Gift Corner. 479-253-9433. -K

Free Parking
We are new locals who want to enjoy the Christmas Parade and want to know where the closest free paking is to the parade. Thank You
Park on a side street and walk to Spring Street.

Is Sleepys open, I heard a rumor they had closed
Good heavens, yes they are still open. They even have a shop downtown now!! -K

short time travel
Good afternoon, i am looking for suggestions to make a 2 day trip here a wonderful experience. My boyfriend and I are planning to come during thanks giving around Nov 25 for 2 days. i was wondering what places would you suggest us to go to relax and do sight seeing...or other activities you suggestion would fit for the weather conditions. Best, Jiani
Once you see our little town, you will discover all sorts of things to do. Scroll our website for all the things available here. -K

With parking being limited, where do you recommend for us to park so we can walk around and check out the shops?
Actually, I suggest you park at your lodging property and utilize the trolley system. That is the best, most convenient mode of transportation in town. -K

relocating to eureka springs
Hi there - I am looking to relocate to Eureka Springs in March. As an artist I don't have the funds to outright purchase a retail location...where would I advertise or look for commercial rentals on the main streets? Thanks! Rachel
In the local paper. The Lovely County Citizen. -K

Place to eat
We will be in town over Thanksgiving 23 -26. Where would be a Great palce for Thanksgiving Dinner? Also what places should we try while visiting?
At this time, Rogue's Manor, the Crystal Dining Room in the Crescent Hotel, Myrtie Mae's in Best Western Inn of the Ozarks, the Grand Taverne in the Grand Central Hotel and Forest Hill Restaurant have all announced they will be serving Thanksgiving meals. You would need to make reservations at all locations. -K

grocery store
where is there a grocery store in eurekasprings?
yes. Hart's is on Van Buren Street. -K

sox shop name
I was in Eureka Springs in August and there was a great sock shop downtown. My kids loved the socks I got them. Can you tell me the name of that shop. I would love to contact them and order more socks for the whole family for Christmas!!!!
For Bare Feet 35 Spring Street Eureka Springs, AR 72632-3147 (479) 253-8084 -K

quilt Shops
Are There any good Quilt Shop, and or good Fabric Stores in or around Eureka Springs
There are two great quilt shops in downtown Eureka Springs. -K

HI! i hope you have had a wonderfull day. shane and i are getting married next month and i heard about your town. we are looking for a place where we can get away, we are a younger christian couple so we would love to have clean fun... you know not having to worry about drunks and so forth. shane dont really care but i would love to find somthing with a out door hot tub!! i hope to hear from you. have a wonderful and blessed night!
Several lodging properties have hot tubs. Just use the search feature on the lodging page to select any specific amenities you require. -K

fourrunners inn then name change to victorian inn and it had a fire is this location open again iff under what name please thanks mike ps was next to the old sonic drive inn
sorry, it's an empty building that is rapidly becoming an eye-sore. Wanna buy it and turn it into something grand??? -K

foliage report
Are the Maples in full color yet?
Just about gone. Sorry.

Thansgiving getaway
Wanting to bring my family to Eureka Springs for thanksgiving. What do you suggest for a moderately priced thanksgiving dinner and a hotel/cabin?
Several restaurants will be offering meals. Myrtie Mae's and, Forest Hill are a couple of good ones. The Grand Taverne and Rogue's Manor are usually open that day also. There are many lodging properties to choose from depending on your needs. Use the "define your search" feature to select your own amenities.

atv trails/glass blowing store
Are there any ATV trails around ES? I went several years ago and there was a little store where you could watch the guy do/make glass blowing stuff. I think it was outside of town. any ideas what that might be? thanks
there are trails west of town at Hidden Valley Guest Ranch and south of town on Hwy 23. Bring your own ATV. Not sure if there are still demonstrations there, but the glass blowing show in on hwy 62, headed east, on the right, just past Onyx Cave Road.

New cottages
What is the name of the new colorful cottages located on north main(hwy23) near the train station. When we came thru about a month ago they were building them. They built them on stilts. Thank you.
Not sure what the actual name is, but they are owned by All Seasons Inn. -K

new yrs eve
Is devitos good for new yrs Eve
If you like excellent Italian food in a romantic atmosphere, yes it is. -K

Hi Karen, I've searched hi and low and can't seem to find a spot for my wedding reception. I want it to be outdoors and we have 150 guests. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Several places come to mind actually... In the gardens at the Crescent Hotel. Around the pool at Rodeway Inn or Best Western Eureka Inn. You might ask the Pied Piper if they would consider closing for a private party. The Retreat at Sky Ridge may be able to accommodate that number of people too. -K

Best Place to see Fall Foliage
Hi KAren, I was wondering if you could suggest a romantic place where my boyfriend and I could walk and see some amazing Fall Foliage and scenery? We are celebrating our 2 year anniversay in Eureka Springs on November 1st and are coming back just to see some beautiful colors and scenery. Thank you very much in advance.
A stroll around the historic loop is always nice. -K

Halloween Costume Parties
Hi Karen! I see in your archives that you mention costume parties for Halloween but I've been unable to find any details online. Could give you a few suggestions regarding where this parties will be?
Every bar in town will have one!! -K

Fall Follage
When do you think the Leaves will Peak this Fall? Thanks for info.
The last week of October. -K

crystal bridges
all of a sudden the council etc. are talking about Crystal Bridges. Is the outfit that wanted to do a development here last year or just what is Cristal Bridges. The council talked about it like everyone should know it. what is it??? thanks It is my hope that Eureka Springs jumps onto this project (which we are...) It will be an incredible asset to our town, even tho it isn't in our town. -K

web page recommends Southwest Airlines at Tulsa. Is there regional transportation Eureka to Tulsa.
If you are referring to a shuttle service to Tulsa, no. There is the limo of course. Southwest does not service Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, which is a shame.

Fall color and list of rv parks
I want to visit from Dallas, Tx. and see the fall color. My companion is partially disabled so i want a selection of RV parks to choose from, if possible
I would suggest Wanderlust RV Park. It has beautiful views. -K

A Place to Stay in Eureka Springs
I am looking for a place to stay in Eureka Springs. We are getting married there and we will have our teenage kids with us as well as our little dog (we will bring his kennel so he doesn't run around the room lol. Since this will be the place we get married/honeymoon, we would like a place with a separate room for the kiddos. i have also noticed that I tend to like the more modern amenities in a room, now i like old historic stuff but not so much in my room. Hope this covers it! I appreciate any help and guidance you can give. I am so over-whelmed with all the places on line. Desperately Seeking Room! Kimberley Cain
Many of our lodging properties allow pets and have connecting rooms. Try the Crescent Hotel and Basin Park Hotel for starters. Both of these also offer wedding services. -K

Can you give me your suggestion of the best cabin to stay in, we r coming up in Nivemeber and there are so many to choose from, thanks for your help
All of our cabin properties are first class. I cannot recommend just one. -K

What shop in Eureka Springs carrys dulcimers? I've seen them there but can't remember the shop.
You may try the String Peddler on Main Street. The Mud Street Store, which used to carry them closed several years ago. -K

there was a place that was downtown that sold all kinds of peppers is it still there and if so what is the name. Thanks
The Silly Chili is located on Spring Street. -K

Wedding Cake
We are getting married there in Eureka Springs in June. We hope to have a small reception at a local restaurant. Do you have a bakery you would recommend that makes good wedding cakes and might deliver to the restaurant we choose?
The restaurant you select may be able to provide your cake. Otherwise (and these places do not deliver) your choices include Wal Mart, Sunfest and Eureka Sweets. -K

the church that you enter by the steeple
Hi,Karen, What is the address of the church that you enter by it's steeple. It is suppose to be downtown. A special spot for lunch as well?? how far is holy land tour from town.
St Elizabeth Catholic Church is located directly behind the Crescent Hotel. There is no longer a Holy Land Tour. The Living Bible Stories tour is located on the grounds of the Great Passion Play. -K

pumpkin patch / corn maze
We are coming to Eureka Springs hopefully next weekend. Are there any pumpkin patches/corn mazes close by? We are coming from Oklahoma through Springdale. Thank so much!
No sorry, we do not have anything like that in Eureka Springs. -K

Sheridan's Ozark Buffet
Someone said they had closed, is this true? Are there any other good cheap buffets in Eureka Springs if they're gone? Thanks
Sheridan's is closed. The owner passed away a couple of years ago. Myrtie Mae's has buffet on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Forest Hill also has daily buffet. -K

What to do
Hi, Arriving for the first time in Eureka on 10/21/10. Husband uses a walker and cane. Staying at Wanderlust RV park. Going to see Passion Play and downtown Eureka. Any suggestions for discounts anywhere?? (food, shopping, events), and what are the 'must see' things for nature lovers?
You can get discount tickets at our local Chamber of Commerce which is located in Pine Mountain Village Shopping Center. -K

wheelchair access
would like to visit ES. are any shops, lodging, attractions wheelchair accessible? any info on wheelchair access appreciated.
Most lodging properties have accessible rooms. Just check with your innkeepers. Manuvering Spring Street will be difficult. Easier shopping will be at Pine Mountain Village. -K

Soft Genuine Leather Shoulder Strap Purses
I bought a purse in historic downtown last year when me and my husband revisited where we had our honeymoon 16 yrs ago I do not remember the name of the shop, but he had 70 dollar soft leather shoulder strap purses for $25. I should have bought 2 of them! If you are going down the hill he was located on the left hand side. I was wondering if you could give me some names of stores that have the soft leather purses and I can see if they will ship me one or if they have a website so I can view. Thank you!!!!!!
If you are referring to Spring Street in the downtown area, the shop across the street from the trolley depot is call Sonya's. -K

weekend trip
We are looking for things to do with our 3yr old and 5 yr old.
Kids love Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. There is also horseback riding, canoeing and hiking. Sorry, we do not have theme parks or things like that. -K

what is the name of the cafe on Hwy#62W that is "biker friendly" in a small shpg cntr next to a biker bar that has a live band/dance floor (name of it too??) It was there 6mo ago. Maybe 1/4 mi from downtown?Also, does Rowdy Beaver have live music/dance Fri,10-1? Who is band, if u know??
Sometimes the Rowdy has live entertainment on weekends. We have many "bike friendly" places around town. I guess you must be talking about The Rocking Pig Saloon, tho. -K

Fall Follage
Any Idea when the Leaves will be at Peak? Thanks
Anytime between the last two weeks of October and the first week of November/. -K

crescent ghost tour discounts?
Are there any coupons or discounts for the crescent ghost tour? If so, where/how much? We are going this weekend and plan to do the tour Sat night. 2 kids/2 adults
You would need to contact the Crescent Hotel regarding any discounts. -K

strange photo at a "haunted site"
We visited Eureka Springs 2 years ago and took at Haunted Tour through the Basin Hotel. When developed the film, we found some VERY STRANGE bright red images in a photo we took on the stairs leading down to Jack's Place. I Believe we were told this was the sight of a horrific murder. Do you have any history on the place and this supposed murder? Any other strange occurrences here?
Contact the Basin Park Hotel. -K

Where to Stay Nearest All Quaint Shops
Hi Karen! Years ago I spent a few days in downtown Eureka Spring and can fondly remember walking up and down the main streets of town wandering in and out of the quaint shops. I want to find a B&B or some sort of place to stay like that over our anniversary during the Christmas Holidays. It's actually 12/28 but we could come either the week prior OR after Christmas - whichever you think would be best. Are things closed down during these two weeks or......?
Some are closed, some are not. Weekends are best. Christmas Day, everything is closed. -K

i would like to book a cabin on the lake or river near eureka springs for me and my husband whats a good place to stay?
There are many nice places to stay. Use the lodging search feature to find exactly what you are looking for. -K

halloween in eureka
thanks for getting back to me. are there festivities in the streets? or do we need to find a costume party, & if so, where? thanks again. Deborah
There are no costume rentals here. No street parties either. All parties will be held in bars and lounges.

Halloween in Eureka
Several girlfriends are wanting to get together for halloween in Eureka Springs. Will there be festivities on Sat. Oct. 30 or will it be on Sun. the 31st? Also, what is the best place to stay to enjoy it all? Thanks.
Costume parties will be going on both nights. The best place to stay is the first place that has availability. Lodging is at a premium during October. -K

We will be in Eureka Springs in October and would like to know which restaurants are the best for lunch and dinner? We love your area, but haven't had real success with picking restaurants in the past. Thanks for your suggestions.
Other than McDonald's, Pizza Hut and Subway, our restaurants are chef owned/operated. I can't think of any I would not recommend. -K

we may be planning a trip to eureka springs soon and was wondering what street most the shopping is located on? is it Main st or something different. thanks
Main Street and Spring Street. There is also several shopping areas along Van Buren Street. K

October visit for anniversary
I am planning our 9th anniversary trip for October 21-24. We were married in Eureka several years ago and have not been back. I am looking for good food, some out of the ordinary and activities. We like fishing, nature, horses and maybe a train ride. Just anything different. Do you have any suggestion.
Fishing, nature, horses and train rides, we have all that. Good food, we have that. Other than McDonalds, Subway and Pizza Hut, our restaurants are chef owned/operated.

Good Pizza in Eureka
Getting ready to send some guys up for a conference. They want a good place to eat Pizza in Eureka Springs. Please Advise as to the best. Thank You
Lovin' Oven or Chelsea's Corner. Same owner at both locations. Best pizza ever!! -k

ladies retreat
Me and two of my girlfriends are wanting to come down for a ladies retreat. Where is the best places to stay we could share a room if there is two beds and a couch or any good accomodations that could keep us all in one room. We have never been away from our kids and husbands to enjoy some time for ourselves and we were just looking for some helpful hints of the best place to stay, that is not to pricey for possibly Oct15 and 16
Most all lodging properties offer double/double rooms. (One room, two double beds) Please be aware however, if you do find availabilty for the dates you have mentioned, take it. October is our busiest month of the year. Accommodations will be at a premimum. -K

Trip to Eureka Springs
Can you give me any suggestions on a good place to stay in Eurkea Springs that is nice but not too expensive?
what did you find on our lodging pages that you liked? -K

Joy Motel
Hi, I have been trying to reach the Joy Motel with no answer. Could you tell me if they are still open and if they are could you give me the phone number to reach them. Thanks
Yes, they are open. 479-253-9568. -K

Two Questions
We are getting married next summer at Eureka Springs. Question #1--What is the nearest airport into which people from other states may fly? Question #2--Is there a good Mexican food restaurant in Eureka Springs that could seat about 60 people for an informal reception? Thanks so much!
Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport in Bentonville is about an hour and a half away. Casa Colina is a great place. Just call them regarding booking your group. -K

October weather
We will be in Eureka Springs on 10-3-10 thru 11th. What is the weaher like at that time. Do I pack shorts or jeans. Layers? Light jacket or heavy.
Sorry, but you need to pack all of the above...and an umbrella. -K

We were in Eureka and found a great little gazebo that is straight across the valley from the Cresent Hotel. We are wanting to plan a wedding there but do not know what it is called. Also wondering if you would suggest someone in the area that would perform a wedding there?
That's the East Mountain Overlook. Call Jann Ortiz at All About Love. She marrys folks there all the time. It's a perfect place

Lodging help
Is there anywhere near downtwon where two couuples can share a 2 bedroom suite, or a cabin with two bedrooms? We would like to stay near the downtown area.
Yes, there are several cottages and suites in the downtown area. Just use the lodging search feature and select "historic district" in the location field. -K

good places to eat
middle aged couple visiting town for 2 days medium priced no fast food, like home cooking
Myrtie Maes, Forest Hills. McDonald',s Pizza Hut and Subway are the only chains we have here. Our restaurants are chef owned. -K

Halloween happenings
I am looking for an exciting (and safe) getaway for my teenagers for Halloween weekends. I've always heard that Eureka Springs has a lot going on around Halloween. When I look on the calendar of events, there are only two events listed. I want to know if there are any haunted houses (other than the Crescent), haunted tours, haunted hay rides, etc. that will be happening that weekend beyond what little is listed on the calendar. Thanks so much!
Bear Mountain Log Cabins usually has haunted hayrides. No haunted houses that I know of. -K

weekend plans
trying to plan a two night adventure starting tomorrow night.. so many options... any advice
Depends on what you like to do. -K

car rental
where may we find a rental car or trike thankyou
The closest rental car agency is at the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport in Bentonville. About an hour away. -K

Hello: I would like to know of a few great Spas I could take my wife for her birthday, Sept. 2nd. We will also be eating at Local Flavor, but if you had any other fine dining restaurant, I would like to know. I open to different suggestions. Thank you, Dale
We have several spas. New Moon is in the Crescent Hotel, Serenity is in the Basin Park Hotel, the Palace Hotel and Bath House. Quality Inn and Suites has a spa, the Grand Central Hotel and the New Orleans Hotel also have spas. The Grand Taverne is a nice restaurant as is DeVito's. Other than Subway, McDonalds and Pizza Hut, all of our restaurants are chef owned. They are all worth a look. -K

oil painting restoration
Karen, My name is Sarah and I have a question. My Grandmother I believe has an oil painting. It is very dirty and I wanted to know if you knew of any reputable oil painting restorers in Eureka Springs. Thank You
I'm sorry, I can not help you with this question. -K

This weekend
Need lodging for family. Five adults, and 3 children under 10 years old. Would like to be downtown or close to trolley service. Please call 501-690-2736 with any options.
Practically all lodging properties are located on the trolley route. Kid-friendly hotels downtown include the Basin Park Hotel, Best Westerns Inn of the Ozarks and Eureka Inn. -K

i was looking at hotels and came across one that has an - adults only - floor. I forgot which hotel this is, do you know the name of it?
Lookout Lodge. -K

What do you think of the lookout lodge?
It's nice. It was just completely remodeled about 3 years ago. -K

Wedding info
Hi! Can you recommed a bakery and a photog that are resonable in price yet do wonderful work
Our bakery choices are slim. Wal Mart, Sunfest Market and Eureka Sweets. A couple of great photographers are Susan Storch and Melody Purdy. -K

Alcohol sales
Is alcohol sold in Arkansas on Sundays?
Only in Eureka. -K

wedding dinner party
I have my wedding coming up on sep 24th, and after a short cake reception, we are having dinner. what would it be a good, affordable($10-$20) restaurant for about 50 people?
There are several restaurants listed on the dining pages. Please remember, with that number of people, there will be requirements...reservations of course, no separate checks, things like that. You might want to start with the Grand Taverne. They have a very nice meeting room and can arrange a set menu for you. -K

Hi there. I'm wondering where you think I'll find the classiest room to stay in after getting married. My reception is in the Crystal Dining Room @ the Crescent. The Crescent is great and all, but I'm wondering if there isn't something better out there. I don't want 'hokey', but classy. Not bright colors and flower patterns like what I see most rooms are. I want dark wood and dark colors that aren't too 'busy'. Thoughts? Thanks D WEBB
I would suggest a cabin. There are many listed on the lodging pages. -K

what are the best family resturants? we are not interested in a place with a bar just good food at an affordable price
Sparky's, Myrtie Maes, Cafe Amore, Forest Hill.

Ozark Mountain Folk festival
I was at the 1973 Folk festival and would like someone to help refresh my tired old memory. Is the a documentary film? Who all performed?
The Ozark Mountain Folk Festival is held in Mountain View, AR. We have the Ozark Folk Festival. Were you in Eureka Springs? -K

economy in
I've been to e.s. many times & love it. Would like to locate there & open a B&B, but there are lot's of them listed for sale online-some for more than a yr. Is the economy bad for B&B's now? I would hate to loose my savings by not being able to make it in e.s. Thanks in advance.
Owning a B&B is a 24/7 job. -K

family shows
are there any family shows still operating in Eureka Springs? Thank You !
Ozark Mountain Hoedown and Pine Mountain Music and Comedy Theatre are both still here...and great shows! -K

4 wheeler trails
I saw that there was a place where we can ride 4 wheelers near Eureka Springs but now I can't find it. Help!! And is there a place to go tubing or what's the best place to go for kayak or canoes?
There are trails at Hidden Valley Guest Ranch. You need to bring your own 4 wheelers. White and Kings Rivers are good for floating. -K

motel on 62 east
I stayed in a motel on 62E that had mountain in the name but can't remember the rest. I left some stuff in the room and need to contact them to retrieve it. It was next to the motel for motorcyclists.Thanks for your help. Linda
was it Country Mountain Inn? Log siding? -K

I do full service hair & make up and want to do this for brides on location, who do I talk to for this connection. I have 20 years experience and presently own a salon at The Harbor at Rockwall, Texas. I am looking to leave Texas for several months a year and just free lance somewhere peaceful & beautiful. Lisa
I would suggest you contact the New Moon Spa in the Crescent Hotel. -K

Can you email me the yearly average of temperatures per season? What is the altitude? And what is the humidity in the summer time. Thank you
The average annual temperature is a high of 71 F and a low of 46 F. Average annual rainfall is approximately 36 inches per year. The normal humidity is 53%. But like most of the nation, we've seen 95-100 degrees several days in a row with no rainfall. The elevation is about 1900 feet. -K

Hi, I'll be visiting Eureka Springs next week and will have one day for a float trip, either on the Kings river or the White river. Are they equally scenic and unspoiled, or is one nicer than the other? Thanks! Preston
Both are fabulous. Just one thing... The White River is a trout habitat (as you may know.) Remember, the average water temp is around 58 degrees. However, right now, there is more water in the White than the Kings. -K

Iron Horse Stables
Hi Karen... I haven't ridden to ES in quite a while now, but was planning on a trip up in Sept. I usually stay at the Iron Horse Stables, but can no longer get to a website and their phone number doesn't work. What's up? Are they out of business? Thanks...
I drove past there the other day. Lots of work going on. Marquee said "reopening soon." I don't know if Phil sold it or what. Sorry that's all the info I can provide. Try Rider's Rest Motel. It's actually IN Eureka, across the street from Kettle Campground. It's a great property. "Motorcycle riders only!" Covered parking, clean rooms, great owners, Bob and Ann. -K

Eureka Springs weather
Thinking about coming for a few days either the first week of Oct or the last week of Oct. What do you suggest? How are fall colors at those times?
Foliage will be best the last weekend of October. -K

Veranda b/B
What happened to veranda bed@Breakfast?
It's been closed for several years and is for sale. -K

mini golf
HI - we will be visiting Eureka Springs in late August and I'm trying to play mini golf in every state ( first trip to Arkansas) is the Fun spot the only place for mini golf? Is it open late August? thank you
Sorry, there is no mini golf in Eureka Springs. The Fun Spot has closed and is for sale. -K

out-of-state fishing license
How much does it cost for an out-of-state fishing license? My husband and I both hold Oklahoma fishing license with trout and paddlefish permits All info is at this link. -K

Car Rentals
We travel by motor home and usually rent cars to go around town. Is there a car rental agency in Eureka Springs?
No sorry, there is not. -K

local camping
I haven't been to ES in over 16 years and I am planning on going Aug 6th through the 10th. How crowded is it at Beaver Lake during that time? Also, I have heard good things of Leatherwood Lake, and I am considering going there instead. We want to plan a small float, and are thinking of using riverside Resort, but are wondering if there is a better option out there. I just want to have a good time for my only vacation in five years (until I finish school) and I remember loving Eureka when I last came to visit when I was 14. Thank you for any info you can give me. Sincerely, Jess
The lake will not be that crowded. Lake Leatherwood is smaller of course and not a "floating" lake. Riverside is good. You'll have a good time. -K

Hello, How many miles is it from Hot Springs, Ar. to Eureka Springs. I am staying in Hot Springs, and would like to do a short trip to your city. Thank you Teresa
It's about a 4-hour drive. -K

Eureka Springs Happy Hours
We are meeting friends there and staying couple of days. To save money and try different things, can you suggest any bar/lounge happy hours?
All bars offer happy hour beginning at 3:00. Chelsea's, Rowdy Beaver and Jack's Place are all fun. -k

Hello, I'm from California visiting my daughter in Centerton, I tried MapQuest and was confused by the directions to get to Eureka Springs. Can you please clarify directions for me? Very much appreciated.
Out of the Fayetteville/Springdale/Centerton area, just look for highway 23 or 62. 23 comes into Eureka from the south, 62 from the west. -K

Pet Friendly Lodging
What pet friendly lodging is available?
That search feature can be found on the lodging page. -K

Comunity changes
We're planning a trip to the Passion Play in October for our church. I've heard rumors that the area has declined recently and that a large homosexual community is establishing itself there. Could you provide information on these issues?
I cannot "provide information" regarding these "rumors." Trying to squash a rumor is like trying to unring a bell. Eureka Springs was, is and always will be a place of peace and welcome for all people. -K

Eureka Springs
Hi Karen, Hope you get paid for this! WOW! My freind visited a few years back and mentioned a really neat glass shop located on one of the trolley stops. Just need to know if the old shop still exist and if so, which trolley route to take? Thanks so much for your knowledge and time.
Well, there are about 100 trolley stops around town. What kind of glass? A little more info would help me. -

We attempted to shop downtown Eureka and there was truly no place to park other than some distance to location of choice and it was pay so we didn't stop there at all. This harms the tourism and the town loses money. Where are you to park downtown?
There are many metered spots and several public parking lots. The best solution however is the trolley service. -K

Bikini contest
I was wanting some info on the bikini contest that is going on .. I heard about it on 104.9 The X radio station I live west of Fayetteville wanted to be sure where it was before driving over thanks
The only one I know of is at the Rockin Pig Saloon. Since it is not a city event, only promoted by this particular business, I have no other info about it. -K

Many years ago we had a short but fun ride on an antique train/locomotive. Is it still there and offering short train rides? If so what is the cost and schedule? By the way I am familiar with the train ride in Branson, too long for my tastes. Thanks, Candy
Look here: -K

Looking for a cabing that will sleep ten people do you have any recomendations?
Lakeshore Cabins has a unit that will sleep 10. -K

20th year anniversary
Karen i have always wanted to visit hot springs but don't know what all I should do or visit while there. My husband said to get on line and see what all there is could you give me some advise on what to do or places to visit while there.
Well first, we are not Hot Springs, we're EUREKA Springs. Go to the attractions and calendar of events pages. They will give you lots of information about our town. -K

hotel rooms
wich hotel would you recomend that is the cleanest, located in the shoping district, and has a place to eat and maybe a lounge? or one near by.
The only hotel in the downtown area with a restaurant and lounge is the Basin Park Hotel. There are several other properties in the downtown area with restaurants and bars within walking distance. -K

Is Livingston Junction Caboose a good and safe place to stay?
Yes. -K

Lake Beaver Cabins
Hello, Would like to rent a cabin or cottage overlooking the lake for a few days in July. Which one would you recommend for a family? Most of them appear to be romantic getaway types or are there small family cabins as well? Thanks!
You would need to select a couple that interest you and discuss accommodations with the innkeepers. There are several that are family friendly. -K

couple of things
Hello, I was wondering if the Crest Resturant that was on the west side of town (catfish) is still open, also the Eureka Springs Gardens, used to be called Blue Springs. Can't find anything about it. Thanks
The Crest is now Angler's Grill. They still offer the best catfish around. Info regarding Blue Spring is here... -K

hello i live in NWA and we were thinking about going to eureka springs for a day and i was wondering is there any vintage stores that aren't just secondhand stores... vintage stores like thank you :D
You might like Love Me Two Times on North Main Street. -K

would like info on the Train for Dining have been on it several years ago send me some contact info -K

Horse Back Riding
Hi! Can you tell me if there is any place in Eurka Springs that we can take our 7 year old horseback riding? We will be there the weekend of Sept 17th. Thanks so much : )
Steve's Stables at Pond Mountain. Bear Mountain Stables. -K

Flea Market
Is there a flea market in or around Eureka Springs?
No, not really. -K

4th of July
I wanted to know if whether you have a city firework display for the 4th scheduled. We are visiting your city and would like to know more about the evening activities as far as fireworks are concerned.
There will be one at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and one at Holiday Island. -K

Overwhelmed at lodging choices
Looking for a romantic getaway for second honeymoon (almost literally, reconciled with ex-wife). Cottage or B&B, would prefer more wooded secluded area instead of in town. Looking for something between say $90-130 a night for Thursday and Friday night July 8th and 9th. Ideas? Thanks so much. David Snider Edmond, Oklahoma
Look at Dogwood Cottages, Beaver Lake Cottages, Riverside Resort, The Stone Pig. Please note you may need to reevaluate your price range in order to get exactly what you want. -K

where to stay??????
am looking at two places. both look good. roadrunner inn and canucanoe. need to make decision quickly before spot taken. any thoughts or inside info?
Both are very nice. -K

jacuzzi cabin
I'm coming up for one night on Sunday (june 27th) and would like to know where you suggest my wife and I stay. Thanks!
Look thru the lodging pages and select properties that interest you. Write me back if you still have questions. -K

We are planing to stay at the Point West Resort/Hotel in July. I just discovered some not so good reviews about the place.When I called they were very friendly,gave me a super price. Allot of units are still available.Is this a bad sign? Should we give it a try it anyways?What is your opinion?
I have always found Pointe West to be a nice place and have never had any complaints about them. -K

Is Eureka Springs in a dry county?
No. -K

We plan on doing a lot of shopping while in Eureka Springs, and I was wondering if we drive our own car is parking going to be an issue like in downtown, or would you recommed the shuttle? Thanks
The trolley is the best mode of transportation. Catch a ride from your lodging property and shop to your heart's content. -K

Need to a place to...
We are looking for a restuarant that would have a seperate room or dining area in which we could have birthday celebration, most likely a Saturday type tunch thing. probably about 20-25 guest? Can you give me a list of suggestions. NO bar as there will be children present. Thank You
Research the dining pages to select restaurants that interest you. With advanced reservations, most all can accommodate that number of people. -K

victorian homes
I'm having trouble finding specific info about victorian homes open for viewing (tour). I've seen the Queen Anne mentioned, how can I find hours of operation and tour prices? And are there any others? The Queen Anne is the only tour home in Eureka. -K

Looking for lodging right on Spring Street. Used to be a place on top of shop with a balcony between Basin Park and Peace Frogs. Please help, it's for a bachlorette party in Sept.
That particular property is no longer available for nightly lodging. Right on Spring Street is the Basin Park Hotel. The New Orleans Hotel. Flatiron Flats. -K

vegatarian eating
Could you suggest a good resturant for vegatarian meals?
Every restaurant in town offers vegetarian dishes. -K

Golf and spa in Eureka Springs
We are planning a trip to Eureka Springs the week of July 12. One of us wants to spend time in the spa and one wants to play golf. We saw the 1886 hotel, but not excited about the "haunted" notes. Is there a nice resort there with spa and nice restaurants? What good public golf courses are in the area? Are reservations required for the Great Passion Play? Thank you!
The New Moon Spa located in the 1886 Crescent Hotel is actually a very nice, modern spa with all services. There is also the Basin Park Hotel and the Grand Central Hotel. Holiday Island is a public course. Reservation are not required for the GPP. -K

Anniversary/Birthday Cakes
Looking for someone to make a special anniversary/birthday cake in the Holiday Island area. We're visiting June 30-July 5. Not looking for a "run of the mill" store bought cake. Thank you!
Altho not on Holiday Island, you might try Lori at Eureka Sweets or Linda at the Cottage Inn. Eureka Springs does not have a "bakery." For the record, Sunfest Market at Holiday Island makes great cakes. -K

My husband and I are making an overnight trip to Eureka Springs (a Wed. and Thurs) We would like to visit some 'off beat' places, especially anything historic or haunted (have been to the Crescent). Any suggestions? Thanks!
The Queen Anne Mansion is now open for public tours. -K

road kill cafe
hi, could anyone tell me how to get in touch with annie morrow the owner of road kill cafe?
That restaurant is closed. I do not know how to reach Anne Moore. -K

Hi Karen, I would like to know the name of the daily newspaper for your town? Also I would like to know besides the tourism industry what else is there in the way of jobs ? Thank You, Jina
Lovely County Citizen and Carroll County News. Tourism is our ONLY industry. -K

Aura pictures
At one time years ago I was thinking maybe one of the art shops had a camera set up to take aura pictures. Does this ring a bell or do you know of any? Also Fridays...I would like to in a couple of slow the bars music vary and to any have a dance floor? It's been to long since I have been down there. Thanks.
Aura photos not ringing a bell, sorry. Sure. Bar band music does offer slow dances. -K

help finding a cabin
My Husband and I are trying to find a cabin between Eureka Springs and Branson, as we would like to visit both while we are there. We are trying to find a hilltop/mountian view, and secluded as it will be our anniversary. We will be arriving July 5, for 4 nights. Any help you can give us we will really appreciate. Thank You.
The only information I can provide would be Eureka Springs specific. You might try looking around Roaring River, Shell Knob MO, Eagle Rock MO for lodging in that area. -K

internet and phone service
Hello - I am considering relocating to your beautiful area. I work at home and need broadband or DSL internet. Could you tell me who provides this service for the Eureka Springs area? Also, what phone companies service your area? I am also told that there are very few rental properties. Do you find this to be accurate? I would like to rent while I decide if and when and where to buy a small home. Thank you for all the info! I appreciate it!
We have AT&T and Verizon. Affordable housing is available. You just have to be patient about finding what you are looking for. -K

Back in the late 80's/early 90's we rented mopeds in ES. Do they not have those anymore??? It was so fun!
there is a new scooter place call Black Jack's. It is located across the street from Pizza Hut.

Hello Karen, I was told there is a chapel around there that is made of large wood structure with lots of glass. Its should be out in the woods and maybe open air are something like that. Does any of this ring a bell? Thanks for your help.
Thorncrown Chapel. -K

Black Hills Gold
Years ago I bought a Black Hills gold ring here. Any stores selling bhg in Eureka Springs?
Maybe the Rock and Mineral Mine on Spring Street downtown. -K

Wedding Reception
Hi Karen. We are having a wedding at the thorncrown chapel the 26th and was wondering if there was any place in es to have a reception and/or dinner that would accomodate 50 people or so?
Several restaurants can accommodate that number of people. What exactly are you looking for? -K

Lodging near Eureka Springs
Hi Karen, My family and I are looking for a fun place to stay near or in Eureka Springs. My children are 11 and 14 and love the outdoors. We are looking for something reasonable in price $90 to 115 per evening, if possible. We would enjoy a pool and things nearby for the kids. We are looking to vacation around the 26th through 29th of July. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Craig Hoover
Most all the motels have pools. If you are looking for a cabin type location, you might try Pond Mountain Lodge, are somethink in the Beaver Lake area. -K

Just wondering is the Bavarian Inn is a nice place to stay overnight?
Absolutely! -k

River Rafting
Are there any river rafting opportunities around ES? Thx, MJG
No. Lots of canoes tho. -K

Wedding in January
Hi, I am getting married on January 7 in Eureka Springs. Please tell me of there will be any attractions and or shopping for my guests to enjoy. (I would like to include this info in their welcome baskets) Thanks for what you are doing here!
As long as the weather is decent, shops will be open. -K

Rock Cottage Gardens
Have they gone out of business? They are no longer on and their website no longer works?
Yes, they are closed. -K

Visit with 2 families / 3 teenage girls (17)
Please recommend a place for us to stay that will allow the girls to walk to local shops, etc. (i.e. close to the "action"). A place with a pool would be nice, too.
Any motel will be on the trolley route. there are no lodging properties immediately downtown that have a pool. -K

Shops and dates to visit
HAven't been to ES since 1994. --- leaving husbands at home. Which is better time July 16-18 or July 25-28? Are all shops open on Mondays or is this the day some are closed? What about Sundays? Thanks - any suggestions on which motel is best. B & B and resorts don't sound the best for just us gals. Thanks for your help and so anxious to see ES again. Used to live in Tulsa and came moved to northern Missouri. Thanks - Barbara Hayes
Shops are always open on Sunday and Monday. There are lots of lodging places to choose from. Use the amenity search feature on the lodging page to select the best one for you. -K

Store on Highway
I need the name of the store (old house) that sets across the street from the Mexican Family dinner on I think is Hwy 23. They have lots of black & white things inside.
Something Simple. -K

best cave and Horizon Restaurant
Hello - we are driving down to eureka springs now. Which cave do you recommend as the more beautiful cave formations to see: onyx, war eagle, or cosmic on the way down/back? Also we have heard about horizon restaurant from friends who have visited there but we do not see it in our visitor guide it still in business and/or does it have a new name? Thanks!
Cosmic Cavern and War Eagle are the largest. Horizon is out on Beaver LAke and is a great place to dine. -K

we will be camping at parker bottoms in june and are looking for someone to deliver about 1/2 rick of firewood or we will pick-up. do you know of anyone
First of all, where is Parker Bottoms in relation to Eureka Springs? There are several places to buy firewood depending on where exactly you are. -K

places to stay
Where would you recommend staying we will be staying 5 days there will be 2 adults 1 child 8 and 1 child 18 months and really want to keep our room budget under 500.00 less than that if possible but i do understand you get what you pay for sometimes. I just don't want any surprises.... with our rooms when we get there. We have never been there an want things to be a great experience.
First, go to the lodging pages and search for kid friendly properties. Select a few that interest you and write back if you still have questions. -K

Memorial Day Weekend
We are looking for an RV campground near ES that might still have openings for Memorial Day weekend. We will have our motorcycle to get back and forth, so it doesn't have to be in town. We would even be willing to go without utility hook-ups, if necessary.
We have two options... Kettle Campground and RV Park. Wanderlust RV Park. -K

The weather forecast on May 15, 2010 is thunderstorm. Will they cancel the passion play if the weather is bad? I'm anxious to know coz we're travelling from Dallas, Texas. Thanks.
They will only cancel the play if there is a threat of lightening, hail, etc. If the play is cancelled before half way, rainchecks are issued. -K

We were riding on highway 62 and a guy was taking pictures as we were going around a curve. he had a sign showing his website to order his pictures, but we didn't see it quick enough! Do you know who this is?
Sorry. Not a clue. -K

Newsletter & Front Porch Forum
I signed up earlier but never have received. Also I registered on the Front Porch forum but never received conformation and therfore can't log on. If you can please help. Thanks, Steve
We are not allowing registration on the Front Porch at this time. What did you "sign up" for? -K

Is there a restaurant in Eureka or surrounding areas that can sit about 12-15 people for a wedding dinner mid day? Somewhere that is reasonably priced?
All our restaurants can accommodate that number of people. You will need to MAKE ARRANGEMENTS with the business beforehand. -K

eurekasprings vacation
Hi im latasha my family and I are taking our vacation in eureka springs this year. I have a 18month old and an 8 year old I was wondering if you can give me some kid and age friendly ideas of things to do and also i heard about a haunted hotel that you can tour is this true? if so whats the age limit for that? Thanks for your help!
Kids love the trolley. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Belle of the Ozarks Beaver Lake cruises. Depending on when you are coming, there may be free kid things to do in Basin Spring Park. Haunted Hotel tours at the Basin Park and Crescent Hotels may be boring for children that age. -K

jewellers, silver smiths, artisans in Eureka Springs
I will be celebrating my 25 wedding anniversary in 2 weeks. If you could please provide some contact information about jewellers, silver smiths, and artisans in Eureka Springs -- places where I might be able to find a special piece of silver jewellry for a special lady on a special occasion -- I would be most grateful. -K

canoe rental
Which place in the Eureka Springs area would you recommend for canoe rental? We want a few hours of fun on a river that has a little challenge to it. We aren't bringing any pets or children. We'd like a reasonable price but nothing too shoddy. Please no "holy" canoes for us
Riverside Resort and Canoe Rentals. -K

weekend trip
Hi, I am planning a weekend trip starting on Saturday in Eureka springs and the Passion Play. We will have Sunday to Wednesday and have to be back in Kansas City by Wednesday night. I
Hope you have a great time! Shop, eat, visit Turpentine Creek, enjoy the Play (tonight is opening night for the season.) Ride the trolleys. Queen Anne Mansion is not open for tours. The gardens at Blue Spring Heritage Center are getting beautiful. Bring an umbrella. We might get some rain on Sunday. -K

My mom and I are having a girls' weekend, and I'd like to take her to a spa. Can you recommend one that is pampering and relaxing, yet also affordable? Thanks.
Check out The Works at the Palace Hotel and Bath House. -K

Interest of print infm about Eureka Springs and landing structure
Dear Karen, Achim & Andrea sya hello to you. We are living in Germany/Hamburg and we are interested of more print info from the eara of Eureka Springs. Pls be so kind and send it to: Mr Achim Bock, Isestr 73, 20149 Hamburg, Germany. Thanks & Best regards, Achim & Andrea.
It will go out in the mail today. (Wednesday May 5) -K

water park
I seem to remember that Eureka Springs had a waterpark and maybe miniature golf course somewhere on the main drag. Is this still the case? Also, is there a place to rent motor boats for the lake or dam? Thanks for your help. K. Randolph
No waterpark or mini golf. Sorry. Call Starky Marina regarding boat rentals. -K

bachelorette party/lodging
I am trying to find a place to stay, that can accomodate 9-10 people. We want to go out, and would like to stay close to downtown, but know we might have to stay further away in a cabin. Do you know the best options?
Unless you wanted something like Piedmont House or All Seasons Inn, both of which can accommodate that many people in individual rooms or a hotel with separate rooms, there isn't anything immediately downtown. -K

We are wanting a very simple wedding, with only 4-8 guests. We are needing to have the wedding either the weekend of May 22, or 29th, this year. We are wanting something very simple, and inexpensive. Any suggestions?
Sure. Call Jann Ortiz at All About Love. -K

close to town but wooded. could you tell me of one that would be good for my wife and I? Thanks Bill
The Woods Resort The Grand Treehouses Dogwood Cottages. -K

Lake Leatherwood
Poppi, Moppi (me), "Jelly Bean" (9) and "Stink Bug" (6) will be Eureka Springs in June. We are looking for some inexpensive things to do that are off the beaten path. I've been up there 30 times back in the day, but it's my grandsons' first trip.
Hiking and fishing at Lake Leatherwood. Cave tours. Turpentine Creek. Belle of the Ozarks Beaver Lake tour. Kids also love riding the trolley. -K

hotel and shopping
is the Crescent hotel a good place to stay and how far is it from the shopping?
The Crescent Hotel is a 100 year old historic hotel that has been completely renovated. If you like historic hotels, you'll love the Crescent. It is very close to downtown. -K

blues fest ,local taverns
can you tell me if the pied piper is still open & whats going on for the blues fest? how about chelsea's? has it picked up speed at all ,more the merrier for me.any other little hole in the walls with music and friendly people?
Both mentioned bars are still open. All Blues Festival information is here... -K

last minute trip
Interested in inexpensive lodging for this weekend (husbands birthday) We generally stay at places VERY rustic and just want to fish and enjoy some peace and quiet. suggestions? thank you in advance
Try Roadrunner Inn. -K

rv rentals
I am looking for a place to rent a pop up camper.
To my knowledge, there is not a place here to do that. -K

any place to two-step on a thursday night
The Lumberyard Bar and Grill offers country music from time to time. -K

Eureka Springs/Branson
I am planning a trip with my sister and some friends. We would like to spend a week in July in Eureka Springs and thought we would also like to see Branson. Would you recommend Branson as a day trip from Eureka Springs or should we add 2 days at the end of the trip on our way back to the Chicago area?
Branson is only an hour from us. A day trip could be easily planned. -K

Hello, We were married in Eureka Springs 19yrs ago and want to bring out kids for a day visit, can you tell me kid friendly places to eat, I'm a vegetarian so I tend to like health concious -funky little places. Also do you have any local yoga studios? I teach and I like to visit studios' when I travel. Looking on your website I'm having trouble finding local parks. We like to visit city parks and picnic. Can you please point me to a map of those? Thanks for your help. Courtney
Good restaurants for you would be Sparky's Roadhouse Cafe and The Oasis. Sorry, no yogo studios. Lake Leatherwood City Park is a great picnic spot. -K

Hi. I stayed in Eureka springs about 10 years ago. I can't find any info from that stay and I am wondering if it still exists. I believe you went south on 23 just alittle ways. Then turned off on a road to your left(east) the made a quick turn to your right and drove down 1/2 to 1 mile. The place had a pool and 2 ponds a gazebo that went out into the pond that you could fish from. It had several cabins, (one was a red A frame. It had a house at th beginning of the circle that all the cabins were on. Can you tell me if it still exists and what the name is. I don't think it's Lake Lucerne but it may be.
Well, it could be Lake Lucerne buy the directions. It may also be Pond Mountain, but the directions are not quite right. -K

Dog Boarding
We have reservations for the last week in May, and we need a great boarding kennel to board our big dog (101 pounds). He's a very spoiled dog, and I would like a very good spot to leave him. Any good recommendations?
Berryville Vet Clinic. It's about 15 miles from Eureka Springs. -K

are your antique shops generally open 7 days a week?
Yep. -K

Port Orleans
Hi Karen, my husband and I ate at Port Orleans about 4 years ago and it was fantastic! We are celebrating our anniversary this May 1st and were wondering if it has reopened. I know it was closed a couple of years back. Thanks
They do close during the winter, but are open now. -K

Eureka Springs
What are some of the best places to eat in Eureka Springs with reasonable prices?
Other than McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Subway, all of our restaurants are chef owned. All are good and reasonable. -K

Eureka Springs
I will be visiting Eureka Springs this weekend and I have seen some picture of a small waterfall can you tell me where it is located so that I can see it while I'm there? Thanks so much for your help.
I have no idea. Most waterfalls are on private property. -K

is there a crispy kreme or doughnut shop is eureka springs?
We have Daylight Donuts. -K

I'm a country girl, used to plain food, on an extremely tight budget. My husbank and I are coming down April 16-17. Where can we eat?
Other than McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Subway, all of our restaurants are chef owned. Look around the restaurant pages of the site to find your favorite tastes. -K

Visiting ES last week of June thru July 4th
Karen, We will be camping on Beaver Lake for 6 nights. Approx weather temperature late June/early July? Activities for 4th of July? We are seniors & love antiquing. Any store you could suggest? Thank you so much!!! Susan
It will be warm and comfortable, not hot. There is always a fireworks display at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. We have several anique stores available. -K

Front Porch Forum
When I click to register it says "Creating a new account is currently not possible." We are exploring the possibility of opening a second location in the area. The insight of the Forum members could be a great benefit.
Due to spammers, we have discontinued access to the Front Porch for a bit. -Will let you know when it is up and running again. What type of business are you considering? -K

Psychic Readings
Where in town can we get psychic readings? Thank you.
Barbara Harmony. -K

Best friends and son for a getaway
I'm looking to come to ES on the 18th with my best friend and three year old son. I'm looking for the best place to stay that children are welcome but my friend and I are also looking for somewhere that offers relaxation and beauty. Any suggestions?
The Crescent Hotel and the BAsin Park Hotel both welcome children and have spas on site. -K

field trip
I am wanting to find a good field trip to take my 3rd Grade Gifted and Talented students on. I have 7 students in the class and we are doing a unit study on art and artist. I am wondering if there is some sort of tour or a gallery in Eureka Springs that would be appropriate for children this age. Thank you, Becky Locke K-7 GT Teacher P. O. Box 1950 Green Forest, AR 72638
Perhaps something at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts. -K

Travelers Inn
Karen: Did you ever find out anything about the new Traveler's Inn and how the renovations are going? We're going to be there next weekend and would love some news on the motel. Thanks - James McCloud
It's looking good. -K

Hi, Could you tell me if ES has any eating dives, better known as a diner that are well kept secrets? I was looking on Food Network's website with Guy Fieri who travels the country and finds dives, diners and drive ins to see if he had been to ES for one and couldn't find any. My husband and I coming to ES for a few days and would love to eat at one of the best dives in ES!! Thank you so much for your time and attention. Lisa
The Oasis and Chelsea's Bar. -K

Food and Adventures
My husband, mother-in-law and four year old are planning a weekend in Eureka Springs at the end of April. Is there a resturant I can get fresh trout at and where do you recommend other places we need to try? Locals know best:)
DeVitos Italian for trout. THE BEST!! -K

Planning a trip to ES this weekend. Are the dogwoods in bloom yet in the area? thanks
Redbuds are in full bloom right now. Dogwoods aren't far behind. Depending on the direction you are traveling, south of us they are in full bloom, ours are just beginning. -K

Historical Museum
We are planning a trip to ES the first part of May. Several years ago I went to the historical museum there in town and would like to take my boyfriend. However when I click on their website, it says they've moved (the actual place or just the website, I'm not sure). Can you tell me if they are still open and if so, how much is admission? Thanks!
The Museum itself has not moved. It is still on Main St, at the bottom of Planner Hill, across the street from the Pied Piper Pub. Their phone number is 479-253-9417. -K

Pet-friendly Lodging
do you know of any lodging that allow large-bred dogs? Thank you
Use the search feature on the lodging page to find properties that allow pets. -K

hello, if a person were to move to Eureka springs do you have high speed internet in town, we love your area and were thinking about a house around beaver lake, but our jobs depend on high speed internet service, would you know who to ask about service. thank you for any information or who to get a hold of. thanks Chris
High speed is available here. We use sbcglobal at home. -K

Downtown Lodging
I recently asked about lodging downtown, so we could park and walk and enjoy the nightlife and not have to drive. You gave me the names of Benton Place, Flatiron Flats, Peabody House, Sleepy Hollow, Basin Park Hotel. Out of those- what would you recommend in order of a nice visit? I would prefer to have a massage while there, plus a small balcony...
Flatiron has balconies. Massage therapists will come to you with prior arrangements. -K

There does not seem to be a calendar of events for ES, what happened to it? I am looking for things to do there in Sept.
All you have to do is look at the bottom of any page and click on the link titled "events." -K

I'm trying to remember the name of a hotel there that has different movie theme rooms - most had hot tubs, and they were very reasonable??? Thanks for any help you can send!
Tradewinds? They do have new owners. -Don't know if they redecorated the rooms or not. -K

B&B Availability - 2 beds
Hello. My sister and I are considering taking our annual sister's trip in Eureka Springs in August. We like to stay in B&Bs versus hotels. I am having a difficult time finding a B&B where we can have separate beds. Any suggestions?
Try 11 Singleton House. -K

ordained minister for wedding
am planning on getting married on april 8th in eureka and would like to have the service performed by an ordained minister. any ideas? no family or friends coming, just she and i. jg
Are you spending the night? Most all lodging properties have wedding service providers on site. -k

Downtown Lodging
My husband and I want a romantic getaway but want to stay downtown- within walking distance of the restuarants and bars so we can enjoy wine and happy hour but not have to drive back to our hotel. Would you recommend the New Orleans Hotel? The Bason Park Hotel looks like it would be a bit of a hassle to park and then ride a shuttle...looking for easy parking access. Thanks.
Grand Central Hotel. Benton Place. Flatiron Flats. Peabody House. Sleepy Hollow. -K

We are looking for a good B&B. What do you think of the ghost tours?
Ghost tours are fun. Many great B&Bs in town. What exactly are you looking for? -K

i want to know the # for the trolley service would like to go saturday a.m and need to know how to get there. thank you
All trolley information is here -K

Hi Karen, Love what you do here. Couple of questions. Isn't there a train that runs like from ES to Branson-can't find any info on it-like when, where & prices? Also, is the KalidaKites shop still there? It was there in 1994, if so, is it in the same place? Does ES still charge for parking downtown? Thank you for your help.
No train to Branson. Eureka Springs North Arkansas Railway is about 2 miles round trip. Yes, Kalidokites is still here, same place. We have meters downtown now. Bring quarters! -K

Hi! we will be visiting in April ans would like to know if there are any affordable, pet friendly places to stay in the historic area, walking distance to shops and cafes? we have a toy poodle. Thanks
Use the lodging search feature to select any special amenities you may require. "Pets Accepted" is one of the choices. -K

Queen Anne Mansion
Any news as to when the Queen Anne Mansion will re-open for tours?? I left my e-mail at their website and received a reply back that we might hear from them in May??? Thanks!
They are still scheduled to open May 1. -K

hot springs
My husband and I are planning a short trip to Branson and would like to take a day to sit in hot springs in Eureka Springs. Is there such a place?
No. We do not have hot springs here. We do have lots of other fun things and we're only an hour from Branson. You should come visit anyway. -K

Wedding June 8th
Looking for a photographer that has reasonable prices for a small wedding on the Belle of the Ozark. And I also need to know if there is a tuxedo shop in town and how to contact them.
Eastgate Salon rents tuxedo. There are many wedding photographers in town. Mary Anne at Belle of the Ozarks should be able to arrange one for you. -K

Grocery Delivery
I will be spending a week at Can-U-Canoe in late May and would like to know if there are any local grocery delivery services.
No delivery. Two grocery stores. Harts and Folkers are in town. As is Dollar General. -K

Store Name?
We were just recently in Eureka Springs and was suppose to be there for two days, but weather cut our trip short. On the first day we arrived we were on Spring Street and found the most wonderful shop there, but I can not remember the name. It has the most wonderful remake of vinetage (60's) clothing and the gentleman there was really nice. You may know which shope I'm talking about and I really hope you do and I'm really hoping they have a website. I wanted to go back and get some items, but like I said we had to leave due to the weather. Thank You
Where exactly on Spring Street? I'm thinking either Pink Flamingo or Me'lange.

Apartment rentals
My brother law is going to manage the Fred's Retail Store near Holiday Island. He needs to find a monthly apartment or condo rental. Do you have any suggestions?
There are several apartment complexes at Holiday Island. Just check the Holiday Island pages on this site. -K

We have approximately 6 couples coming Eurkea springs in on 9-29-10 for 4 nights. We are looking for cabins but must have seperate bathrooms for each cabin.
All cabin. resorts will have bathrooms in the individual dwellings. What you will need to do, is find a resort where you will be able to reserve the entire property. Most resort only have 6 or so cabins. Some have "family" cabins that offer more than one bath. (Historic Cottages at Lake Lucerne, for instance.) Select a few properties from our cabins/cottages page and write us back if you still have questions. -K

Traveler's Inn
We have reservations for the Traveler's Inn in mid-April. I have heard it is under new ownership and has been completely remodeled. Do you have any news on it maybe? I know reviews were not good in the past, but under new ownership, hopefully that is all in the past. Thanks James McCloud
The new owners seem to be getting the property back in shape. I'll make a stop by there next week and see for myself and let you know what I find. -Been meaning to do this anyway. -K

statue road inn
we have been calling the statue road inn for reservations, but we only get a message machine. are they closed down or just not open for the season yet? we have always stayed there in the past. thanks for your help.
We too, are concerned about the fate of Statue Road Inn. Last info was that it was not going to open this year, which is really sad. Not to mention and unkept property at the entrance of the Great Passion Play. We are not getting calls returned either. On the other hand, they have not asked to drop their advertising on our site. If you need to make some reservation to visit, here are some suggestions for other properties with like amenities and close to the Play... Alpine Lodge Candlewick Inn Edelweiss Inn Lookout Lodge -K

where is the best place to eat there? also where is a great steak place to eat at there?
All places are good. Steaks at Rogue's Manor and Gaskins Cabin. -K

Where is the best place to eat lunch
Other than Subway, McDonalds and Pizza Hut, our restaurants are chef owned. Visit our dining pages and find one that serves the type of food you like. You'll be pleased with your selection. -K

Time diffrence between Melbourne (Aus) and Eureka Springs
I have no idea. Arkansas is in Central time zone. -K

Have you tried Tall Pines Inn? Or Brackenridge Lodge? -K

Antique Wrought Iron
Karen, we will be in Eureka Springs this weekend, and I am looking for an antique wrought iron fence panel. Any ideas on which shops might have one? Thanks, Carol
Sorry I missed your note. I guess you've come and gone now. I hope you found what you were looking for. I would have suggested Vintage Cargo. -K

Short trip
I'd like to take my mom, aged 66, and my daughter, aged 14 to Eureka Springs on March 19-21st. I'm looking for a bargain on lodging...clean lodging.
Most of the motels have great rates this time of year. -K

Sparkeys & Ermillios
Hello....Couldnt seem to get logged on to the front porch for some reason, so i'm asking you know if Sparky's and Ermillios will be open the weekend of March 19,20,21 ?? We will be down for the antique show spending the weekend, and was hoping at least one of those two places ( they're our favorites ) would be open. In the previous years before last year, Sparkys was usually closed but ermillios was just re-opening after a short time off. last year, they were both closed. Of course we didnt go hungry and still enjoyed several other spots, but we were sure hoping we wouldnt have to wait until our annual blues weekend trip to eat at our fav places. Thanks...and please order warm weather for the antique show weekend!! D&S
Surprise! Both will be open. Sparky's no longer closes during March and Ermilio's reopened on March 9th. -K I'll see what the problem is on the Front Porch.

Place Closed
Hi My name Is Darlene Cheek. My husband and I rented a place called Can U Canoe, We paid a deposit and I was looking on a Map request and It said this place is closed is this true. Please let me know what you know about this place.Thank you Darlene Cheek
Can U Canoe is NOT closed. It's one of the newest and certainly most beautiful properties we have. The view overlooking the White River Valley is breathtaking. Please let me know where you saw that it was closed. -K

Day trip
If we were to come to your town for one day, what would you suggest for "must see" attractions and a special place for lunch.
Downtown Historic Distric, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, Lake Leatherwood City Park, Beaver Bridge. Lunch: DeVito's, Myrtie Maes. Other than Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Subway, our restaurants are chef owned. Just pick one, you will be surprised! -K

Do you know if any of the churches there perform baptisms for tourists preferably Baptist?
We have several Baptist churches in Eureka Springs. Most baptisms require pre-counciling, tho. They aren't "attractions." -K

Passion Play
When and where is the Passion Play in Eureka Springs?
The Great Passion Play is located east of town on...Passion Play Road. You can't miss the sign. They open for the season in May and run thru October. -K

airport and auto rental locals
Upon moving we are flying family in about every two months for visits . What airport in the area has routes to and from Chicago Il or Rockford Il or Madison or Milwaukee W. Thank youi
The closest airport is in Bentonville, about an hour and a half from us. Northwest Regional Airport. Tulsa International is approximately two hours away. Springfield MO - 2 hours There is a private plane airport in Berryville, which is 15 minutes from us. -K

Rental Houses
Hi Karen after many visits in 7 years we have decided to move to Eureka Springs. We own a home in Wisconsin we will rent out and we need contacts for long term homes for rent pet friendly. Thank you Erin
Call local Realtors. Many of them offer rentals. Our local newspapers (Lovely Citizen and Carrol County News) also list available rentals. -K

family reunion
Is there an inexpensive place for about 20 to stay with a meeting room for visiting and playing games?
Several motels in the area offer meeting rooms. Best Western Inn of the Ozarks Best Western Eureka Inn Rodeway Inn Island Motel -K

Where to Stay
Karen, My boyfriend and I are from Tulsa and are looking for a cheap, cozy and interesting Spring Break trip. My parents eloped in Eureka Springs, so I immediately thought of it. We need help finding a place to stay for around $50-$60 per night, we are both very broke college students. I would love to stay in a cabin, and have found a few online, but would love to hear about which ones you know that are especially cozy and nice. We will have a car so expect to come into town as well. Do you have any other suggestions for us for our trip? We are both outgoing and adventurous and would love any interesting ideas you would have for us! Thanks so much! Kelsey
There are several lodging properties within your price range listed on this website. Select a few that interest you and write me back if you still have questions. -K

Meeting people
I live in harrison and am new to the area. I am in my mid-twenties, and have had trouble meeting people here and making friends with Harrison's older population, though I have lived here almost a year. Are there any groups or organizations in Eureka Springs that I might have better luck fitting into?
Well...what are your interests? -K

Visiting Eureka Springs
Hi. What is the closest airport to Eureka Springs?
Northwest Arkansas Regional (XNA) is about an hour and a half.

My wife is celebrating her Birthday in March with the gathering of all her siblings in ES and I'm wondering where do you recommend can I have a Birthday cake made (enough for 12) for her there in ES?
Try Sunfest Market and/or Eureka Sweets. Of course, there's also Wal Mart. -K

costume rental
I know there was once a lady out in Village shopping center that rented costumes. Do you know the name?
Celebrations and Traditions (Michelle McDonald) rents Victorian attire only. -K

My husband and I have been coming to Eureka for years, but we always seem to stay at the same, boring motel and visit all the same places. We, like the rest of the country, don't have a lot to spend. So this year, we are combining our anniversary and Valentine's getaway in hopes to have an extraordinary few days together. Do you have any suggestions for a place to stay - romantic, but affordable. We like large tubs, but doesn't have to be jacuzzi, we also like massages, and finally what do you suggest for night life? We are visiting 2/26-28. Any input or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks so much for your time!
Some lodging suggestions... 66 Center Street Dogwood Cottages Enchanted Cottages Pine Lodge Tall Pines Go to the Palace Hotel and Bath House for "The Works." Hot spring water bath, steam, facial, massage all for just $72.00 per person. Night life... Rent a limo. $5.00 per person from point a to point b. Chelsea's is fun. Henri's is too. The Rowdy Beaver and Pied Piper. Or take a horse drawn carriage ride thru the historic district. Let me know if you need more help. -K

Hello, I have visited several times and don't ever remember seeing a taxicab. Is there any? If not, what would kind of lodging would you recommend that is within walking distance for night life?
We do have a cab service...Eureka Taxi. We also have a limo service that charges only $5.00 per person point to point. Any property located in the Historic District will provide walking distance. -K

Restaurant party room
My fiance plan on getting married May 29,2010. We will have about 25 people with us and are looking for a family friendly restaurant to take everyone out to dinner. A private or party room would be great.... so far I only found the Forest Hill, is it good?
Forrest Hill is very good. As is Myrtie Maes, which is located in Best Western Inn of the Ozarks and The Gazebo, located at Best Western Eureka Inn.

I am searching the area around Eureka Springs for relatives that may be burried there. Is there a web site or someone that might help?
No website that I know of, but call the cemetary commission. The Cemetery Sexton, Archie Ryan (479) 253-9264 is available to assist you with the purchase of graves sites, arrangements for internment, and locating sites of family members. -K

non-alcoholic beverages
Karen, Hello! My name is Benjamin and I was wondering where I could buy non alcoholic wine. Is there any place in Eureka Springs or nearby? Thanks in advance, Ben
Many places. Grocery store and all liquor stores sell non-alcoholic beverages. -K

Looking for vendor contact info
Hello, I'm trying to locate contact info for a business I think is located in your city. The Leather Rose is company that selling merchandise at renaissance festivals. I was hoping to email the owner for some merchandise before she comes to Georgia in April. Thank you for helping!!
I'm sorry, there is no business here by that name. Any other clues? -K

shop question
I was wondering what happend to kitty kitty kitty? I did not see it last time I was there. Did it go out of business
Yes. Closed a couple of years ago. -K

someplace romantic yet inexpensive n exciting for birthday. Like maybe a package deal for under 100.00. jaquzzi, lunch or dinner the works. Is there a good off season rate for a fun time?
All lodging properties offer packages and off season rates. What type of lodging are you looking for? -K

I'm looking at The Stony Pig for accommodations; What do you think. Is it worth the drive from down town. The rates are what I'm looking for; Staying 3 nights Sat-Monday; I want a private cabin or cottage; Coming to AK in late May but before the Memorial Day weekend
The Stone Pig is great. Yes, it's a little far out, but only about 10 minutes from town. I think you'll really like it there. -K

My two girlfriends and I are visiting for 3-4 days in mid May. We want to shop of course but we also want to see the rustic side of Eureka. I have wondered about Kings River, Cosmic Caverns, Bell of the Ozarks, horseback riding, etc. Can you recommend? We dont mind driving several miles for the right excursion.
I go with a canoe float on the Kings River. Bell of the Ozarks is a GREAT, guided Beaver Lake tour. Cosmic Caverns is way cool. Horseback rides are fun and guided and have well maintained trails. Any of these would be no more than a 20 or 30 minute drive from Eureka. -K

RCI rentals
Hi there, Karen - We have an RCI membership that we have yet to use because we are so hesitant about the quality. Do you know of resorts in the area that participate in RCI and which would you recommend? We would travel with three kids, ages 12-15. Thanks so much!
The only two possibilies are Holiday Island Vacation Rentals and Island Rentals. Two different properties, both on Holiday Island which is on Table Rock Lake about 15 minutes from Eureka Springs. Both are very well known for quality. -K

massage and places to eat
My husband and I are coming for some time away. Can you suggest the best place to get a couples massage and some romantic places to eat.
All of our therapists offer couples massage. Prices are comparible and all therapists are trained and professional. Depending on your lodging choice, some come to you or have studios right on the premises. Great meals at the Grand Taverne, Rogue's Manor and DeVito's Italian. I also suggest Gaskins Cabin. -K

Eureka in Feb
Wife and I are visting Feb everything still open? (stores, restaurants, budget-friendly attractions, etc....) also what are a couple restaurants you would recommend? thanks
We're open, come on over! Lots of great restaurants. Other than Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Subway, they are chef-owned. What are you hungry for? -K

What is the temp. the first of May.
Warm days, cool nights. Bring a jacket if you plan to see the Great Passion Play. -K

Lost Dogs
I am a local as well, but we have lost 2 of our dogs, a yellow lab and a golden retriever. The Retriever has a Black with orange flames Harley Davidson collar on, no tags unfortunately. The lab can't wear a collar because he's so allergic. If you have seen or heard of either of these animals, please let me know. Thank you! Michael Merry
Michael Merry...and Carrie Merry? Have I been reading about this on geekfest? I had no idea that was ya'll. I'm so sorry, I thought one had been found. I haven't heard anything. Send me some more specifics and I'll post them on this site's board. When were they lost, where, etc... I'll help any way I can. So sorry. Karen Pryor

I'm having an outdoor wedding in Eureka on May 8th, 2010m what's the average temperature? & average rainfall in May?
Sorry, there's no such thing as "average" anymore. Early May is usually warm days and cool nights. Where are you having the wedding? -K

Best Time
Karen, What's the best time to visit in mid/late March or April, we are driving up from Texas and would like the prettiest time to visit for a weekend.
I would have to say early April. You'll get the dogwoods and the redbuds during that time. -K

romantic weekend
i was wondering if you could recommend a few good places to propose to my girlfriend...we are staying on valentines weekend....something with nature would be nice ( waterfall?)....but any and all sugestions are helpful..thanks!
The East Mountain Overlook facing downtown and the Crescent Hotel. In a horse drawn carriage ride. Inspiration Overlook on Highway 62, west of town. Thorncrown Chapel. Over dinner at the Grand Taverne in the Grand Central Hotel. Basin Spring Park. -k

lodging question
Hi Karen! I'm planning a "girls' weekend getaway" for myself and 3 friends. We're having a hard time deciding between Susie's Bodacious Bungalow & Elk Street Cottage. They both look so cute! Can you help us decide? Thanks!
Actually Crystal, that's a pretty tough question! They ARE both very cute. They are in the same neighborhood, close to the downtown historic/shopping district. Both are very well kept. Honestly, you can't go wrong either way. About the only thing I can suggest is put both names in a hat and draw one! -K

Family trip
I would like to know if Eurekasprings is a good getaway spot for entire family . I have a 11 year old girl. What activities for her.Thank You
YES! Kids love Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, the music shows, trolley rides and hiking around Lake Leatherwood. Sparky's Roadhouse Cafe is very kid-friendly. We also have horseback riding, lots of water activities and Best Western Inn of the Ozarks offers mini-golf and a video arcade. -K

hey karen my name is dawn me and my husband are planning a trip too eureka springs in march can u tell me som things too do and places too eat and stay i woul really appreciate it were going there for our aniversary
Carriage rides, shopping, trolley tours, Ghost Tours at the Crescent Hotel. Other than McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Subway, all of our restaurants are chef-owned. Just pick one, you'll love it. A hike around Lake Leatherwood is great and Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is a great attraction. -K

Wedding Info
We were married in June 1985 at the old fashioned photography studio across the street from the courthouse. I believe the man's name was Bob -- he was a minister. Is it still there? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
The photo shop "directly" across from the courthouse is no longer there. -K

Hello Karen, It sounds like either the Enchanted Cottages, or the Bavarian Inn will be a good choice. We will be coming in June, and what attractions do you think should be a must? We were there for a few hours last May, and ate at a wonderful Mexican place. We had to walk up some steps, and it was a small place. Would you happen to know the place, because we cannot remember the name of the place? Also, which places to eat would be a must? Thank You! Kim
Was the restaurant Casa Colina? The Oasis? Cafe Santa Fe? All three involve stairs! -K

Enchanted Cottages
Hello! What do you think about Enchanted Cottages. Thank You!
Love them! -K

Bavarian Inn
Hello, We are coming to visit your quaint town, and we are thinking about staying at the Bavarian Inn. What do you think? Is there certain attractions that we should not miss whie we visit. Thank You!
Bavarian Inn is a great place. Attractions depend on when you are coming. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge for sure. -K

Hi, Karen, I'm looking for a place around Eureka Springs to have a small wedding, then a picnic/BBQ after. Any suggestion? thanks.
When? How many people? Are you going to cater the event or do it yourself? Lake Leatherwood, Beaver Lake or the Cottages at Lake Lucerne would be good choices depending on the details. -K

elk cabin
i was looking at the beaver lakeside cabin website, and i was wondering if there is any reviews you can give me about the cabins especially the elk cabin
This property is relatively new. It's a beautiful place.

Motorcyclist Hotel
I was there last year, and someone had mentioned a hotel/motel with accomadations for motorcyclist? Do you have a contact that I could get for a trip scheduled for June. Thanks.
That's Rider's Rest Motel. Their phone number is (479) 253-9815. They are closed for the winter right now. -K

Youth Group in Eureka Springs
Our youth group is coming to Eureka Springs in July to work with Team Effort on some mission projects. We have a free day and would like to know what is available for the students to do that is free or a very nominal charge. Could you help me with suggestions?
Hiking around Lake Leatherwood is free. Canoe floats are about $20.00 per canoe and each canoe will hold 3-4 people. Swimming at Beaver Lake is free. Blue Spring Heritage Center is $6.25 per person for groups of 10 or more. Onyx Cave tours are $5.00 per person. Thorncrown Chapel is free. War Eagle Mill is free and the cavern tour is about $10.00 per person for groups. And, there's always self led tours around the historic district which are free. -K

relocation guide
Hello, i was wondering if you could send me a relocation guide of some sort. My wife and I are in love with the area, and are very interested in relocating but want to know as much as possible about the area before we make a decision. Being a local yourself, how do you like it? Our adress is 867 Fendley drive Apt. c1, Conway Ar 72032. Thank you- Josh Malcome
I have sent your request to our Chamber of Commerce, they will send you a guide. It's great living here. Just do your homework! -K

B&B named Willow Ridge
We stayed at a B&B named Willow Ridge 17 years ago. We go to Eureka about once a year but haven't been there in about 5 years. Did this place go out of business? Or did it become another name under different owners?
Willow Ridge is no longer available as nightly lodging. -K

Wedding Chapel
10 years ago my husband and I eloped to Eureka Springs. We were married west of town,way out in the wood in a log chapel. It was an independent site. No lodging available. We can not remember the chapels name. Can you help? Thanks.
I'm wondering if it might be Wildflower Waterfall Chapel? If so, it closed several years ago. Sorry. -Kp

Mother and Daughter trip
I am planning a "big-girl" trip for me and my 23 yr old daughter in May or June 2010. One of the main things I would love for us to get to experience is a spa treatment. We have never had one of any kind. Is there a reasonable one that would be a great "sampler" of different things not only a pedi or facial? Thanks fr any and all recommendations
I would certainly look at the services offered at the New Moon Spa in the Crescent Hotel.

Romantic Hotels/suites
My husband and I work way to much and would like to get away to a nice suite with an in room jacuzzi tub and a very romantic feel to the room and surroundings. which lodging place would you recommend? we also would prefer one that was under $120 per night. Thanks! Brianna
Well frankly, just pick one. Jacuzzi's are a standard amenity and $120 per night pretty much covers any place. Heartstone Inn, Cliff Cottage, Grand Central Hotel, Belladonna, just to name a few.

the Leather Rose
I am looking for the Leather Rose,specifically Lynn Horist. Could you give me some help? Thankyou, Polly
The Leather Rose? Is that a shop? I can help STEVE that close? -K

stained glass
Is there anyone or any shop in Eureka Springs that makes or specializes in stained glass objects or lamps, etc. I am not talking about the kind they order in lots premade. I mean the real thing.
There are several galleries in our town that show local art. Eureka Thyme and Zarks for sure. We have lots of artists that specialize in stained glass. -K

Build a bear
we were in Eureka and we had a deer made at a build a bear store and we wopuld like to find the address or the Email so we can have another animal made
I'm sorry sir, but that business hasn't been here for several years...unless you know something I don't! I've called the Chamber of Commerce, the Business License office, the court house and spoken with our building inspector and other than the one I mentioned, there isn't one here anymore. -K

after Christmas
Hi, We're planning on a visit to Eureka Springs the weekend after Christmas (26th & 27th). Will the stores still be open? Can you suggest anything going on that weekend? Thanks so much!
Yes, shops will be open. At this time, there are no special events planned for those dates. Spas, carriage rides, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, caves and caverns tours are all available.

Eureka in January
A business aquaintance from Ohio is planning on visiting Eureka Springs in January. I think Eureka is the best travel destination in the state but haven't visited in January. Are a lot of the shops, galleries, and restaurants likely to be closed?
Not necessarily. As long as the weather holds out, there will be plenty of shopping and eating to do. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge will be open. The caves and caverns will be open. Eureka Van Tours will be operating. There are also a couple of fun events that take place in January. They are listed on the calendar. -K

I am thinking about relocating there with my 2 young children and my parents. I am wondering what it is like, is it a good place to raise kids and have fun too? I am only 38 and don't want to move into retirement ville.
This is a small town. "Visiting" here is a lot different from "living" here. There is one elementary, middle and high public school. One private and one Christian school. Eureka Springs proper is a melting pot of a very diverse population. Holiday Island is mostly retirement folks. I do not suggest packing up and moving without doing your homework first. -K

one day visit
My new wife and I are coming for the day on Dec 20th. How would we get the most from our visit? What should we do for fun and where should we eat? We are coming from Springfield, MO. Do you know of any hot springs that will be open?
We do not have hot springs. There are several spas tho. Everything is open on Sunday. Visit Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Except for McDonald's, Pizza Hut and Subway, all of our restaurants are chef-owned. Just pick one, they are all great. -K

can you suggest a good Mexican Restaurant
You should try Casa Colina. -K

New Year's Eve
Thinking about going to ES for New Year's Eve and wondered if there's a place that might show what entertainment will be available that night. Thanks!
It will show up on the calendar shortly. There are parties at all the bars, Inn of the Ozarks Convention Center, Crescent Hotel and Basin PArk Hotel. -K

Wood turkey
Several yrs. ago we bought a locally made wood turkey (made from a wood log) from one of the stores in Eureka Springs. I'd like to find the store, if they are still there, and order another. Do you have any idea what store it could be? Thanks for your help. Karen Floyd
My first guess would be Sleepy's Log Furniture. -K

My wife and I are seeking advice on accomodations in early December. We are interested in the Crescent and spa but have heard that the hotel is a bit musty. We like historic but not musty. Any assistance would be appreciated.
The Crescent is over 100 years old. "Musty" is part of the charm. You might also consider the Grand Central Hotel. -K

girls night out
Hard time finding accommodations for four adults only for Dec. 5th, check out on Dec. 6th. Girls night and we would like something close to shopping, food, entertainment..... Best Western is closest opton I've found that allows one night on the weekend but would rather upgrade. Anything you know that maybe I can't find on the internet? Unfortunately we can't ditch the husbands and kids for both weekend nights. Thanks!
Have you looked at Singleton House? -K

I'm trying to find out when the antique flea market is in the motel convention center on top of the hill on 62 is and how to find out if there are any vender spots avaliable Thanks Sue
Title: Fall Antiques Show and Sale Start Date: November 21, 2009 End Date: November 22, 2009 Address: Eureka Springs, AR 72632 Location: Contact: 479-253-7551 Email: Dave Baker Details 21st Annual Fall Antiques Show and Sale will be held in the convention center at Best Western Inn of the Ozarks. Local, regional and national vendors provide antiques, collectibles and one-of-a-kinds. Over 75 vendors have participated in the past. A huge event! For information, call Dave Baker.

Good Time
Looking for live entertainment. Preferably R&B. Want to know, where do tourist stay? Do not want to be bored. Want to have a good time.
Bars offer live entertainment on the weekends. -K

Livingston Junction Cabooses
What do you know about them? How far are they from town?
They're great! Only about 15 minutes from downtown...but not walking distance. -K

What to do
My husband and I got married in Eureka four years ago and haven't been back since. We're coming this Saturday November 14th and I want to make it a nice romantic weekend. We already have a room at the Colonial Inn and now I just need to know what romantic and fun stuff there is to do.
Carriage ride? Nice dinner at Grand Taverne? DeVito's? Gaskins Cabin? Bavarian Inn? Or any of the other participants in Food and Wine Weekend? 2nd Saturday Gallery Stroll? Keel's Creek Wine Tasting? -K

Questions about Eureka Springs
Hello! I am planning a trip to Eureka Springs, and I have a few questions. 1.) Is there a good golf course in the area or within a few hours drive? If so, where is it located? 2.) Are there any really good restaurants to visit? 3.) What are some things that a young couple can do in the area? 4.) Are there hiking trails and/or running trails? 5.) What do you think about the Lazee Daze Cabins? 6.) Are there any good local bars? Thank you very much! Sincerely, Katherine
Holiday Island golf course is 7 minutes from downtown Eureka Springs. Carroll County County Club is about 20 minutes away. Both offer "public" play. Except for McDonalds, Subway and Pizza Hut, all of our restaurants are chef-owned. They are all good. Lake Leatherwood Park and the downtown historic district have great trails. Lazee Daze is a very popular lodging property. It's about 10 minutes from town. There are several bars in the downtown area. -K

Living / Jobs in Eureka Springs
My sister just visited Eureka Springs during Halloween and fell in love with EVERYTHING about your city. both she and my mother are going through transitional stages in their lives and would be interested in any help locating a home and assistance in any publication identifying available jobs in the area - can you help me help them? Please?
If you want to send a mailing address, I can send you a relocation guide. Just do your homework. Visiting here is a lot different than actually living here. Tourism is our only industry. Any available jobs in Eureka Springs would be within the service field.

name of store
I have a friend going to Eureka Springs this weekend and I want her to pick up some of these wonder jalapeno peppers that I have bought at a store which sell all different kind of spicy products can you please help me the name of this store? Thans Joyce Roberts
Silly Chilli is located on upper Spring Street between Wild Blue Yonder and 86 Spring Gallery. -K

Me and one of my friends are coming to stay in Eureka Springs sometime in november. We want to stay somewhere really cute with pretty scenery, since we will be on vacation. But we have a very very tight budget and are trying to find someplace really cheap. Could you suggest somewhere cheap and cute?
You might try Singleton House. -K

Folk Festival
Hey! My boyfriend and I are frequent visitors of ES and plan on attending the Folk Festival. He has done several live painting show in Fayetteville and has had some work in galleries in ES. We were wondering if he could set up somewhere during the festival on Saturday, (maybe basin park?) but don't know who to contact. Can you point us in the right direction? His website is if you would like to check out his work. Thanks!
You need to talk to Eric Young, our Special Events Director. His office is located in the Auditorium. 479-253-2586. -K

this weekend
Is the library there having their annual sale this weekend? Thanks!
No sorry, that event happens the 2nd weekend of October. There is also the Spring sale which is always in April. -K

is branson very far from eureka springs. thanks
One hour. -K

are shops open
yes i'm planning a tripe to eurekasprings nov.1 2009 . will most of the shop down town be open this time of year. thank you
Yes. -K

Ghost Tours
I found a couple of places on-line that do ghost tours. 1) Meg at the Basin Park Hotel and 2) "Eureka Springs Ghost Tours" that give tours of the Crescent and the Eureka Cemetary. I was wondering if you know of anyone else in town besides these two? I was hoping there were also gifted people who did this but weren't publicized.
The Eureka Springs Historical Society is conducting "Tales from the Silent City" in the Eureka Springs Cemetary. But, this coming weekend is the last one for that. The Crescent Hotel tour is a pretty good one. There is no one that does this "privately." -K

a peacful, healing accomendation.
My Mom passed away this year and I can't stay at home.during the holidays. I live in Tulsa. My brother and I are wanting to start a new tradition by coming to eureka every X-mas. Can you suggest a place for us to stay that is between $100-$125.00/night for 3 people? We will be there Dec.23rd and leave X-mas day. Any sugestions would be appreciated. Thanks so much, Jan
I'm so sorry for your loss. You might consider Historic Cottages at Lake Lucerne. -K

place to stay
there is a place there that caters to bikers i believe its cottages or motel do you no the name and maybe the number to that establishment. thank you
Rider's Rest Motel. 479-253-9815. -K

birthday cakes
where can i find a birhtday cake in the town of eureka springs
Eureka Sweets. Wal Mart. SunFest Market. -K

Uregent Gift Help Needed
My boss is getting married in Eureka this weekend - my coworkers and I are wanting to send him a little something. I would love for it to be a basket of local goodies but don't know who would do this. They are not staying overnight. Any ideas?
I'm sorry, we do not have a "central" location for gift baskets. I would suggest candy from Two Dumb Dames, a couple's spa package from one of our facilities or something like that. Sorry. -K

Are most shops open on Sunday
We will arrive on Saturday afternoon and leave early Monday morning OCt 24-26 2009. Are most shops open on Sunday?
Yes they are!

2 day trip
where is the best place for a single person to stay in town with a bar for evening close as well as shopping of course!
The Basin Park Hotel, the New Orleans Hotel or the Grand Central Hotel. -K

Name of store please
Hi - we visited a store there with slag glass outside. It was beside an observation tower and across the street was a barbque place. It was on the highway going toward Thorncrown Chapel. Can you tell me the name of the store? Thank you!
That's the Razorback Gift Shop. (I love that shop. Anytime I need a gift, I know I'll find it there!) Contact the owners, Bonnie and Rex Gustin at (479) 253-8294 -K

Thanksgiving in ES
Hi, Karen. I live in CO and would like to take my mother (who lives in Fayetteville) to Eureka Springs for Thanksgiving dinner. Do you know of any upscale restaurants that are serving dinner on this holiday?
The Crystal Dining Room in the Crescent Hotel, the Grand Taverne in the Grand Central Hotel, Rogue's Manor, Forest Hill, the Gazebo Restaurant in Best Western Eureka Inn and Myrtie Mae's in Best Western Inn of the Ozarks will all offer Thanksgiving buffets. Rogue's Manor and Grand Taverne will have a traditional meal with table service. All will require reservations. -K

Galleries? by misskitty on Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:05 am I would like to find out if any galleries/shops in Eureka would take my photography on commission for sale? The gallery I currently have my work in closes for the winter. We are planning to come visit before the end of this month and I could bring my work then. Any suggestions? Email contact links? Thanks!misskitty Posts: 136 Joined: Fri May 13, 2005 10:08 pm Location: Missouri
You might want to try Quicksilver, Zark's and Delphia Dreams. Actually any gallery is worth a try. Also Eureka Thyme. -K

We're looking for a moderately priced cabin or cottage for a November visit to Eureka Springs. It is sometimes hard to tell from the Web which ones are good deals. We don't want something barebones, but nothing too lavish, either. Any recommendations? Thanks for your help!
Historic Cottages at Lake Lucerne. Dogwood Cottages, Treehouse Cottages...all cabin resorts are very nice. It just depends on exactly what you are looking for and the amenities you desire. -K

New Years Eve
Hello! My husband and I are wanting to spent NYE in Eureka. We are looking at Basin Park. Will shops and restaurants be open on New Years Day? Thank you!
Yes. -K

I was wondering if you knew anything about the lake lucerne cottages. My family and I will be staying there in nov. and just wondered if the y were as nice as the look in pics.
They are wonderful. -K

can you recomend roads for touring motorcycles for days trips of approx 100 mi. or are maps available?
The two highways in and out of Eureka Springs are scenic highways. 23 runs north and south, 62, east and west. And yes, there are maps. "Let's Ride" is put out by the state of Arkansas and available at the Chamber of Commerce. -K

Civil Unions
Need to know of any information concerning civil unions in your city. Any suggestions for a fairly cheap but nice union?
There are several locations that offer this service. All are listed at -K

Lodging Advice
My mom and I will be visiting November 1-3 and I have been all over the lodging section looking for a B&B that offers two beds. Can you help point me in the right direction? Ideally, we would be near the shopping areas with parking available or on a shuttle stop. If you think a hotel would be better that would be OK, too. We are not terribly particular, we would just like someplace clean, safe and convenient. Most of the places listed advertise romance but I can't find any that would work for family. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Heartstone Inn and Singleton House. Have you talked to the innkeepers directly or just looked at websites? Sometimes they will have something not listed on their pages. -K

a place to stay
My 2 sisters and myself would like to have a nice place, close to the trolley route with a minimum of 2 queen beds. Any suggestions? We would be there thursday Oct 22 and check out on Saturday 10/24 am.
All lodging properties are on the trolley route. Or less than a block away. Any hotel or motel would offer a double queen room. -K

I have been intrigued by the thought of living in Eureka Springs ever since I visited a few years ago. I thought that it would be a great place to raise our two-year old twins. However, my husband does not agree with me. He thinks that since it's a southern state that the locals will be prejudice to us. Honestly, is that true?
"Predudice" how? -K

lodging for large family group
Planning for next summer & need lodging for 9 people: 3 couples, 2 teens & grandma. We can all sleep in twin beds or any combination of doubles, twins, etc. We are flexible but we'd like to be in one building, if possible, or near each other. Also want a full kitchen so we can cook our own meals. I've looked at a lot of web sites, most seem to cater to honeymooners. Can you suggest a place for my family?
Try Island Motel and Resort, Island Rentals and/or Holiday Island Vacation Rentals. All of these offer condos. -K

Lodging for 10/24
I'm having difficulty finding lodging for one night - do you have any suggestions?
A Saturday night only, especially in October is very difficult, I agree. Have you checked with any motels? Speciality lodging is next to impossible. Here are some suggestions... Bavarian Inn Brackenridge Lodge Lookout Lodge Swiss Village Inn Thurman's Lodge Good luck -K

My friend and I are driving to ES tomorrow for a quick overnight trip-just to get away! We would both like a massage-perhaps late Thursday afternoon. Do you have any suggestions? No health issues just want to relax.
I would prefer an independant therapist such as Healing Benefits or Eureka Massage. -K

room for girls getaway
Karen, There are four of us coming to ES the first wkend in Nov. We'd like to find a place with adjoining rooms or maybe a suite where we can all stay together. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Sherri
Have you looked at 66 Center Street? The Peabody House, Historic Cottages at Lake Lucerne? All Seasons Inn? Singleton House? All of these cottages can accommodate all of you. -K

I visited Eureka for the first time this past weekend and absolutely fell in love with it. I was wondering, what kind of industrial parks or industrial plants, etc are around there? Or do you know of any IT jobs available in the area? just curious :) thanks for your help
"Tourism" is our only industry. Any jobs (if available) are in the service sector. -K

Directions to National Buffalo River from ES
Hello Karen, Can you please show me to get to National Buffalo River from Eureka Springs ? Thanks, Tam
Just take hwy 62 east to Harrison (about an hour) Then 65 south for about 30 minutes, and you're there! -K

B & B
Hi We are coming to ES in Nov and have 2 children age 11 & 12 and we were wanting to stay at one of the historical B&B. Any recommendations that would be "kid Friendly?
Heartstone Inn accepts children. -K

Hey there! My husband and I are coming to Eureka the weekend of Halloween and were wondering if there were any evening activities for adults going on? We wanted to dress up and have a couple drinks and hear some good music!
Yes. Bars all over town will be having parties. -K

May get hungry!
Hi, What are the local grocery stores in Eureaka Springs. 4 of us will be staying over Thanksgiving, will there be places open to eat over Thanksgiving day.
Harts grocery store is up on Van Buren St. Anyone will be able to tell you how to get's the only one in town. Several restaurants will be open on Thanksgiving Day... The Gazebo in Best Western Eureka Inn Myrtie Mae's in Best Western Inn of the Ozarks Forest Hill Restaurant Rogue's Manor Grand Taverne The Crystal Dining Room in the Crescent Hotel. All are very good. -Will have special buffet service and, will require reservations. -K

Nightlife and food late
My wife and I are staying at Beaver Lakefront Cabins on Oct 17 and 18. We are wanting to come down Friday Oct 16 also and see the Passion Play Oct 16 evening. We would like to maybe get some drinks and listen to some live music after the play. Would the Lumberyard and/or Chelsea's Corner Bar and Lounge be good for this? If so, would we be able to get late night food at either of these places. Also, am looking for a place to stay (Fri night only) down in the Historic District within walking distance of these establishments. All of the Hotels have a minimum of 2 night stays on weekends. Any suggestion? Thank you.
Chelsea's and the Lumberyard do offer food late. So does the Rowdy Beaver. The Play will be over around 10:00. The weekend you are here is a very busy one. The War Eagle Crafts Fair takes place at that time. Finding a NON-two night minimum will be challanging. Have you tried the Basin Park Hotel? All Seasons Inn? -K

What is absolute hands down restaurant in ES n ow? we come every year for the corvette show and there always seems to be a new one. ... Thanks Kevin
The Mayor's new place Casa Colina. It's where Jim and Brent's Bistro used to be, halfway down Planner Hill on the left. Rockin' Pig Saloon in Gaskins Switch is good too, for a casual meal. -K

Ballroom dancing
I need to know where to send my friends that are visiting this week end to ball room dance. They have been dancing for about 5 years and are social dancers only, not competitive. Where should I send them. Thanks Andrew
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we do not have any ballroom dancing options. -K

The Palace Hotel is one of the best in town. What would you like to know about it? -K

Wedding Night
We are planning to get married near Eureka Springs on January 2 - was wondering what is the 'most romantic' hotel for our wedding night.. we also need a couple of rooms for family. THANKS! Very excited about the marriage!
The most romantic hotel to me is the Grand Central Hotel. But you may also want to consider Treehouse Cottages and The Benton Place. -K

fall foliage
What is the best time in Oct to see peak fall colors?
Anytime during the last two weeks of October and the first week of November. -K

where to stay
Karen, I'm going to take my wife and 6 year old on a little getaway to Eureka Springs in October. We would like to stay at a B&B in the historical district that allows children. most of the B&B's we have been to in the past serves food so that would be a plus. we are going there to celebrate my wifes birthday and to see the fall colors...anything else that you can suggest...?
All B&Bs serve breakfast, but that is the only meal. Properties that welcome children include Heartstone Inn, All Seasons Inn, Singleton House and Bridgeford House. You should try to visit Turpentine Creek. There are also horse-drawn carrige rides and horseback riding available. A canoe float would be fun, but it might be too chilly in October. There will be free things going on in Basin Spring Park and of course, the love the trolley! -K

Last year I bought a fountain called 'mist of dreams' from a store there. I have nothing that tells me where, and I have looked thru everything. It was a few blocks into the shopping district and I think close to the overpass. I think it was near Romancing the Stone. I know this doesn't help you much, but if you could find the name and phone number I would really appreciate it.
It didn't come from Romancing the Stone? It sure sounds like the fountains they carry. I'll have to look around to find another location for this product. I'll be back... -K

Bingo in Eureka Springs area
My friend and I are coming to your town Oct. 14th to the 18th and like to play Bingo. We were wondering if there are any places to play there?
No sorry, there is no Bingo here. -K

Help finding a store
I was there last week and purchased a ring from one of the shops in the historic district. It was on the main street before it "Y" 's off. Left side. I walked in one door, lot of jewelry and in the back was little girls princess stuff, then you went to other side and more jewelry and I walked out that door. I picked up a ring for my daughter-it's too large, I wanted to ship it back & exchange. The receipt is generic and the bag is generic also. It's gold and white with black print of rose and diamond and says "Jewelry of Quality". Thank you.
This will take a little research. I'll be back... -K

Fall Folage
We are booked to stay @ the Barvian Inn Oct 4 & 5, 2009. Will the leaves begin to change @ that time ?
Maybe a little bit. The "peak" usually occurs during the last two weeks of October and the first week of November. -K

Years ago my family visited a place out of Eureka Springs on a hill. the house was made of Rock and the rock was especially lay to shade the house to keep it cool. Can't remember where it was. We are coming this weekend. Love to see it again...
I believe you are referring to the Martz house on highway 62 west. That is now a private residence and not available to the public. -K

My husband and I want to do a weekend tour on our motorcycle to see the "fall" colors. We want to spend our Friday afternoon and nite in Eureka. Problem is he lost his job and I am trying to find "very cheap" motels. I would like to spend $40.00 or less. Can you make a suggestion?
Check with Pine Top Lodge or Edelweiss Inn. -K

Fall Foilage Report
Karen, Any news as to when peak fall foilage will be?I know it's probably hard to say at this early date-But trying to make plans to come up to Eureka Springs again this year. Thanks so much for your help. Regards David and Roni DeGroat New Iberia,La.
Probably around the last two weeks of October thru the first week of November. -K

I will be staying in ES the weekend of Oct 23 and was wondering what the weather is like in late Oct.I visited last year in the first week of Oct and it was still fairly warm,and alittle chilly in the evenings.will i need a jacket for the daytime as well as the evening on this trip?
Nice days, cool nights, just like usual. Pack a sweater or light jacket to be on the safe side. -K

live music?
is there any info on live music around Eureka? we'll be there 9/27-9/30 and are really into watching live music.
Music all over the place on Sunday for sure. Live music during the week is a little less "active," but you'll find some. -K

i was there on sept 12 and we were riding our motor cycles on i think 62 and some man was taking pictures of motor cycle riders on the cruve and we would like to find out who it was. we thought his van said ride pictures .net on the side but we can not find that we live in illinois please help
I'm sorry, I have no idea who that could have been. Only if photographers go thru the city directly when shooting promos do we know who they are. I am not familiar with -K

local rooms
i have a friend coming to eureka for a massage workshop for 2 days, 9/18- 9/19 are there locals that rent rooms in their home?
No I'm sorry, not that I know of. -K

romantic getaway
i want to sweep my new wife off her feet for a romantic getaway. I have been finishing up school and want to reward her for her patience. What is the most romantic bed and brekfast or fancy room with a jacuzzi for two that i can book for under $185 a night? in december after the 15th?
Gosh, there are several... Grand Central Hotel, The Benton Place, 66 Center Street, All Seasons Inn, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Belladonna, Select a couple from this list and write me back if you still have questios. -K

Karen, I'm interested in finding a restaurant off the beaten path in Eureka, a place that has good food (not picky about the cuisine) and patio dining with a great view. Your insight will be appreciated. Thanks for the service you provide!
Not exactly a view included, but the Grand Taverne and DeVito's are tops. Neither offer a patio. Also consider Gaskin's Cabin, but no patio. The Horizon is on Beaver Lake, off the beaten path and a great sunset view of the lake, but I've not been there in a while so I can't comment on the food. The view is there but again, no outdoor dining. For casual dining, Eureka Grill downtown has a patio and is a great place to people watch. I hope this helps. -K

3 day vacation Sept 18-20 or Sept 25-27th
We are interested in staying in the Eureka springs area one of those two weekends. Can you recommend somewhere that is toddler friendly, has a nice cabin type feel with possible fishing nearby. Thank you, 316-641-7699
Here are a few suggestions... Cottages at Lake Lucerne Beaver Lakeside Cabins Can-U-Canoe Cabins -K

Doggie day care
We are coming later this week to see the Passion Play, is there any place good in town that could keep our Yorkie? We have tickets to go to the exhibits and then stay for the dinner show. We would want to pick him up after the play. Thank you
I do not know of a place where he would not have to spend the night. Can you not leave him in your room? -K

Nite Life
We are coming the weekend of 9/11 to 9/13 What clubs plays good fun oldies music where we can dance the night away... Is there anything else fun other than shopping going on that weekend... Thanks
There are several events going on that weekend. They are all listed on the calendar. Most bars do have live entertainment on the weekends. -K

Sunday merchant hours
What hours do most merchants observe on Sundays? Is there a day of the week when everything shuts down?
Everything is open by 10AM. Most merchants take their "day off" on Tuesday or Wednesday but at no time is "everything shut down." -K

room for one
Hi Karen I was wondering if you could tell me of a place to'll just be me,needing some alone timeto gather my thoughts.something reasonably priced.thank you
If you are looking for just a motel, there are several affordable ones. Pine Top Lodge, Edelweiss Inn, Alpine Lodge, just to name a few. All are listed here, -K

Places to stay
Ive researched and researched and I can not decide where I would like to stay while in Eureka Springs. I visited years ago and loved it. My husband and I would like to spend 4 or 5 days this time. We are looking for some place that is adults only and NOT a bed and breakfast. We would really like something more private such as a cabin, "tree house" or cottage. My husband would like to stay in the historic district so there would be little driving but we are afraid of the motorcycle we are not limited to that area because of that. I would perfer some place that has beautiful views and does NOT have the indoor victorian decor. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks
Have you considered any of these... The Belladonna Elk Street Cottage Eureka Springs Treehouses Susie's Bodacious Bungalow Texaco Bungalow The Woods Resort/Grand Treehouses Any of these would fit into your requests. -K

Friend planning trip to they have a movie theater?
There is a theatre in Berryville, which is about 10-15 miles east of us. No, there isn't one in Eureka Springs. -K

hello, i was looking on the site and i was wondering if they had any places that you could go horse back riding and when the days that you could do them on and prices and anything else that may help me find out thank you for the time it took to read this and to get back with me. thanks again carrie
Horseback riding is available at; Steve's Stables at Pond Mountain Lodge, Red Bud Stables at Red Bud Valley, Dinnerbell Guest Ranch, Bear Mountain Stables at Bear Mountain Lodge and Hidden Valley Guest Ranch. You will need to contact the business of your choice directly regarding times and prices. -K

Couples massage on New Years Day
Who would I contact for a couples massage on new years day? Any suggestions?
Do you want the therapist to come to your place of lodging, or do you want to go to him/her? -K

tree house cottages
Where would you recommend to stay for tree house cottages? I have found 2 websites and I am looking for a romantic suprise getaway for 2 and wanting to know your thoughts on the best one to say in. Thanks :)
Actually, I recommend any of them. There are three properties that offer treehouse-style accommodations... Oak Crest Cottages and Treehouses, Treehouse Cottages and the Woods Resort and Treehouse Cottages. They are all wonderful and the photos provided do not give them justice. -K

Carriage Ride
Are there carriage rides available this time of year? Also, is there a bar/sitting area with a fireplace?
Yes, carriage service is available. There is a fireplace in the lobby at the Crescent Hotel and at Gaskins Cabin and Cafe Amore Restaurants. -K

How late do stores stay open today?
some 6, some 7, some 8 and later. -K

motorcycle friendly place to stay
We are planning a motorcycle trip to Eureka Springs in June. We will have around six couples and are looking for a reasonable motorcycle friendly place to stay Thankyou Paul van De Weeerd N7264 CTY RD H Irma Wi 54442
There are several... Edelweiss Inn, Wagner Inn, Candlewick Inn, Thurman's Lodge are all well maintained lodging properties, convenient to everything, affordable and biker friendly. -K

Name of a Bakery
Happy Holidays! We are arriving on Saturday, Dec. 20 for three nights and staying at the RockHaus. Would there be a bakery still open to stock up on breakfast items after 2:00pm? I am guessing no bakery would be open on Sunday. Also, do you have any recommendations for a good breakfast cafe or restaurant? Thanks.
The Lovin' Oven Bakeria is located in The Quarter, next door to Hart's grocery store. They have bakery treats. The Road House has one of the best breakfasts in town. Basic eggs, hashbrowns, meat... The Oasis and Mud Street Cafe offer unique menus also. -K

New years eve 2008
My friend and I are looking for something special to do for NYE this year. Are any of the hotels up there doing a ball or something?
As usual, I'm sure there will be parties at bars and clubs all over town. At this point, I have not heard about anything more formal than that. -K

Telephone Numbers for 2 buisnesses
I am trying to get the #s to good shepard resale shop and also the resale shop for the hospital. Please help. Thank you. Mr. Filek
The Doggy Shop number is 479-253-9115 (Good Shepherd Humane Society Thriftshop) And, the hospital (The Puple House Thrift Shop) is 479-253-2032. -K

Robin Sampley
I know this might sound weird but I am from North Dakota and I am wondering if you ever knew a woman by the name Robin Sampley?
Robin "Sampley," no. Robin "Lumley," yes. -K

Food Delivery
Just wondering if you can list places that might deliver a meal to Dogwood Cottages when we stay in December
The only restaurant that delivers at night is Chelsea's Cafe. They have the best pizza around. -K

I am looking for a chapel that my fiance and I can elope in. We are on a tight budget, and just want to go and get married fast and inexpessively. Can you help?
There are several chapels. Just look on the wedding pages. Jann Ortiz at All About Love can do the ceremony for you. -K

Sports bar
Will be in Eureka this weekend for wedding. Want to find a sports bar that I can reserve a table for several of us to see the OU - OSU game. Thx in advance.
I don't know about reserving a table. You'll have to check about that at whichever bar you choose. They all have televisions. The Lumberyard Bar and Grill, Shawbee's Big Dawg Saloon, the Basin Park Hotel, Dr. Baker's Lounge at the Crescent. You'll have no trouble finding a place. -K

Ok, this is a little sad to be asking, but I wanted to know if there were stores in the area that sell alcoholic beverages, not bars and restaraunts, but stores. Thank you very much. Ed
We have liquor stores, yes. Sunfest Market at Holiday Island sells beer, but not liquor. Hart's grocery store in Eureka Springs does not sell beer. -K

live entertainment
We will be visiting ES for the first time this coming weekend. Where do we go for live music and how do we find out who is playing? Thanks!
Most bars offer live music every Friday and Saturday night. When you get to town, pick up a copy of The Citizen newspaper. The schedule will be listed in there. -K

is there a movie theatre in Eureka? we are comin up this wk end.
No. -K

I would like to know of any places to stay for Christmas. We are wanting a cabin or a room, something with a christmas tree and other over the top christmas feelings :-) Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.
Any B&B will be decked out. Select a few that interest you and write back if you still have questions. -K

I would like to propose to my girlfriend on a bridge, something over a small river or creek, in a park or other. She had a dream about bridge and is significant. A rustic but good bridge, private and peaceful. Please email me if you know of one in the area. Thank you so much.
There's a bridge at Lake Lucerne. -K

There's lots to do. When are you coming and what do you like? -K

What to do, where to stay, 1st timer!
Hi! Sorry so long of a post. Myself, mom and 2 kids, boys ages 15 and 6 are coming north this weekend. What is there to do that is free? Is parking an issue if we stay outside of the city? Is there a charge for the trolley? What are some reasonably priced attractions? Sorry for all the questions....Thanks so much! Sort of spur of the moment trip, oh, we will be staying in Bentonville and driving in . Do you recommend not staying in Bentonville, we got a super good deal on room?
Bentonville is about an hour and a half from us. Trolley info is here This time of year, parking should not be a problem. Attractions are listed here -K

question on lake
we was in Eureka Springs for a wedding and we stopped by a little resort that was back in the woods i believe it was below beaver dam but i was wondering what it was called we were planning on a vacation and really liked that location. it was off in the woods and had cabins with a dock with a little store right by the boat ramp.
There are several cabin resorts by the lake. Since I'm only guessing, by your description, I would say...Spider Creek Resort? Let me know if this isn't it and I'll keep looking. -K

Girls Weekend
Hi Karen....My girlfriend and I are wanting to leave the husbands at home and take a girls weekend to Eureka. We would love to stay at one of the old beautiful hotels. However, we are kinda on a budget, what would you suggest?
The older hotels will be in the 80-350 per night range. The Grand Central, the New Orleans, the Basin Park and the Palace are all right downtown. The Crescent is the big one that overlooks the entire town. I would suggest a cottage. You would all be under one roof and could split the nightly rate. There are some great ones in the historic district that would allow you to walk wherever you wanted to go. -K

Marriage License
Is there a Justice of the Peace at the court house that will marry me this weekend, after I get the license?
No, not at the courthouse. You will need to have a wedding services provider. -K

December travel
Can you please let me know is there anything going on after Christmas? We are planning a trip after Christmas, are most of your attractions closed for the holidays?
Turpentine Creek is open. Of course the cave tours are still available. Some restaurants will be closed, but not all, the same with shopping. Massage and spa treatments will be available as well. -K

were is the cheapest place to get a 30 minute massage?
The average price with any therapist is around $40-$50. The best value for a complete spa experience is The Works at the Palace Hotel and Bath House. -K

Cafe infromation
What is the name and telephone number of the restaurant between Eureka Springs and Berryville? It is on the north side of the highway and appears to be located at some kind of cattle operation. They have a great ham recipe and I need to contact them about it.. Thanks for any light you can shed on this.
Actually, the "sale barn" is in Green Forest, the other side of Berryville. I don't know the name of the restaurant, but the auction is North Arkansas Livestock Auction. 304 W. Main, Green Forest, AR 72638 870-438-6915. -K

just a question
I am from Fayetteville, but live in Alabama now. My family from Alabama are comming home with me (Arkansas) for thanksgiving and I want to take them to Eureka somewherebetween the25 to 25 for a night and I was wondering if there would still be night life (bars/pubs) open and things to do being a holiday like Thanksgiving???
Yes, there will. -K

Where is the best place to stay that is a cabin with jacuzzi or hot tub?
Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. Pick the amenities you are looking for. Select a few properties that interest you and let me know if you have any specific questions. What is "best" for me may not be "best" for you. -K

does the eureka springs railway have a daily trip or a dinner train ride
Yes, but this coming weekend is the last time for the season. -K

restaurant gaskins (or similar name)
My husband and I are returning to ES after 12 years, celebrating our 10 yr wedding aniv. we loved this restaurant, I think was Gaskins Cabin? if it is not there, can you recommend any similar?
Gaskins Cabin is still here. They are listed on our restaurant page. -K

Glass snow globe (image of the town)
My daughter and husband were just married on Tuesday in Eureka Springs, AR. They would like to purchase a glass snow globe that displays an image of the town. Does that item exist? If so, where would they find it?
I have never seen one. But I'll check around for you. -K

weather and lodging
Hi. I am coming for a wedding on the 24TH of this month and wondering about the weather this time of year. I am from out of town and have other family that have reservations at the Joy Motel. I have read the comments on there site. Am wondering what your thoughts are. I have read good and bad. It sounds very nostalgic. Thanks P.S. the wedding is in the evening
It's suppose to get cold this weekend. The Joy Motel is one of the very first lodging properties built here. It is very nostalgic. I have never received any complaints about it. -K

Sports Bar
Hi, We are coming to Eureka this weekend to be married. Can you suggest a sports/bar where we will be able to catch our favorite college football games on Saturday? Thank you!
Every bar in town has at least one television. The Lumberyard has about a dozen, the Billiards Room at the Basin Park Hotel has a couple. Shawbee's has 2 or 3. On and on. I don't think you'll have a problem finding your game. -K

Looking for a certain shop...
Someone told me that there is a shop in your town that sells chunks of glass. They said it was on the road to your famous chapel/church. That is all the information I could get. Can you tell me where it is and what the name of the shop is or the phone number so I can find out more like hours and ask more about the glass?
That's the Razorback Gift Shop. 479-253-8294. -K

Autumn Leaves
Are the leaves changing colors yet? Is this a good weekend to visit? Saturday (10/25)
Yes and yes! -K

Gay Unions / Civil Unions?
I am coming there this weekend with a group of close friends and would like information on how to obtain one of the partnership documents that are avaliable to gay couples. We have been together alomst 7 years and would like that level of commitment and share if with our closest friends. Thanks for your time.
Applicants must appear in person with proof of age and the $35 registration fee in cash. Certificates of Registry will not be mailed to applicants. The City Clerk's office is in the City Hall, lower level of the Western Carroll County Courthouse, 44 S. Main. Office hours are 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon and 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday. Are you eligible to register? If you can say «yes» to all these questions, you are eligible: We are in a relationship of mutual support, caring and commitment. We are each other's sole domestic partner and intend this relationship to continue indefinitely. We are both at least 18 years of age. We agree to notify the City Clerk of the City of Eureka Springs of any change in the status of our domestic partnership. -K

gay marriage
I am wanting to know can I get married in Eureka Springs to my girlfriend? Applicants must appear in person with proof of age and the $35 registration fee in cash. Certificates of Registry will not be mailed to applicants. The City Clerk's office is in the City Hall, lower level of the Western Carroll County Courthouse, 44 S. Main. Office hours are 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon and 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. -K

good morning, I would like to know if all the shops and stores are open this weedend or have the started to closed down for the season.Thank you Leon
Everything is open and remains open year 'round. -K

Thanksgiving week.
Having a mini family reunion there this Thanksgiving. We have many diverse ages of family members. Do you know of anyplace that would have karaoke either Wed the 26 or Friday the 28. Our 15 year old wants to sing. Thanks for your ideas and time.
I'm sorry, but the only places that offer karaoke are bars and a 15 year old will not be able to go there...even with an adult. -K

where is the best place to eat breakfast? Thanks
Myrtie Maes in the Best Western Inn of the Ozarks, Pancakes Family Restaurant, The Gazebo, Mud Street Cafe all have great breakfast. On Sunday, Forest Hill and the Crescent Hotel have execellent brunch buffets and The Oasis have great non-traditional breakfast, but they don't open until 10. -K

My husband and I were just married in June and would like a nice romantic get away for a weekend. We would like to leave on a Friday night and stay in Eureka Springs Friday night & Saturday Night and then drive back on a Sunday. What place would you recommend that is romatic yet cheap?
I can recommend several places. Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. Select all the specific amenities you are looking for. When you see which properties offer what you want, write me back with any specific questions. -K

visit to Eureka Springs, Ark.
Visiting Eureka Friday Oct. 17 thru Oct. 19, good places to eat and shop. We have been to Eureka before, not for 5 years. Thanks, Leanne
Other than Pizza Hut, Subway and McDonalds, our restaurants are all chef-owned. There aren't any I would not recommed. Where to shop? EVERYWHERE! -K

Dec Weather
My sisters and I plan to visit during 2nd weekend in Dec. What is the usual weather during that period. I know you cannot predict the weather, but, what is usual for this time of year? Also, I will be in a wheelchair. Is there anyplace I should avoid because of that??
It will be cold. Snow isn't out of the question either. Eureka Springs is very steep and hilly. -K

Winter activities
Six friends are considering spending the holidays between Christmas and New Years in Eureka Springs. What are the winter attractions and activities available? We are not interested in the Jamboree, Hoedown, or religious activities, but we are interested in outdoor hiking, caving, and canoeing, as well as historical sites. Does Eureka Springs pretty much shut down between Christmas and New Years? Thanks
We do not "shut down" at all. All the things you mentioned will be available. -K

Leather shops
Am thinking of coming down this weekend and am looking for motrocycle leather and a place to stay in town for a reasonable rate, are leather shops open on Sunday still. Thanks
All shops are open every Sunday. There are several leather shops around town. October is our busiest time of the year. It is best to secure lodging reservations ahead of time. There are many nice motels here. All are listed here: -K

Karen, are there any restaurants or establishments in Eureka Springs that have free WiFi? Thanks.
The library, the Lumberyard Bar and Grill, several lodging properties. -K

Kid Friendly Activities
Karen, my family (including a 3 year old boy) will be visiting Holiday Island 10-18 to 10-22. Other than the Pine Moutain Village Pumpkin Patch is there another pumpkin patch near Holiday Island? What additional activities are available for a 3 year old?
That is the only pumpkin patch I am aware of. Kids love Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. -K

cottage to stay while in town.
hi karen, we come down to eureka a couple times a year, & i cannot seem to remember the name of the stone cottages up the street from Ermilios. they are on the same side of the street past the 5 ojo inn. we would like to see if they have a reservation available, but cannot find them on the visitors guide. PLease help
Are you thinking of Rock Cottage Gardens, across from the hospital? -K

Inexpensive interests for 1 day trips
My 19-year-old daughter and I are planning a 1-day "road trip" to Eureka Springs (planning to arrive the morning.) Looking for good food and things to see on a limited (but not too limited!) budget. Any suggestions?
Other than McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Subway, our restaurants are chef-owned. There aren't any I would not recommend. Consider Turpentine Creek a "haunted" tour of the Crescent or Basin Park Hotel. Shopping!! A tram tour of the historic district. A drive out to Beaver Lake. A couple of hours visiting the attractions on the grounds of the Great Passion Play. A manicure and pedicure at one of our spas. One day just isn't enough!! -K

January Trip
It turns out the only time we have available for a trip to ES anytime soon is the first week of January. Pending any bad weather would you recommend a trip to ES in January for first time visitors?
That is a very nice, peaceful time. No crowds. Maybe a little snow. Shops and restaurants are open. A perfect time to spend the afternoon in a spa. -K

We are looking for an extremely affordable hotel/motel that offers AARP rates and has a full breakfast included for the nights of Oct. 18 & 19. Non-smoking, 2 beds with microwave and fridge. Thank you
Best Western Eureka Inn. -K

Small business
I am interested in starting a jewelry/gallery business in the main downtown area of Eureka Springs. I currently live in Minnesota, so any advice on who to contact for more information, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Sue Dierks
We have several businesses of this type downtown. I would suggest you contact a member of the Gallery Association for their thoughts. -K

botanical gardens and blue bird of happiness
are these attractions still in eureka?
Blue Bird of Happiness has never been in Eureka Springs, it's in Branson. The Botanical Gardens are now Blue Spring Heritage Center. -K

pumpkin patch
Hi Karen, we are staying at a cabin on the Kings river this weekend. We were looking for a pumpkin patch type place to go to Saturday morning. Got any ideas? Thank you so much and what a great service you are providing. Kevin Dickinson
Kevin- There is a "sort-of" pumpkin patch in Pine Mountain Village every year. It isn't the real thing, but there are all shapes and sizes of pumpkins available for the "picking..." sans vines, leaves and dirt. Let me check on their schedule and will get back to you as quickly as possible. I'm sorry, I do not know of any farms in this area. -K

oasis resturant
Coming to eureka springs in 2 weeks.Would like to know is the oasis owned by the same people who had it had it a couple years ago? I thought I heard that it was for sale. Thank you
It has the same owner. -K

Ironhorse Stables
We are coming down this weekend and wondered if this place is recommended. Is the weather suppose to be decent? Thanks.
Ironhorse is between Eureka Springs and Berryville. We have never received any complaints about this property and it is very popular with motorcyclists. According to, it will be sunny this weekend with highs in the high 70's to low 80's. Nighttime lows between 58 and 61. -K

Railway car
Friends of ours told us of an attraction in Eureka Springs...a railway car that passengers can board, take a ride & eat a meal. Is this available & if so how can I find out more? Thank you for your help
That is the Eureka Springs North Arkansas Railway. -K

Fun Spot
Is it still open this time of year, especially on October 17 & 18? I called the number but it said it was disconnected. Thanks!
I don't think it's open anymore. The sign is gone, there is a for-sale sign in the front. The marquee says "We are open," but there never seems to be anyone there and the grounds are very unkept. Sorry I can't be more help than that. -K

Do you have the numbers for the DHS or department of health and welfare office and the housing projects down there in Eureka Springs?.
870-423-2923 is the number for the Carroll County Health Dept in Berryville. That is the closest place to Eureka for those services. -K

A group of us are planning a day trip to Eureka Springs on a wednesday later this month. Are most of the shops open on wednesdays in October?
Absolutely!! -K

Is there anywhere in town that has karaoke?
The Lumberyard Bar and Grill, Henri's, Jack's Place and Shawbee's Big Dawg Saloon all have karaoke. -K

we can thru one day and had a drink and lunch at a hotel that overlooked the main stret - what is the name of it and do you think it is okay for lodging. we are looking for that type of location but not an arm and leg - we will be riding our mototrcyle in. Thanks
Must be the Basin Park Hotel. -K

we would like to take the parents on a train ride thru the mountains...pls advise...thanks, we visit often and have spent many an anniversary in your fair city
We have the Eureka Springs North Arkansas Railway. It is only a 4 mile, round trip excursion that takes about an hour. I believe you might be thinking of the train that departs from Van Buren Arkansas. -K

Cabins on the water
we are looking for a small cabin right on the water, w/log firplace, and they except small pets
Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. You can select everything you want right there. -K

About the big biscuit Restaurant
Can you give me the web site to find the big biscuit place its also a bar b que place out by the razorback souvenire place thats probably not spelled right.
The Smokehouse Cafe. They do not have a website, and due to health reasons, are not open on a regular basis. Their phone number is 479-253-9842. -K

Me and my wife stayed in some cabins up there a couple of years ago it was called fergusons on the river (or lake) but is was on the white river if im not mistaken anyways County Road 214 seems familiar it was before we got to Eureka on the left coming from Fayetville i was wondering if they changed their name would like to stay there again thanx
I'm sorry, Ferguson's sold and is no longer available for nightly lodging. -K

There are several RV parks in the area. You will need to speak with the owners directly regarding specific amenities. Ozark Cabins and RV Park Beaver Lake Cottages and RV Park The Kettle Campground KOA Campground Green Tree Lodge Wanderlust RV Park -K

what to do
Taking my adult daughter on a day trip on Oct 4 for her birthday. Are either of the mansions available for tour?? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
The Rosalie House is open for tours. Call 479-253-7377 for reservations. -K

There used to be this great restaurant in this little house, I think it was Mediterranean. Is it still open?
The Cottage Inn? -K

Church Trip to Passion Play
I am planning a trip for next yr. to Eureka Springs Passion Play would like a hotel with breakfast buffet or close to nice rest. This will be a Church Group
Best Western Inn of the Ozarks and BW Eureka Inn both have great restaurants on site. Quality Inn is next door to Forest Hill Restaurant. Most motels offer some sort of continental breakfast for their guests. -K

Hello. I was wondering if you could tell me when the best time to come to Eureka Spirings would be to view the change of leaves for autumn? I know it is hard to pinpoint, but a 2-3 week range would be great. Thank you.
Anytime during the last two weeks of October and the first week of November. -K

Do you get snow in your area near the end of Dec. or first of Jan? If not, when?
In the 15 years I have lived here, I've seen snow on Halloween and St. Patrick's Day. So yes, it is possible it could happen in December and/or January. -K

Super 8 Inn
Any info on the Super 8 Inn?
It is now the Regency Inn. Same owners, same location, same quailty lodging, just a different name. The change happened about a month ago. -K

catering xmas party
I am looking for someone to cater a xmas party for my employees at our business. It will be for 15-20 people & the business is located by Beaver Dam on the lake. Thanks Cindra
Inn of the Ozarks is taking reservations for Christmas parties. The Gazebo offers catering also, as does Forest Hill. Have you considered having the party at another location? During the holiday season, the Basin Park, Crescent, Grand Taverne, Gaskins Cabin, Rogue's Manor and DeVito's are open and can accommodate that number of people in private areas. Are you looking for a private caterer that will come to you? -K

motel south of sparkeys and a biker bar. biker friendle hotel. cant find the name?
Thurman's Lodge or Swiss Village Inn? Shawbee's Big Dawg Saloon? -K

Is there anywhere to cycle in the area, or maybe short 1/2 day hikes? Thanks...
Lake Leatherwood City Park has great biking and hiking trails. -K

the veranda inn
Karen, did the veranda cease to exist? I am unable to locate a web page and the phone is disconnected? Is there a new owner? Thanks dmh
I'm sorry to say, we do not have any more information about this property than you have already website, no phone number. I know someone "lives" there, but not if the Veranda Inn is available for nightly lodging. -K

halloween costumes
will be there halloween, will we be out of place without costumes at a bar/dance place? where do you suggest? thanks.
There will be folks in costume and out. However you feel confortable. And there will be some outlandish, creative wardrobes too! Chelsea's, Pied Piper, the Lumberyard, all bars will have parties ... and costume contests. You can bet, since Halloween is on a Friday this year, a fun time will be had by all. Drive safely. The kids (locals and visitors alike) will be trick or treating around the Historic Loop. It's a tradition. -K

My husband and I vacation in Eureka Springs every year for our anniversary. He has always wanted to go to a barber that shave with a straight razor, and does the towel around the face etc. I have checked with a couple of the spas and have had no help trying to find an old fashioned barber in Eureka Springs that does that. Is there a real barber, and could you supply me with name and number?
I'm sorry, I don't think there is one here. If the New Moon Spa doesn't offer the service, there probably isn't one.

cabins to stay at?
My husband is coming in from Iraq for his 2 weeks of R&R for the 1st two weeks of Oct. We are looking for a nice cabin to stay in. I was looking at Pond Mtn Lodge & Resort, Wisteria Lane Lodging, Can-u-canoe, Sugar Ridge Resort. Do you recommend any of these over the others? Do you know any packages these may offer? Also, what about carriage rides - who offers, prices, etc? Thank you so much for any help you can give me.
I can highly recommend any of those. Talk with your innkeeper regarding any packages available. Call Southern Pride Carriage Service. 870-749-2665 -K

Eureka Springs Visit this week
My husband and I are visiting ES this week. We are staying at Beaver Lake Cottages He likes steak/seafood for the evening meal. But lunch we like salads sandwiches local fare. Any ideas?
Besides McDonalds, Subway and Pizza Hut, all of our restaurants are chef-owned. There are none I would not recommend. -K

Our family wants to go to Eureka Springs July 6-10, 2009. We will have 4-5 adults and 3 kids (12, 7 & 4). the main interests will be boating, fishing and canoeing with maybe some hiking, horseback riding and shopping thrown in. I would like to find a 3 bedroom cabin preferably with WiFi. Any other activities would be appreciated. We have never been there before-usually go to Branson but tired of that. how far away is Diamond State Park? Thank you so much
Try Lake Shore Cabins, Beaver Lake's Great Escape, Sugar Ridge Resort, or Pointe West Resort. You will need to check with the innkeepers regarding WiFi. Diamond State Park is about 5 hours from us. -K

celebrating 50 yr BD. need to find cabin or cottage by running river, for sight and sound.
There are several properties located on or near our lakes and rivers. Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page and select "on the water" as your location choice. -K

resturants near can u canoe
We will be staying at can u canoe this weekend and plan to bring a few groceries but are there any resturants nearby? Burgers are fine. Thank you! Lina
There are over 75 restaurants in Eureka Springs. CanUcanoe is about 20 minutes west of town. Closest to that property is Port Orleans a little farther west and Angler's Grill back towards town. The Horizon Restaurant is on Mundell Rd which is probably about 15 minutes from the cabins. -K

Best time to visit for fall color change
Hi- when is the best time to visit to see the fall colors? Also, we live in Ft. Worth, what airport is best to fly into? And where would you recommend to stay?
-Any time between the last two weeks of October and the first week of November. -Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) the the closest to us, about an hour and a half away. -There are many nice places to stay. What are you looking for in regards to accommodations? -K

Looking for romantic,woodsy lodging have always stayed at the crescent,also best spa?
Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page to select any specific amenities you may need. -K

passion play
was wondering where best place to stay close to the passion play? we want to see this, holy land tour & museum of earth history, can you recommend any thing esle? Also, are all these close together?
All of these are on the grounds of the Passion Play. Any motel listed in the "attractions district" is close by. -K

Fall Foliage
Is there a forecast yet about fall foliage? If so, when is peak color exptected? Thanks.
The last two weeks of October, the first week of November. -K

eureka springs novelty shop
is there any tobacco shops that sell hand made/blown glass pipes there
White River Tobacco might. They are located on Spring Street, before the post office. -K

our honeymoon
Hello! My future husband and I are coming to this beautiful town on September 21st 2008. It has been many, many years since I have been there. We will be staying for four days and would love to make the most of it. We were planning on having at least one night to have a nice romantic dinner and dress up a bit! Where would we go to do this? Also, are there any places we can go for romantic dancing under the stars? Anything would be a help! Thank you for your time!
Consider DeVito's Italian, Rogue's Manor, Gaskins Cabin or the Grand Taverne. -K

My husband and I are looking for a cabin close to the river or lake and also offers fishing guide services.
CanUcanoe Cabins. Spider Creek Cabins. Arkansas White River Cabins. Lake Shore Cabins. Any cabin owner can arrange a guide for you. -K

halloween activities
We are coming for halloween weekend and staying at the fly me to moon vacation house and would love to hear if there are any costume contests parties or special events for halloween. Thanks for any info Tammi
All the bars have parties and costume contests every year. Since Halloween is on Friday this year, you can bet the town will be hopping. -K

smoke lamp
was on vacation and found a store that sold the smoke lamps that you put on tables you put water in them and they smoke and change color thought the place was romancing the stone but cant find it on your web site would like to order from them thank you darren scherer
It is Romancing the Stone. 479-363-0002. -K

Twice Born Store Location
Do you know the address of the Twice Born Store?
44 Spring St. Eureka Springs, AR 72632 479-363-9598 -K

The Little Bread Shop
When will the shop be closing or has it already closed?
Little Bread Company closed on Sunday, August 24. -K

Curious about Eureka Springs
I am writing to see if you could help me get insight on what type of tourist typically come to Eureka Springs? Such as the average age and income. Are they more conservative? Do most people come there come yearly? Also I was wondering if you think that a coffee and wine shop would fit nicely in the town. Is it true that the town literally closes down at 6 or do the locals stay out and about. Thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated
All types of folks come here. "Trinket" people and also those looking for fine art. All income brackets. Yes, we are becoming a year-'round town, but winters are obviously slower than summers. The least populated month is January. There are 3 coffee shops downtown and all three do well. Booze Brothers Liquor has a large selection of wine and we also have Keels Creek Winery here. No, the town does not close down at 6:00. -K

I will be moving to Eureka Springs in September. I would like to know about job oppurtunities there. Thank you for your assistance. Is there a website I can go to ?
Here is the local newspaper -K

this weekend
just curious to see what the chances of finding accomodations for this weekend are -
I have not had any innkeepers tell me they are full. I know Singleton House has openings and Matterhorn Towers does as well. -K

motels down town
What motels are on the strip down town close to the bars?
Only hotels. Basin Park Hotel. Grand Central Hotel. Palace Hotel. New Orleans Hotel. -K

Blues/Jazz Fest
For some reason I was thinking that there was a Blues or Jazz Fest every September. Is there?
No. Blues Fest is in June and we haven't had a Jazz Festival in about 5 years. -K

I was wondering if there were any horseback riding stables in Eureka Springs. Also, what are some good places to eat while in town?
Bear Mountain Stables. Steve's Stables at Pond Mountain Dinner Bell Ranch. Red Bud Stables. Other than McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Subway, all of our restaurants are chef-owned. There isn't any I would not recommend. -K

Eureka springs
what are some of the favorite night clubs? Are there any that have Karoke?
Henri's, Shawbee's, Jack's Place, the Lumberyard, all have karaoke. -K

pine lodge cabins
What can you tell me about this place. Are they clean, close to anything?
They are very quaint little cottages. I'd certainly not hesitate to stay there. -K

Just Wondering
I was just wanting to know if the ( Wagner Inn ) was a decent place to stay at with the motorcycle.

Are there any chain restaurants nearby such as Olive Garden or Red Lobster? Twenty miles away or so? What restaurant in Eureka Springs would you recommend for our family of six children ages 17 down to age 2? Not a fast food place, but a sit down type meal. Thanks so much. Th
Other than McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Subway, there are no chains in Eureka Springs. Kids love Sparkey's. Cafe Amore is good too. There is also Cafe Santa Fe, Catfish Cabin, the Gazebo and Myrtie Maes. All of our restaurants are chef-owned. There isn't one I would not recommend. -K

Could you tell me if the Country Music Inn is still in operation, if not what is its present name? Thanks.
Yes, it is. 479-253-7625. -K

I really wanted to go camping this weekend, but the rain has slightly soaked my thoughts. I wanted to stay someplace different and cheap. Any suggestions?
Which weekend? Today...Sunday? Or Labor DAy weekend? -K

Hi, I live in Oklahoma and we normally visit Eureka Springs in the Fall, we have done the Cresent Hotel ghost tour and the Basin ghost tour, we are wondering if there will be any other events this October? I saw that Raycliff Manor has moved and that was a surprise (although it has moved closer to us) I hope Eureka is not losing it great mysterious flair. Last year there was a Metaphysical fair, will there be one this year? Eureka Springs is a really nice old town where you can have a fun mystickal/halloween experience...I hope it never changes!
We have not received any information about the Metaphyscial fair. That certainly doesn't mean it isn't happening, tho. There will also be several costume parties around town. -K

animal refuge center with lodging
Is there some place near that has logging that is located on an animal refuge.
Yes, Turpentine Creek. -K

where to stay
We are coming to Eureka and staying the nights of Oct. 8, 9, 10. 4 adults. need 2 rooms... Looking for cottage, cabin somewhere in walking district of downtown if possible. Something with character. Thanksl.
Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. Select "historic district" in the location field for properties within walking distance of downtown. You may also select any other specfic amenities you may need. Pick a few that interest you and write back if you still have questions. -K

weekend stay
Hi Karen, My husband and i have always wanted to visit Euraka Springs, but are not really quite sure as to what to do there. We live in Springfield Mo. and are just wanting to get away for the weekend and would like to stay at a moderately priced B&B any suggestions?
There is so much to do here, I don't know where to start... unique shopping, 4 star restaurants, carriage rides, spas, all sorts of outdoor activities including horseback riding, Beaver Lake tours, hiking, canoeing, etc... It all depends on what YOU like to do. Most of the B&B's are in the $80-$100 per night price range. Anything from private suites, inns and individual cottages is offered. Just use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page to select any specific amenities you may desire. -K

Christmas week
I saw the earlier answer about the weekend after Christmas being quiet - just how quiet are we talking about over Christmas? Are ANY restaurants usually open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, or would there be no (non-fast food) place to eat those days (and possibly the entire week leading up to Christmas)?
There are several restaurants that will be open those days. They will have special menues and limited serving times. -K

Hotel accomadations
If a small group of Motorcyclists were coming to Eureka Springs for a few days where would be a good place to stay that would be within walking distance of food and drink? (Not too pricey $$)
Thurman's Lodge is right next door to Shawbee's Big Dawg Saloon. Best Western Eureka Inn is next door to the Lumberyard Bar and Grill. The Crescent and Basin Park Hotels have bars and restaurants on location. Any lodging property downtown is walking distance. There is also the trolley system and Eureka Springs Limo Service. -K

I would like general information about the school system there. I have had problems finding info online. Also we are teachers and are interested in what salaries etc. are like in the area. Just visited there a week ago and fell in love with the area.
We have one high school, one middle and one elementary. There is one Christian school and one private school. Any other required info would need to come from the superintendent's office. 479-253-5999. -K

ozark mountain jamboree
is there one in eureka springs?
We have two music shows in Eureka Springs. Ozark Mountain Hoedown 479-253-7725 and Pine Mountain Jamboree Theatre 479-253-9156 Don't forget the New Great Passion Play.

Hello, I am wondering what hours the shops and other places are open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Thanks
Eureka Springs is a 7 day a week town! Shops are open by 10 every morning...most at 9. Coffee bars, of course, are open earlier. Several eateries are open for breakfast. Ask your innkeeper for our new restaurant guide. Which "other places" would you like know about? -K

Grocery stores
We will be staying at Beaver Lake for a week and would like to buy our groceries in Eureka Springs rather than transporting from home. Is there a grocery store and what are their hours? We plan to shop on Sunday after our brunch at the Crescent!! Thank you in advance, Jana
Harts Grocery store is open 7 days, beginning at 7:30 am. If I'm not mistaken, it's open until at least 9. It is located on Van Buren Street, which is also Hwy 62, across from Bunch's convenience store and just before the Subway (coming FROM Beaver Lake) Enjoy brunch at the Crescent. I think you'll be very pleased. The best time to get groceries is on a full tummy. You'll have one!! -K

Halloween Events
HI , I am interested in any Halloween events/party/dance/etc. For Eureka Springs. Thanks, Donna Bishop
Altho most of the bars have parties, we have not yet received any schedules. -K

Queen Anne mansion
We have been noticing the renovations to the Queen Anne and are wondering if the new owners plan to give tours when finished?
At this point, it is going to remain a private residence. -K

Which cabin is the best for a great deal???
Hello....My husband and I are celebrating our 5th Anniversary and would love to have a cabin/cottage on the water if at all possible, with a jacuzzi for two and king bed. Possibly a refrigerator. We want suclusion and lots of scenery!! Close to attractions and also if you could reccomend a GREAT sorta fancy, but can be casual restaurant maybe on the water as well i would really appreciate it. Thank you so much, and if you have any other ideas please feel free to tell all!!! Thank you!!
Dogwood Cottagges are close to town, but not on the water. Historic cottages on Lake Lucerne are about 10 minutes from town. Lake Lucerne is a small, spring-fed lake. The Horizon Restaurant overlooks Beaver Lake. Use the drop down boxes in the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page to select many of the amenities you are asking for. -K

My family is coming soon for vacation and we wanted to know if there is a laundry mat in town anywhere??? Thank you!!!
Yes. One is next door to Hart's Grocery Store and the other is on Holiday Island, about 15 minutes away. -K

night life near hotel
my friend and I are looking to come there for a weekend of shopping and partying. Would like to find a place to stay close to a bar. nothing romantic please.
Best Western Eureka Inn is next door to the Lumberyard Bar and Grill. The Crescent and Basin Park Hotels have lounges on the premises. The Basin Park is walking distance of several bars in the downtown area. Thurman's Lodge is next door to Shawbee's Big Dawg Saloon. Don't forget a valid ID. It WILL be checked no matter what. -K

shopping downtown
What hours are most of the shops open? Are they open everyday? We will be visiting the lst part of Sept. 6-11. What will the weather be like?
Open 7 days a week. Everything is open by 10 and closes around 6 or so, depending on traffic. -K

places to stay
we are from Coffeyville, KS and are riding in on our bikes. We would love to find a nice place to stay. I like the haunted places but all the ones i see are kind of pricy. Can you help
Only the Crescent and Basin Park Hotels proclaim to be "haunted." There are several smaller motels to choose from.

I am getting maried on April 18, 2009 and am trying to get everything booked for my reception. The Crescent is all booked up, and the Basin has the Grand Ballroom avaialble but its too big and lavish, Is there anything you would suggest for a reception site for @ 85 people. Thanks so much for you help. Multiple locations would be appreaciated
There are several motels in Eureka that offer meeting rooms very suitable (and used for) wedding receptions. Best Western Inn of the Ozarks, Best Western Eureka Inn, Rodeway Inn/Swiss Holiday, Forest Hill Restaurant come to mind immediately. -K

Boat ramp in Beaver--
Coming down to Eureka Springs for Labor Weekend. Have been coming down for years, but this time bringing along the boat. Would you happen to know if there is a boat ramp in Beaver, AR. Also, if you can travel up the "river/lake" to Table Rock Lake. Thanks-- Dave Owen
As far as I know, the Beaver Town campground/ramp are closed because of flooding. The Beaver bridge opened for part time use just yesterday. Your next option is launching from Holiday Island Marina, on Table Rock. -K

indian watering hole
please tell me the name of the attraction that is called blue ?. I think it was an idian watering hole. Thanks Leanne Rozell
Blue Spring Heritage Center. -K

weekend getaway
We had got married back in 1997 at a place called Lake Lucerne out on a floating gazebo on the lake and we were wanting to come back but are not exactly sure of the name of the place could you please email me back if you have any information about this.
Historic Cottages on Lake Lucerne and Autumn Moon Cottage. -K

ES schedule
We are planning to be in Branson Sept. 7-11 and are thinking about driving down to see ES for the first time. We do not like crowds or heavy traffic. Are there any special events during that week that we should avoid?
You don't like crowds or heavy traffic...and you're going to Branson???? Boy, are you in for a surprise! Sunday the 7th is the final day of several events in Eureka Springs. There is nothing on the calendar from the 8th to the 11th. -K

local psychic/medium
hi! can you help me find a local psychic/medium who gives private readings? i am willing to drive outside of eureka springs if you can find one.thanks
Barbara Harmony. -K

Central Hotel Photo
Was there a CENTRAL HOTEL in Eureka SPrings at one time? I have a VERY old postcard with a picture of a clapboard 2-story hotel with the name CENTRAL HOTEL across the front of the building. Need info, dates when it was torn down/remodeled etc. thanks so very much!
Is it the GRAND Central Hotel? -K

We are coming this weekend and would like to know if all the shops are open on a Sunday,because we are planning on doing the cat sanctuary on the Saturday.
Yes, the shops are open 7 days a week. -K

Hello I was in Eureka Springs about 6 years ago, as you go up the incline in Old Town and around the corner on the left was a jewerly store, one of a kine diamond jewerly made from gold wire. I lost the mans card and would love to have his information. Please help me.
Magee's Jewelry? 479-253-9787. -K

on the hoursrback riding do you have any address and phone numbers im from anderson,mo i dont know much about eureka springs just want to bring my girlfriend for a romantic date. and the restraunts witch one do you think is more better for a romantic spot?
The following locations offer horseback riding... Bear Mountain Riding Stables 479-253-6990 Dinner Bell Ranch 479-253-2900 Red Bud Riding Stables 479-253-6556 Steve's Stables on Pond Mountain 479-253-5877 Other than McDonald's, Subway and Pizza Hut, all of our restaurants are chef-owned. There are none I would not recommend. -K

Boat Rentals/Pontoon Rentals
Looking for a local buisness that rents pontoons. My wedding is at circle of light and we are staying at pointe west. Need something close to this area. Thank You, Jill Yarnell & Matt Jones
I do not know of any boat rental services in the area. You might call Starkey Marina, on Beaver Lake and ask them. 479-253-8194. -K

A ?
Pond Mountain Resort, Red Bud Valley, Hidden Valley Guest Ranch and Bear Mountain Cabins all offer horseback riding. Just a few of the great restaurants in town include Gaskins Cabin, the Grand Taverne, DeVito's, Rogue's Manor and the Crystal Dining Room. All of these places are listed on the restaurant pages of the web site with contact information provided. -K

Outdoor Activities
Hi - We have been to Eureka Springs before and we plan on spending a week at Holiday Island in early September. We like to do outdoor things like bike riding hiking, etc, no golf. Is there a route to bike from Holiday to Eureka Springs ? Also what about hiking trails that would be good for hikes of up to 10 miles. Any off road bike trails ? We also want to do a spa day in Eureka. How do we go about making an appointment ahead of time ? Any help would be appreciated and we would like to be able to bikde to Eureka several times during our stay. Regards - Steven and Mary from Naperville, IL
There is no way to "bike" to Eureka without getting on the highway. Hiking and biking trails are at Lake Leatherwood City Park. Select the spa you want to visit, call them and make an appointment. -K

Greetings, I am looking to leave the harsh winters of Maine, and retire elsewhere. What are house rental prices like? up here we only pay about 5 or 600 dollars a month for a nice house monthly. Are summers terribly hot and humid? Thank you for your time! Amy Price-Marcotte, Eastport Maine
That's about the going rate for rentals here also. Yes, summers are hot and humid, but I would not call them "terribly." Coming from way south Arkansas, I don't find they are unbearable at all. -K

Alternate Attractions
This is our first trip to ES and it will be the weekend of the Antique Automobile festival, would the War Eagle Mill or Turpentine Creek be good alternatives to avoid the traffic of downtown during that Saturday? Also, do you think three or four nights to be able to see a majority of ES and enjoy it at a slow pace? Thank You
4 nights to see everything. But, you don't want to miss the Antique Car Parade on Saturday. It's a blast. The Mill and Turpentine should for sure be on your list, but not as "alternates," as "must sees!" -K

jazz or blues music at night?
i cant seem to find any info on music at night. Have all the clubs closed down? Hope not! There was a blace that had Blues in the name I think.. Shed any light? Thanks! Caya
There is live entertainment in the bars on weekend nights. Schedules are not available until the Thursday before the weekend. There is no place with "blues" in the name. -K

T-Shirt Emporium in Eureka Springs
I am trying to find out the number or email address in order to obtain a red Eureka Springs T-Shirt.
479-253-2220 and/or 479-253-5553. -K

White River Canoeing
I am going to canoe down the White River August 9th with some friends and was wondering what the water is like. Is it higher than normal? Are there places where the water runs fast and other places where you have to drag your boat? What are the best kind of shoes to wear? Are life jackets provided with the canoes? Also, do you have some suggestions of places to eat? Can we get coupons for restaurants? Thanks, I just want to be a little prepared.
White River is high, cold and fast in some places. Aqua-socks would be the best footwear. As far as I know, life jackets are included with canoe rentals. Other than Pizza Hut, Subway and McDonalds, all of our restuarants are chef-owned. There aren't any of them I would not recommend. Sorry, there are no coupons. -K

Hi Karen, My family and I will be coming to Eureka Springs on July 27 and staying until July 30. We have visited the website and have a list of things we would like to do, but wanted to see if there was anything that you recommend. We plan to visit the wildlife refuge, Thorncrown Chapel, Cosmic Caverns, Christ of the Ozarks statue and attend the Passion Play. We are staying at the Spider Creek Resort. We like fishing and being outdoors, so if there is something else that you would recommend, I would greatly appreciate it. We will be traveling from Kansas, so if there is something on the way, we would entertain the idea of adding that to our trip. Thanks for your time Karen! Kristine
-Sounds to me like you have everything covered! There are fishing opportunites at the Resort as well as hiking and swimming. There is also Lake Leatherwood for great hiking trails. -K

kid friendly cabin
We are looking for a cabin that is close to a lake that welcomes children and has other activities to do near by such as hiking, fishing and boating.
Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. There are fields there for you to select any specific amenities you may need. Select a few properties that interest you and write back if you still have questions. -K

canoeing/tubing and overnite lodging
Hi! hope youcan help us out! we are hoping to stay at the bear mountain lodge/cabin or somewhere in eureka overnite next monday and then be on the river on tuesday all day. is there a conoe/tube/raft rental and river access close? if so please advise! thanks so mucH!!! suzi
Yep, and it's right across the street from Bear Mountain! Riverlake Outdoor Center will have everything you need. 479-253-5628 is their phone number. -K

horse back rides
can you recommend a place to take my family horse back riding. we will be staying in eagle rock in August.
Pond Mountain Lodge and Bear Mountain Log Cabins offer that service. -K

Best phone receptions for eureka?
Could you please tell me if Alltell or AT&T or who would be the best to go with to receive for good cell phone reception in the Holiday Island, Eureka Springs area, and for long distance calling from here? Thank you for any help you can provide me.
Both Alltel and AT&T are carriers here. Reception is good. -K

short notice
Karen, can you help us. Family of 3 (8yrs girl) looking to stay at a b&b for 4-5 nites. Prefer close to the historic district. We have been there before and love it up there. A cabin /cottage on the lake will be fine also (2 bedroom), bot on the Eureka side. HELP US PLEASE!!!!! Gloria Kuhnen
Heartstone Inn B&B accepts children and it is located in the district. Properties on the lake will be at least 20 minutes from town. -K

lodging & fishing
looking for a place that is scenic, and convenient to fishing. A jacuzzi woul be nice and priced reasonably.
What kind of fishing? What type of lodging? -K

Car Rental
I need info about renting a car in Eureka Springs. I can be reached at 816-457-2946 as well as e-mail. Thanks!
There are no car rentals in Eureka Springs. We do have a limo service, tho. -K

where can you go swimming in eureka springs?
Most of the motels have pools. You can also swim in Beaver Lake. -K

swimming lakes
do any of the lakes in the area have good swimming and beaches for the people without boats or fishing poles?
Beaver Lake has a swimming area at Dam Site Park on highway 187. -K

reasonable lodging
Seeking reasonable lodging; Passion Play info.; White River fishing
What does "reasonable" mean to you? Passion Play info is here: Do you want a fishing guide? What type of fishing do you want to do? -K

hotel recommendation
We will be staying one afternoon/night/morning on September 13/14 and wanted to know about a hotel centrally located and not over $125 per night. Any suggestions?
The Palace Hotel, The Basin Park Hotel, The New Orleans Hotel, The Grand Central Hotel are all located right down town. There are also several cottages and suite selections in the downtown area. I'm assuming by "centrally located," that's what you mean...downtown. This is a very small town. Everything is centrally located. -K

Hot tub
Looking to surprise my wife with an outdoor private hot tub. She has never to an outdoor, under the stairs, private hot tub. Anything like that?
Wildflower Cottages, Ciff Cottages, Scandia Inn, Pond Mountain Lodge, The Woods Resort, Edelweiss Inn, Enchanted Cottages, are just a few of the properties that offer an outdoor hot tub (that's a pretty standard amenity.) Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page and select "outdoor hot tub" as one of your amenity choices to get the entire list. Select a few that interest you and write back if you still have questions. -K

same sex commitment ceremony
Me and my partner Lydia are lesbians. We have been together for 3 years, and I have given birth to our child. Our daughter is now 1, and we want to have a commitment commitment ceremony. I understand that Eureka Springs does do same sex commitment ceremonies. I emailed circle of light, i know they do ceremonies. But who else does them? what is the cheapest place to go to? thanks so much Laura
Just go to the court house. Ask for Mary Jean Sell, our City Clerk. Get a Domestic Partnership application. I think it's $35.00. There are many people that will perform the ceremony for you. If you want the "cheapest," call Jann Ortiz at All About Love. Her short, sweet, simple ceremonies start at $40.00 Congratulations! Let me know if you need more help. -K

Where 5 Summit
I need to know where 5 Summit is (approximently) What main street or land mark is it near? Thanks!
5 Summit? Isn't that Heart of the Hills B&B? Just follow the Historic Loop (62B) off of Van Buren Street (Hwy 62) like you're going to the Crescent Hotel. Don't make any turns. Each "curve" you make becomes a new street. Just stay on that main street until you get to the B&B, it will be on your left. Landmarks... 1. Go right just past the high school, which is across the street from Best Western Inn of the Ozarks. You're now on "The Loop," or 62B. 2. You will pass the hospital on your right. 3. You are driving thru a neighborhood. 4. Watch for 5 Ojo Inn B&B on your left. (Ojo is also the name of that stretch of the street.) 5. Curve right. Heart of the Hills is next on your left. It's really very easy. -K

family vacation
Our family will be coming to Eureka Springs to see the Great Passion Play. Would like to know of a reasonable place to stay. I have 2 teenage daughters and have seen the Best Wester on Van Buren for approx 95$ a night. Is this close to the Passion Play and are there other places to stay that are the same price or cheaper ? (that have pools - a must with kids).
Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. In the location field, select Attractions District. All properties listed are in the vacinity of the Play. You can also select "pool" as one of your amenity choices. Select a few that interest you and write back if you still have questions. -K

Pets at RCI Resort
WE have a 1 yr old dachshund, which we adopted after we had made reservations at an RCI resort near Eureka springs. Is there a quality kennel in the area where our dog can stay and we can see him during the day?
Eureka Pet Junction. 479-253-9055

Antique Automobile Weekend
We are planning a trip to Eureka Springs the first full weekend of Sept. and it looks like the Antique Automobile show will be going on, does that particular event cause alot of congestion in town? We are trying to decide whether to arrive Saturday or Sunday? Thank You!
The Antique Automobile Show is a very large event. The only major "congestion" will be Saturday during the parade. -K

best place to stay
we need two rooms one efor me and my grandson 9 and one for two adults where do u recommend and what type of shows do u recommen.
Any of the motels listed in the Attractions District can accommodate you. Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. Select any specific amenities you may need. The Great Passion Play, the Pine Mountain Jamboree Theatre and the Ozark Mountain Hoedown are all good shows. -K

We stayed at the Cottage Downtown last year & plan on it again but we have another couple coming with us. Do you know what the name of the street that it is on and what the name of the street is that runs beside it ? Thanks.
The Cottage Downtown is on First Street. The side street is Douglas. The Cottage is directly behind the Grand Central Hotel on North Main St. -K

need website info for Funeral Home
Hello Karen my name is Richard I used to Live in Berryvile Ar. I worked at the Tradewinds Motel when it was Renamed to Lazy Hog Lodge, I miss Arkansas Very Much It is a very Beautiful place to live , anyhow i was wondering if you would happen to know the name of the Funeral Home across from the Tradewinds Motel by the Trolley Depot if so , I sure would appreciate it, Sincerely Yours Richard Halzel
That's Nelson's. -K

Our family (mom, dad, 14 and 10 yr old sons) is considering staying at Holiday Island in a Vacation Home (Table Rock Drive #35). Is this area nice and family friendly? Is it close to ES? What about Cosmic Caverns or the Wildlife Refuge? Any suggestions on restaurants? Our family has never been to ES or the surrounding area. We have traveled to the Smokies and Branson and Charleston. We are from Lafayette, Louisiana. Wanted to go somewhere we had never been before. Thanks for any help you might give.
Holiday Island is very nice. It's about 15 minutes from downtown Eureka Springs. Both Cosmic Caverns and the Wildlife Refuge are must-sees. Other than McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Subway, all of our restaurants are chef-owned. There are no bad ones. -K

Hi, My friend and I are planning a trip to Eureka Springs and are specifically curious about "ghost tours". We have made our reservation for ONE night (that is all that was available ) at the crescent. We are wondering where we should stay the other 2 nights and about any other ghost tour specifics we could inquire about. Thanks in advance!!!!!!
The Basin Park Hotel offers ghost tours also. It is the sister hotel of the Crescent. -K

new visitors
where to stay, & what to do?
What type of lodging are you looking for? What do you LIKE to do.

how much is the gas there
$3.99 to $4.04, depending on the provider. -K

B & J Retreat
Hello, I am writing to you from England. My husband and I have planned a family reunion in october and have booked B & J Retreat for our stay. Please could you tell us about activities in the area around B & J Retreat. Is there any boat hire, hiking near the retreat. Are you familiar with the retreat? I would appreciate any information you could provide. I have been tasked with organising the reunion and so would appreciate any advise. Thank you, Carol
I assume you are asking about BJ's Lakeside Retreat. It's right on the lake. It has a boat dock, I'm sure you know. Call Starkey Marina regarding any rentals. 479-253-8194. There are lots of hiking opportunities around that area as well. BJ's is a great place, you've made a good choice. -K

Hi! My husband and I are coming down this next weekend to celebrate our anniversary and we have never been to Eureka Springs before. I have seen online some of the attractions and restaurants and just wanted to get your take on the best places for us to go for a fun and romantic get away. We are staying at the Rogue manor if that helps any. Thanks!
You'll be right down town, there's lots to do there. There will be fireworks at several places on Friday. We're having a parade on Saturday. I don't think you'll get bored! However, once you get to Rogue's, you may not want to leave! -K

Can you reccommend a B&B or hotel in the downtown area for the 4th and 5th of July. I realize this is a holiday weekend, but it was a last minute decision to go to Eureka Springs. We would like to be able to walk to the shops.
Hotels in the downtown area are the Basin Park, The Palace, the Grand Central and the New Orleans. There are many B&B's within walking distance... Crescent Cottage, Bridgeford House, Cliff Cottage, Peabody House, just to name a few. In the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page, anything in the Historic District location would be where you want to be. -K

I am thinking about relocating to Eureka Springs. Do you have any helpful information on employment and/or apartments/homes for rent or to buy? Thanks!
Our local newspapers are The Lovely County Citizen, The Ozarks Observer and The Carroll County News. Those are the best places to get that information. -K

motorized wheelchair
My in-laws are visting Eureka Springs in September. My father-in-law has a hard time getting around. Is there a place where he can rent a motorized wheelchair? Also, do you know if there would be one he could rent in order to go on the New Holy Land Tour at the Great Passion Play?
The phone number for Carroll Regional Medical Rental is 479-363-9244. -K

leather shop
A friend told me that she thinks there is a leather shop in Eureka Springs.she thought it was on the main strip in town. I could not find any information on line of a place. could you please send any info. if you have any. visiting there 7/1/08 thank you James
Nelson Leather is on Spring Street, "up" a bit from the Basin Park Hotel. Sonya's Leather is on Main Street, across from the trolley depot. There is also Eureka Leather Shop which is in Gaskins Switch, across the street from the Pizza Hut on Van Buren St. -K

lodging w/pool, deck for smoking
We will be in town, 2 adults, 7-10 and both smoke. We want a place with a pool, NOT alot of kids and a deck of some sort off the room. Any suggestions?
Most of the motels offer smoking rooms and pools. Most also allow children. Use the "refine your search" featuring at the top right of the lodging page and select the specific amenities you are searching for. Select a few properties that interest you and write back if you still have questions. -K

I just heard that Blue Spring Heritage is under water from Spring flooding, is there any other damage to the town caused by the flooding? Thank You!
Blue Spring is open and getting back to normal. Beaver Bridge is still closed and the Beaver Town campsite is closed for the season. Eureka Springs proper is fine. -K

RV camping and tube floating
2 ladies, age 60, bringing an RV to see Eureka Springs. Where to camp, who to contact to do a tube float on any nearby river? Thank you
Kettle Campground is nice. It's also fairly close (about 20 minutes) from the Kings River. There are several outfitters in the area, but I do not think any of them offer tubes. Canoes and kayaks, tho. -K

hi we have been trying to think of the name of the hotel or motel that has all the state flags above the indoor pool and a restaraunt next door it is past the tall look out tower if you can help thanks
That is Quality Inn (used to be Holiday Inn Express.) -K

eureka springs
i will be visiting toward the end of july. Would love to find interesting things outside of town. Less commercialize area. any suggestions.? thanks tina
Lake Leatherwood, Beaver Lake, Tablerock Lake the Kings and White Rivers surround Eureka Springs. There are all sorts of things to do there. Keels Creek Winery is east of town. Blue Spring Heritage Center is west. -K

small kiddie park
Quite a while ago my mom and dad visited eureka springs and they said there was a small amusement type park with a few rides and go carts. we are taking a trip mid august and i was wondering if you could tell me if it is still there. also i was wondering if the big dino world was still open by the dam? im bringing my little boy with me and was wondering if i could get the chance to take him to these places! thanks!
The Fun Spot is still open with golf carts, mini golf and video arcade. Dinosaur World however, has been closed for several years. -K

diversity weekend calander
when is the next diversity weekend?and could you send me a calander?
I believe it's the first weekend of August. Lots of info here... -K

wedding/bed and breakfast
I am planning my wedding and thinking about Eureka Springs. Which of the B&Bs do you recommend? I have been looking at their websites and they are all starting to run together the more I look at them. Thanks, Kim
I can recommend many of them. What exactly are you looking for? -K

Christ of the Ozarks
Hi Karen, Could you tell me if there is a river or stream below the Christ of the Ozarks statue that allows you to look up and see the statue? Thanks for your response! Robin
No, there isn't. -K

Would you please send me a eureka spring cit map. I trying to map out everything. 200 CR 4580, Spurger,Tx.77660
There are printable maps here... -K

dog boarding while visiting
Hi I will be visiting the area the week of June 23 and I need somewhere to kennel my dog. Do you have suggestions? Thank you!
Call Eureka Pet Junction. 479-253-9055. -K

Store in town
Is there a Wal Mart in Eureka ?
There is one about 15 minutes east in Berryville. -K

house tours
What is the name of the two houses on top of the hill that people can tour, are they open yet.. Thank you
The Queen Anne Mansion is not open to the public. -K

how can i get a list of the hotels or motels closest to the crescent hotel?
Any properties listed in the Historic Distract will be fairly close to the Crescent. There are none however in the immediate area. Lots of B&Bs but no hotels/motels. Eureka Springs is very small. It doesn't take more than 10 minutes or so to get from one place to the other. -K

Restaurants/night spots
Hi, what do you think is the best restaurant in the area? And are there any nice night spots open right now, maybe live music on the weekends?
Other than McDonald's, Subway and Pizza Hut, all of our restaurants are chef-owned. There isn't one I would not recommend. There is always live entertainment in the bars and clubs during the weekend. Check the calendar for "A Week's Worth," to get the current schedule. -K

Looking for 1 night stay mid week, 2 beds, cottage/cabin/old hotel for my mother and I. Prefer on trolley route. Just some ideas for our little getaway hopefully next week. We have had great amt of stress & thought this might help. Thanks!
Mid-week stays are always easy. Any of our motels/hotels offer double rooms. And, they are all on or within a very short walk to a trolley stop. Select a few from the lodging page that interest you and write back if you still have questions. -K

Just Wanted to ask , where would you suggest that a vacationer stay if they come to visit Eurekasprings?? We want to see the Great Passion Play and The Shepard of the Hills Park. BUT we want a nice place, not too expensive, but nice and clean. We will just be sleeping there anyway because we want to see as much as we can because we are moving on the Branson after we see Eurekasprings. Can you help me?? Thanks a million, Wanda
There are many motels that can accommodate your needs. Go to the lodging page, select a few that interest you and write back if you still have questions. -K

Looking for info on Gyrpons Roost I believe it is a spa there. Thanks Clayton
I'm sure they have a website. Have you "GOOGLED" them? -K

lodging that is kid friendly
Help! We want to spend a couple of nights in Eureka in some sort of charming cottage in the historic district, but all options are for adults only - NO KIDS! We have a 10-year old daughter and want a cool place that the three of us can enjoy. Any suggestions?
Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. Just select "cottage" and "children welcome" to get a list of those properties that can accommodate. -K

Can you suggest a good place to stay. Close to shops that can accomadate 4 girlfriends preferably 1 suite?
Heartstone Inn, Singleton House, Bodie House, Pearl Tatman House, just to name a few. -K

Could you give me the name of some caves in the area?
Cosmic Caverns, War Eagle Caverns, Onyx Cave. -K

Chez Charles - Restaurant
What happended to Chez Charles restaurant? Did he stay in Eureka Springs? Is Charles working somewhere else?
Sorry, we have no idea. No, he is not in Eureka. -K

Holiday Inn Express
Was looking to stay in the Holiday Inn Express and discovered they no longer own that hotel - do you know who does and how to contact/reserve???
No, we are trying to get this information ourselves. -K

Victorian Sampler Tea Room
It has been many years since I have visited Eureka Springs. I am planning a trip in July. Is the Victorian Sampler Tea Room still open? Will we need a reservation?
The Victorian Sampler has been closed for a number of years. -K

1 yr anniv. trip planning help?
Hi, Karen! Wondering if you could assist us. Looking to plan a 3 day, 2 night trip. (June 23-25) Wondering if ANY place down there meets our requirements anymore. Need jacuzzi, smoking, cat-friendly, internet in room & at least mini-fridge & microwave. Rooms, suites, cabins, cottages all acceptable.. prefer no B&B, unless private room. Max $120/night. Any ideas or last minute romantic specials worth investigating?? MANY thanks in advance.... Patricia
Holiday Island Vacation Rentals, Scandia Inn and Turpentine Creek allow pets and smoking. They all probably have jacuzzis. Your other needs will have to be discussed with the innkeepers. -K

Salons in Eureka
I will be a bridesmaid in a wedding in September at a local bed and breakfast in Eureka. The bed and breakfast is located at 46 Hillside. Is there a salon close by that can do my hair for the wedding?
The closest salon to Angel at Rose Hall would be the New Moon Spa at the Crescent Hotel. -K

Suggested Cabins
It is my wife and I five year aniv. Do you have a suggestion for cabins?
Check the lodging page for cabins. There are many to choose from. Select a few that interest you and write me back if you still have questions. -K

Are any wedding ceramonies performed on a boat? If so , who does it? Thank you.
Belle of the Ozarks. -K

Spa and Restaurant Recommendations?
Hello there! We will be visiting Eureka Springs in about a week. Could you recommend a spa to try? I was looking for something not too frou-frou and reasonably priced. I thought the Magnolia Day Spa sounded like what I wanted. Any experience with them? Also, restaurant recommendations would be wondferful We like this "hole in the wall but great food" kind of places. Also, maybe one nice dinner out. Great food, relaxed atmosphere. Thanks so much!
I've not had a single bad experience at any spa or with any therapist. Other than McDonald's, Pizza Hut and Subway, our restaurants are chef-owned. They're all great. -K

Horse Drawn Carriage Rides
My husband and I are coming to Eureka Springs in a few weeks for our Anniversary. We saw in a book that you have the Horse Drawn Carriage Rides. Do you know where I might find information about them and whether they require reservations? A telephone number maybe? I would appreciate any information you could give me on things to do there
You do need a reservation. Call the Crescent Hotel regarding Southern Pride Carriage Service. 479-253-9766. -K

Eureka Springs visit
Hi. I left a message a couple of days ago and received a reply but unfortunately it got deleted through my SPAM messages. Can you please resend? I am visiting with a group of 8 or so this weekend on motorcycles and we were wanting to know a good place to stay (decent price, decent accomodations) and what you would recommend for things to do or see. Thanks, Valter
Rodeway Inn/Swiss Holiday Resort, Edelweiss Inn and Wagner Inn all "cater" to motorcycles. All of those are nice places. Since Blues Weekend begins this coming Thursday, I'd suggest planning your weekend around all the good music that will be happening. -K

Memorial Day
Is everything going to be closed for Memorial Day??
Just city offices, banks and the post office. -K

Blues Fest
We are staying in Eureka Spring for the 2008 Blues Fest. Will the blues buses run this year as they have in the past and if so will they be going by 174 Spring Street?
Not buses, but the trolley and Eureka Limo will be running and both will take you wherever you want to go. -K

Motorcycle Visit
Hi. I have a group of about 8 of us who are riding into Eureka Springs next weekend on motorcycles. Where would you recommend we stay (hotel) and are there any activities you would recommend? Thanks! Valter
All of our motels are motocycle friendly. Eureka Springs is full of things to do. What do you like? -K

Swiss Mountain Inn
I am needing a phone number and web address for the Swiss Mountain Inn there in Eureka Springs. We are coming there on vacation and I hear that is a great place to stay. thanks, Mack
There is no Swiss Mountain Inn. There's... Country Mountain Inn, Swiss Village Inn, Ozark Swiss Inn, Swiss Holiday, but no Swiss Mountain. -K

What do you think are the nicest cabins in the Eureka Springs area with the best view and location that can sleep between 5 adults and 2 kids age 4, or 7 adults and 3 kids age 4 to choose from? Thanks for your thoughts!!!
Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page and select "children welcome" as one of your amenity choices. That's the first step. -K

dinosaur world
I have read that dinosaur world is closed. Is that true?
Yes, it is closed. -K

Bicycle Rentals
Are there bike rentals nearby?
No. I'm sorry, there are not. -K

Minature golf
Does eureka springs have a minature golf park or something similar to it?
The Fun Spot has minature golf. They are located next door to Motel 6 on Van Buren St. -K

life in Eureak Springs
My husband and I were just married there May 10, 2008 and fell in love with the community. Would love to get employment there and move. Is there a local paper and if so need information on how to obtain a subscription.
I answered your questions yesterday. However, the email address you have provided bounced. If you still need assistance, please provide a valid address. -K

Best time for fall colors
My wife are planning a trip here and wanted to know the best time to see the fall colors. Thank you for you assistance.
Any time between the last two weeks of October and the first week of November. It's a beautiful time during any of these dates. The last week of October is the "peak." -K

Need suggestions
Need some recommendations on bed and breakfasts.... we are planning a trip for mid June arriving on a Sunday.... who has the best breakast? and are there any secluded cottages/cabins that provide extraordinary breakfasts? Gaskins Cabin is always top of our list.... but thought we might try something new.... anything comparable?
Besides McDonald's, Pizza Hut and Subway, all of our restaurants are chef-owned. Depending on your "likes" of course, there are no restaurants I would not recommend. The best breakfast? In my opinion, the best breakfast is at my house, but I'm not in the nightly lodging business! Go back to the lodging page and select a few B&B's that interest you, and write me back if you have specific questions. -K

visit to Eureka
We are planning a visit to Eureka. Besides the Passion Play which we will do, what else is there to do? Do you have natural Hot springs there. Where are good reasonable places to stay?
We have over 50 natural springs here, they are not however, hot. There are many attractions to see and do. As well as two music shows, here are several more... Other than McDonald's, Pizza Hut and Subway, our restaurants are chef-owned. There are none I would NOT recommend. -K

Snake world
Is the snake world in I think Berryville open. We came across it on the web. Also I guess dinosaur world is closed?
Dinosaur World is closed. Snake World is open. -K

coming in july. what is happening july 4th
There will be fireworks at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. -k

wedding in nov
i am planning a wedding in november on thanksgiving weekend. are there any festivals going on then? do you have any tideas for activities? thanks
Festivals are over by November. Any events scheduled will be listed on the calendar of events. -K

May 24,25 25 2008
Hello Karen, Looking for info on a good massage , food, and fun for a family reuion of 4 in eureka springs memorial day weekend! Thanks, Richard
I can't recommend just one massage therapist. They are all good. And yes, I've tried just about every one! Except McDonald's, Subway and Pizza Hut, our restaurants are all chef-owned. Again, just pick one! What type of food so you like? Be sure and visit Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Maybe a Beaver Lake tour on the Belle of the Ozarks. Canoeing, horseback riding, the train? People say "what can we do that's fun?" Well, what is it that you consider "fun?" I'm sure it's here! -K

vacation in eureka springs 2009
my two sisters and I thinking of vacationing in eureka springs next year. Could you help me with a place to stay. I would like a cabin by water to swim what time of year would be best to vacation there
First of all, any time of year is a great time to visit. It just depends on if you want "action," or nice, relaxing, peace and quiet! Regarding lodging, just use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. In the location field, select "on the water." (You can also select any specific amenities you might desire.) From the list you receive, pick a few that interest you and write back if you still have questions. -K

Place to stay
I will be going to Eureka Springs on May 31st to go floating down the kings river and Im looking for a place to stay that is reasonable in price, and close to the nightlife of Eureka Springs (bars) because we are going out that night. I would like walking distance because driving probably wont be an option. Please let me know your suggestions asap. Thank you!!
Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. Select Historic Distric as the location. All properties listed there are within walking distance of the downtown area. -K

Hi, I have a couple things I am interested in, both a mother daughter get away and an employee ghost tour, mother daughter is interested in both. Would like to find something with a lounge without having to drive. Would appreciate your advice, Thanks, Val
The Crescent Hotel and the Basin Park Hotel both offer ghost tours and have a lounge onsite. -K

Can you email me the name & address & phone of a place we ate at, I think it is called the Ozark Buffet? I remember it was very good.
I'm sorry, the Ozark Buffet has been closed for about 5 years. Was this a recent visit? If so, let me know more about the restaurant and I can help you identify it. -K

We will be in Eureka Springs in October for a wedding can you give me a name of a restaraunt that serves breakfast on Sunday morning. Thanks.
Forest Hill, the Crescent Dining Room, The Gazebo, Myrtie Maes, plus several others. -K

Where is the best place to stay in downtown Eurekasprings? We are riding motorcycles and there will be 4 or 5 of us. Price range $80-$100 per night double occupancy. Thanks!
You might try Adelyn's Suites, the Bodie House, Rose of Sharon cottage and Sleepy Hollow. These cottages can accommodate 4-5 people. They may be a little higher than your requested price range, but most of the downtown properties are a little bit more than a standard motel room. -K

A few years ago, I drove thru Eureka Springs. I remember seeing a steam locomotive on the North side of town. Is this train ride still there? Do you know how I can contact the operator to obtain schedule and fare? Thank you, Robert Kahn
Yes, the Eureka Springs North Arkansas Railway is still in operation. Their phone number is 479-253-9623. -K

Room for 3 adults
Hi! My adult daughter and I needed a getaway--Dad wants to come too. Where can we find a place that accepts more than couples? Seems there is no room at the inn for 3. What to do? What to do?
There are many lodging properties that offer amenities for three or more. What type of accommodations are you interested in? Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page and select the specific amenties you would enjoy. I would suggest a cabin/cottage property. Several of them have two bedrooms. -K

stained glass
THIS IS SO COOL! This entire website has been just what I was looking for and how often do you get to say that? LOL MY QUESTION IS: My Husband and I were there about 2 years ago and we stumbled upon a large store (2 story) that sold old stained glass windows. The place was full of old windows and the owner said he charged by the measurements of the window so none of them were priced. We LOVED the store and are planning a trip back very soon, do you know the store I am talking about? Is it still there? Thanks, Misty
I assume you are referring to The Roxy, which is located in our "old" movie theatre at the top of Spring Street. Altho they are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, they are still here. The phone number is 479-253-2410. -K

Is there a site on the mountain that has an outdoor stations of the cross that leads to a church? Please send directions. Thanks, Phyllis
St. Elizabeth Catholic Church has that. It is located behind the Crescent Hotel. It's also know as the church where you enter thru the bell tower. -K

night life
we will be there in may from the 8 to the 11 we wonted to no if there is any place to go dancing at we like country blugrass and rockand roll
There is always live music in the bars/clubs on the weekends. -K

I found stone cottages with king size beds. they were all in a row. with jucazzi tubs for two. but I can not find the name of this place again. Can anyone tell me the name of this place.
Those are Rock Cottages Gardens. -K

good eats
My sisters and I are coming to Eureka Springs next weekend and are looking for some good, reasonably priced places to eat, along with maybe good breakfast buffets.\, if there are any you could suggest. Also mthe last time I was there there was a place called Sparkys. Is it Still there? We really liked it.
Sparky's will ALWAYS be here! Other than McDonald's, Pizza Hut and Subway, our restaurants are chef-owned. I can't think of a one I would "discourage." -K

Any tattoo shops around there?
Yes, there are a couple. Tattoos Eureka Style is downtown there is also one on Van Buren Street across from Bubba's BBQ. -K

corvette show
just wondering about corvette show--heard there was one in mid to late summer and would like to go when visit family
Corvette Weekend is always the first weekend of October. -K

someone moving to your area
I work at an Elementary School and our school nurse is retiring and moving to your area. We would like to get her a gift certificate to a chain restaurant in your area. Can you tell me any chain restaurants in your location.
The only chains here are McDonald's, Pizza Hut and Subway. -K

weather next week end
what is the weather out look for the next weekend of the 4th, 5th, and 6
Small chance of rain on Friday. High's in the mid 60's low 70's. Low's in the high 50's. Check often. It's pretty accurate. The zip in Eureka Springs is 72632. -k

what are the times and price of tickets
Go here for Passion Play info... -K

Fitness Center/Gym
I was wondering if there were any fitness centers that I could pay a daily rate to work out at while I was here this Wed, Thurs, and Fri??
Maybe the Community Center in Berryville. 870-423-3139. Berryville is about 10 minutes east of Eureka. -K

blues&jazz festival
About 23 yrs ago I visited over labor day for a blues&jazz festival, and, would like to re-live that weekend someday. Is May the month for those same events? I would like to take my family there and would like to know of a convenient and resonable place to stay so we can meander the downtown area, shop and eat ice-cream, etc.. Any suggestions? Cheri Parr Lansing, KS
The Blues Weekend is always the weekend after Memorial Day. Information about that event is on the calendar. We no longer have a Jazz Festival. Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. Any property listed in the Historic District location will allow walking to and fro. -K

We will be coming in Mar 28-30 and are interested in bands playing at any clubs/resturants. Thank you so much!
I will not have that information until Thursday. It will be listed on the calendar under the heading of "A Week's Worth." -K

About 3-4 years ago my husband went to some kind of Indian festival where they danced and had different activities like different kind of animals to see and things like that. I was wondering if you guys still had something like that anymore.
The Pow Wow is an annual event held on the grounds of Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge the 2nd weekend in June. All the info is on the calender. -K

Rebel 13 Swap Meet
When is the big swap meet?
-Not sure if this is what you are referring to but, Yards and Yards of Yard Sales is always the 1st weekend of August. -K

Are the shops open for business and what are the hours of operation? Thank you.
7 days a week. By 10am until at least 6pm -K

Spring street house for rent
I have not been there in about 5-7 years . I was wonv\dering if basin park cafe is still there and what is the name of the house that is old little tight victorian yelow in color and is it still for rent ? If so what is the correct name and the website address please thanks aain lookin forward to visitin again ithas been too looooooong!! :) thanks Phil
The Basin Block Cafe is no longer there and the Fuller Cottage is no longer available for nightly lodging. Sorry. -K

Feat Fest 3
I have conflicting dates for Feat Fest III. Do you know the date yet
Sept 19-20. -K

We would like to go horseback riding while we are in your wonderfull town.Do you have any sagestions?
Bear Mountain Trail Rides. Steve's Stables. Dinner Bell Ranch. Red Bud Valley Trail Rides. -K

Restaurant recommendation....
we will be staying at the Crescent Hotel with our son, his wife and 2 grandchildren (ages 11 & 6) Easter weekend ... we need restaurant recommendation for Saturday, March 22nd. Need one with wine/beer service but also a kid-friendly menu. Might also give us suggestions for kid-pleasing activities on Saturday !! Thank you much, Karen
Some good restaurants include Local Flavor, Cafe Soleil, Caribe. There will be a Sunrise Service at 7:00 on Sunday morning and egg hunting at the Crescent Hotel. -K

My neice is getting married at Thorncrown Chapel in August. What is the closet place to stay?
There is a little motel out there called the Fly Rod Inn There are several cabin/cottage resorts off the beaten path, but this particular motel is right on the highway. -K

I am looking for cabins in the mountains for vacation in June. But I need 7 cabins. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you, Renee
You would need to act immediately to reserve an entire property. Most are booked way in advance. Your best bet may be condos on Holiday Island. Cabins properties with 7 or more units: -K

I am planning a wedding for Dec. 21, 2008 and was wondering if it snowed at this time in 2007?
No, it did not. We received our first snowfall in February. -K

Can we bring firewood in from Iowa to Kettle campground, Thanks Deb
You will need to direct specific questions about properties to the owner(s) -K

hi we are looking for secluded cabin for 8 girls for a 40th b-day. bonfire a must. not crazy but want to have a few drinks and not disturb others. any suggesitons? thanks.
Please understand, a bonfire would need to first be discussed with the owner of the property. The following properties can accommodate groups... -K

travel plans
Greetings, Im planning a trip to you city from Milwaukee on June 16th till the 20th. I was wondering how warm it gets and are there beaches near by to swim ?Thanks Best regards, Patrick
Hopefully, June will be warm enough for swimming. The weather has been weird every place. "They" are predicted snow for us tonight and tomorrow. There is a swimming beach on Beaver Lake. The lake is about 15 minutes west of Eureka Springs. -K

House on the Rock
We are having a debate and wondering if there is a place called House on the Rock in Eureka Springs. My folks lived at Holiday Island for 18 years and just moved back to Iowa a year ago, and they did not know of any attraction called House on the Rock. Is there anything similar to that if there is not a place called House on the Rock?
I have not heard of anything like that. -K

rental house or cabin
My wife and I are looking to visit the Eureka Springs area from the 23rd of March to the 26th. We would like a small house or cabin with a deck that has a view of the Ozark Mountains and preferably near a golf course. Any suggestions?
Island Rentals, Island Motel and Resort and/or Holiday Island Vacation Rentals will have something for you. They are all near the Holiday Island Golf Course. -K

lodging in historic?
We would like to stay in a place that is walking distance to the historic district. Could you give us some ideas please? Thanks
Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. In the location field, selelct Historic District. Select of few of those properties that interest you and write back if you still have questions. -K

Me and my boyfriend are coming up there in the middle of March when it is still pretty cold. I was wondering if you had any ideas on the kind of stuff 25 year olds might be interested in doing while there. We like to go out and listen to music, and he is very outdoorsy but says the water will be too cold to float on. Just looking for a few good things to plan on doing before we come. Thanks very much.
There is always live entertainment around town on the weekends. There are great hiking trails at Lake Leatherwood and horseback riding at several places around town. The Kite Festival is March 22, that will be fun. And the Antiques Show and Sale and St. Patrick's Day parade are the weekend before. Just click on "next month" to see the March calendar. -K

Several years ago we visited a place called ABUNDANT MEMORIES. We enjoyed it so much we now want to take our grandson, but I can not find it on the Eureka Springs web site. Is it still there?
Yes, it is still there... Abundant Memories Heritage Village: Come take a walk back through time as you explore 25 picturesque shops and homes that make up our 10 acre 1700-1800's historical village. Every building is full, displaying an enormous collection of thousands of authentic antique artifacts. Hwy 23 North Eureka Springs AR 72632 Phone: 479 253 6764 Village open April-October, 7 days a week 9:30AM-3:30PM Daily HISTORAMA show. Directions: 2 miles past the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway on the left. -K

Eureka trip
I am traveling to Eureka in May. There will be 2 couples traveling. I am looking for a "cottage" that has 2 bedrooms, and a hot tub that will accomodate all of us. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Wildflower Cottage, The Woods Treehouse Resort, Enchanted Forest Resort, Stonewall Mountain Resort are just a few that have what you're looking for. -K

After hours transportation?
Hello, I was wondering if Eureka Springs has a bus system that operates after the trolly system stops for the day? I am wondering how to get around w/out a car after 6:00 p.m.
We have a taxi service and a limo service, but no bus system. -K

Planning trip
Our schedule would put us in Eureka Springs mid afternoon on Saturday. Are the shops open on Sunday? What about Sat. night country music? Thanks RWH
Shops are open. The Lumberyard Bar and Grill has country music on Friday night, I don't know about Saturday, tho. -K

My wife and I are going to be in town at the end of Feb. What shops are open on thursday thru Sunday? Or where can I go and get a schedule ? Thankks
All the shops are open Thursday - Sunday! -K

beaver lake fishing
what we are looking for is lodging on/near the lake with a dock nearby. we used to vacation there but finding access points and getting on and off the lake proved time consuming. If you can help, thank you.
Lake Shore Cabins has a dock. Ursa Minor has a dock. Beaver Lakefront Cabins has a dock. -K

lodging that accepts pets
I am coming to Eureka Springs the middle of March and was wondering if you knew of a hotel/motel that will accept a 80 lbs dog. Thank you!
Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. Pets accepted is one of the amentity choices. Select a few that interest you and write back if you still have questions. -K

best cabin or cottage
I am planning a trip to Eureka on the 20th. We would like a cabin with an outdoor hot tub. Where do you suggest?
The "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page allows you to select the perfect place for you. Where you want to stay, the type of property and any specific amenities you may desire. Select a few properties that interest you and write back if you still have questions. -K

need lodging
Hi, We will be staying the weekend in Eureka and would like some info. Group will consist of 4-6 adults. Would like to be short distance (5 min. or less if possible) from historic area. A full kitchen would be nice and a jacuzzi but not deal breaker. Would appreciate any suggestions you might have. Thanks, Nicole
Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. Select "Historic District" as your location choice. "House or cottage" as the type, and any specific amenities you may desire. You will have to look at the selections presented to see the number of people they accommodate. Remember, all rates are based on double occupancy so there will be an extra charge for each additional person. -K

reception hall
my best friend is getting married @ the thorncrown chapel do you know a good place to hold a reception afterward thats close by that or even close by tall pine cabins (thats where we are staying)? thanks for your help
You should call Pat at Bear Mountain regarding using The Barn for the reception. It's pretty close to Thorncrown and it's a great place for a party. -K

Court House
Is the Court House open on Saturday to get a marriage license? Thanks
Yes. From 9 until 1:00. -K

I would like to know more about the trolley, like where does it go and does it go till the bars close and does it cost anythng!!! thanks shanna -K

The next all city Garage Sale
Please tell me when the next Eureka Springs all city Garage Sale will be held. It is usually in the spring. Thank you for giving us this great service. Helen
Actually, Yards and Yards of Yard Sales is always the 1st weekend of August. -K

lodging info
what would be the best under 75 .oo lodging with in walking distance to historic district downtown and the downtown bar area. 1/2 mile at the most is best
There are several properties within walking distance of downtown. Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page and select "Historic District" in the location field.

car show
I was wondering when the vw beetle car show is. I looked on the calendar and could not find out. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place. Thanks, Sherri
Always the 4th weekend in August (22nd, 23rd, 24th) at Best Western Inn of the Ozarks. -K

September vacation
I have lots of questions and would love to know when you will be online so I could chat with you about Eureka Springs
Because this is my "part time" job, it's hard to say exactly when I will be here. Usually after 6pm during the week and off and on during the weekend. If you would like to go ahead and start a list for me, I will certainly answer all I can. -K

We are planning a weekend getaway for our 14th anniversary this weekend..Sat. Jan. 26. Would like to go to a informal place for drinks - music-dancing that will be open this weekend...Any sugguestions? Thanks, Terri
Go to the calendar Click on the listing titled "A Week's Worth." All the info is there. -K

we are trying to find some place to stay that will accommodate 12-13 people(8-9adults), 4 children(ages3-8). would prefer 4 bedrooms and at least 2 baths, heated pool available, kitchen to cook some meals. dates we are looking at is first week of June probably sunday to thursday or friday.
The only place available that includes a pool, and I don't know if its heated or not, would be something thru Holiday Island Vacation Rentals or Island Rentals. Both agencies are listed in the lodging pages. -K

Hi Karen, or whoever is responding to this inquiry. Just wanted to know if there will be, and who is playing at any of the local pubs on the weekend of 2/8. Thanks, Annie P
Feb 9 Jeff Kearney Band at Chelsea's Pub and Pizza Cafe. Feb 8 Jerry Runnersmith Feb 9 Pope County Bootleggers at the Rowdy Beaver. I usually do not have the complete line up until the Thursday before the weekend. It will be posted on the calendar at that time. Watch for "A Week's Worth." -K -K

I will be visiting Eureka Springs in May with my husband and 2 year old daughter. My husband and I have visited before, but we did not have our daughter at that time. What activities/attractions are there in the area that might interest my 2 year old???
Not knowing exactly what it is that a 2 year old is interested in to begin with, there's Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, there will probably be music in Basin Spring Park and other events centering around May Festival of the Arts. -K

Blues Fest.
Hi, Can tell me when the Blues Festival is? Thank you Krenda
It's always the weekend after Memorial Day. -K

pet stay
I need information for my vacation, we would like to visit and see the passion play, Best Western allows me to bring my 2 small dogs, but where would I board them while touring the Holy land and seeing the play?
Eureka Pet Junction. 479-253-9055. -K

Can you recommend any wineries in the area. We have been to Keels Creek and were wondering if you knew of any others. Thanks
There is one in Branson, (Stonehill Winery) which is about an hour away. Keels Creek is the only one in Eureka. -K

HELP!! Writing to you from Houma, Louisiana. Doing a webquest for math class and am stumped on our last question. Here it is: Find the product of the number of springs inside the city and the approximate number of springs within a 7 mile radius of the center of town. Please help--Happy Mardi Gras -K

Last year we stayed at a place just across the street from the Vistor Center -has it closed? We wanted to stay there this weekend -2 rooms Thanks
Across from the Visitor's Center? Last year? The Kingshighway Inn has been closed for a while. The Visitor's Center where the trolleys are, or the Chamber of Commerce in Pine Mountain Village? Across from the Chamber is the Candlewick Inn. Sorry to answer your questions with more questions, but I need a little more info, please. -K

What is the best hotel to stay in and be close to downtown and still enjoy your privacy?
Since you used the word "Hotel," I can only assume that's what you mean. (A "hotel" has interior doors as opposed to a "motel" which allows you to park at your door.) There are 4 wonderful hotels right downtown... The Basin Park Hotel The New Orleans Hotel The Palace Hotel The Grand Central Hotel -K

Biker Weekend
I have searched the events and I am not finding where Biker Weekend has been posted. Do you know of the date? Thanks Donna
We don't have a "biker weekend" in Eureka Springs. If you are referring to Bikes, Blues and BBQ, that event is held in Fayetteville around the first of October. -K

2nd wedding in Eureka
Hi Karen, Me and my fiance both have been married before in Eureka and we wondered, is there a waiting period, do you need a copy of divorces, etc -basically can we come back the 2nd time and get marriage license and get married doing nothing different than the 1st time? thanks!
There is no waiting period. If the bride has been divorced less than one year, she will need to bring a copy of her divorce decree. You both need valid picture ID's. -K

I would like a pet friendly place to stay. Romantic for me and my husband and not too pricey. Got any ideas?
Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. You may select any of the amenities you need. Pets accepted is one of the choices. -K

I was wanting to know about live music downtown (possibly in a club). We will be visiting March 28-30. Thank you
There is live entertainment around town during the weekends. We do not have schedules until the Thursday before the weekend. Information will be posted on the calendar. -K

I am looking for some advise about having my wedding in Euerka Springs. I am looking to have a small ceremony somewhere that about 50 people can attend all I really need is a nice setting and a minister after we are married all that attend will be returning to Eagle Rck campgrounds for the reception and cake. I would like to be able to do this for as little cost as possible please give any suggestions you may have.
Some suggestions are Circle of Light or Ridgetop Chapel of the Angels. There are many other options available on the wedding page. You just need to talk to the service providers regarding what they offer. -K

Hello, my family and I spent 06 Christmas in E. Springs, AR, and it was such a lovely time! I purchased some earrings for my girlfriend at a store which I can not remember the name. I do remember it had a downstairs to it, and it was close to a store that had a fluffly cat. It was right next to the public restrooms. Not sure if that info helps, but I would like to know the name of the store so I can try to purchase more jewelry, thanks!
That would be Quicksilver Gallery. The shop with the cat is Zark's. Quicksilver's number is 479-253-7679. -K

Folk Festival
Will there be a Folk Festival again this fall? Do you know who the stars will be?
There will be a Folk Festival. The 1st weekend of November, I believe. No, entertainment has not yet been selected. -K

I am a high school student at Wayne high school in Corydon, IA and i am doing my history day project on Doctor Norman Baker. I have been on lots of sites and have found very little information on him and i was wondering if you could lead me in the right direction into finding some or if u had some yourself that you could give me Thank you branygon
Maybe this will help... Good luck, -K Birth: Nov. 27, 1882 Muscatine Muscatine County Iowa, USA Death: Sep. 8, 1958 Dade County Florida, USA Convicted felon, inventor, and charlatan. He was a star mentalist on the vaudeville circuit in the early 1900's and made a fortune in the 1910's by inventing the Tangley Calliaphone. He built KTNT (Know the Naked Truth) radio in Iowa in 1925 and published TNT Magazine, where he made relentless attacks over the air and in print on established medical procedures and the American Medical Association. In 1930, President Herbert Hoover helped to launch Baker's tabloid newspaper, the Midwest Free Press by participating in a publicity stunt in which the president pushed a golden key from Washington D.C. to start Baker's printing press. Although having no formal education, he called himself "Dr." and opened a hospital in Iowa where he claimed he could cure cancer and many other maladies. He ran an unsuccessful campaign for governor of Iowa in 1932, even though his radio station had been shut down by the Federal Radio Commission and he had been run out of the state. His campaign was conducted while he was a fugitive from justice in Mexico, where he opened a cross-border radio station, XENT. He was sued and his hospital in Iowa shut down, so he moved his cancer patients to Eureka Springs, Arkansas in the building that is currently the Crescent Hotel. He was finally convicted of federal mail fraud in 1940 because of his "guarantees to cure cancer" sent through the mail and he was imprisoned for four years. Several books about his life are available including Quacks & Crusaders - the Fabulous Careers of John Brinkley, Norman Baker, and Harry Hoxsey; Doctors, Dynamiters and Gunmen - the Life Story of Norman Baker; The Throttle - a Fact Story of Norman Baker; and The Grand Old Lady of the Ozarks. (bio by: Goldie Browning) Several businesses tried to make a go at the Crescent over the next few years, until in 1937 it was purchased by Doctor Norman Baker to be used as a health resort. Baker had to tiptoe around the law because his title of doctor was self-conferred, and he had recently been in trouble in Iowa for practicing medicine without a license. He brought his guaranteed "six-week cure for cancer" to the Crescent, however, and replaced the stately decor of the hotel with bright art-deco designs featuring his signature color: purple. Some people hold that Baker was a harmless man who hoped to heal the terminally ill with the local mineral water. Others tell stories of horrible experiments that he conducted on patients to try and discover the ultimate cure for cancer, with footnotes of midnight cremations and cancerous limbs in jars sealed in the walls of the basement. Whatever the truth may be, many people died in the hotel over the Baker years - the "doctor" was simply unable to make good on his guarantee of healing. The American Medical Association alerted the authorities about his new hospital, and Norman Baker was convicted in 1940 and sentenced to serve four years in Leavenworth. (from Crescent Hotel website. The Haunting of the Crescent Hotel: You don't need to stay in a haunted room to see a ghost at the Crescent Hotel. Outside of the Recreation Room, the ghost of Dr. Norman Baker often appears, looking a bit confused. He ran a controversial hospital and health resort in the building during the 1930s. A nurse, dressed in a white uniform, has been seen on the third floor of the Crescent Hotel. A woman in Room 419 introduces herself as a cancer patient to guests and housekeepers, then vanishes. (From "Haunted Hotels.)

would like info on places to get married in Eureka Springs as well as lodging. Thanks, Beth Smith
All of this information can be found on our website. and You will see that just about every lodging property also offers wedding packages of some sort. -K

this weekend
are there any country bars or country music in eureka this weekend?
No"country" music. But all entertainment for the upcoming weekend is listed on the calendar under "Week's Worth." -K

curious about relocating
I would like to know about the nearby towns/cities--re: hospitals/healthcare, schools, and library and rental properties.
You can get all this information from one of our real estate companies... -K

Christmas in Eureka Springs
My husband is a pastor and our son on staff of a church. We wanted to take a trip at Christmas. What is available to do at Christmas time?
The week of Christmas is downtime for us. A few restaurants are open on Christmas Day. Change our calendar back to December, 2007 for examples of what (might) be available. -K

summer weather
What is the usual temperature during late July and AUgust? Thanks!
60-70's in the evening. As high as 90 during the day. -K

I would like to stay in a cabin that is on a mountain top looking down on the city or valley, that has all ammenties, cable, hottub, fireplace - can you recommend - my husband is wanting to take our next trip to your area - please help
Well, you've described practically every lodging property in town! Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. There, you can select location and all specific amenities you desire. Select a few that interest you and write me back if you still have questions. -K

Pepper Jelly
On a visit to Eureka Springs, I bought some pepper jelly at one of the shops. Everyone enjoyed it so much that I would like to get the name of the store. Of course, the jar got thrown away before I could get the name off it. I remember the label had the words "Hot Mama". The store was on the right side going up a hill on the main shopping street. Thank you.
That's Silly Chili...479-253-0088. -K

Penn Castle
Do you have a photo or information on Penn Castle? William Evander Penn was married to my g-g-g-great aunt Corrila Sayles Penn. I have heard that their family home in Eureka Springs still stands and is open for tourism. Any information you can share with me will be much appreciated. Kathy Greene
It is a private residence and I do not think it is open for tours. Call Marcia at Sweet Seasons, she's the owner... 479-253-8833. Go to this website... and scroll down to 38 Eureka Street. There are some photos of Penn. -K

License question
My niece will be married in Eureka Springs this May. She has asked my father-in-law to do th ceremony. He is a minister here in Missouri. We know that he needs to present his credentials. We would like the address & phone of the office he needs to contact to omplete this process. Thank you very much!
The Clerk's office at the court house. 479-253-8646. -K

Will most shops be open between Christmas and New Years Eve?
Yes. -K

Eureks Springs video
Thank you Sherie. We've received lots of compliments about the video. It does capture the Eureka-feeling, doesn't it. We hope you will be able to see us in person soon. For those of you that have not seen it, just scroll to the bottom of the front page and click on "New Video." Merry Christmas. -K

2008 event dates
12/12/2007 you know if they have set the dates for the blues weekend and also the VW weekend in 2008??? I think I have a good idea when they might be, but want to be sure. Thank you....Doug
The blues festival is usually scheduled for the weekend after Memorial Day. At this time it is unclear if this event will take place in 2008. VW Weekend is the 4th weekend in August 2008. -K

I need to find a lodge/cabin that accepts 2 german shepherds.
Use the "refine your search" feature at the top right of the lodging page. One of the amenity choices is "Pets Accepted." Select that and you will get a list of lodging properties that will allow you to bring your dogs. Please remember, there may be pet deposits and the size of the animals may come into question. -K

New Years
My husband and I have had 3 "not so fun" New Years. We want this year to be special. We are thinking of staying at the 1908 Ridgeway House (good choice?) But we want to make sure there is town activity in case we decide to have a good time. We are not from the "party scene" so we are not big drinkers. But we enjoy any shows, music, fine food and such. I am just afraid everything will be closed - even the shopping. We will be there Sunday - Tuesday. thank you!
Here are New Year's event so far. More will be posted on the calendar as they become available. -The Crescent Hotel:. We will be doing a New Years Eve Dinner in the Conservatory with 2 (two) seatings, the first seating is at 7pm and the last seating is at 9pm. The cost per couple is $145, this is a high end buffet with champagne and wine poured throughout the meal, tableside flaming desserts, carved beef tenderloin, crab legs and much more. New Years Day Brunch (Tuesday) 9:30am to 2pm Dinner Service 5pm to 8pm. Reservations for all of the above is highly recommended. Guests can call 253-9766 and ask for the dining room. -Inn of the Ozarks: We will have a New Years Eve Party in the Convention Center, with a package to include the Lodging, Seafood & Prime Rib Dinner, Dancing to the music of DJ Music in Motion (Sean Hearn), Hors d'ouevres and champagne at midnight, party favors and a commemorative champagne flute. Package prices start at $151.00 per couple plus tax. Reservations are required for the party. With no lodging the party is $89.00 + tax per couple. 253-9768. -The Grand Taverne: Serving dinner from 5-10 pm on New Years Eve. -K

family weekend
My family of 7 is coming to Eureka to stay two nights and enjoy the Sweet Treats Cookie Tour. We have 5 girls ages 16, 13, 13, 5 and 20 months. What are some fun family things we could do with the girls after 4pm when the sweet treats is over for the evening??? We want to kick off the holiday season and enjoy a wonderful family weekend in your beautiful city. Thanks, Sherri
All special events of the season are listed here Just click on the dates of your visit for any events scheduled for that time.

Christmas Visit
Hi Karen, Some friends and I will be spending Christmas in and around Eureka Springs this year. We already have accomodations for Dec. 23, 24, and 25. What we need to know Is: 1. will there be restaurants open on all those days and which ones will be open and 2. are there any special events scheduled for any of those days? If so, please let us know what and when the events will be. Thanks for any help you might give me. Elaine
Restaurant openings for the holidays will be posted on the calendar on Thursday, December 6. -K

relocation and work
Hi karen,I have been visiting eureka springs for the last couple of years and really have grown fond of the area,it reminds me so much of my native mountains here in western N.C. before the big developers came and raped the countryside.most of us locals have been forced toleave because the cost of living and land taxes have choked us out. I myself am an exellet carpenter with my own equipment and have a small cosruction biz. that I have run for the past 17 years. I was wondering if there was much remodeling or handyman work available in the area. I am not looking to build anymore just additions and repair as I have grown sick of being a part of ruining this fragile environment. there are to many weirdos moving here that have no respect for our culture or heritage which is from what I can tell is very much similar in the ozarks. Iam single with 4 wonderful dogs and pretty much a hermit and very reliable and easygoing. Iwould love to know if there is an opportunity as such to be found in that lovely area. thanks a mil.
"Living" in Eureka Springs is a lot different than "visiting" here. The job market is slow, especially in the winter months. -K

we were told that there is a hotel that is on a hill and you can walk to 5 different floors off street. Is this true? Thanks
The Basin Park -k

Getting married
I live in Oklahoma and am coming down next week to get married and was wondering if there are places that you can come to just get married it is just us no family or friends. Do you just do it at the court house? Thank you for your help
Call Jann at All About Love. She will do a simple ceremony for $40.00. -K

Staying in Eureka
Hi Karen, I am from Monett, MO, so I reside fairly close to Eureka, so I have never spent the night in your beautiful town, although I have spent some time there. I would like to surprise my husband with a romantic getaway for a weekend. Can you suggest a nice relaxing place with a spa and cable TV, yet close to downtown? We like cozy, but comfy. Thank you so kindly! Sincerely, Lisa W.
The Palace or the Grand Central would be great. -K

christmas cottage
My wife and I stayed at a "christmas cottage in 1994 is it still open? I want to surprise her with a stay on november 17.Thank you for your help. Todd
No I'm sorry, it has sold. The new owners are here... -K

What restaurant(s) serve the best tasting breakfast on Sunday mornings?
Brunch offered at The Gazebo 253-9551, the Crystal Dining Room 253-9766, Café Soleil 253-2345, Local Flavor 253-9522, Myrtie Mae’s 253-9768, Forest Hill 253-2422. They are all good. -K

I have heard there is a cave with a restaurant inside it in Eureka springs, is this true? If so can you please tell me the name, if not can you recomend a good place for lunch. Thanks
There is no cave with a restaurant inside. There are lots of good places for lunch. What do you like? -K

My sisters and I are bringing our Mom to Eureka this weekend Nov. 8-Nov. 11. What restaurants would you suggest that are not your everyday fare? Local favorites? thanks....
The Oasis, The Cottage Inn, Bavarian Inn, Caribe, Ermilio's, DeVito's. Except for McDonalds, Subway and Pizza Hut, our restaurants are all chef-owned. Depending what the food you like, they are all good. -K

Lodging and restaurants
Hi Karen Could you tell me the name of the motel that is across from Pine Mountain Village and also is The Sheridan Restaurant still next door to it? The motel used to be Stonegate Inn---then it was BudHost Inn. I cannot find it in my searching. Thanks for your reply.
It has gone back to the Stonegate Inn. 479-253-8800. Yes, the Sheridan is still here. -K

Motorcycle Friendly Accommodations
We are planning a trip to the Eureka Springs area on our motorcycles and we are looking for motorcycle friendly accommodations, can you recommend ?
Actually, I can't think of any that aren't. Have you looked around the lodging page? Select a few properties that interest you and write me back if you still have questions. -K

My nephew is getting married in Eureka Springs and I live in Colorado, what is the closest airport to you?
Northwest Arkansas Regional is about an hour and a half from Eureka. Tulsa International is about 2 or so hours to the south and Springfield MO, the same distance to the north. -K

Heading that way in on Friday morning, how is the fall foliage looking there?
It's happening very slowly. A little more every day, but not like in the past. -K