Eureka Springs History
I Didn't Know that Either
Cover photo by Susan B. Storch
Eureka Springs History
Excerpts from the books:

I Didn't Know That! About Eureka Springs,

I Didn't Know That Either! About Eureka Springs,

Signs of the Past from Eureka Springs

Postcards of the Past from Eureka Springs

by Susan Schaefer

Susan Schaefer is the author of four books on the history of Eureka Springs. Susan is a long-time resident of Eureka Springs and the un-crowned "official" town historian. She knows where the archives are kept and the pictures are hidden and the bodies are buried. If you want to know anything about anything that ever happened here, ask Susan. If she doesn't know the details, she can tell you who does.

Kindly provided by Susan Schaefer. All Rights Reserved. Information presented here is used with the permission of the author.